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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Annoying Orange - Magnet Madness! feat. Ross Everett & Eric Schwartz

Difficulty: 0

- Hey! Hey, U, hey, U, hey, U!

- Orange, who are you talking to?

(weights crashing)

- I'm trying to talk to U.

- Oh, okay, well, here I am.

- No, not you, U.

- Who? Me?

- No.

- So, then it is me?

- No, you're not U.

- What, you saying that I haven't been

myself lately, impossible.

- Orange, who the heck are you trying to talk to?

- I'm trying to talk to U.

- Him or me?

- I'm talking to U!

- So, talk to me!

- No, not you, U!

- Oh, my god.

- Guys, I think I know what the confusion is.

- U! Hey, U, hey!

- Oh, mystery solved.

- I was really teetering on the edge of insanity there

for a second.

- So, after all that, what was it you wanted

to tell me, Orange?

- Well, I forgot.

(Orange laughing) (U laughing)

- What's everyone laughing about?

- Oh, great, here comes A.

- Better not be laughing about me 'cause when it comes

to me, there's nothing to laugh

about 'cause I'm A as in awesome.

- Doesn't A also stand for apple sauce?

Does this mean that you're apple sauce too?


- No, it doesn't!


Stop it! Stop laughing!

- Easy, A, maybe you should get checked

for irritable bowel syndrome. (laughs)

- That's not even a real thing.


You guys better show some respect.

You'll notice that I was chosen, yet again,

to display the A+ homework assignment.

- Yeah, we know.

- Keep it down, granny magnet.

Maybe one day they'll pick you to display

something that's an actual achievement.

- They will!

Some day! (sad trombone playing)

You'll see!

- Yo, someobdy call for a C?

- Actually, no, but I'm glad you're here,

so I can ridicule your mediocrity.

Let's see, question five, what is the square root of nine?


That's so easy, how did they even miss that?

Why would they even opt to display

such ineptitude to the world?


- I don't know, A, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me.

- Because you're average at best or, in this case,

slightly below, that's why. (laughs)

- Yo, somebody call for a Y?

- No, but since you're here.

- Oh, shut up, A.


- I'm sorry, what did you say?

- Nothing.

- No, I definitely heard something.

What was it, you little dip?

- Go on, U, stand up to him.

- No, he's right, I am literally a little dip.

- I guess that's one way to look at it.

I prefer to think of you as a great depression. (laughs)

- I'm waiting, U.

- I said, I said, you should shut up.

- Oh!

- Don't make me come over there, U!

- I'd like to see you try. I'll kick your A!

- Oh!

- What? You will not kick my A.

I'm the one who does that. That's my thing.

Oh, you are going down, U.

I'm gonna--

(dramatic music)

Oh, no!

- What just happened?

- A dropped his homework.

- I saw it coming a mile away.

He doesn't strike me as a magnetic personality. (laughs)

- Wait, I was distracted. I didn't mean to drop it.

You could trust me to hold it up.

Come on, give old A another chance.

- What's happening now?

- It's a reassignment, look sharp.

- I did it! (cheerful music)

I got the A+ paper!

- Hurray! - [Orange] Hurray!

- Hurray!

- I bet they're reassigning me to the A++ paper as we speak.

Grandma Ruth?

(sad trombone playing) Come on.


Stop laughing!

- Hey, A, you hold Grandma up real good.

Don't letter drop. (laughs)

- (groans) That's it, you're going down, Orange.

I'm gonna punch your nose into your face.

- I don't have a nose.

- Well, I'll do something else then.

I'll, I'll... (suspenseful music)

- Slam?

- Yeah, I'll slam your face into the ground or something.

- No, slam!

- Huh?

- Hold on, tight, boys!

- Wait, wait, wait. I'm not ready.

(A screaming)

- A just fell into the space underneath the fridge.

- No magnets ever come out of that hole.

- Sounds like the perfect place for such an A-hole.


- What are you laughing about?

Better not be me! I'm (coughs).

I just swallowed a dust bunny.

- [Orange] (laughs) Knife!

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