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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn 13 HEART EXPRESSIONS in English ❤️

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"She seduced him with some light-hearted banter."

[Laughs] Huh?

Are you trying to tell me something?

Hi, guys.


The heart - it's the thing that keeps us alive; it's in our chest, and in English, we use it

to use it for a lot of expressions.

And E, here, is helping us, showing us, you know, how we can have fun with it.

And I'm going to have some fun teaching you this lesson, and you're going to have some

fun learning some things; especially on this special holiday, Valentine's, where we celebrate

love and the heart.

Are you ready?

Let's go to the board.

So, here, E is saying the balloon is light; not heavy.

So that's not serious.

Another word for "heavy" is "serious".

And "heart", it means with emotion, so this is a light emotion or a fun thing to talk about;

fun conversation.

Are you ready to have some fun?

You'll learn...

So, our little hearts will tell us which phrase we're talking about, and they all have to

do with sort of an emotional quality; how the emotions come together.

And our big heart, we have a couple of them: "heart of gold", "half-hearted", "change of

heart", "cross my heart", "follow your heart".

I've expanded some of them out here, but let's go from here.

"Heart of gold" is...

Well, gold is precious, right?

It's special.

If you have a heart of gold, we usually say you're a very good person.

"He has a heart of gold.

They're nice".

"Half-hearted" I'll come to in a letter...


"A change of heart", I'll do that as well.

But this one I like, here.

These two I want to tell you about.

You'll see people go: "Cross my heart", and it means: "I promise", because my heart...

Remember what I said about heart?

If you don't have a heart, you will die, so when I say: "Cross my heart", I mean, like:

"I promise so much that I put my life on it.

I cross my heart this is true."

And: "Follow your heart".

"Follow your heart" means: Do what you love.

Seeing clearly is not something I'm good at or love, but you get the point.

So, if you like playing soccer, play soccer.

If you like to read, read.

If you want to start a business, start a business.

Follow your heart because, you know, it's the thing you love.

Right now I'm having a "heart to heart" with you.

And what is "heart to heart"?

A serious conversation.

So, if you say to someone: "Okay"...

You have a girlfriend: "Nancy, we have to have a heart to heart."

She'll go: -"Baby, what about?"

-"Your breath, it stinks."


"Heart to heart", serious conversation.

"By heart".

Like my heart, it's always there for me.

I don't need to think about it, I don't need to try to make it work; it's just there.

When you know something by heart, it means you know something completely; you don't have

to study it, you don't have to look at it.

Like, if I'm reading this book: "She seduced him with some light-hearted banter", I'm reading.

If I know it by heart, I will say: "She seduced him with some light-hearted banter.

I do not need to look; I know it by heart."


That means you don't need to study; you know it.

No one should question you on it.

"Have your heart set on something".

You really want it.

It's, like, you see a shirt, and you think the shirt is amazing, and you really want

to have this shirt.

If you have your heart set on it, it will actually make you cry if you don't get it.

Or a job, you really want a job and you go for that job, and you have your heart set

on it - it means: I want this very, very strongly.


All right.

Here's one.

I like this one: "take heart".

Watch romance movies, you'll see this.

You're not going to see...

Or if you see Batman from the 1960s, you'll say: "Take heart, bat-watchers.

Batman will get out of it.

We promise."

It means: "Be encouraged.

Have faith.

Know that things will be good."

So if you're a little girl and your father goes: "Take heart.

Our dog will come back."

You really shouldn't; he's gone for good, but if he says: "Take heart" - be encouraged,

have faith the dog will come back.

You can believe.


"Take heart we will make America great again."

I don't believe I said that.

Forgive me, everybody, please.


And Donald, I am not talking to you.

So, moving on.

I can say: "Cross my heart", we talked about it up there - promise.

I promise Donald I'm not.

But let's go up here: "to not have a heart to do something", it means you couldn't do

it because it was really, really wrong or really, really bad and you know it's bad.

So, did any of you guys watch Bambi?

Do you know what happens to Bambi?

Bambi's momma?

You don't?


[Shoots] Now, I wouldn't have the heart to do that.


I would not have the heart to kill Bambi's mother.

And if some of you don't know that, I am very sorry that I just ruined your life.

Bambi's mother gets killed, but I wouldn't have the heart to kill her.


So, when you don't have the heart to say something, it's like telling children there's no Santa Claus.

Most of us don't have the heart to say there's no Santa Claus.

E, he tells a child, he'd go: "There's no Santa Claus.

No Santa Claus."

I don't have the heart to do that.


It means I cannot do that because it's not nice; it's too unkind.

"Change of heart".

A "change of heart" means from something maybe, like: "I love you.

I love you" to: "I hate you!"

You've changed your heart; you've changed your mind.

You go into a store and go: "Oh, I love these shoes.

I think I want to buy them.

They're amazing."

Then you put them on and go: "Ow, ew, ow, they hurt."

I have a change of heart; I don't want the shoes anymore.

I've changed my feelings.

All right?

The worst is when you're dating a girl and she has a change of heart - that's bad; it

hurts real, like, in here.

Anyway, "in the heart of hearts".


There's a heart, and inside the heart, there's a heart.

It means in the most honest, truest place in you.

Inside of you; the real you.

If someone says to you: "In your heart of hearts, do you believe?"

They mean: "In that part of you that's really, really true and honest, the real you, do you

believe truly inside?"

Because we say many things, but when they say: "In your heart of hearts", not just the

words, but go deep inside: "Is this true to you?"

That's what they say: "in your heart of hearts".

"In my heart of hearts I believe this", it means from the deepest part of me; the most

honest part.

And "half-hearted", oh, boys and girls, that means to not do your best.

That's how I spent most of my high school.



"I put in half-hearted work", it means, it's like: "Ah, I'm not going to really work that



And I think most of us are like that, right?

In something, taking out the garbage, you do it half-hearted, like: "Okay, I'll take

it out."

All right?

Or cleaning the toilet: "Okay, I'm going to do it."

You don't really don't want to do it; your heart's not into it.

When somebody has their heart into something, they do it 100%.

When it's half-hearted, it's like: "If I have to, I'll do it.


Anyway, I half-heartedly want to go on to the next part of our lesson because it's a


Well, actually, I don't mind.

In my heart of hearts, I think it's good for you, but I'm sure you half-heartedly will:

"Don't, James, because then I have to think."

But let's face facts: Thinking is where you learn the most and learn best.

Let's go do our quiz.


Okay, so time to get back for a little heart to heart on "heart".

Of course, I have to give you your bonus, so I'm going to give you three other ones,

but this time I'm going to give you the meaning and then I'm going to give you the phrase

that usually goes with it.

So, sometimes when we talk about being excited or scared, we say: "My heart skipped a beat.

My heart skipped a beat", which means if your heart goes: "[Beat], [beat], [beat]", it will

go: "[Beat], [pause], [beat], [beat], [pause]".

And you're like: "What?

What happened?"

I was scared, so my heart almost stopped for a second and then jumped again.

So: "My heart skipped a beat because I was excited.

"Will I win the car?

Will I win the car?

[Gasp], [beats], [pause]."

Or I'm scared; somebody scares me: "Boo!"

Nervous: "My heart was in my mouth.

I'm nervous."

So, you're about to...

Let's say you're about to get married and you see your beautiful wife coming down, and

you're nervous, and you're like...

You're so excited that, or nervous, or: What's going to happen next?

Your heart is in your throat; you can feel it up here, like when I'm making this sound.

It's up here; not down in my chest.

Happy or entertaining.

Remember at the beginning Mr. E had the balloon and he was holding it up, and he had a big

smile on his face?

That means happy or entertaining.

Mr. E was enjoying himself or he was happy.

So, if you have a "light-hearted conversation", it's usually a fun conversation or a happy

conversation; it's not serious and it's not...

It's not sad.


Well, time for us to do our quiz.

All right?

Are you ready?

I love this complete lesson format.


You come in, get a lesson, get a quiz, get a bonus, and then another quiz.

It's like going to school.

[Laughs] Anyway, let's go.

So: "The doctor didn't _________________ to tell

Mr. E he would die in five minutes."


It has to be didn't want to be unkind.

Which one did we do about unkind or too mean?

Yeah, that's mean saying you're going to die in five minutes.

Yes: "The doctor didn't have the heart".

Remember we said that's too hard, too mean?

The doctor didn't have...

Didn't have...

Didn't have the heart to tell Mr. E. He didn't have the heart to do it; it's just too mean.



What about the next one?

"The girl had a _________________ with her boyfriend about her strong feelings for him."


And we have to use it...

It means serious talk.

A serious talk.


There are two people involved, right?

"Heart to heart", see?

Two people: "heart to heart".

"...a heart to heart".

Serious talk, right?

You have a hard talk from your heart.

How about number three?

"In order to pass the test on engVid, James had to know the alphabet _________________."

And this is to memorize, so you don't have to study anymore or look at it because you

know it.

That's right, you know it: "by heart".

I know it by heart, so I don't need to study it; I know it.

How about this one?

"His _________________ on going to Japan for cherry blossom season."

Japan has a beautiful season in May where there's some beautiful flowers and they're

all white, and, like, you might really, really want to do it.

You really want to do this or really want something.

And what do we say when you really want something?

You, what?

Remember we said your heart is set on something?

To really want it; my "heart was set on".

"His heart was set on going to Japan for cherry blossom season."


So, his heart was: "I really want that."

Next: "They enjoyed a _________________ conversation

about Mickey Mouse."

And Mickey Mouse is funny because Mickey Mouse makes me laugh, right?

Does Mickey Mouse make you laugh?

I've got a joke for you; it's going to make you laugh.

I said he was going, and I put the word "sent".

Nobody sent him there; sorry, guys.

See, that's light-hearted.

He was set.

His heart was set on going.


Sorry, let's get back down here.

Now that we're laughing, and it's going to be a similar phrase: "They enjoyed a _________________

conversation about Mickey Mouse."

You saw me laughing because it was funny.

I hope you got the hint from there because I made a mistake and I thought it was funny,

and I was happy.


A light-hearted conversation, which we've just had about Mickey Mouse and my mistake.

Anyway, that's our quick quiz.

I do have some homework for you.

Bit tough, bit tough, but hey, you can do it; you're big boys and girls.

I want you to write out a sentence...

A ten-sentence story, so it has to have ten sentences.

It's a lot of work, I know.

And I want you to use at least three "heart" idioms.

I could have done, here, like: "The doctor didn't want to have a heart to heart with

Mr E." Sorry.

"The doctor didn't have the heart to tell Mr. E he was sick.

He told his wife to have a heart to heart with him instead; and instead, she had a light-hearted

conversation before she brought up the topic."

I mean, not the best sentences, but I just did it in, what?

Five seconds?

I speak English.

I can use almost all of them and put them in for you, like: "My heart was in my mouth

when I saw her.

She looked so beautiful, my heart skipped a beat.

And we had the most light-hearted conversation; I fell in love."

Did it again; five more seconds.

This might be a little harder for you, but that will help you really establish if you

understand them or not.

And 10 sentences will be better than mine because I put three sentences back to back.

You can make a real story, and you can work on other things, like your grammar, your vocabulary,

and whatnot.



Anyway, cross your heart you will do it.


I used one there, right there.

"Cross your heart" means to promise.


So: Yes, I promise I'll be done soon.

Stop making that damn noise.

That's the horn for saying: "You've gone over time", which I probably have.

So, where I want you to go to do the other quiz to see how well you really understand

all of the phrases we've used today is go to www.eng as in English, vid as in

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Press it.

And there's going to be a little bell; hit that bell, and you'll be able to get all our

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Mine first, and other ones will come right to you on your cell phone, on your laptop,



Anyway, please subscribe.

It's been fun, once again, and I'll talk to you soon.

Don't forget the homework.

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