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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 925 English Lesson 18 - Using Superlatives in English | Business English Conversation

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You're learning with nine to five English - business English for the


hi Tim here with another nine-to-five English lesson in today's lesson we're

going to learn how to talk about extremes using superlatives such as best

and worst business is a competition and in competition we are always talking

about who or what is at the top or the bottom usually this means comparing with

adjectives I mean we're talking about how small something is or how successful

someone is adding the idea of most to these adjectives is easy if the

adjective is short we just add est to the end so we say small list shortest

and cheapest if the adjective is longer then we use most such as most successful

or most interesting want to give this a try let's practice some examples of

using most and best listen to each example then repeat it yourself ready

let's get started our sales are usually highest in

November and December

of all the interviewees caleb was the most impressive

nothing really compares to the taste of beamers coffee

amazon has far and away the biggest selection of books alright we've just

practiced using most and best but you might have noticed another expression in

those examples if you want to say something is the best you can say that

nothing compares to it that just means nothing is even close to as good as it

if New York is your absolute favorite city for example you can say nothing

compares to New York so most and best are at one end of the

scale but what's at the other end well that would be worst and least I mean

maybe you think New York is the worst city in the world if you're using an

adjective to describe exactly what is so bad then you can choose a negative

adjective for example you can talk about the most terrible laptop or you can use

the word least like saying someone is the least interesting person how about

some more practice this time we're talking about negative ideas using worst

and least once again repeat the examples after you hear them the second quarter

of this year was our slowest ever you

there's nothing worse than high gas prices

wyndi is the least qualified person for the job

their customer service is the absolute worst

great work and did you notice two special expressions for saying something

is the worst one way is to say there's nothing worse than something that means

it's at the very bottom of the scale and another is to say something is the

absolute worst that makes it sound pretty bad doesn't it okay we've

practiced some of these expressions on their own but how does all this sound in

a conversation let's listen to a short dialogue between James and Nicola James

is asking Nicola about her new mobile phone are you happy with your new mobile

phone yeah nothing really compares to the latest Sam so you must notice a huge

difference in speed I sure do my old phone was the absolute worst for speed

as you heard Nicola thinks her new phone is the best while her old phone was the

worst now it's your turn to practice will repeat the dialogue but this time

we're going to beep out the second speakers words you will have to say

those parts yourself remember to start by saying that nothing compares to your

new phone then you'll say how bad your old phone was for speed here we go are

you happy with your new mobile phone

you must notice a huge difference in speed


all right that about does it for this lesson

we've learned some great ways to talk about the best and worst of things tune

in next time when you'll learn the best ways to talk about abilities until then

so long and happy learning

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