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I'm excited about this lesson one of my

favorite things to do on the weekend is

to go and do one of the things that is

going to be on this list so good morning

good afternoon good evening whatever

time of day it is for you I am Bob the

Canadian oh I got my volume up here I am

Bob the Canadian and you are watching an

English lesson about entertainment let

me just check to make sure everything is

working looks like everything is working

really well just gonna turn this a

little bit this way and we should be

good so entertainment this is part one

by the way as I was making this lesson I

realized that this is a quite this is

quite a big topic so we're going to

cover it over the next over the next mmm

I'm having trouble talking this morning

we're going to cover it today and we're

going to look at part two next week and

we should be done the topic of

entertainment please remember that if

you have questions Todd will be posting

a link in the chat over there please use

that forum to ask your questions and

I'll be happy to answer them but once

again welcome to this lesson on

entertainment I see that we are quickly

growing in viewers we're almost at 200

so let's get started probably the

biggest form of entertainment in Canada

and around the world is TV or television

so TV is the short form and that is what

we use the most in English I usually

watch TV we don't often say television

although you will hear it and you will

read the word television and television

has kind of grown beyond just sitting in

front of a screen watching what we would

call over-the-air television where you

need an antenna on your TV

most people use their televisions to

stream videos as well as watch

television so we have a television at


in our living room mostly we use that

television to watch movies and not TV

shows surprisingly and we also use the

TV to watch sports but that gets us into

an interesting discussion about how we

refer to the things that we watch on TV

so you could say that you watch a TV

show you could say that you watch a TV

series in that sense they mean the same

thing so this TV show is called friends

I actually recommended it as a good

television show I just use television

tonight a good television show to watch

if you are learning English but I could

also say it's a great TV series to watch

so you could call this a TV show or you

could call it a TV series and you're

referring to you know show one all the

way up to show 700 but interestingly

enough you can also use the word TV show

to refer to one one episode of that show

so I could say oh I watched a good TV

show last night but show or series you

also have episodes and seasons so a

season is a collection of TV episodes so

often a TV show or a TV series will have

a number of seasons so every year there

will be a new season so when you see you

know join us for season three of

Survivor it means that there the year

before was season two and the year

before that was season one inside of the


you will have episodes so you will have

season two episode 3 of The Office is

perhaps a good episode so it is the

numerical type system to how you would

refer to a TV show or a TV series so you

would have episodes and you would have

seasons let me take a sip of my coffee

here I went out this morning and got a

nice cup of decaf coffee from Tim

Hortons I hope some day they actually

sponsor me I think I

mentioned Tim Hortons and four of us now

hmm that is a tasty cup of coffee hey

I'll do one more and then I'll take some

questions the other thing that we do for

entertainment is we watch movies or we

watch films we use both words to refer

to them so I could say oh I watched a

good film last night I could also say oh

I watched a really good movie last night

or have you seen the latest Avengers

movie or did you catch the latest

spider-man film I think we use movie a

little bit more than we do film but both

words are completely interchangeable in

English you can go to a movie festival

and watch a whole bunch of movies or you

can go to a film festival and watch a

whole bunch of films so the same word

movie film and I'm going to jump over to

the questions first one is from a Janee

oh hello a Janee how are you good to see

you again says do you call it a movie a

film or a picture in Canada we use all

three words in India but film might be

more common so that's a great question

it ties it in to what I just said old

people in Canada might say that they're

gonna go see they're gonna go to the

pictures but we don't use that word as

much in Canada you can use it you know

the latest picture from you know

Paramount Studios is this but generally

we use the word movie or we use the word

film those would be the two most common

let's see here

Demetrio says that's a great question

Demetrios is from the Demetriou from the

ukraine says hi Bob

is your TV smart or dumb our TVs is kind

of in between so if you're not aware

many years ago TVs were just TVs you

could tune it to a certain channel and

that's all it did but now TVs are

actually smart TVs so our TV has some

built-in features that are really handy

but it's not a new TV the new Smart TVs

have net

built-in they have YouTube built in they

have Wi-Fi built in so you can use your

TV almost like a mini computer so no I

would say our TV is a little bit smart

it's it's it's a little bit old Lally

I'm gonna skip your question because

it's not a very common word the word

hoot I think you would have to look that

one up so Jessie the Canadian says hi

Bob the Canadian hi Jessie the Canadian

how are you I'm good how are you I am

really happy to see you again my

question is how often do you go to the

cinema well not as often as I used to so

I probably go to the theater or cinema

about three or four times a year and I

usually take my kids to see a movie a

long time ago when I was younger and I

didn't have children I probably went to

the movie theater once a month I really

really liked going to watch movies so

great question there Jessie let's see


haleh says this is not a not related

exactly to the topic but I often when I

learned vocabulary in English I often

forget it

can you tell me the way to remember

vocabulary repetition is the best way

han lei the best way to remember is to

use it in a sentence and then to write

it out a lot of times it's not fun to do

it that way but that is a great way to

do it

hey I mentioned when you go to see a

movie or film

I said theater this is how we spell it

in Canada ari we don't say tyotka which

would be French we say theater in

America they spell it this way notice

the e + RR switch and we also call it

the cinema so here's a ticket for the

cinema so in English it's very common

for people to use theater or cinema so

let's say oh I'm going to the theater

we're gonna go to the theater in you

know st. Catharines tonight and we're

going to see the latest Star Wars movie

there's no Star Wars movie right now but

you could say oh we're going to the

cinema did you go to the cinema last

night yeah we

really good film at the cinema last

night so this is the name for the

building the place where you go to see a

movie ok I think we often say movie

theater I think we actually say movie

theater the most often I should have put

that on the sheet you know oh I went to

the movie theater did you see the movie

in the theater or did you watch it at

home so those would be common questions

that leads into my next one here a lot

of people have home theaters so a home

theater is when you buy a really big TV

and you buy really good speakers and you

have basically you watch the English are

sorry you watch the film or the movie in

your home for you if you are watching

English movies or English films a home

theater is a better option for you

because if you were watching an English

film or an english movie in the theatre

you can't pause the movie you know pause

the movie to look up a new word and you

can't rewind you can't make the movie go

backwards if you're in a real theater

but if you're using a home theater if

you're watching an english movie at home

you can pause the movie and you can

quickly look a word up that you don't

recognize you can turn on subtitles if

you watch it with your home theater and

you can rewind a little bit if you

didn't quite understand a part of it so

anyways home theater is something that

many people have so that they can watch

a movie at home ok I'm going to pause

and just say hello to everyone who's

watching 420 people I'm Bob the Canadian

you are watching an English lesson about

entertainment if you have questions Todd

we'll post a link over there in the chat

and I'm going to answer a few of them in

a moment

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up I really appreciate it let's look at

the next question Henry from Taiwan and

has the next question hi Bob what genre

so that's what type what genre of TV

shows or movies does teacher Bob like

thank you so my face

kind of TV show is any kind of British

drama I really like British television I

like French television from France and I

like television shows from Belgium so I

am bilingual so I watch English TV as

well as French TV and I really like

shows from those countries

I actually don't watch a lot of shows

from the United States and I don't watch

a lot of Canadian television that's bad

don't tell the other Canadians but I

don't watch Canadian TV let's see here

Manny says hello Bob how are you doing I

couldn't understand all the dialogue in

the film could you please make some

suggestions for me so two suggestions

one watch the movie or film on your

computer where you can control a couple

of things you can on a computer usually

use the arrow keys on the keyboard to

move the movie backwards so if you watch

and you don't understand you can quickly

rewind you can move the I would also say

turn on the subtitles maybe watch it

once with the subtitles on watch it

again with them off and I would

recommend if you watch a movie on a

computer slowing it down just a little

bit play it back at 95 percent or 90

percent speed yes this is live TV

welcome to the live stream we are 100%

live I am in my classroom and I'm here

for about 45 minutes doing a live lesson

on entertainment so we are live right

now so that's a great question by the

way I like that question


Stanislav says hi I'm from the high from

the Ukraine Bob hello which movie is the

best for learning that's a tricky one I

usually recommend the best movies to

watch our movies you are interested in

sometimes the movie that is best for

learning English might be boring to you

so I think the best movies to watch are

if you like action movies watch a lot of

action movies if you like romance

or love stories watch a lot of those if

you are serious though about learning

English you should watch movies that

take place in real life as much as

possible watching a movie about the

future might not help you as much

watching a historical movie might not

help you as much but watching a movie

about our current day and time something

that takes place fairly recently is

probably the best thing to watch one

more question and we'll get back to it

Jesse the Canadian says what is the best

movie you have ever seen I really like

all of the Lord of the Rings movies I

like all of the Star Wars movies and it

would be hard to choose one of them so

hey when you go to a theater before the

movie starts they show you little

trailers they show you movie trailers

for other movies that are coming out

soon so if you see if you go to a cinema

or you go to a theater you will often

have a few movie trailers that play

before the movie comes out I just saw a

question go by what do you think about

subtitles I think subtitles are good as

long as you watch the video at least two

times I think watching a movie or TV

show with subtitles on is great but then

I think you should watch that same TV

show or movie again later with the

subtitles off that's what Bob the

Canadian things hey a blockbuster is a

movie that is really really popular so

you can see I have the Millennium Falcon

up here

that is from the movie star wars the

star wars movies are usually

blockbusters many many people go to see

a movie when it's a blockbuster

basically it's number one for every four

weeks on end so it's the number one

movie a blockbuster I think the term

comes from people lining up around the

block to get into the movie so yes an


this is life you are watching a live

lesson so blockbusters are super popular

movies the Star Wars movies the Lord of

the Rings movies were all blockbusters

The Avengers movies are all blockbusters

I'm basically referring to a movie that

is super super popular you can also go

see a play

so moving on through entertainment we

talked about TV we talked about movies

and now I'm going to talk a little bit

about plays in Canada you can still go

and see place so here we have the play

Macbeth I'm not going to tell you who

wrote it because I'm going to talk about

the word playwright in a bit but a play

is a live performance where there are

actors on the stage who are presenting a


someone's asking are you a teacher yeah

I'm a teacher this is my room

this is my classroom where I teach every

day there won't be students here today

though there's no school today but I

actually have to go to a teachers

convention some of you last year might

have remembered a year ago on this

Friday I had to do my livestream quickly

because I had to leave for a convention

but a play is a live performance a live

presentation of a play on a stage that

people can go and watch a play is

presented as well in a theatre but a

different kind of theater so here we

have a theatre you can see that there is

seating you can see that there is a

stage up front people go to the theater

to see a play often if people say yeah I

was at the theater the other night but

they're usually talking about a theater

where they've seen a play if they say

movie theater then they were out of

theater with movies and then I just

wanted to fold this up this is William

Shakespeare he is or was a playwright

from hundreds of years ago I think about

four or five hundred years ago he is

from he was from England and he wrote

many many plays that are still studied

in English today if you ever as an

English Learner

have to read a William Shakespeare play

it will be very very difficult for you

because it's really difficult for us as

native speakers the English language has

changed quite a bit over time so let's

see here we're gonna go on with some


Demetrio says i live close to an

amusement park and they play music very

loudly do you have any laws in Canada

that controlled noise levels or it

doesn't allow such parks close to living

neighbourhoods we have noise laws but

generally if there is an amusement park

and there is housing there they are

exempt from that law and you just know

when you buy a house there that it's

going to be loud sometimes at night in

the winter so our sorry in the summer no

no it goes through the amusement park in

the winter so yeah it's tricky a noise

let's see here Emin says I saw on in at

a TV programme which one is useful or

correct so people star in a TV show

people can be on a TV show notice a

little bit of a difference there but we

wouldn't use that okay so you could say

oh my brother-in-law is a famous actor

he's in a lot of TV shows you could say

my brother-in-law is a famous actor he's

on a lot of TV shows but we wouldn't use

at know let's see here oh it's a good

question what is the difference what is

the difference between sitcom and cinema

so cinema is film so generally a film at

the cinema is about an hour and a half

long and it has many different genres so

there's drama there's romantic movies

there's action movies but a sitcom is a

television show that's usually 30

minutes long and it is a situational

comedy sitcom is actually a short form

for situational comedy so it's meant to

be a funny show usually they take place

in someone's home

but a sitcom is a short TV show usually

quite funny let's see here I got to only

answer questions that relate to well

I'll do this one but I'm only gonna do

questions that relate to the topic

Fernando says hi Bob I have a question

do you plant just flowers or fruits as

well it's very beautiful your flowerbeds

we only grow flowers

we don't even grow vegetables isn't that

crazy Gaga has a question here Gaga says

what leisure activities do you usually

do in your free time I think of all the

things I'm talking about today I am most

likely to watch television or watch

films okay or movies I don't often go to

see a play because it can be quite

expensive to see a play let's see here

Ivonne says have you been joked

sometimes about your new role of being a

public figure in this new flexible

entertainment industry of YouTube stuff

now I haven't been pranked or anything

like that mostly what I find cool about

it is people are familiar with me around

the world but locally not very many

people know that I have a YouTube

channel because no one in this part of

Canada is learning English so they

haven't found me I do have some students

though that know that I have a YouTube

channel and generally they're pretty

positive they're pretty proud of the

fact that their teacher is doing really

well on YouTube so no no pranks or no

silliness yet Fabio

so Fabio is gonna talk about another

form of entertainment that I'm not

talking about today but hi Bob you're a

great teacher thank you what kind of

sport do you like to watch or follow do

you watch football or hockey so I watch

NASCAR do you know what NASCAR is it's

car racing from the United States so I

like to watch a car race every week I'll

put the word NASCAR equals car racing

that is my favorite sport some people

don't think it's a sport though okay let

me do one more question

and then we will move on with the lesson

I am choo God says Bob can we break

grammar grammar rules sometimes so

here's what I'm going to say you can't

break grammar rules until you know

English well enough to break them okay

English speakers break grammar rules

quite a bit actually even during my live

lessons I break some of the grammar

rules but I think for an english learner

the best thing to do is to learn English

properly learn grammar properly and then

once you have a really good

understanding of English once you are

very very fluent you can start to break

some of the grammar rules that you

recognize other English speakers

breaking so the tricky one though let's

see TV show and Siri says that's a great

YouTube name what's a TV show or a

series and how about a movie or film so

again a TV show or series is a

collection of episodes of that show I

think my coffee is getting cold no it's

just right um and a movie or film are

the same thing next question

Michael San Jose says good morning Bob

good morning Michael are you familiar

with the classic British sitcom mind

your language do you recommend it I'm

not familiar with that but I will see if

I can watch an episode tonight to see

what it is like I don't know why I'm

losing my voice again people it just

seems silly because I literally talk all

day that's my job so it seems kind of

funny let's see here

suppose Jesse says Jesse the Canadian

suppose I am going to watch a movie with

my colleagues or friends

is there any phrasal verb for this well

you go out to see a movie that would be

you would say I you want to go out and

see a movie tonight it's not a phrasal

verb but you would also say you want to

watch a movie tonight do you want

catch a movie tonight hey do you want to

catch a movie tonight so not all phrasal

verbs but that's how you would say or

ask your colleagues hey anybody

interested in catching a movie tonight

we could go down to the movie theater

and catch a movie

so that's probably a little slangy even

but those would be ways that you could

ask that let's see here question about

me and then we'll move on

Kiril from Moscow what's your main

education so I teach French primarily so

my training is in teaching languages and

the language I teach is French the

reason I teach English on YouTube

instead of French though is because I am

a native English speaker but I am NOT a

native French speaker so when I speak

French I have a little bit of an accent

and my logic here is this that if you're

going to learn a language it's okay to

learn it I was just trying to kill a fly

sorry it's okay to learn it from a

non-native speaker but if I'm going to

do YouTube videos I thought as a native

English speaker I should take all of my

training to teach the French language

and just do it in English

so that's my that's my training hey so

we talked about plays a play is done on

a stage the stage has curtains here you

can see the audience those are the

people who watch the play and you can

see here the play is a raised area where

the performance happens if you look on

the stage of a play you will see the set

so the set is what they construct as the

background for the play so here you see

a stage and you see here they have

constructed a set so they didn't build

the real buildings they just built the

front of the buildings and this is the

set for the place so the stage is the

area it is on the set is the things that

they construct that the actors can

perform around we have two words in

English we generally just use the word

actor now but we also have the word

actress but actor is actually

gender-neutral so you can say that

you know a certain person whether

they're a guy or girl is an actor it's

totally acceptable in English we used to

separate so men were actors and women

were actresses we still use this term

but there's nothing wrong with saying

you know that a certain woman is an

actor okay totally fine to say that but

they are of course the person who

performs in a play or in a movie so

actor is pretty universal or a TV show

you know you can say that you're an

actor on a TV show or in a TV show sorry

that we use both words there if you talk

about all of the actors you would call

them the cast so the cast is all of the

people who act in a play a stage play so

here you see the cast of a play on the

stage I think it's probably the end of a

performance and they're all kind of

waving to the audience so this would be

the cast of the play if the play has

lots of singing in it it's called a

musical so it's still technically a play

but we would also call it a musical

often people go to Toronto to see a

musical there's a variety of musicals

that are playing in Toronto right now so

you might go to a big city like Toronto

to see a play or you might go to see a

musical generally musicals are very very

enjoyable I can't remember the last

musical that I saw though but a musical

has elements of a play where they're

acting and talking and then every once

in a while they break into song that's

how you can you would describe it or

they start singing a musical piece to it

so lame is a table is a really good

musical that's a great play to see lots

of singing etc and then of course if you

are a singer in a play or a musical we

call you a singer not an actor so you

would say all the singers were amazing

in the musical that I saw last night

let's do a couple more questions let me

see here desaad says this is a good


Dilshad says what kind of movies do you

watch with your family

on the weekdays so we generally don't

watch movies on the weekdays generally

we watch movies on the weekends and

usually my kids watch a movie and I

don't usually watch the movie with them

but I'll tell you why I'm not a mean dad

it's because they tend to watch movies

that I have already seen so sometimes I

will sit with my kids and watch a movie

just recently they watched all of the

Star Wars movies that that we have on

DVD they've watched all of the Harry

Potter movies etc and I have seen most

of those movies more than once but that

is usually the kind of movie that my

kids are watching for myself and Jen we

usually just go and go to the movie

theater a couple times a year and we'll

see one of the most recent popular

movies when we go to the theater let's

see here

let's see I'm trying to find the next

question there's some questions that

aren't on topic so I'm going to skip

some of them sorry and that's not very

nice of me I just want to make sure the

questions are on the topic of

entertainment John from Vietnam says is

football popular entertainment sport in

your nation we'll talk about it next

week actually but I'm going to answer

your question what kind of entertainment

or sport is popular in Canada so we have

football in Canada but it is not soccer

okay the football in Canada the Canadian

Football League is very similar to

american-style football there are a

number of rules that are different and

the field has different dimensions but

the kind of football that we watch in

Canada is very similar to American

football to the NFL we do have though

actual soccer leagues in Canada it's

becoming more and more popular so you

can go and watch soccer but the most

popular sport by far in terms of

entertainment in Canada is hockey hockey

is probably the most watched sport in

Canada I would have to check that don't

quote me on that as being a fact

but certainly there are a lot of hockey

fans in Canada there are a lot of kids

that play hockey and there is a lot of

professional hockey to watch in Canada

the closest team to me is actually the

Buffalo Sabres which are an American

hockey team but I am a fan of the

Toronto Maple Leafs because Toronto is

the closest Canadian city to me and that

is the hockey if I watch hockey I don't

actually watch a lot of hockey sometimes

during playoffs

if Toronto is in if the Toronto Maple

Leaves make the playoffs I do watch some

hockey but I'm not a big hockey watcher

let's see here lolli lolli says Bob do

you like Downton Abbey it's my favorite

TV series so Downton Abbey is a TV

series from a couple of years ago from

the UK from the United Kingdom and it

takes place a couple hundred years ago

or about 150 years ago if I'm correct

somewhere in that range and it tells the

story of a really wealthy family and all

of their servants that live in the same

house and I watched every single episode

lolly and Jen and I are planning to go

see the new Downton Abbey movie probably

in a couple of weeks when our life is a

little bit more relaxed so it's both a

TV series that you can watch and also a

movie so lolly lolly yes I have watched

it I was sad when oh I shouldn't give

away spoilers today I was sad in a

couple parts because sometimes people

die Dilshad says can you tell us a

little bit about soap operas

so soap operas are dramatic television

shows that are on in the afternoon I

can't think of I think General Hospital

Days of Our Lives they all have these

really unique names but they are shows

that are on usually between 1 o'clock

and 4 o'clock in the afternoon and

sometimes people who are home and not

working will watch a soap opera and the

storylines continue day-to-day so

they're they're quite interesting for

some people I'm

hey you might go to the ballet if you

want some entertainment I think most of

you will recognize what ballet is this

person is a ballerina but we would also

just simply call anyone who does ballet

a dancer okay so you could say this is a

ballerina but you could also say she is

doing ballet or you could say that she

is a dancer and the ballet is still a

fairly popular thing to do you do have

to go to probably much bigger city than

a small city close to you because

usually only really large cities will

have the ballet but this is something

that many people enjoy doing to go see

another thing you might do for

entertainment is you might go to a

concert this is probably one of the most

popular live events that people go to so

if you think about it a play the ballet

a concert they're all live events where

you sit in the audience and there is a

live performance people in North America

go to a lot of concerts okay there's a

lot of outdoor concerts in the summer

and they go to hear one of their

favorite bands or one of their favorite

groups or one of their favorite singers

I'm just gonna hold that there for a sec

so this is something that Jen and I did

a little bit when we were younger but we

will probably do more of once our kids

are older and we can get out with just

the two of us because it is super fun to

go see one of your favorite bands or

groups or singers I really want to see

Ed Sheeran at some point do you guys

know who Eddie Sheeran is I would love

to take Jen to an edge here in concert I

think that would be super super fun

you might also go see the orchestra or

the symphony this is more where they

play classical music instead of rock

music or folk music or country music so

at the orchestra they will have things

like violins and other traditional

instruments and a Orchestra

orchestra plays at a concert hall so

that is the place where you would go to

see an orchestra is at a concert hall

and that's where the orchestra would be

onstage and you would sit in the

audience and listen to some really nice

music from them and they are of course

conducted by a conductor so this man is

conducting the orchestra so he would be

up front don't I'm not a conductor but

he would be conducting the orchestra so

we call this person a conductor I'm

gonna jump over it and do a few more

questions I just want to know before I

do say welcome to everyone here we are

about midway through a lesson on

entertainment and thank you for watching

all five hundred and something of you if

you're new here don't forget to

subscribe and thumbs up are always cool

as well Demetriou says my mom asks oh

say hi to your mom for me

that's cool my mom asks if you like the

ITV drama Midsomer Murders

also she advises Murdoch mysteries which

is the Canadian TV series set in Toronto

I am familiar with Murdoch mysteries

I have watched one or two episodes of

Murdoch mysteries on CBC which is the

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's

channel I have not watched the Midsomer

Murders though so I should look into

that because it sounds like that might

be something that I would enjoy so thank

you for that suggestion I'm currently

watching a show called the Dublin

murders which is an Irish English Irish

television show it's really good let's

see here oh this is a good question so

Elijah al I see you says are there any

problems between learning American

English and Canadian English for other

countries there are movies and videos

that I use to study from different

countries so here's what I would say

there's Australian English there's

English from the UK there's Irish

English and there's Canadian and

American English Canadian and American

English are very very similar as I've

mentioned before I went to university in

the United States people thought my

accent was very subtle and

cute but there is no problem with

learning watching a Canadian TV series

versus an American TV series I would

recommend you watch both Canadian movies

vs. American movies watch both you will

have no you're not doing any harm by

learning Canadian and American English

at the same time in fact just yesterday

I was at a teachers convention and I was

talking to people from Canada and people

from the United States and we have no

problem understanding each other and our

speaker was actually from the UK and we

have no we had no problem understanding

him either so I wouldn't worry too much

about that let's see here

q mike says hi Bob can you tell me the

difference between the words drama and

playwright thanks a lot so a playwright

is the person who writes the play and

drama is kind of the overall name for

the acting world okay so you study drama

we also say drama by the way I'm not

sure which pronunciation you have

learned but at our school we teach drama

classes we also teach drama classes so

as do pronunciations sorry about that

but drama is the overarching name for

the acting world let's see here

Oh Polly has a good question here Polly

says hi teacher Bob hi Polly

from Hong Kong I hope things are going

well for you over there at Hong Kong I

understand it is a little bit a little

bit tough in Hong Kong right now how

much in general is a movie ticket in

Canada and movie tickets in Hong Kong

are pretty high yeah

tickets are pretty high in Canada I

think it's about ten to fifteen dollars

to see a movie so and then people buy

popcorn and drinks as well right so it's

kept me quite expensive let's see here

Maria from Russia says I want to ask

about quest room do you ever play in

this entertainment or maybe your friends

I think you're talking about an escape

room so an escape room is a place where

you go and you pay money

and then you have to figure out puzzles

to get out of the room and it's very

very popular in Canada right now I have

not done it both my older two kids have

done escape rooms I think I think

they've done it so let's see here

so Fabiana this is a kid do it

is this a cot is it a common expression

couch potato so a couch potato is

someone who sits on their couch a lot

and watches a lot of television so yes

it is a very common expression in

English a lot of people will say ah I

was just a couch potato all weekend I

just watched Netflix endlessly so yes

definitely a common expression Syed from

Somalia how do your kids spend their

free time so we want them to play

outside a lot they would like to be on

screens a lot so we try to encourage

them to do both so we like it when our

kids play outside we don't mind if they

are on a device like a phone or

something like that but we like balance

so it's a little bit of a battle

sometimes but we'd like to encourage our

kids to play outside and we also

encourage them to use technology wisely

that's what we do with their kids let's

see here hello Bob this is Alma's hello

Bob and Todd hello are you often go to

the theater and other entertainments

with your wife today I'm gonna go to the

disco so Jen and I have not gone out

dancing very often usually the only time

we go dancing is if we're at a wedding

it's very popular in Canada after a

wedding people have a wedding reception

and then at the reception you have a

meal and then there's a dance so we

haven't gone out to a disco or

discotheque to go dancing often if Jen

and I go out we go out to entertain

ourselves by having a nice meal and a

lot of times we'll go and see a movie

sometimes we go shopping to entertain

ourselves which isn't really

entertainment but it's lots of fun


let's see here


the next one is how do you see in Canada

the Spanish entertainment named cauri

das de toros the bowl and torero the

sword are there any kind of a oh yeah I

don't know we don't have shows like that

I'm gonna avoid that one because I'm not

quite sure what it's about

I should have read the question fully

but we don't have shows in Canada with

bullfighting in it for instance but we

do have the Calgary Stampede where there

is bull riding so hopefully that answers

your question

John says let's see here Bob have you

ever heard about slow TV so I know slow

TV sometimes they'll put a camera on a

train or a boat and they'll just show

hours of footage live sometimes of the

boat or the train going so yes I've seen

a little bit like that Miguel says do

you recommend thus to see the series

like house so house is a TV show about

an American doctor it's played by Hugh

Laurie I think and it's a good show but

house talks very directly and sometimes

very rudely so I would not recommend

that you learn to talk like house okay

that would be a bad idea

hey when you go out to see the orchestra

you are seeing a performance when you

see a play or a concert at the end there

will be applause the people will applaud

this is the verb rate this person is

applauding and the actual action of the

whole audience doing it is called

applause so there was a lot of applause

at the end of the concert or the end of

the show if you're really good people

stand up while they're doing it and we

call that a standing ovation so a

standing ovation happens when you do a

really good job as a performer and the

audience at the end stands up and claps

their hands and we would call that a

standing ovation on and that's the kind

of applause you want to get if you are a

live performer let's see here Victor has

a question

hello Bob how about cartoons there's a

grammar question why Bob the Canadian or

Lucy the dog but Peppa Pig

I mean why with or without that it's

kind of an artistic choice okay when I

say Bob the Canadian it's kind of a

funny way to refer to myself but you you

do use this in English like if I knew a

guy named Doug from Canada and if I knew

a guy named Doug from America I would

say are you talking about Doug the

Canadian or Doug the American so it is

regular why do we say Peppa Pig that's

just a little play on words there

pretending that Peppa's last name is pig

so Peppa Pig her first name is Peppa

technically her last name is pig so I

think that's why they do it I'm gonna

answer three more questions really fast

Jana from the Czech says what kind of

music do you listen to almost

exclusively rock or classic rock amar

Syed says how to improve pronunciation

you need to talk a lot you need to

record yourself and listen to yourself

and generally you need to find an

English speaker to help you it's one of

the most difficult things to do anyways

that is the lesson on entertainment part

1 please come back next week I'm gonna

do part 2 I'll probably talk about

sports and a couple of other things that

you can do for entertainment maybe even

talk about dancing and those kinds of

things I'm Bob the Canadian don't forget

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