Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Totens de Pesquisa de Satisfação - Solvis

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You know that sometimes in a small business, the owner knows each customer by name

and knows exactly what they are thinking?

That's great,

but when business grows, it gets harder and harder to stay in touch.

With a suggestion box you solve part of this problem.

But who can go through so much information every day?

Also, if your business has more than one address,

you need a better solution.

Solvis totems solve these problems for you.

With a kiosk in each store you hear what your customer thinks at the most important moment:

when the customer is buying your product or service.

The kiosk is always ready to receive suggestions or complaints from its customers.

This information is sent continuously to the heads of each store,

that can solve the identified problems.

What if the problems are not so simple?

In a chain, stores rarely have the same performance

and comparing them can be challenging.

The same kiosks send information from each store to the network management.

The data is grouped to show the chain's landscape

and can be filtered to compare the stores based on different criteria.

Any problems encountered can be investigated further. And solved!

Before the results are compromised.

Kiosks will confirm the results of your actions and monitor your business.

At the end of the story Solvis kiosks help your company listen to your customers,

identify problems

and monitor your business.

Find out how Solvis can help your company dazzle your customers.

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