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Do you want to know the secret to reducing your accent incredibly fast, to speaking much

more smoothly, naturally, and clearly, and even to sounding much more like a native English

speaker? Well, my name is Drew Badger. I'm the founder of and today

I'm so excited because after years of development, we're finally releasing Fredrick, our new

ultimate guide to reading, spelling, and pronouncing the English language.

Now really the secret very quickly to understanding and speaking much more clearly is to stop

studying lots of videos, you're watching videos that teach you the pronunciations of random

words, and to start with the whole system and understand how everything works together.

That's really the secret. Because of this, I created this program with

my team. It's a brand new application that you can use on your smartphone or your tablet,

whether an Apple or an Android device, and hopefully we should have more coming in the

future, but really it's a fantastic way for you to do this and to do it very quickly.

Honestly, the pronunciation of English is really very easy to understand if you learn

it the native way and as a complete system. The most exciting thing is that you can start

doing it right now for free. Let's take a look at the application. We're

going to go inside the whole thing in depth. I'm going to walk you through it, how you

can use it and how you can start using it today for free. Let's get into it.

Welcome to Frederick. This is the world's first app that anyone anywhere can use to

improve their reading, spelling, or pronunciation. We designed it for learners, again, in any

country, so it doesn't matter what language you speak, now you understand English right

now, if you're listening to this, but you could give this app to anyone, like your mother

or father, or friend, or children who don't know any English at all.

It's all designed so it can be really easily understood just by using the icons in the

game. I'm going to show you exactly how everything works, how you can go through it, and just

really see great progress, whether you're using it yourself or you're letting someone

else use it to improve their reading or learning to become a better English speaker, or just

to improve their pronunciation and spelling. Right here on the title screen you can see

we have a little music note. That's how you can turn the music on and off. You also have

a lock icon. I've unlocked this version so I can go through and show you all the levels.

I want to show you very quickly how the game works and then we'll go back and take a look

at some of the different features of it. So what I'm going to do is click on the little

green triangle here to take me into the level. Now the first thing we have here is a very

simple level mode screen. And again it's really designed for anyone in any language. There

are no difficult instructions. You're just looking at what you can use. Right now you

have the option to go through levels one through three, so you can get these for free or if

you want to pay, really it's about the price of a cup of coffee to get access to all of

the other levels right now. So four, five, six, seven, and eight are available, and then

nine through 35 are coming soon. Anyone who joins or purchases the full version of the

app, again, it's very, very cheap and you can learn more about this inside the app,

but the first three levels are free, but anyone who purchases the app now will get access

to all the other levels and other bonus features as we release those over the coming weeks

and months. Going back into a level, I'll show you exactly

how simple and easy this is. We're going to click on this first little button here that's

got a magnifying glass and a telescope and this is explore mode.

Bab. Now the secret here to playing with this is

really that you're teaching yourself what the rules are without having a teacher there

to explain it to you. I can click on the individual letters here.

Bab. And then click on this little purple sound

icon to listen to all of them together. Or I can change the letters just by scrolling

these wheels. Bat. Bab. Ban. Bam. Bag.

Very simple. I can switch... Tag, sag.

And you can see some are just icons here or some of these are actual animations if we've

got something like a verb that we're teaching. On the left side here you see A,E,I,O and

U, and I can switch between the different middle letter here to change the word sets.

Bed. Bet. Bib. Bob. Bub. Very simple. Now I can scroll through these

different letters here. Bun. Con. Done. Fun. Fup. Gup.

I can actually just teach myself to read and spell very simply, and you can hear the actual

native pronunciation. This is my lovely voice here. You can listen to exactly how each individual

letter sounds and how they work together to form words.

Now this is the first part of the app. The second part is where you test yourself. I'm

going to click on the little green arrow in the lower right and it's going to take me

to my first set of games here. I'll just go to the puzzle one first.

Now we have a word here in the middle and we can actually move this around and we have

to figure out which one of these is correct. So we just play the different sounds and figure

that out. Bad. Rat. Pat.

So with the bottom one is the one that says rat.

Rat. Move that down there.

Pod. Pad. Bit. Pod. Lop. But. Very simple. This is excellent listening practice

and it's great reading practice as well. You're connecting the word with the sound and you

really know if you're able to play the game and win the game that you've actually mastered

that lesson. I'm going to pause here and go back out. We

also, if you just look at the pause screen here, I can put the music back on. I can click

on this little question mark here to actually see how the game works, so if you're just

learning the different examples of what it is, you can play with it yourself. But again,

it's all designed so you can just use the simple interface without having any instructions

in English or some other language. It might take you a moment to figure out how

things work. When I show this to children, they're very quick to start pushing buttons.

Adults are usually a bit more slow about playing with it, but when children are playing with

this, they really have fun experimenting with different things. And that's really the point

of this style of learning. It's completely new and different from what everybody has

done for many, many years, which is trying to use translations to help you learn. This

is helping you learn everything in English the same way native speaker does and making

the rules really simple. I'm going to go back to the game select screen

and I'll show you one more game here. I don't want to show you everything just so you can

see some more when you actually try the app for yourself. I'll go to the cannon here.

Now this is another reading test here. We can click on the little icon in the lower

left. Peg. Peg. Peg.

If I want to hear how that sounds. And then as this little press is slowly moving down

over here, I have to choose the right word. I can actually tilt my phone, I'm playing

this on a phone right now, an iPhone X, or iPhone 8 plus. I can tilt the phone to move

the cannon back and forth. I can scroll it with my finger, or I can just click right

on the word that I want. Peg.

And it shoots out of the cannonball fire up there. The next word here is jot.

Jot. Jot. And you'd probably be surprised if you're

an English learner. You think just because the words are short, I've shown this to a

lot of non-native English learners and they're always surprised by all the words that they

don't know. You'll learn a lot even with these short ones here. I'll click on jot.

Jot. And I can get into my second word there.

Rip. Rip. Rip. Hub. I can click on the word up here on the press.

I can click on the cannon itself to fire it, or I can click on the trigger button.

Hub. Map. When I get 20 words, I win that level. We're

going to go back out and I'll show you the next step. Now as you're going through this

back here on level select screen, so far I've shown you the two green buttons. The first

one is that explore mode, that's the magnifying glass with the telescope. The second one is

the green games, and this is going to test you on the words that you find in this level.

You can see I found 44 words already, but there are 167 for this one. When we finish

the whole app, there will be over 2000 words and sentences, but we're just releasing it

in pieces because people keep asking us for the app, they want us to release it faster.

So that's why we're getting it out now. Now the next game here, that's a silver button,

it's the same three games that you can play, but it's giving you new words. It's testing

you on the same rule that you learn for this level, but you're getting lots of new words

you can test for that. Next we have the purple one. This is the purple

explorer, and this is sight words. Now sight words are just words that you have to remember

because you can't pronounce them phonetically. There aren't really rules for these or they

break rules, and so you just have to remember them. Words like...

Bear. Bye. Eye. Lion. These are just a couple of words. We give

you six for each level. And once you understand those, you can start putting them together

to make full sentences. Here we are in this little train game, very

simple. I can pull my finger across here if I want to pull the train out faster. I have

a sentence here, I pet a lion, and I have to pick the correct one, pick the correct

picture here. I pet a lion.

Very simple. Again it's testing me. If I understand, I can read it, and I can select the right

word or the right picture, then I know I can read, spell, and understand what's happening.

This is a funny one. A pot of men. A pot of men.

We try to throw some weird things in there just to keep it interesting and we want to

make it again, different from what people are used to learning, but these are the things

that in a native conversation you will see just lots of weird English or just funny sentences

like this. Next we have a red cup of jam.

A red cup of jam. After I play it I get the correct one. I can

listen to what that is. Just so you see how this works, it goes through and you have actually

a certain number of them that you need to get. Once you do, then you can move on to

the next level. The whole system is very simple and it just

starts you, if you are a new learner of the language, you want to give this to some young

child. we can start with even just an alphabet by itself, and this gives us the capital letter

and the lower case as well. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

I can click on this top little area. G, G.

Where it says G, or I can click on the scroll wheel.

G, G. Or I can click on this little purple icon

here to play whatever that is. G.

Either you're listening to the individual sound by itself or you're listening to the

combination of words and what they make. Now you can see in the upper right here, we also

have two buttons. There's a little light bulb there. It's basically a light bulb. It's a

hint button. When you're searching for different words, it can be difficult to know how to

find what's next, what's the next combination you should make. We wanted to make it very

fun and easy. So all you do is click on that and it will tell you what to find next. And

then you just have to find it. H. H. H.

Very simple. Next to that we have a little book. This is our word bank. All the words

that you find, or all the letters, or sounds will be stored here.

A. When you go to the word bank, you'll see actually

you can have the different letters. What you find here, there actually won't be these yellow

check marks in your version when you're playing with this. This is a slightly older version,

but I just wanted to make this so you could see what everything looks like. But you can

scroll through here on the left side here you have a scroll wheel that tells you what

level you're on. This is level one. Go to level two. Or level three. These are all the

words I've already found and I can scroll through these. If I haven't found something,

you'll have a space for it with these three dashes. But when I find something...

Tag. I know I can click on it there. If I want

to go to the explore mode for that, I can click on that and it will take me back to

that level. There are a lot of things you can explore

in this, but very simply, if you want a just very simple, systematic and easy way to improve

your pronunciation and to learn everything the same way native speakers are, this is

exactly how native children are learning the alphabet and how to pronounce things, all

the different rules. Even some things that may seem a little bit strange, when you see

them all together in the app like this, everything becomes very simple and clear and you can

improve your pronunciation very quickly. Whether you're learning just by yourself,

you're an adult learner and you want to improve your pronunciation, you can download the app,

it's called Frederick. You can find it on Google Play, on the app store, or by clicking

even just on the link at the upper right of this video, or on the link in the description

below this video, and you can start playing with it right now for free.

So again you get the first three levels for free, but if you decide to upgrade and get

access to everything, that will give you access to all eight levels of this version, and then

as we continue to release new versions, and new versions will be coming out with new levels,

new modes. One of the things we're really excited to

do, right now, you can see there is only one player can play this, so we're going to have

multiplayer functions so you can give this, if you have two children, or different people

in your family, or in a classroom want to use this as well, we're going to be adding

that functionality. All those things, you will get access to that

for free just by paying one time. There's no subscription fee or anything like that.

Just to get into and start using the app. If you want to improve your pronunciation

right now, you can go to the app store, download it for free. If you like it within the first

30 minutes, you can actually upgrade and get it for half off. But again, it's about the

price of a cup of coffee. It's incredibly cheap. We made it that cheap because we really

want people to have access to it all over the world who actually want to improve their

pronunciation. If you have any questions, let us know in

the comments down below, or you can mail us at We look forward

to continuing to improve the app, to building it with you, and to helping you become a great

or reader, or helping just the people in your family, or your friends that want to improve

and learn English. Just to really show you that English learning can be easy and fun,

and it really can be fast if you follow the right system.

Have a fantastic day. Click on the link in the upper right or on the link in the description

below this video to start playing with it absolutely free. I look forward to seeing

you in the app. Bye bye.

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