Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Phrase of the Day – Chock-a-block

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Hello. Im Britlish and Im here to bring you todays phrase of the day.

Todays phrase of the day is chock-a-block. Something that is chock-a-block is packed

to the limit, crammed full, or jam-packed. The Britlish Library is chock-a-block with

English lessons designed to help you quickly and enjoyably improve your English skills.

Luckily, the Britlish Library is digital and even though it is chock-a-block with high-quality

English language lessons, it has plenty of room for more.

Just as well, really, as Richard creates new English language lessons for the Britlish

Library every week. Nevertheless, you can still pay what you want

to get full access to the entire Britlish Library which is chock-a-block with enough

English lessons to keep you occupied for years. If you want to see just how chock-a-block

with English lessons the Britlish Library is, get a free 48-hour Britlish Library Pass

from your Britlish account page today. If you want more phrases of the day, click

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Ill be back.

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