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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Best Careers For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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these are the best careers for you based

on your zodiac sign many of us believe

in the power of the zodiac sign there

are people out there who live their

lives based on what the stars tell them

about their sign for example some people

read up on which sign they are

compatible with then there are those who

may believe in the whole idea of the

zodiac signs but don't read up on it on

a regular basis regardless which

category you fall into there's no

denying that we are all curious about it

each sign comes with unique personality

courts that lead to success in different

fields find your sign in this video and

check out what would be your perfect

career match and after this video make

sure you let us know how accurate or

inaccurate your career suggestion was

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now here are the best careers for you

based on your zodiac sign Aries the Rams

bravery is overwhelming leading to

success in competitive or sales based

jobs Aries are the authoritative types

this means that they never slack off in

fact they tend to put 100% of their

effort into every single thing they do

they are extremely competitive and

absolutely hate losing

according to astrologer dr. athena

practice Aries have more stamina than

any other sign and when they have a goal

they go at it full force they don't give

up until they've accomplished their


dr. practice also states that Aries tend

to start businesses and sit in

high-level positions

she says that good career options for

someone who is an Aries include

ownership or managerial positions Aries

tend to question authority which is why

they would excel in these types of

positions another great career path for

an Aries is a position in Human

Resources this is because an Aries is a

people person

they are intuitive and can often

accurately assess someone's character

they are driven ambitious and very



Taurus bulls love beauty and stability

making them ripe for jobs that have

built-in benefits their strong

commanding voices also do well in large


Tauruses are also all about the money

they know how to make money and then

make even more of it because they are so

intelligent they are also great with

numbers too dr. Perez says that because

of this anyone who is a Taurus would be

a great financial adviser accountant or

investor she states that Torrance's are

conservative shrewd and intuitive they

don't waste money and are great with

keeping their finances in order

no wonder Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's

founder and one of the richest people on

earth is a Taurus so if you're a Taurus

consider a career in finance business or

banking if you think that some of these

career predictions based on zodiac signs

are interesting you better stick around

until the end because as a bonus we'll

also tell you how many kids you are

predicted to have based on your zodiac


Jim and I the twins are tough to fulfill

with a repetitive or tedious job as

their volatility needs change in

stimulation they work well in off

changing roles and take to travel easily

and according to dr. practice Gemini's

are extremely intelligent they can

understand complex ideas and solve very

challenging and complicated problems

this is why Gemini's would make great

translators professors and teachers they

are eloquent with their words and would

also make great public speakers and

because Gemini's are so eloquent with

their words they would be great

politicians or debaters no wonder

Anderson Cooper one of the most famous

correspondents and news analysts of

modern time is a Gemini Cancer these

astrological mothers excel at jobs where

they nurture children and work well with

positions where they are taking care of

others cancers are also notorious for

being emotional they wear their hearts

on their sleeves and aren't afraid to

show it they love taking care of people

and nurturing them especially if they

are family members dr. practice says

that cancers also make excellent chefs

and would succeed in a career as a

professional cook or restaurant owner or

manager a cancer would also thrive in a

nursing home or as a nurse in a hospital

this is because they are great nurturers

and extremely warm-hearted are any of

the careers listed in this video

accurate based on your zodiac sign if

your sign hasn't been mentioned yet in

this video keep watching to find out

what careers best suited for you

leo the lion craves power and status

more than anything else making them an

easy fit for leadership roles sometimes

they can be a poor team player but it

doesn't much bother them this is because

Leo's love being the center of attention

but when it comes to a career wanting to

be the center of attention is a good

thing it's what makes Leo stand out from

other employees Leo's are ambitious and

have amazing willpower

they are charismatic intelligent and

carry around a positive contagious

energy they are great multitaskers and

would excel in leadership positions the

ideal jobs for Leo's are senators

musicians teachers and CEOs Leo's are

simply natural-born leaders part of this

is because they love the spotlight if

you're Leo people are probably very

drawn to your charismatic personality

just like they are drawn to another

famous charismatic Leo Barack Obama


Virgo if you've ever decided a server

deserved a big tip they were probably a

Virgo a passion for perfection makes

them ideal for detailed work and they

easily grasp new concepts and lessons

virgos are known to be workaholics and

they can tend to be quite critical they

are very focused on their work and

professional lives and because of this

they tend to overanalyze everything they

pay attention to detail and make great

editors writers and detectives virgos

work extremely hard in every single

thing they do they take pride in the

work they do and they never settle for

anything but the best that's why they

may be slightly over critical when they

see someone not pushing themselves or

putting in

the absolute minimal effort don't be

offended if a Virgo criticizes you it's

just in their blood

Libra perhaps the easiest to find a

matching career libras do well as long

as they're around people compromise

diplomacy and leadership are strong

traits of a sign that keeps it all in


dr. practice says that libras search for

harmony and balance and that they are

extremely hard workers

dr. practice also states that libras are

typically drawn towards dramatic arts

and are best suited for careers in

acting music and film libras are also

known to be patient and extremely

open-minded because of these they are

extremely easygoing and easy to get

along with they make great performers

and artists and would also make great

teachers for students in the arts




independent to a fault Scorpios are

hyper focused on the task at hand and

completed with amazing accuracy

important tasks should always be given

to them Scorpios are also very intimate

people both romantically and emotionally

they are very deep and sympathetic to

other people this makes them very


Scorpios excel in careers as therapists

or psychologists because they understand

how the human mind works and can relate

to other people they give great advice

and are able to look at the bigger

picture while using their emotions to

understand why people feel the way they


Scorpios also excel in activists or

humanitarian roles because of their

ability to sympathize with people


Sagittarius the most philosophical of

the signs this sign always needs to do

something that helps while they can make

great support staffs leadership isn't

out of their capabilities as decisions

come easy to them a Sagittarius also

hates restrictions they love being free

and hate being trapped and restricted to

rules they love to achieve their dreams

and work very well with others

for these reasons they do well in

managerial and ownership roles but not

just any ownership roles they thrive

working for companies that have relaxed

and fun work environments as well as

progressive policies

according to practice they also love

being outdoors and would succeed in a

role that includes working outside like

Park Rangers botanists or animal



Capricorn's are hardworking and need

challenges daily setting rules and

following them is a key to their


Capricorn's are achievers they will not

rest unless they are the best and are

determined to work in prestigious

positions they like to earn praise and

won't settle for jobs that don't offer

promotions they also won't settle for

jobs that aren't respected

that's why capricorns are so successful

in corporate positions they like knowing

that there is always a clear path to

promotion they will stop at nothing to

achieve in their career

Aquarius always against the corporate

structure the water-bearer will create a

job if they can't find it

humanitarian and charitable activities

are right up their alley an Aquarius is

a jack-of-all-trades they are very

confident reflective and detail-oriented

aquarius's can excel at almost anything

but they are best suited for jobs that

involve humanitarian work they fight for

equality and women's rights and make

great activists Pisces the intuitive

nature of the fish lends itself to

creative and therapeutic careers often

for the benefit of others this unique

sign finds success in the arts without

much practice and can develop their

skills with ease Pisces are imaginative

fun and creative they are very artistic

and because of their creative abilities

they make great artists teachers and

astrologers a Pisces is also very

sensitive and creative they make great

storytellers and could also succeed as

writers if you're a Pisces you probably

are very imaginative and intuitive you

love creating things and are probably

meant for a career that involves this

type of unique creativity now that you

know what some of the best careers for

you based on your zodiac signs are it's

time to find out how many kids you'll

have based on your zodiac sign

if you're one of those people who's

ready to have a family and are curious

to know how many kids you're meant to

have the Stars have the answers for you

they can point you in the right

direction now let's get started

Aries you have a love and desire for

motherhood or fatherhood due to your

warrior personality the Stars have three

or four kids planned for you because you

have a personality which is powerful and

determined you would make an absolutely

amazing parent an Aries is very

energetic and can sometimes lack

concentration this is why they like to

keep busy at all times as spontaneous

people they tend to live without any

regrets and are very independent just be

ready for lots of kids because it's

going to be a lot of work Taurus you're

calm and composed personality means

you'll be happy with two kids having any

more might cause you to get pretty

overwhelmed a Taurus is very reliable

trustworthy and practical because they

are so practical

they are best suited to have no more

than two kids they understand that

having kids will be a lot of work and

want to show their children the best

life they can they love simplicity and a

calm life which is why they wouldn't

want more than a few children because

having more kids would be pretty chaotic

Jim and I twins are a huge possibility

for Gemini's shocker they're dual

personalities will never leave their

kids bored but they have to watch their

patients Gemini's are very sociable and

expressive so there's no doubting that

if they had twins they would be quite

sociable too because Gemini's can

sometimes be a little impatient they can

tend to get ahead of themselves but

having children would help level them

out cancer if you're a cancer the stars

predict two babies with several years

apart as a mother of the zodiac signs

you'll be a natural remember cancers are

emotional sensitive and extremely loving

they are also nurturing and make great

parents if you're a cancer and have a

baby it is very likely that after a few

years you will feel the need to have

another baby that you can nurture love

and care for leo because you're the Lion

of the signs you need a little pack so

the stars have two to four kids planned

for you it may seem like a lot but your

multitasking skills will help as a

natural-born leader who needs to be

loved and respected but is also generous

and warm you will probably want to have

many children who you can lead in life


Virgo virgos love being in control and

being the absolute best at every single

thing they do they stick to one thing

they make sure that they are the

ultimate best at it that's why having

one child may be the perfect amount for


virgos also tend to be very critical

they are perfectionists and are best

suited to have one child as having more

could be a bit too much for them to

handle considering they are such

perfectionists Libra

because libras tend to have a desire for

balance equality and fairness the stars

have an even number of kids aligned for

them to four or even six libras hate

being alone so it is more likely that

they would have multiple children as

opposed to just one scorpio shows like

19 Kids and Counting have got nothing on

you Scorpio the star see you being able

to handle an entire army of kids this is

because you have a love of being

surrounded by loved ones because

Scorpios are so passionate and deep it

is very likely that they will have many

children because Scorpios have a lot of

emotions they will want to have lots of

children to give their love to so if

you're dating or are married to a

Scorpio just be prepared

Sagittarius their constant need for

adventure might make the demands of

motherhood a little difficult the Stars

have one or no kids planned for them but

they'd be okay with that because

Sagittarius are so curious and

adventurous it's probably in their best

interest if they don't have any children

but if you are a Sagittarius and you do

want kids in the future after you've

accomplished all your adventures you'll

likely only have just one Capricorn for

the father sign making and handling

three kids is not a problem their task

master skills make them all about power

and structure which are great qualities

to have as a parent Capricorn's also

make great parents because they are

brave patient and attentive when it

comes to children they are very

nurturing and do whatever they can do to

make sure that children have the best

lives possible

Aquarius Aquarius and Sagittarius are

sisters that's why for Aquarius the

stars have one child plan their

childlike personality makes them crave

adventure as well Aquarius is brave

independence and are very adaptable to

any situation because they are so

independent they want their child to be

independent too which is why most

Aquarius is usually only have one child

Pisces being the fish sign Pisces truly

feed off of having a whole school of

kids the stars think they'd be happy

having five kids and maybe even more a

Pisces is selfless and friendly and can

often be very emotional because they are

so creative receptive and adaptable they

thrive in big environments this is why

they are meant to have many kids for a

lot of women and men out there being a

mom or dad is something they have wanted

for as long as they could remember for

others just being in the presence of a

baby makes them break out in hives and

have a mini panic attack these people

would much rather prefer having a dog as

their child regardless if you find

yourself daydreaming about kids or even

if you don't we hope these predictions

will guide you in the right direction or

at least put your mind at ease of course

if you feel you should have more or

fewer kids than what the stars have

predicted for you then go for it we

aren't here to stop you if you've been

searching for a career that fits your

personality perhaps you've been looking

in all the wrong places

instead of putting boots on the ground

look up the most successful career

really depends on what exactly you

consider to be successful while success

shouldn't be measured only in dollar

signs it is a big part of the vast

majority of our lives but regardless of

the dollar sign everyone has a passion

in their life and everyone has something

they were destined to do so there you

have it the top career choices for

people based on their zodiac signs as

well as the number of kids

you are most likely to have depending on

your sign now there's always the

possibility that your personality

doesn't match your zodiac to a tee but

there's no doubting that you have to

agree with at least some of the things

mentioned in this video now that you

know more about the zodiac sign tell us

which ones were correct about your

career choices and which ones were wrong

and make sure you let us know if we're

right about the number of kids you want

or already have let us know in the

comment section below

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The Description of The Best Careers For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign