Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Latvia - France 4th Part (Driving home)

Difficulty: 0

CB: Transimeksa , How the road to west?

CB(uncle): Was clean , but I just saw radar at Wyszkow begin.

CB: Crash anymore , everything is ok?

CB(uncle): No , not anymore.

CB: Thanks ,Ahh... you said do not go further.

CB(uncle): Yup , enough for this day.

CB: OK , good rest.

CB(uncle): Good luck !

CB: Transimeksa!

CB(uncle): Yes , online.

CB: How the road to Kaunas?

CB(uncle): I begun from Vilnius , so to ukmerge is clean.

CB: To you, we met for 10km against Anyksciai, the crew drove toward Rokiskis

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