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[clank of marbles]


Thomas, Henry, time to come in.


[clank of marbles]


Hold on there young man.

Let me go, let me go.

Settle down, I am not wishin' you any harm.

Let me go home!

Roger, where do you think you are going with those marbles?

I wanted to play with them.

But the marbles do not belong to you.

I need some to play with.

Young man, it is wrong to steal items from other people.

But I like marbles.

Roger, I am sure that the children would be happy

to share their marbles with you.

Please return the marbles young man.

And you should apologize to Mrs. Matthews and the children

for this unjust act.

-Hey! -Roger!

Gentlemen as you all know,

our Dr. Carlisle has authored a manuscript entitled

The Changing Times.

His publisher has requested a statement by the seminary

for the back cover of the book which, they feel,

will aid in the book's credibility.

And sales.

Yes, that too I suspect.

We have as you well know a strict policy

that any such endorsements by the board be unanimous.

Well I regret to say

that Dr. Anderson is still recovering from his illness

and will not be able to be with us.

Unfortunately he has also informed me

that as of two days ago,

he had as yet still been unable to read the manuscript.

Consequently, his vote will be excused.

But he did express deep disappointment

and assured me that he would read it as soon possible.

Is Norris's health improving?

Yes, yes, his doctor says happily so.

He should be back teaching perhaps within the week.

Did they ever find out what was wrong with the poor fellow?

Not exactly, no.

He seems to have contacted some sort of infection

that caused him to become delirious and weak.

Well, I have missed Norris.

He's certainly the most interesting Professor

to speak with amongst my peers.

Thank you.

Now gentlemen, I suggest we all take a moment

to express our opinion of the manuscript to Dr. Carlisle.

You have great courage, Carlisle.

Well, if Daniel can face the lions,

I am prepared to face this group.


Dr. Henry?

Insightful, Russell.

Excellent reading.

You have my endorsement.

Very kind of you, Dr. Henry.

Dr. Wiseman.

Well, despite several misspelled words

and much bad grammar, I have no objections.


Thank you, Dr. Wiseman.

The spelling we can correct.

But as for the bad grammar...

I am afraid that now you are starting

to encroach upon my style.


Well we certainly would not want to encroach.

Dr. Butler.

You have my "yea" vote

predicated on my receiving a complimentary copy.

I believe we can make those arrangements.


I, too Russell, found your work

to be highly thought-provoking, excellent scholarship.

You are to be congratulated.

I'm sorry to interrupt your meeting, gentlemen.

Norris, what a surprise.

Are you certain you are well enough to be here?

Oh yes, thank you for your concern sir.

I came because I had wanted to speak with Russell

about his manuscript.

Well, yes, we were just discussing it.

We all found it quite stimulating

and certainly helpful to whomever might read it.

Yes, Russell's work shows great attention to detail

and an impressive amount of research.

But I would like to speak to him privately

pertaining to one matter, sir.

You have difficulty with something, Doctor?

Well, there is just this one matter

I'd like to clear up, sir.

What do you not agree with, Norris?

Russell please, I would like you and I

to discuss this privately first.

Let us discuss it now.

We have no secrets here.

Yes, Norris.

I should like to hear your thoughts.

Well, I appreciate your interest gentlemen.

But, I do not think this is the proper place

for an open discussion.

No worry Norris, I give you my permission.

Russell, please.

I give you my permission.

If you wish.

One of the themes in Dr. Carlisle's book

is the encouragement to proclaim

the moral standards taught by Jesus to all people.

And what is wrong with this premise?

AND, I am quoting from page sixty seven,

"...even if it is apart from His name and if people are rejecting

"the authority of Jesus Christ in their lives.

"We must still teach the ways of Christ

"for the better interest of society.

The Lord's teachings are best for all."

The Lord's teachings are best for all.

You cannot be disagreeing with this statement, Norris.

No, what Dr. Carlisle is implying

is that we can put forth the standards of Christ

apart from His name.

And I think this is deadly.

Are you saying that it would be wrong

to simply tell a boy not to steal?

If this is all the information we give the boy,

yes I believe it would be.

Oh come now, Norris.

Without the authority of Christ,

mankind is merely left to compare ideas

and morality becomes a matter of opinion.

One person says it is wrong to steal,

the next person says it is not.

No standard is set.

We need to tell this boy

that the Lord Jesus Christ said not to steal.

Well I agree this is best

but we cannot always mention the name of Jesus,

it may not be received,

especially by those already offended by the church

or brought up in another religion.

But Jesus is the authority behind His commands

and people need to understand this fact.

If we remove His authority,

then we have no basis on which to command.

We understand what you're saying Norris

but do you think you might have taken this thought

to an extreme?

It is quoting a source

without giving credit to the person who said it.

When we quote Shakespeare,

we always say "Shakespeare said this".

It should be the same with the Scripture.

Observe the Old Testament as our example.

How often do we read where the prophets first say,

"Thus saith the Lord" before they speak?

Yes Norris, however these moral standards taught universally

would greatly benefit social behavior.

Here, here.

Gentlemen, gentlemen, please hear me.

Satan is not against good morals,

He is opposed to Jesus Christ.

A man can have good morals his entire life,

yet you and I know he will go to hell when he dies.

It is Jesus Christ that everyone needs and the devil knows this

more than all of us.

Dr. Anderson.

Satan's goal is to remove the name of Christ

from His commands.

And when we do this,

people are deceived into thinking

that if they live a good life

they will receive God's approval and attain heaven.

I think we can use morals to attract people to the Lord.

Yes, but the ultimate issue in Christianity

is the authority of Christ

and the devil is attacking this authority

by convincing us to teach morals alone.

Look at our families, they are weakening.

Records are showing

that over 5 percent of marriages end in divorce

and our young people are becoming more disrespectful.

Now I believe this is a direct result

of eliminating the authority of Jesus Christ

from His commands.


In the case of telling this boy not to steal.

If I can not tell him that this command is from the Lord,

I would rather say nothing and let him steal.

And then, perhaps some day

he will sense his need for the Saviour.

You could not have possibly derived all of this

from one statement, Norris.

See where the statement leads, Russell.

I think you are taking it down your own path just nicely, sir.


Dr. Anderson, Dr. Carlisle,

I strongly encourage you both to meet privately

to resolve your differences

and I pray you will allow the Lord to be your mediator.

When you are in agreement, we will all reconvene.

Until then, let us commit this matter to prayer.

This meeting is adjourned.

May I have a word with you?

You've already had quite a few.

Remember Russell, I wanted to speak privately with you.

Yes you did.

Well, it looks as though you have your wish.

I would like you to come to my home tonight.

No thank you, Norris.

There is something I must show you.

And what might this be?

Your official written critique of my manuscript?

No, nothing like that.

Something you must see to believe.

I am surprised you will not endorse the book.

Actually, to be more accurate, I am shocked.

Russell, I did say it was well researched, but-

But, to tell a boy not to steal is wrong

if apart from the name of the Lord.

Russell, there must be a connection

between the Lord and His teachings,

we can never separate the two.

Now, I have invited you to my home

to explain why I am saying this.

The others, including the Dean, have endorsed the book.

Do you see yourself better than these fine men?

Oh, come now, Russell.

Why do you say such a thing?

And why must we discuss it at your home?

Why not discuss the matter here and now.

No, no this is not the place.

You must come to my home.

I will look for you this evening.

And if I shall not?

You must.

...But Russell, this endorsement will not only be helpful

for your book but also beneficial to this seminary

which needs continued exposure

for the work being accomplished here.

Yes, but I do not think Norris will change his mind.

I would not give up so easily.

I encourage you to try to speak with Norris again

or perhaps talk to the Dean

to see if an exception can be made.

The Dean?

I would not wish to alienate anyone on the faculty staff,

nor infringe upon our friendship with Norris.

This is nothing personal against our good friend.

I just see this as a matter of standing up for something

which you believe is important.

Norris will understand.


Why would Norris wish to cause me this pain?

Norris is a wise and kind man.

He would never do anything with the intention of hurting you.

For some reason though

he's trying to keep the seminary

from endorsing the book.

You should go and speak with him.

You do remember he had taken ill.

The Doctor said he'd become delirious.

Russell, please.

Go and speak with him, you will feel better.

Yes, I believe his illness could be affecting his judgment.

The endorsement will also be beneficial

for this seminary which needs continued exposure

for the work being accomplished here.

This is my most diligent effort.

And, an excellent effort it is.

As I have said, I think it is extremely well written.

And the others did, also, if I may humbly say.

But I am not understanding Dr. Anderson.

He has always supported my work in the past.

Have you had the opportunity yet to meet with him

to resolve this matter?

I spoke with him briefly yesterday in my classroom.


He has asked for another meeting at his home.


I do not foresee us coming to an agreement, sir.

[sigh] I see.

Sir, I would like to ask for an exception

to the unanimity rule by the board.

An exception?

Yes, so I may receive the endorsement.

Doctor, I cannot change the policy.

Such endorsements must be unanimous.

But it does seems a shame, sir,

that because of one, the work remains unpublished.

The work will not remain unpublished.

You may not receive the endorsement of the seminary,

but the work will not remain unpublished.

Sir, we both know

it would greatly aid the work's circulation,

and I would not wish to publish a book

without the endorsement of my peers.

I appreciate your feelings.

Sir...perhaps Norris' illness is still affecting his judgment.

Dr. Carlisle!

Well, it is possible, sir.

I'm afraid I can help you no further.

You did say so yourself, sir-

Thank you sir.

Are you certain?

Yes, very certain.

It came to me last evening.

A seventy-five percent majority vote

by the seminary board of directors

can overrule any policy in place.

If we change the unanimous policy,

I would be certain to receive the seminary's endorsement.

I am only pointing out a possibility.

Yes, and perhaps a solution.

But how would this action appear to Norris?

I am not intending to breach our friendship with Norris

but I, too, in times past,

have questioned the unanimous policy in my mind.

It seems to me that we are not always going to see eye to eye

on every last detail in our published works.

And it seems to me that we are not always going to see

eye to eye on every last detail of our published works.

Now as you know, a seventy-five percent majority vote

by the board can overrule any policy in place.

Therefore, I can not personally see

why Dr. Anderson's disagreement

should stand in the way of the seminary's endorsement.

No offense towards our mutual friend.

Are you certain you wish to take this next step?

Yes sir, and I have counseled with another professor

about the entire matter.

And who would this be?

I would rather not say sir.

Very well.

I shall endeavor to set up a meeting

for the early part of next week.

Thank you, sir.

And I would strongly urge you to make one last effort

to resolve your differences with Dr. Anderson.

Yes, sir.

I will speak with him.

You look unhappy.

It appears the board will most likely change the policy.

Yes, but we may be too late.

The publisher is ready to take the book to printing

and they're asking for the endorsement.

I may not be able to get the meeting assembled

in time to get the statement I desire.

Go and visit with Norris.

I'm sure the two of you can work this out.

No, I do not think so.

Russell, you promised the Dean.

I am so glad you came, Russell.

Norris, my publisher is waiting to begin printing.

Now I'm sure you have a fine barn,

but we need to settle our misunderstanding quickly.

Now what I want to tell you, as well as show you,

must be kept secret.

No one must know.

Do I have your word?

You have my word.

No one must know.

Yes, of course.

I am sorry you never met my father, Russell.

He was a godly man and very committed to the Lord.

I'm familiar with John Anderson.

His articles on science and the Bible are brilliant works.

But I came here to-

He was also fascinated with inventing.

It was his hobby.

An inventor?


It seems I have inherited his passion for it myself.

Norris, please I-

Before my father went to be with the Lord,

he came upon an idea, a theory, something incredible.

He completed his project,

yet sadly died before he had a chance to test it.

Why are you telling me this?

Russell, the result of my father's this.

Beautiful, is it not?

What is this?

Something incredible.

Yes, but what is it?

It is a singularity chrono displacement device.

I beg your pardon.

It's my father's technical term.

It is a transporter of sorts.

This machine can transport a person...through time.

Transport a person through time?

As in time travel?

This is impossible.

No, it is possible, Russell.

My only regret is that my father never experienced

time travel himself.

Then how do you know it works?

I tested it.

You tested it?

You travelled through time?

Yes. I traveled over one hundred years into the future.


Over one hundred years, to the twentieth ...

no, the twenty-first century?



This is an absurdity.

It is the truth, Russell.

Norris, time travel is impossible.

I'm afraid that your illness has affected your judgment

more than I thought.

My friend, time travel is possible.

What proof can you provide?

I tried to acquire some physical evidence

but the machine will not allow me

to bring anything back from the future.

And why not?

Well, I have reasoned

it was because the article would not yet exist.

It would be impossible for me to show you a coin from the 1950's

before it was even minted.

Of course.

It would not have been minted yet.

I see.

This is why I have arranged a journey for you.

A journey?

For me?

Yes. Into the future.

[chuckles] Oh come now.

Russell, you must see

where the teaching of good morals alone will lead.

You must see for yourself what happens

when we remove the authority of Christ out of life.

You've gone way beyond reason here, Norris.

This is all nonsense.

Now you needn't worry about your wife or your classes.

When you leave tomorrow night, you will return from the future

just seconds after you had originally left.

It is impossible to travel through time

and I shall not listen to these delusions any longer.

Now if you'll excuse me please Norris-

Russell you must listen-

It is impossible to travel through time.

But it is possible.

Good evening, Norris.

Russell, please.

Good evening.

You must see for yourself what happens in the future.

And remember gentlemen, science and scientific findings

do not make the statements in the Bible true.

Scripture is always true and never needs verification.

Scientific support of the Scripture

only means that the science is true,

because we know that the Scripture already is.

My advice to any scientist would be to make sure

that his findings coincide with God's Word.

This is, if he wants to be a good scientist.


[Bell rings]

Tomorrow we shall speak

on Jesus' view of Scripture out of Matthew chapter four.

Class dismissed.

Good day, Dr. Carlisle.

Good day, men...

Hello Dr. Anderson.

Hello, hello...

Hello Dr. Anderson.

Norris, what brings you here?

You should be home resting.

I wanted to make sure you were coming by my home tonight.

Everything is set.

You leave at eight o'clock.

Eight o'clock?

Yes, for your journey.

My journey.

Why do you persist?

You had me up half the night thinking on this absurdity.

Russell, you still do not believe me?

Do you honestly expect me to?

I expect you to explore the possibility.

What possibility?

It is impossible to travel - - to travel through time

and I will not be a part of any jest.

Russell, we cannot continue our disagreement forever.

And you cannot continue this notion of time travel.

Your journey will resolve all our differences.

Russell, I am urging you

come to my home tonight at eight o'clock.

I will not be coming.

You must.

Eight o'clock.


Dr. Carlisle.

I have just spoken with the other Professors

about the unanimous policy

and they too are in agreement with us

that it should be changed.

Thank you, but we may be too late.


I have just received a telegram from the publisher

requesting the endorsement immediately

as the book is ready to be taken to press.

However, I heard from the Dean

we may not be able to assemble a meeting

for almost two weeks as one of the board members

is away from the city.

I'm sorry to hear this.

Yes, this is a problem.

Perhaps you could ask them to delay the printing

until the meeting is assembled.

Perhaps, I could try.

At any rate you must try to speak with Norris again.

I'm afraid our friend Norris is not well

and this will not end in my favor.

You must try Russell.

This may be your only remaining option.

I will speak with you later.


(Carlisle) And you cannot continue this notion of time travel.

(Norris) Your journey will resolve all our differences.

Russell I am urging you,

come to my home tonight at eight o'clock.


I have arranged your journey

so that you'll be arriving on a Saturday at noon

and returning the following Wednesday evening

at nine o'clock.

This will give you over four days in the future.

Your entry point will be a remote alley

in the city where I made my entry.

Norris, as I have said-

You must be at that same point on Wednesday

by nine o'clock.

Norris, please, I have come to reason with you.

This is a timing mechanism.

When it becomes nine PM on Wednesday night,

it will activate the transporter and bring you back.

This is how I traveled alone.

Dr. Anderson, if you please...

And I would not tell anyone you are from the past.

It will only cause difficulties.

And do not try to look up your own fate.

It is not for us to know.

Not for us to know?

I insist you stop this nonsense right now

and we sit down together and settle our differences.

Russell, your journey into the future

will settle all our differences.

Here, take this.

What is this?



Yes. You will need money for food and clothing,

and also for an inn in which to stay.

You can exchange those coins for modern currency when you arrive.

You will simply not believe the price of merchandise.

Fortunately for you,

these coins are worth a lot of money where you are going.

Is this so?

This is a great opportunity for you, Russell.

You must see, with your own eyes,

where the teaching of morals alone will lead.

Now, just stay right there.


In case you're wondering,

the machine works by stored rays and energy from the sun.

Bottled up and time-released,

it creates an electrical disturbance

and acts as a transporter.

It is much more complex,

but we do not have time to discuss it now.

You have a journey to take.

Norris, this silliness has gone far enough.

I wish I could go with you on your journey,

but I have yet to calculate a way

to transport two travelers simultaneously.

But rest assured, I will keep trying.

I am about to leave.

Yes, my friend. You are.


One more piece of instruction.

While I was in the future,

I received helpful information from a Christian woman

who works as a librarian at the university library.

Her name is Michelle Bain.

She knows who I am, but not where I am from.

Try to speak with her if you can.

Michelle Bain.


Norris, what is happening?!










Oh, my...


October 21st, Two thousand and -

This cannot be.


So, uh, where did you get these old coins?

A...colleague gave them to me.

Well, they're beauties.

They are?

Yeah, they actually look like they'


Give me a second here...

I'm afraid we can only give you,

uh, this much for them, Mr...



Is this, uh, acceptable?

There must be some mistake.

This amount?

Um, well, yes.

Very kind of you sir.

Um, Good, well, uh...

We'll just get the money for you and you can be on your way.

Thank you sir.

And thank you for treating me

in such a fair and Christian manner.


Here you go Mr. Carlisle, right this way.

Thank you.

Your key sir.


I trust you'll find these accommodations acceptable.

Oh, they are quite nice.

Thank you very much.

And keep in mind your television features a satellite hook up

with over one hundred and fifty channels

for your viewing pleasure.


Plus you can receive over one hundred radio stations

through the TV.

All digital, of course.


And we have an additional terminal

right here next to the phone if you need to go online.

On Line?

Of course you can also connect through the TV

using this remote.


Are you okay, sir?

Oh, yes...very well, thank you.

Well, if there's nothing else I can do for you...

Nothing else, whatsoever, you've been most helpful.

Thank you.

So everything is satisfactory?

Most satisfactory, thank you.

Because if there is anything you need...

Oh, I'm so sorry, thank you so much for you hospitality, sir.

You've been most kind.

Thank you.

Must have come in on a long trip, huh?

One could say that.

Suffering from a bit of jet lag I bet.

Enjoy your stay.

Jet, lag?


Well, it's about time...


well it's about, 'bout, 'bout time...


It's about time...




Well, it's about time...


Well, it's about time...


Excuse me, sir.

What is this device on your head?



This is a radio, man!

Where have you been?

Is someone communicating with you?

SHH! Bottom of the eighth.

Two men on.

Bottom of the eighth?

Yeah, the ball game.


What do ya need?

Please allow me to introduce myself first,

I am Russell Carlisle.

And your name is?



Eddie Martinez.

Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Martinez.

What do you need?



Yeah, for the machines.

No, um, actually, I was hoping

you could recommend a Bible believing church nearby

where one might attend a service tomorrow morning?

Church, huh?

Yes, to attend a service tomorrow morning.

Well, here ya go.

Let your fingers do the walking.

Let your fingers do the walking?

I'm sorry, I am not familiar with this.

It's the Yellow Pages, man, everything you need from A to Z.

Oh my.

May I ask where you attend church?

Oh, I ain't got no time for no church.

No time for God's people?

We all need accountability and encouragement from each other.

Hey, Eddie Martinez is a good guy.

You ask anybody.

Yes, this is important.

We should all strive to be good people towards our fellow man

but if one separates oneself

from a local fellowship of believers,

it makes it difficult to live for the Lord.

What are you man, some kinda preacher?


However, I am a Professor at a Bible seminary.

Perhaps the two of us could attend a service together?

Hey look, I already told you,

I ain't got time for no church.

Besides, I gotta work here tomorrow.

Tomorrow? On Sunday?

Well this should be a day of rest

where we enjoy fellowship with family,

friends and God's people -

Shh, quiet.

Bases are loaded.

Come on, Losalas, strike him out.

Strike him out?


Very nice to meet you as well, Sam.

This is a beautiful sanctuary.

Very different from that to which I am accustom.

Yeah, she's a beaut.

Only a couple years old.

This your first time here?

Yes, yes it is.

Yeah, it's a good place.

You'll like it here.

We've got plenty of activities to keep us hopping.


Oh, there's always something going on.

Like tomorrow night,

our Sunday School Group's gunna go catch a movie.

A movie?

I'm sorry I'm not familiar with this.

Oh, we go almost every Monday night.

It's bargain night, half price.

You should come with us.

Be a good way to meet people since you're new and all.

Yes, that's very kind of you to include me.

Thank you, I would like to join your group.


Meet us outside the church entrance, about 6:30.

We'll take the church van.

A van...very well then.

Like I was saying, Tuesday night is church wide visitation.


Yeah, every Tuesday night, we go visit people

who are interested in learning more about our church.

Not many people have been showing up,

but it's there for those who are dedicated.

I see.

Then, Wednesday night we have supper and prayer service.

Food's not bad.

This week we have a business meeting

to talk about the new building project.

And Friday nights I got church bowling league,

so I keep busy.

That's pretty busy indeed.

Well thank you, you've been most kind.

No problem.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Yes, I plan to... ...attend.

[Singing] Holy, holy, holy

Lord God All Mighty

Early in the morning,

our song shall rise to Thee

The Word of God is our light,

our guide, and our trusted friend.

The Bible says the word of God is profitable for teaching,

doctrine, correction and training in righteousness.

You can trust in this book with your heart,

with your mind, and with your soul.


Yes, I believe I'd like to try, dog.

What do you want on it?


You want everything on it?

Is this customary?

What's that?

This will be fine. Thank you.

How about a soda?


Something to drink?

Um, tea?



Young lady!


Young lady!


Young lady, young lady you've just stolen my hot dog!

Why would you do such a thing?

I was just playing around mister.

Well I would be happy to purchase one for your very own

if you are hungry and in need of food.

Here, take your dog.

This is not a proper thing you have done.

It is important that you respect your elders

and that we be kind to one another.

I said I was just playing around.

It's no big deal.

Oh, but it is a very important matter.

You do understand that stealing is a sin?

Says who?

The Lord says.



How may I help you?

Are you the proprietor of this establishment?

The proprietor?

You mean the owner?

No, he's not here, he's my father.

Uh, how may I help you?

I would like to comment in regards

to those women garments on display over there.

Well, I don't think they'd look very good on you.

I beg your pardon?

Just kidding, just a joke, mister.

I know, I know.

You know your wife would look just great

in that outfit over there

and you wanna see if I can work out a special deal?

I think we can work something out.

I am not wishing to purchase that garment, sir.


I do not know how this will be taken by you,

but I am sure that this manner of dress arouses sinful passions

in the customers as they walk by.

Sinful passions?

Yes, sinful passions of promiscuity,

especially in the younger males.

We must be careful as to the example we portray

to our young people.

For the goodness of all society.

Sir, I appreciate you voicing your opinion

and I'll be sure to let my father know.

And I wanna thank you...

But to be honest,

this is the first complaint we've had like this.

Our customers, most of them don't seem to mind

this sort of thing.


Hello again.

Hey, Preacher man got himself some new threads, huh?



You know, clothes, rags, ropa.

Oh, yes.

And I see you still enjoy listening to this device.

Oh yes I do, especially when we win.

And we won yesterday.

Listen, I wanted to um... is it Edward?

Huh? Oh no, no, no.

It's just, just Eddie.

Just like it sounds.

Eddie, Ready Eddie, you know.

Alright then, Eddie.

I wanted to speak with you again

about the importance of attending a local church.

Oh, I go to church, yeah...Christmas, Easter...

Yes, but we need to attend church

more than two times a year for spiritual growth.

Oh, well, you know, at least I ain't never been

to the slammer.


Yeah, the Big House.

Jail. Clink clink.

Man, and I thought my English was bad.

But Eddie, we need consistent Bible study

and fellowship if we are to become mature spiritual men.

Shhhh. Yeah!

Jesse Gonsaga just hit a double with two men on.

We're up three to two!

Eddie, I am attempting to talk to you

about your spiritual life.

Look, preacher man, with all due respect.

I ain't no angel.

But I ain't never cheated or lied or shot anybody.

Ask people.

Eddie Martinez is a good guy.

Yes, these are all important virtues Eddie.

But it is important

that we do more than just not offend each other-

Yeah! We got another run!

We're up four to two.

Yeah, you stick around Preacher man,

you good luck.

(Norris) One more piece of instruction.

While I was in the future, I received helpful information

from a Christian woman who works as a librarian

at the university library.

Her name is Michelle Bain.

She knows who I am, but not where I am from.

Try to speak with her if you can.

Michelle Bain.

How is Mr. Anderson?

I haven't seen him in quite some time.

Very well. Thank you.

Although I am curious as to how you met our mutual friend.

Oh, well, he came in here one day,

um, gosh, maybe six months ago.

He was doing some research

and I helped him find some reference materials.

We started talking.

Very nice man.

He's a Bible professor, but you know that.

Yes. I, too, am a professor.

Norris and I are colleagues.

Oh, well, how did his experiment turn out?


His experiment.

He said he was part of a science experiment

and couldn't tell me where he was from

or what he was really doing here.

Yes, the experiment.

I'm afraid Norris is still making his observations

and has not yet made public his findings.


Well, he was very interested in biblical matters.

I'm a Christian, too, and he had a lot of questions

about the spiritual state of the times.

So I tried to fill him best I could.

Yes, like Norris I too, am interested in these matters.

For example, yesterday I attended a worship service

in a large church on Main Street.

Um, I'm familiar with it.

Hopefully, you will not find this offensive,

but by my observation

there seemed to be boredom with the whole service;

with praise hymns,

hearing of God's Word, everything.

Although, I did find the teaching to be accurate.

Well, I, I can understand your concern.

Personally, I think this is an extremely critical time

for the church in so far as evaluating our priorities-

(Secretary) Sorry to interrupt Michelle.

You have a call on line 2.

The state office.


I'm sorry, Mr. Carlisle.

I'd love to chat with you more but I've gotta take that call.

Why don't you come back tomorrow, one o'clock.

That's when I have lunch.

We'll have time.

Thank you.

I look forward to it.


Um, may I ask, who is this?

My secretary.

Thank you.

Have a nice evening, sir.

Um, Pardon me, my good man.

Could you recommend a good place to get a meal?

A meal?

What are you looking for, a burger joint?

A burger-

-'Cause there's a good one right up the street there.

Yeah, I eat there all the time.

Yes, I believe I would like to try it.

It's a fifties diner, you know, a real throwback.

Fifties Diner?

You know, from the 50's.

Burgers, shakes, fries.

That kind of thing.

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with this.

You never seen a fifties diner?

What's wrong with you?

You been livin' in the 1890's or somethin'?

Well, as a matter of fact,

to be perfectly honest with you-

Oooo, baby, you are fine!

Hey look, I'll be off in about an hour,

how about you and me get-

Pardon me sir,

you should not be talking to this woman in this manner.

What would your wife say?

What wife?

I'm not married anymore.


Is she deceased?


You mean dead?

I wish she was, I wouldn't be payin' all this alimony.

We're divorced.

Divorced. Oh, I'm very sorry.


I'm happy, except for the alimony.

She was drivin' me crazy.

People don't understand what I went through with this woman.

I mean, dealin' with her moods and her demands every day...

But, the Lord hates divorce.

Hey, don't be dumpin' no guilt trip on me, alright?

One out of two marriages get divorced these days,

it's not like I'm the only one.

Besides, it was her fault.

She was driving me crazy!

One out of two marriages ends in divorce?

This is fifty percent.


What do ya have?

Evening, madam.

What do ya have?

Very well then.

Yes, I would like this selection...

the number two, please.


Something to drink?

Something to drink?



(GIRL 2) Don't worry, we'll be fine.

(GIRL) I don't know, are you sure?

(GIRL 2) Yes, I'm sure.

Would you trust me?

We're gunna have the best time.

You already missed out last weekend, really...

Look you don't know how strict my parents are.

Seriously, what is the worst thing that could happen?

Well, if I come home with alcohol on my breath

my parents will kill me.

So stay at my house.

Your parents won't say anything to you?

They'll be in bed way before we get home,

they'll never know.

Don't worry, it'll be fine..

I don't know, are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Would you just trust me?

We are going to have the best time!


Well, who's gunna get the alcohol?

Tommy's older brother.

Young ladies, excuse me

but I could not help but overhear your conversation

and I am shocked at what you are saying.

I cannot believe you would want to deceive your parents

in this manner.

And who are you mister?

And you are also speaking

of consuming strong alcoholic drink

which should be forbidden, especially for your age.

Right, and so who do you think you are,

like our parents or something?

Certainly not, but I am someone

who has a genuine concern for your welfare,

and I am your elder.

We should always conduct ourselves

with honesty and integrity.

Alright look, you know what,

I am sick and tired of people telling me

what I can and cannot do.

It's not like we're hurting anyone.

So why don't you just chill out!

Let's go.

Perhaps you should be the party to "chill out"...

...where's my tea?


Stop the movie!


The man on the screen just blasphemed the name of the LORD!

There must be some mistake.

You must stop this movie!


Thank you.

Excuse me.

Mr. Carlisle, are you alright?

I...I still cannot comprehend

how they could allow a player on the movie screen

to blaspheme the name of the Lord.

It's not that big a deal, Carlisle.

It's just a movie.

Yes, but to defame the name of our Lord.

It was a moral film.

The guy went back with his wife in the end.

Yes, but to speak so blatantly against the name of Jesus.

Look, buddy.

There's a lot worse movies we coulda gone to see.

Then perhaps it is better not to attend at all

if this is the only selection.

This guy must be one of those legalists

thinks all movies are sinful.

Pardon me?

Don't mind our husbands, Mr. Carlisle.

They think they're comedians.

Yes, they're only joking.

So, where are you from?

I'm from here, originally.

Although, I have been living away for quite some time now.

Where abouts?

A place I do not think you are familiar with.

I will tell you this much, it is in another time zone.

And what brings you back here?

Actually, I am partaking in an experiment.

You're a scientist?

No, no I am a Bible professor by trade.

I teach science and the Bible and also church history

at the Grace Bible Seminary.

Grace Bible Seminary?

Yes, it's located on the corner of Spencer and Downey streets.

Grace Bible Seminary... hmm, I'm not familiar with it. know, Ann teaches science and chemistry

at the high school.

Yes, I'd love to have you come talk to my class.

Oh, thank you, but I prefer not.

Oh, you must.

The students would really enjoy it.

I am only here for a few more days

and I have no means of travel.

I'll be glad to pick you up.

And we can hear more about your experiment.

I best not.

(Kate) Oh, the kids would love it.

(Ann) Yeah, it'd be great for them to have somebody

who's was really in the field-

(Carlisle) Well, I'm not really in that field-

(ANN) I'm sure there's something

that you could share...

There's something strange about that guy.

What do you mean?

That seminary he just talked about,

over on Spencer and Downey,

there's no seminary there, it's an industrial park.

Yeah, that's right...

Why would he say that?

I don't know.

Like to find out what his little experiment is though...

Tell you what,

why don't you run him through the computer tomorrow

down at the station, see what you find out.

Just for fun.

Tom Sharp.

Hey, I think I found something interesting on our new friend.

Oh really.

Yeah, I checked out that Grace Bible Seminary

where he said he worked.

Oh yeah, the one located in the middle of the industrial park?

Well, it seems there used to be one in that exact location.

It moved across the state in '51.

And there was a Russell Carlisle

once employed there as a professor.

No kidding.

There is one catch, though.

This Russell Carlisle's been dead since '36.



Well it can't be the same guy.

This isn't making any sense.

I know. It isn't.

What time is your wife is picking up Carlisle

to go to school today?

Around 10:30 I think.

Pick me up at 10:20.

(GIRL) Can you tell us a little more about the experiment

you're working on?

Well, not as of yet, for I am still making observations.

Scientists are supposed to observe

everything they can first, then record their observations,

and then make public their findings.

You need some help, man?

I'd be glad to skip school.

Not at present, but thank you kindly for your offer.

May I ask if you are familiar with the works of John Anderson?

John Anderson...I don't believe I've heard of him.

He lived in the late 1800s.

Brilliant mind.

Published some valuable information

on the art of science and experimentation.

We'll have to locate his material.

Yes, please do.

His discoveries are fascinating.

The best part about Mr. Anderson's work

is how he relates everything to the Bible.

Remember students,

if any scientific record contradicts the Scriptures,

it is the scientific finding that is in error.

The Scriptures are never wrong.

Mr. Carlisle...

God's Holy Word is so trustworthy,

it is amazing how it has recorded scientific fact

hundreds of years before Science ever discovered them

and is proven accurate 100 percent, every time.

Mr. Carlisle.

The Holy Scripture, students,

is always your most reliable science book.



Mr. Carlisle, this is a public school.

You can't talk about religion in class.

I was not talking about religion.

I merely mentioned the accuracy of the Bible.

This school has rules.

No religious views expressed to the students.

No religion taught to the students?


Do you want me to lose my job?

Lose your job?

Of course not, this would be disastrous.

Well okay then.

I'm sorry this has to end this way.

I'll just tell the students you had to leave.

Thank you for coming.

This guy travels light.

Nothing in here either.

There's nothing in the drawers.

Hey Rex, take a look at this.

What? The Bible?

This note.

"Given to Russell in honor of his high school graduation.

"Love, mother and father.

June 23, 1865."


And I just simply mentioned the Bible.

I meant no harm by it.

And the teacher informed me

that she could lose her job over the matter.

Well, our nation is no longer built

on the biblical principles set forth by our fore fathers.

We haven't been able to study the Bible

in public school for years.

We've lost prayer in schools

since the Supreme Court decision in what...1962?

Children not allowed to pray in school?

How unthinkable.

Well, we're part of a society that, for the most part,

lives without Christ and His Word.

Oh my.

And what's worse, people are beginning

to rely on their own goodness to achieve salvation,

as if they could earn their way to heaven

when it's a free gift from God through Christ.

It's, it's just the sign of the times.

This is wrong.

Last evening, something very shocking occurred.

I attended a movie with a group from the church.

And the person up on the screen blasphemed the name of the Lord.

Unfortunately, that happens all the time.

Oh, I know because I used to be in the film industry.

As a player up there on the screen?

As an actor? No.

No, I was as a booking agent for a theatre chain.

I was making all kinds of money, the whole package.

But I was miserable inside...empty.

And then one day, an old girlfriend of mine

came by the office and we were talking.

And I told her how I felt,

and she told me that she felt the same way

before she became a Christian.

That she accepted Christ in her life

and committed to follow Him.

And she was so happy!

Oh, she also said that her life had real meaning

now that she had Christ at the center of it.

There was something about her, something I wanted.

The peace, the joy...

So, I started reading the Bible again.

I could remember some of the Bible stories

from when I was a kid in Sunday School.

And I always believed in God,

but I didn't have a clue who Jesus Christ was.

Or that he had died for my sins.

It's's a good thing God is patient.

I finally asked Jesus into my heart

and I've never looked back.

And then I met a godly man, and married him,

and came to work at this library 18 years ago.

My husband and I never could have our own children,

but this work here has been a real ministry for me.

It's given me so many opportunities

to talk to people about Christ.

Bravo, Mrs. Bain.

Oh...Well, I say all of that

because when it comes to the film industry,

I've been there and know the powerful and influential

it is to society.

I believe that secular entertainment

is one of the biggest tools that Satan uses

to mislead people.

He, he desensitizes us through it.

Murder, violence, sexual immorality, you name it;

sin has slowly but surely become acceptable to us,

because we see it all the time,

so it, it's no longer shocking to us.

But, why were these things ever allowed?

Well, frankly I think that Satan's smarter

than we give him credit for.

And he's very deceptive.

When the movie industry started back in the 30's,

it was moralistic for the most part.

There was a censor board

that regulated what could and could not be shown

on the screen.

And movie makers were very careful

about what they were portraying.

And that's when the people didn't realize

that the devil won his greatest victory.

His greatest victory? How so?

Because he got the name and the person of Jesus Christ

out of the movies.

I mean the morals were there for awhile,

but the Lord Himself was not.

And as people became more liberated with their views,

there seemed to be less and less conviction.

Because there was no absolute authority.

And that is why people can curse the name of the Lord

and they don't even think about it.

But how can these movie makers so mock the Lord?

Do they not understand that He is the one who has created them

and gives them their every breath?

Mr. Carlisle, it says in the Bible

that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

If people don't hold reverence for the Lord,

what can we expect?


Excuse me, sir.

Is this where we meet for the visitations?

This is the place.

The visitations, where we speak with people

interested in knowing more about the church and our Lord.

That's right, this is it.

Excuse me.

Okay people, we're about to get started,

we have several names here tonight-

Excuse me, these are the volunteers?

Yeah, actually this is a pretty good turnout.

You're welcome to join us.

Thank you.

Okay people, we have several names so let's pass them around

and see if there's anybody you know first...

Where is everyone?

This is Tom.

(Rex) You're working late.

Well, no later than you.

(Rex) Yeah, but I get overtime.

I hear you. What's up?

(Rex) I don't know.

Carlisle published some religious books

his seminary endorsed.

He had one called "Science and the Bible,"

"Interpretation of Scripture," "The Changing Times,"

a couple of others.

There's also an article that talked about

some of his colleagues from the seminary.

There's a Dr. Wiseman, Dr. Anderson,

a Dr. Henry-

Wait, wait, wait, a Dr. Anderson?

Yeah, Dr. Norris Anderson.

My wife told me Carlisle asked her if she had ever read

the writings of a guy name Anderson

published in the late 1800's.

You know what it's beginning to look like?

I think this guy might have taken on the identity

of this Professor Carlisle.

Yeah, but what's his agenda Rex?

I mean, why's he only here for a couple more days?

And where's he going?

(Rex) I don't know.

I could pull him in for some questioning. know what?

I just came up with something.

Okay, it says on this visitation card

that this family is real interested

in joining the church so this one should be easy.

Just let me do all the talking.

Shall we pray first before we enter?

Nah, no need to.

I mean we already prayed back at the church, right?

(TV) And Bobby ran and ducked just in time... Oh, Bobby...

...And the church has lots of sports programs,

you know physical activities, keep you in shape.

You know what they say, "The body is the temple of the Lord"!


We've got church volleyball teams,

basketball teams, and softball.

Some of the guys wanna start a church golf league

in the summer.

Jerry, you'd like that.

Oh, you're a golfer, Jer?

He loves to golf.

Well, there you go!

And we have great programs for the kids.

Twice a year, big trips like to Six Flags,

major league ball games-

Sorry, excuse me.

William, William please turn the television down right now.

Thank you. Sorry.

Like I said, we've got great programs for the kids.

Twice a year we have big trips like to Six Flags,

major league ball games.

Two years ago, our high school group went to Disney World.

William...I said NOW!


(GUY) -Now on Wednesday nights

while the adults meet in the worship center,

we have the kids get together, sorta like a kids' club.

You know, they play games, they sing songs.

There's lots of snacks and refreshments for them.

With kids their own age, their own age group.

(LADY PROSPECT) That's great!

My son would love that.

He loves to play games...

Hello, William.


Oh, my...Oh my my my!


What is this couple doing?!

HEY! What are you doing, mister?

I cannot fathom that this young married couple

would kiss in front of a child!

What is becoming of them?

They're not married.

They're just actors in a show.

Not married?

Come on, mister! Get out of the way!

Everything alright, Carlisle?



Forgive me, I was wrong.

I was wrong...


Sorry I'm late.

What's up?

I just ran into Carlisle.

Just now?

About an hour ago, downtown.


I trailed him for awhile, he never saw me.

Okay, did you see anything unusual?

No, not really.

He just went in and out of a bunch of stores.

Did he buy anything?

Yeah, bought a book at a Christian Bookstore,

but I didn't get a good look at it.

Did you see him talk to anybody,

approach anybody?

No, nobody in particular.

I tell you what, though, this guy acts like

he's never seen anything before.

I mean, he takes the longest time

looking at the simplest things.

I can't figure out what he's up to.

Did you set it up with Pastor Burton?

Yes, he will be speaking at the service tonight.


Maybe we'll get some more insight as to what's going on.

You know what Rex?

I think it's time we had a little talk

with Dr. Carlisle before the service.

Hello again, I am here to see Mrs. Bain.

Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Carlisle.

She unexpectedly had to go to the state office this morning.

In fact, she won't be back until Friday.

Oh. I see.

But she wanted me to tell you that she enjoyed meeting you

and to give her best to Norris and to have a safe journey.

And then, she has in brackets, "wherever that may be".

She said you would understand.

Yes I do.

Please give Mrs. Bain my kindest regards

and tell her that I enjoyed meeting with her, as well.

And that it has been... most educational.

She will know what I mean.

I'll tell her.

Thank you. Good day.

Learn about the past.

What is this?

Ah, it's our microfiche computer program.

Micro, fiche?


It's a specially programmed computer

where we have scanned in

all the old newspaper articles in the city's history.

It's a great way for people to discover the past.

Why it certainly would be.

Would it be too much to ask for someone to assist me

in its usage, perhaps?

No, not at all.

I'll get Greg to help you.

Ok, here it is.

Grace Bible Seminary.

Is this what you want?

Yes, this is it!

Alright, so you scroll down through the articles like this.

This is amazing.

Have you not ever seen one of these before?

I mean, it works just like a computer.

Just like a computer... of course!


That's Dr. Norris Anderson!

I know him!

What do you mean "you know him"?

It says right here this guy was born in 1819...

That means he'd be dead.

I mean, I knew of him.

Brilliant Bible Scholar that he is...was. can search for your names and subjects

by typing it in here.

Hit the return key, and it does the rest for you.

Type in any name?


I think I have it.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


Look, you need anymore help, you just ask.

I'll be around.

Thank you.


No, it is not for us to know.

Oh, Mr. Carlisle.

Do you mind if we have a word with you?

How may I assist you gentlemen?

Well, we found out about that little experiment

you're working on.

Is this so?

Yes, see Rex here does all the background checks

for the city police.

Yes, and I did some checking up on you.

May I ask what you gentlemen have against me?

As I firmly believe you truly do not know why I am here.

Well, maybe you could enlighten us.

I'm afraid, Detective, if I were to "enlighten" you,

you would never believe me.

Oh, come on, Carlisle,

why don't you tell us what the big secret is?

I am not at liberty to disclose my purpose for being here,

but I assure you it is altogether harmless

and perfectly legal.

Well, we're gunna find out what's going on.

You know that, don't you?

If you will excuse me gentlemen.

Hey, Carlisle.

Does the date June 23, 1865 mean anything to you?

Or what about the names of a Dr. Wiseman,

Dr. Henry, Dr. Anderson?

Those guys friends of yours?

[Singing Accapella] On Christ the solid rock I stand,

all other ground is sinking sand.

All other ground is sinking sand.

Would you please be seated?

I want to thank you for coming to our Wednesday night service.

It's great to see all of you.

As you know, we will be voting on some important decisions

regarding our building program tonight,

but, before we do so, I first would like to introduce

a special visitor with us this evening.

This gentleman is a seminary professor

and is visiting us from afar,

and so I asked him to share a few words with us this evening.

Afterwards, we will continue with our business at hand.

So, will you please welcome Dr. Russell Carlisle.


Thank you, Pastor.

And good evening.

I must admit, I was very surprised

when Pastor asked me to speak with you.

I am not quite sure why I, in particular,

was chosen for the occasion,

but I will see this as an opportunity from our Lord

to share with you some matters

that have been pressing on my heart.

Friends, I have been away for quite sometime.

A very long time.

It would be truthful to say

that I have been living as if in another culture.

A culture much simpler than the one I have been observing here.

This is not to say we do not have problems

where I have come from.

We do.

We know that all people are born with a sinful nature

and that all of us like sheep have gone astray

from the Lord our God.


However, let me say that the lifestyle

I have been observing here these past few days

has been, at the very least, startling.

In the third chapter of Paul's second letter to Timothy,

Paul warns us about the last days.

In verses one through five, the Scriptures say

that in the last days men will be selfish, proud,

without natural affection for one another, unthankful,

unholy, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

The list goes on.

From what I have seen, the state that this society is now in,

reminds me of the days of Noah just prior to entering the arc.

And of Lot, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sin appears to be as blatant and as open now as it was then.

Surely these must be the last days that Paul is referring to,

and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is imminent.

Please do not misunderstand me, friends.

I am not setting myself on a higher moral position

than anyone else here tonight.

I, too, have failed my Lord in many ways.

In fact, I feel partly to blame.

In these last few days I have come to realize how wrong I was

in thinking that we could reform society

through the teachings of the Lord,

without the Lord of the teachings.

The Lord God, who created all things,

appears to have been eliminated from your schools,

your government, businesses.

Attacked in the arts, and in your entertainment.

And through these amazing inventions of the radio,

television, and the movies,

the devil has mightily planted sinful thoughts and ideas,

and alternatives in the minds of the people.

So much so that Jesus Christ, and what He did,

and what He stands for, and who He is...has been lost.

My friends, I urge you this evening,

as I have personally done this past week,

to first reconsider your own relationship with God

through Christ.

Please be abundantly clear

that you have truly submitted yourself to Jesus

and received Him into your life

as your personal Lord and Saviour.

We know that Jesus will not save any man He cannot command.

And, if you are playing a game of pretend

with the Lord tonight, if you know deep in your heart

you have never truly submitted to Him,

or if you're unsure of your standing with Christ,

now is the time to make yourself right with God

by calling out to Christ.

Jesus died for our sins and to save our souls

from the eternal suffering that is to come.

One final judgement will come upon mankind

and all those who do not come under the covering of Christ.

And of the Christians present here this evening,

let us take this time to renew our purpose and commitment

to be a people who shall live for Christ

and to tell others of His enduring act of love.

I apologize for speaking so soberly this evening,

but these are the things that are in my heart

and I'm afraid will remain with me for a long, long time.

The truth is, is that all of us will live forever.

And we will either spend eternity

in the presence of our Lord or in a place of darkness

the Bible calls the Lake of Fire.

If you have not,

please give your life to Jesus Christ right now.

Your eternity will depend on it.

I have said enough.


Well, uh, thank you, Dr. Carlisle.

I'm sure that we will take what you've said to heart.

Alright, then.

As the men prepare to pass out the voting materials,

um, why don't we all stand together and sing another hymn.

How about "Amazing Grace," hmm?

[Singing Accapella] Amazing Grace,

how sweet the sound,

that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now, am found.

Was blind, but now I see.


I am leaving you now, Eddie.

Okay, Preacher.

You take care.

I would like to leave this fine suit with you.

That's really nice of you, but, uh,

I don't think it's gunna fit me.

You're a big hombre.

I know, Eddie.

I was hoping someone else might have some use for it.

Oh. Well yeah, yeah.

Eddie'll find somebody who can use it.

I also brought you this.

A Bible, huh?

Yes, God's Holy Word.

That's alright, Preacher...

Hey, will you look at this?

It's in Spanish!

Please read it, Eddie.

Wow...yeah, I'll read it.

May I have your word, Eddie?

If Eddie Martinez tell you he's gunna do something,

he's gunna do something.

Now I'm gunna read this.

I believe you, Eddie.

May the Lord speak to you.

Yeah, Preacher, you're a good egg.

Via con Dios.

Eddie, there is something I must tell you.

Jesus is coming back soon to set up his earthly Kingdom.

The requirement, though, to enter this Kingdom

is that we must be absolutely perfect and without sin.

Well, that leaves me out of that party.

No one is without sin, Eddie, not one;

all of us face eternal judgment,

and separation from God.

This is why we must receive Jesus Christ

into our life as Lord.

He is the only one who lived a perfect life

and thus became the substitute for our sins.

For me too?

Yes, for you too.

He rose from the dead, proving He was God

and He wants to save us from the penalty of our sins

and give us eternal life.

But we must first individually receive Him, Eddie.

This is what it means to believe in Jesus.

Wow, you know, no one ever quite explained it to me

like that before.

God wants us to be reconciled to himself.

So much so that He gave His only son to die for us.

It is all in this book, Eddie.

I pray that you will consider what I am saying.


Good night, Eddie.

Hey Preacher.

Hey listen, I gotta confess to you somethin'...

You know earlier when I gave you my word

that I was gunna read this book?

Well...I was lying.

But that was before.

Now I give you my word from my heart,

that I'm gonna to read this book.

God bless you Eddie.



En el placiblio...


Come on Norris! Hurry!


In a hurry to go somewhere?

Gentlemen, do not come any closer.

You must leave here immediately!

There's not much time!

Not much time for what?

I'm afraid I'm not allowed to explain,

but you must leave immediately!

Look we've had enough of your little secrets, Carlisle.

I want the truth and I want it now!

Gentlemen, I highly advise you to leave this area at once!

I'm taking you downtown for some questioning

unless you tell us what's going on right now.

I appreciate your concern gentlemen,

but you must understand, I have not hurt anyone,

nor do I intend to.

Now, please, for your own safety-

We're not leaving, Carlisle.

But there is not much time!

You keep saying that.

Not much time for what?

For Jesus.

Jesus is coming.

Jesus is coming.

Yes. Yes, I believe Jesus is coming,

and it's any moment now.

Don't you think you're taking this a little too far?

Look, that's enough, Carlisle.

You're coming downtown.

No, you see gentlemen,

I am a messenger sent from the Lord!

A messenger from the Lord?

Yes, and I have been sent to warn you that Jesus is coming!

Look, Carlisle, don't make us use force.


Gentlemen, as I have said, Jesus is coming.

Look!! It's TIME!!


I think we just missed the Rapture.

Norris! You're still here!!

Oh, thank the Lord!

Yes, my friend.

You've only been gone for a few moments.

Norris, the future.

Oh my heavens, where does one begin?

It is incredible!

But, sin abounds!

The Lord is not feared.

Morals have replaced Christ, and with liberal teachings.

The families are in disarray, no authority, no respect.

The world lives without Jesus

while the Church seems to be filled

with professing Christians

who do not follow the Lord they claim they believe.

Yes, it appeared to be this way.

I was wrong in my thinking.

Very wrong, Norris.

To separate the authority of Jesus from His teachings

is, indeed, deadly.

As I have just witnessed the end result.

Yes, it would lead many astray.

I am so sorry I doubted you, my friend.

It took great courage to do what you did

and I am forever grateful.

Remember Russell, I had the advantage.

I had already seen the future.

This machine is... truly amazing.

We have been given a great privilege.

We must use it for good.

Yes, indeed.

Well, I have some crucial re-writing to do, sir.

I understand.


I believe I was witnessing the last days.

Did you ever see how far this machine

would send someone into the future?

I figured traveling into the future over a hundred years

would be about as much change as we could endure.

But, to directly answer your question, no, no I have not.


Please excuse my tardiness, gentlemen.

Well, Dr. Carlisle, nice of you to join us.

Dr. Butler.

Yes. We were beginning to wonder.

Dr. Wiseman.

And my sincerest apologies, Dean.

Dr. Carlisle.

Gentlemen, I have asked for another meeting

as I would like you to please read through revisions

I have made to the manuscript.

I've already informed the publisher

that these changes were necessary.

And I look forward to meeting with you

at your earliest convenience.

Dr. Carlisle, are these revisions

a result of your conversations with Dr. Anderson?

This is the result of the Lord opening my eyes a little more

to His glorious truth, sir.

Very well then.

We'll all review the changes and call another meeting.

Thank you, sir.

And good day, gentlemen.

Good day...

Dr. Carlisle?

I notice you've changed the title of your book to,

"Time Changer".

Yes, sir.

I believe that times must change,

or time as we know it will end.

Good day gentlemen.




Please come here for a moment.

I have a small gift for you.

A gift? For me?

Yes. Please come.

Here you are, your very own marbles to play with.

Thank you sir.

We should also be properly introduced.

I know your name is Roger, and my name is Mr. Carlisle.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Carlisle.

The pleasure is mine.

There is something else I wanted to say to you, Roger.

Last week, when I scolded you about stealing the marbles,

I told you that stealing is wrong, and it is.

But, I neglected to tell you

the person who said that stealing is wrong.

Jesus commands us not to steal from each other.

Do you know who Jesus is?

Not exactly.

No one has ever explained to you about Jesus

and what He did.

No sir.

Well then, I have some very exciting news for you, Roger.

Jesus is our God.

He is the one who has created us

and gives us life and our every breath.

He came to this earth almost 1900 years ago

for a very specific task.

He wants to enable us to live forever with Him in Heaven-


(Carlisle's voice) Norris, I believe I was witnessing

the last days...

Did you ever see how far this machine

would send someone into the future?


The Description of Time Changer