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what's up everybody frank valkyria welcome to my channel today we're doing a reaction suggestion

from christian christian and unfortunately this is a video this link right here

is a video of mongol which unfortunately he passed away due to kovi 19. this is pretty messed up

though that a lot of artists are are dying and i'm also asking myself what's going on with the

with just also i don't know trying to avoid this you know kind of feels a little bit strange now i

don't want to get into the whole political thing or whatever but i understand that some people can

develop you know the wrong type of symptoms it's a it's a smaller percentage of course

compared to what happens worldwide and infected on and so forth but i see a trend also here in europe

that with the profi like you know with medications and stuff they managed to reduce the risk of of of

death of people so i also wonder what's going on here huh what what's what's going on so that they

will say i think it means like i have a nostalgia of you i miss you there's a long pose there but





my solitude uh man you never know what to say about this you know like i

i i want to do this for you guys because i understand you know the relation that

um yeah i understand the relation that a lot of you might have with an artist that i definitely

understand completely but of course it's also the first time for me to react to this which

also makes it a little awkward okay let's see what's going on here from the lyrics

translated in english tell me about wandering's ex-love about the best moment that passed

tell me that i will tell you about mine i have all the time to listen the best moment that i lived

are all that i spend beside you but if you want i will not remember so as not to embarrass you

see me cry then we talk about what will come i have my own life ahead of me and i will live in

the most urgent way who knows one day i might stop loving you and even if it can happen even if that

will happen i think it's a better translation i will miss you what guilt can the heart have

what a pity the life wanted it like this such a pity that life wanted it to be this way probably

that's the right way of saying it you live happily away from me the pain laughing and my loneliness

um that's actually a nice phrase i know the translation is different but

actually actually the poetry even in this translation already transpires way more it's uh

it's quite an honest outpour i would say you know like in this way when i read this it's like that

awareness of not bitterness usually there is a an emphasis on on lyrics uh breakup songs sometimes

there is an emphasis on self flagellating yourself you know victimizing yourself

for what you did and for the love that went away and and so sometimes you either blame the other

person more or you blame yourself more and all depends of course which kind of circumstances

you had to go through into that breakup in this way there is kind of more sweetness there

is a there is like a sort of an awareness of not regretting what did happen that love that now it's

not there anymore but there he remembers and he's no beater about it you know so there's kind of an

honest softer approach to that to that awareness and i think it's pretty beautiful actually

if someone comes to ask for my advice we don't learn in the mirror we live and suffer to learn

each love is so different and different life insists on giving this gift starts the day

loving you more and even if i can happen even if that can happen and i will miss you

what guilt can the heart have okay this is a repetition of the first verse

that we already seen very nice and then repeats again that vice part very nice

foreign dude it's so difficult to the part of brazilian because pra prender praprender

for learning right to be able to learn for learning and in italian is per the e comes

before the sound per per aprender and it's so confusing because sort of the other way around

feels like you're dyslexic you know like when you have to try to learn that render so funny

these little differences which is actually quite difficult to to to teach on the tongue


jesus very nice song man actually you know guys that i love folk music and when i when

i when i find something that is that kind of deep intention that transpires somehow that it's true

i immediately feel a connection this is one of those cases i think of the many songs we review on

the channel both from brazil and everywhere else of course it doesn't happen every day so this is

this is quite legit to me it's a very nice song i'm actually thinking wow maybe i have to tell

the guys to uh arrange this maybe we sing it it'd be nice i i like also the lyrics really nice song

i repeat that part again very lovely song i actually would love to see a

different performance also the sound of this performance is not so great unfortunately

uh but yeah or maybe also the studio version he also reminds me a little bit of javan with the

voice a little bit as that kind of strange on and off a little bit type of voice that works

um full of emotions full of patters we say in italian

very nice very nice mongol mongol resting piece unfortunately it's always kind of weird to do

a first-time reaction to somebody that has just left us but again i really wanted to pay tribute

for you guys and of course condolences to to the family and his loved ones we cherish the music

like we did with casiano just a few days ago which this is also why it feels kind of weird um i just

hope i just hope brazil gets it together you know of course you don't want to point finger whatever

you don't know the circumstances of stuff you know but really in general i hope it gets it together

and the rest of the world too that we we can save more people you know however with you know i don't

know faster medication faster appraisal of a condition whatever that is so that we can make

sure that not only the famous people of course but everybody that we can save more people you know

that's uh that's truly what i what i truly truly wish we get too quickly guys this is a little bit

of a strange reaction again i'll see you later stay healthy stay safe always spread love ciao

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