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How are you friends, I'm very happy that you are there, welcome to this channel

That fixed by Dad, because you're about to watch a pure DIY video

We start, in video.

Well friends and as always before start the video I explain a little

what is it about, this time what let's do is unpack, assemble and

install, a calisthenics bar ... if you you like sports and you like DIY

You have reached the right video, stay and enjoy We start as you see the bar

It is presented in this cardboard box fully disassembled


thanks to the illustrations that come in the instruction book

The assembly of this bar is very easy.

While I finish assembling the bar Calisthenics I invite you to stop by

my instagram where I usually upload photos and I also usually advance some project



the bar, take these pins because this model can be folded, which

it doesn't have to always be in the work position

and with the help of these head screws rounded and practically left

hidden we mounted the last bar ....

and finally we put the plugs of plastic and we would have it totally


Well and as you have seen it is quite easy to mount our calisthenics bar

since the manufacturer through images in the instruction book it puts

very clear, the next step is to anchor the on the wall .... for that the bar

calisthenics brings us four points of support, keep in mind that a bar

calisthenics the person who hangs on she exerts enough force with which

it has to go very well fixed in the wall, for this I will use some

"FICHET" professional tacos ... let's see it and you will see how it looks good




and as always he took advantage of these moments to invite you to subscribe to me

channel and connect the bell because that's how this way youtube will notify you when

He released a new video .... and finally I recommend you use

good quality tacos because the price difference is not very big and

I can guarantee you that there is a lot difference in quality and

safety when you hang a machine on Wall.

Well folks and visit our panel today of channels friends the channel of Lovers

of DIY, where you will see that ... a lot of DIY and repairs

I recommend that you go through it and subscribe


and the end of this video has arrived, I hope you found it entertaining

the installation of the calisthenics bar that you do a lot of sport and as always

I say goodbye, every Sunday a video more and better and see you in the next

because you are made some handyman of First, bye.

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