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peace out!

There we go... there we go...


Nimaaa :))

cops are here... cops are here...

Hey guys!

Today is the Super Bowl day!

The annual championships for national football league.

Every year the championships take place in a different city and in 2020 it's here in


And to have a seat in Hard Rock Stadium

and watch the game...

you have to pay at least $5000.

Tickets go up to $11000.

And here we are with Luca and Marco.

Hey man!

How you doing?

What is that s*%^t man?

Are you a Super Bowl fan?

A little bit!

Are you gonna watch the game?

Oh yeah!

I don't know who is gonna win but

San Francisco or Kansas City?

No I like Kansas City!

It was on face detection mode!

We are here in Ocean Drive with Jose, Marco and Luca!

Where is Luca?

We lost him!

Yeah... men down...

They've closed the street...

the Ocean Drive

and It's all for the Super Bowl.

Jose are you a Super Bowl fan?


I was just watching a YouTube video on how the football is played

I still don't get it


I mean it has a lot of rules but I get most of them.

How many Super Bowl games you've watched?

Like one!

Just one!

The last one... it was one of the worst of the history of the Super Bowl.

I mean this is the number...


You know the rules of the game?

But I'm fan number 1!!

You know the rules of the game?

Yeah... yeah...

I mean... so you are rolling with experts :)) Basically... basically who scores more

points is gonna win!

You are genius!

We have sign here....

he is the dude with the sign!

Look at the screen...

Are you ready for the big game???



[ Luca and Marco were talking about the game]

[ and I had no idea what they were saying so just skip the subtitle here :)) ]

Ok the Super Bowl is over...

Kansas City won and now we are back on Ocean Drive with Marco, Luca and Jose...

Jose is in rush!

He is not here anymore...


We won this...

We won this...

We won this....



cops are here... cops are here.

One of the coolest places to be on Ocean Drive is Gianni Versace's Mansion.

This is a place that he purchased in 1992 for 2.95 million dollars but he was killed

in front of his own mansion if I'm not mistaken in 1997

and this is the place!

I don't have found that dude yet!

What's up guys?

This is what I do for the poeple that I meet.

The guy told me he was from UK he needed to find his friends so I went into Mango [Name of the Bar we watch the game at]

wearing his hat and when I walked around I see these guys

I said hey are you from UK?

They weren't from UK :| I came looking for my friends...

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ok guys... thank you so much for sticking around...

this is...

this was

my third vlog..

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Jose: Make sure yo don't :))


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