Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Review Kirmes Köln-Deutz (Mini Special Mach 5 Booster Maxxx)

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It's Numer One

Welcome in Kln

Here is a good fairground with nice rides! Look this!

Here we make today a lot of fun!

Strange that the Love Express standing here because normal there is only 1 musik express in Kln

The newest attraction from Germany: Avenger!

A KMG inverison

But is not finished yet. The gondels do not rotated

Is a very nice looking ride!

Well, is swinging really extreme now

It's very high

Yes, better. Ahhh is turning very nice!

Perfect machine!

shame rocking it still does not

But no problem, you can not all you want


The Webmaster Mitcheal

Kln is upside down!

We go rocking!

Shame, it still doesn't work

The must look too that once

But it will be alright!

I'll being sick...


That's the Avenger! Nice ride, good for Germany!

Die Krake from the showman: Markmann and it's no so fast as earlier

But I have not make a ride sooo next time I will give you my real opinion :)

Strange a second Musik Express and normal is here 1. But there is 1 autoscooter and normal are that 2

But is a good looking ride

The nice big wheel: Jupiter that always standing here in Kln

The nice big wheel: Jupiter that always standing here in Kln

The autoscooter!

Where the second scooter is. No idear!

The Bonner Breaker no. 2!

This is a big Break Dance with 6x4 gondolas. The Biggest Break Dance of the world!

Normale Breakers have 4x4 gondolas and the no.3 doesnt have a backwall

Is a very fast Break Dance but not the fastest one. The fastest Break Dance from the world is from Dreher

But is a very nice looking carrousel!

And fast is fast, you know! :)

Mini Cars that works just like a autoscooter. Very nice never seen it before

You can see here the feed

The Mach 5! Our newest Booster! The Owners are The Vries and Harms

Is good looking Booster with a nice theme!

He is new but some parts are from other Boosters

But you don't see that!

They make in the future a backwall on it

The Jinglebox

This are the resetbuttons for the cars


Safaty light

Again lights

Car 1 and Car 2


Stop, speed, start

Down and Up. Big arm brakes

And left and right direction

Must the attraction complete standing still to turn that button?

No is automatic

This is automatic. But we don't use that because that's no fun

Here are the jingles

With all jingles we have home on ower computers

Welcome on the Mach 5 and here we go!


Okay full speed, here we go!

The newest attraction from the fairground here in Kln

Is a very good looking ride

He is going nice on full speed. You can feel your feets tinteling

I must cry because the speed is so high and it is cold!

Nice feeling

I'm original not a Boosterfan because they are expensive

Too much money

An the ride is too short

And I have ask why these rides are so expensive

That is because they using a lot of energie

Energie cost money and that's why these are expensive.

5 euro for 1 ride

I never knew it. I was always looking just too the person

what a an attraction can load

But engerie is important too

Just look again the view!


Here we go again

Is better then forwards because you dont feel the cold wind

No crying and it is a good speed.

But for me it can be faster!

But if you look in normal: Then it is a good ride!

The Tower Event. This is a Fun House with a lot of containers

You enter the first tower on the left and you walk up

And you walk back in the right tower

It is not a Fun House as Fun House but there are strange things in it

I will show you some

The Wellenflug from Blume a nice swinger

And in the end a Mack Wild Maus that travells by the showman "Barth"

Nice looking rollercoaster with nice paintings

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