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Hello everyone!

To get a better understanding of garrosh hellscream, youll first need to know a

little bit about the history of the horde and his father.”

Thats how I started my 2012 version of the story of Garrosh Hellscream and quite

a lot of you have requested an updated, deep dive version. Not only has more story been

added, its also one of the earlierst lore videos that Ive done so lets go back in

time and talk about one of the best characters build up within World of Warcraft...

You made me what I am!”

The orcs living on the world of Draenor had found themselves mixed up with the Burning

Legion who had corrupted their people and turned them against the Draenei. Dark fel

magic, exchanging their ancient traditions of shamanism to become warlocks. Demonic blood

offered by Guldan and the pitlord mannoroth with grommash Hellscream being the first to

embrace it. All of it to increase their power, bind them to the demonic legion and wipe out

the draenei, believing that good things would come to the orcs. Believing their leaders

were passing on the wisdom of their ancestors. Instead they ended up with a dying world,

their skins turned green reflecting the corruption that had seeped into their world and their

people. Water and food became rare, that demonic blood pumping in their veins turned them against

eachother. At their most desperate, the Legions creator Sargeras manipulated them towards

invading another world. A world full of food, water and plenty of enemies to kill. To weaken

it and have the legion claim it. Azeroths defenders managed to push back the Hordes

first invasion. The second one was also repelled with the alliance stepping through the dark

portal to stop the horde from ever again inflicting the same suffering they had caused to Azeroth.

The dark portal was destroyed seperating the Hordes forces, leaving some of them, like

Grommash and his warsong clan, stranded on Azeroth. They believed their way home was

lost forever and that their beloved Draenor and all those left behind were dead.

Gromms thoughts turned to his son who had indeed stayed behind. Not because he was too

much of a coward to fight or didnt believe in the mission of the horde, quite the opposite.

Garrosh had caught a case of the red pox. This wasting disease is highly contagious,

lasts for months, and kills many of the infected. Every few generations, an outbreak would wreak

havoc among the clans. Those effected were placed in quarantine in the beautiful land

of Nagrand under the care of Great Mother Geyah. Although much of the world had been

consumed by the legions influence, this piece of land remained intact and so did its

people. Those here were far enough away from the fel to keep their normal skin color. They

remained uncorrupted or as the orcs call it, Maghar.

Father and son living seperatly from eachother. On Azeroth, Grommash would live on and learn.

Team up with young Thrall, liberate other orcs from their itermentcamps and reform the

Horde. Thralls journey placed him on a path of destiny, one to fight back another

coming of the legion. Gromm was at his side, but he could sense that things are like old the demons are near and bloodlust takes hold of them once more. The warchief

of the Horde decides to put Gromm and his men on the task of setting up a settlement

in ashenvale forest. Entering the territory of the night elves, cutting down sacred trees

theyve guarded for gave Gromm the fight he was looking for. But overcoming

something as powerful as the wild god cenarius was going to take more then they had. Once

more they drank the blood of mannoroth, despite it going against everything that thrall tried

to teach them. They embrace the rage and the old days, slay cenarius, but also place themselves

right back into the arms of the Legion.

Ah thrall. You always believed that the demons corrupted our race, but thats only

half true. We gave ourselves up willingly on Draenor! The other chieftains and I...we

drank Mannoroths blood, thrall. We brought this curse upon ourselves!”

You did our people...knowingly? AARGGHHHhH!”

History repeated itself here with Grommash fully embracing the demonic curse. Thankfully

Thrall and his new ally Jaina Proudmoore are able to make Hellscream see clearly again.

It is time to confront Mannoroth himself and make him pay for what he has done to their


The boy believed you could be saved, but ti didnt know what burns within your soul.

Within your heart, you know we are the same.” ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR

Pam pam pam pam charge at him gromm. Kick mnnoorht booty. Ow snap you carved him up

real good, but that means...that means...EXPLOSION TIME...Ahhh get out of the way, dont try

to facetank an explosion like that without your cooldowns up. No healer to shield you,

nothing but pure pain and agony. Oooow snap yep he'’ down. Thralls arm isnt looking

too good. Grommash is pretty dead :( “Thrall. The blood haze has lifted. The

demons fire has burned out in my veins. Cough cough cough cough. I...have...freed....myself....”

Rip grommash... “No old friend, you freed us all.”


Groms heroic sacrifice meant the salvation for the orcish race. Thrall would go on and

help save the world from the Legion. Put up base for his new horde in the lands of Durotar

with their capital of Orgrimmar. Trying to keep that peace between the alliance and horde

going. Some might see this as a fools errand, the horde and alliance destined to fight eachother,

but people like Thrall...people like Jaina...they did their best to show the world that there

was another way. That there was enough room and oppertunity for both factions to exist

together on Azeroth.

Meanwhile back on Outland, Garrosh grew up with stories of his father. About his savagery

and his battle frenzy and his appetite for violence. How he had been the first to give

himself to the horde and to foul magic. Allowed himself to be corrupted. Growing up believing

his bloodline to be cursed. Living beneath the shadow of his fathers greatest failure

meant that by the time we see Garrosh again, with the burning crusade and the re-opening

of the dark portal, the warchief of the maghar clan is quite depressed. But Greatmother Geyah,

her time to join the spirits fast approaching, knows that he has what it takes to lead the

Maghar. He is strong and wise, all of the spirits aprrove of him. He just needs to find

a way to believe in himself, to let go of the fear that he will become like his father.

Garrosh is in such a bad state that he even suggests for us to take over leadership so

that he can go ahead and just die, erase the shame of his family name. Nothing we do seems

to be able to snap him out of it, but once we realise that Greatmother Geyah is actually

the mother of Durotan, Thralls father, we quickly warn our warchief and make him

get his orcish butt over here so he can talk to his grandmother. She reveals the name his

parents would have given him as Thrall was his slave name. They would have named him

Goel and our Goel is asked to talk to Garrosh. To reveal what happened to his father.

Thrall does one better and shows the boy how his father died. How he gave his own live

so that all of them could live free of the blood curse. Thrall gave Garrosh something

he never had before. Confidence and Pride. Pride towards his bloodline, towards who he

is... “I am Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom, chieftain

of the Mag'har!”

Warchief Thrall saw much potential in garrosh. Sure enough, he was brash and quick to anger,

but thrall believed garroshs fierce pride and knowledge of orcish cuture would serve

the horde well. The warchief convinced the maghar orc to act as his advisor back on

azeroth. Journey with him through the dark portal where its soon obvious that Thrall

and Garrosh have very different visions when it comes to the Horde. Seeing the city of

orgrimmar with his own eyes was amazing to Garrosh. Dont forget, he thought nearly

all of the Horde was gone and here he was, in a city bustling with orcs from all ages.

The color of his skin, being Maghar, made him stand out like a sore thumb.

There was an old veteran, one that served under Grommash himself, who approached him.

Told him that he would do his people proud and if he was still able to fight, hed

follow the young hellscream just like he had his father. But not all was fantastic and

glorious. At the valley of honor a younger orc that had spend her childhood in the interment

camps opened his eyes, made him realise that the products sold at the market could not

have come from the dessert land the horde called home. Ashenvale to the north was full

of everything they could ever need, but they didnt settle there. Their beloved warchief,

that would do everything for his people, chose to build a city here to pay for the sins of

the past. A strange notion to Garrosh. Who would set the price? Are these children that

have grown up within the interment camps not punished enough? Thralls Horde was quite

different from the one garrosh had known, especially since it included more then just

the orcs.

Then there was a meeting at Theramore to try and extend the peace that Thrall and Jaina

had going to more leaders, like Varian Wrynn. The king of Stormwind had lost much to the

savage orcs, like his kingdom, his father and his freedom but perhaps times had indeed

changed. Perhaps this new warchief Thrall was the beginning of something great. Despite

all odds, their negotiations actually went quite well, small steps towards working together,

discussing things like trading timber for ore and exotic hides. A discussion fit for

merchants in garroshseyes. Why should the orcs make concessions when they have the

strength to take what they want? Too which young Anduin Wrynn asked; why waste your warriors

and resources in battle when a few words will bring you greater profit? Point being that

thrall was open to the idea of working together while Garrosh was more like his father, a

bloodlust for conquest and battle to claim what the Horde needed.

My people should have taken this world long ago, during the First war. But they fell

to corruption. In their weakness, they allowed the pitiful races of Azeroth to join the horde.”

Regardless, their meeting was disturbed by outside sources preventing peace for the alliance

and the horde. Both sides would soon have to deal with the Lich King waking up in northrend

and undead forces knocking on their door. While warchief Thrall called for counsel and

held his ground, Garrosh wanted to take action. Take the fight to Northrend and protect the

Horde. Their argument got so heated that Garrosh called for Makgora, a duel of honor, a

challenge issued out of sheer frustration and rage. At the ring of valor he fought to

get his warchief to act, but their fight got interupted...quite lucky for Garrosh though

hed rather die then admit it that he couldnt take on thrall here. The scourge did the job

for him by attacking Orgrimmar and with that the order was given, the Horde and the Alliance,

seperatly marched upon Northrend to confront the Lich King.

None other then Garrosh was tasked with leading the hordes forces, hungry to prove himself

to his people. We can find him in the borean tundra at the warsong hold, defending their

keep against the spiderlike nerubians. Their army was called the Warsong offensive, with

seasoned veterans like Dranosh Saurfang, leading the hordes vanguard, and his father Varok,

doing his best to impart some wisdom upon the younger, hotheaded orc. Most of it seems

to be lost on him, prefering his own tactics and knowledge, but Garrosh is not a fool and

some of what Varok tells him actually sticks.

Honor young hero, no matter how dire the battle, never forsake it.”

They spoke of the past, of what it meant for the orcs to be freed from the blood curse

only to now have to deal with their sins, with what they had done. Grommash and Saurfang

both drank from the blood of mannoroth which lead them down a very dark path. He wont

let Garrosh take them down that road again, with the promise from saurfang to kill him

before that day comes.

The campaign pushed forward and Naxxramas was soon conquered, but our time in Northrend

was not just focused on the lich king and the scourge. There were distractions like

The Nexus war with malygos the blue. Also great losses at the Wrathgate, Varok losing

his child while up north in Ulduar, the explorers league uncovered a horrible...ancient evil.

Yoggsaron has awakened.” “Hmmm

I want to see this dwarf.” “Garrosh...”

To see the fear in his eyes, then well know if hes telling the truth.” wait!” “Were going to need all the help we can

get.” “Thrall!”

What? What are they doing here?” “Let me explain!”

I thought i smelled the stench of alliance pigs.”

Control yourself!” “You want my blood? Come then dog.”


Roaaaaaaaar. Fight fight fight, cant touch this.

Stop it!” “We have all lost....a great deal in this

conflict. But we stand to lose everything if we do not stop fighting and work together!”

A true warchief would never partner with cowards.”

At the wrathgate, the hordes partnership killed more of our men then the scourge. Im

done with your Horde. May this death god take you all.”

You disapoint me...garrosh.” “Hmpf.”

With their leaders not seeing eye to eye, heroes amongst the factions would rise up

themselves to push back the evil of Yoggsaron. Whats interesting to note is that at this

time in the story, Garrosh and Varian are very similar. The human king has two sides

to him, one of them being his logash side. Quick to anger, quick to lash out, a deep

hatred for the Horde and all they had done. He was unable to look further, to let go and

work towards a better future like Thrall wanted. Garrosh was similar, had no love for the alliance

only to his horde. While this was the second time he and Varian had come to blows, it would

not be the last. And the words spoken by his warchiefYou disapoint me...Garrosh

they would haunt his steps as Thrall stuck around and inspected Warsong hold. While doing

so a report came in. The Alliance had attempted to conquer Mordrethar, but A horde patrol

had seen the regiment and succesfully prevented its attacking them from the rear.

Pinched between the Scourge at their front and the Horde at their back, the Alliance

forces had perishedbut so had the hordes. The scourge too had suffered losses, but the

gate remained under the Lich Kings control. Forces lead by Blackscar who proudly reported

back to Garrosh. Though it cost them their lives, their selfless bravery prevented the

Alliance from capturing a strategic point. Such courage is worthy of true soldiers of

the horde!” Garrosh send a messenger back, telling Blackscar

to immediately return to Warsong hold. An ambush on open troops waiting to fight is

one thing. To attack a regiment already engaged in battle with another from behind? What...what

was Blackscar going to do next? Sneak into their camp and poison their water? Enslave

one of their commanders with magic and force him to murder his troops while they sleep?

Rain disease upon their enemies like the Forsaken? Fight the way they do? There is no combat

but honorable combat. What blackscar had done was cowards work and Garrosh would not

have cowards among his ranks. One last chance was given to Blackscar, to

return to Orgrims hammer, lead his soldiers in a manner worthy of the Horde. Prove that

he was no coward or it would be his head on a pike. A wise decision, one that Thrall approved.

He had no regrets making Garrosh the commander of their forces. He only wished for his attitude

towards the alliance to change. But hellscream had a duty to the horde and the horde alone.

Would not compromise like Thrall had. His people would never dwindle, not again... The

Horde would never fall...

After a tournament held by Tirion Fordring to figure out who was ready to assault icecrown,

the alliance and the Horde finished their campaign in Northrend by slaying Arthas the

Lich King and replacing him with Bolvar. The armies of the alliance and the horde returned

home as conquering victors. They had triumphed over one of the greatest threats azeroth had

ever known. Back in Orgrimmar, their people greeted Garrosh with a thundeorus applause.

With a parade that was his idea, to honor all the veterans of the northrend campaign.

He was now seen as a worthy heir of the hellscream lineage and a remarkable battle commander

in his own right. The rumors of him singlehandedly taking out the Lich King might have been a

bit much, but it was undeniable that his leadership had brought them success. That Garrosh was

exactly what the horde had needed in their dark hour. In the shadow of the armor and

skull of their great enemy Mannoroth, Thrall presented young Hellscream the weapon of his

father. Gorehowl, the axe that had slain the pitlord, but was also used to slay Cenarius.

Like any weapon, it can be used for good or ill. I charge you with being the best of

your father, Garrosh. With using this weapon wisely and well, for the good of your people.

If only Thrall could predict the future... but his attention would soon be drawn to the

coming of the cataclysm. Shamans around the world sensed that something was coming, that

something was wrong with the elements themselves but what was causing this upheaval remained

a mystery. “And all will burn beneath the shadow of

my wings.”

To figure out what was going on, the warchief decided to travel to Outland and communicate

with their elements. While he was gone, someone would have to lead the Horde and thrall decided

that Garrosh was the perfect orc for the job. To lead the horde on his behalf until he returned.

At first Garrosh thought that politics were not his game. He understood battle and tactics

and how to rally troops, but ruling their people? Hed rather have a sword in his

fist than a scroll! Thrall assured him that he wouldnt enter the political battlefield

without a weapon. At his side would be seasoned advisors like Eitrigg and Cairne to help him

uphold the honor of the horde. No need for glory at the moment. You just need to take

care of it. Put its needs before your own, as your father did.

It is my true longing to lead the horde to the best of my ability, garrosh said. And

so yes, a thousand times yes, my warchief. I will lead as well as I can and i will consult

with the advisors you suggest. I know what a tremendous honor you do me, and i will strive

to be worthy of it. Ancestors, thrall thought as he watched garrosh stride away, chest swelled

with pride and pleasure, I pray i am doing the right thing...

This right here is a critical moment for the story of Garrosh and the Horde as a whole.

As news spread about Thralls choice, people like Cairne could not believe their ears.

Surely thrall wasnt about to hand over leadership to this arrogant blusterer to guide

them in this time. There were good elements to Garrosh, Cairne could see it and with time

those seeds would perhaps take root in garroshs soul, but right now he was not fit to lead

the horde, any more than grom had been. But Thrall had made up his mind, left the horde

behind and Cairne did his best to advise garrosh. So did the others, but often the Horde leadership

clashed with eachother, clashed with their new warchief. Where thrall hoped this new

responsibility would temper garrosh and grant him wisdom, instead taking on the mantle of

leadership only encouraged garrosh to indulge his warlike ways. He had always believed the

horde was being too timid, Thralls way of paying for past crimes, trying to work

with the alliance... all of that was not what he had in mind. His gaze turned northwest,

to the lush forests of ashenvale. It was a land of plenty, and it was well within the

hordes reach. Most of the region belonged to the night elves, but that did not stop

garrosh from sending troops into the woodlands. Their assault enraged the alliance. Tensions

between the factions flared up, and open war seemed inevitable. Some of the hordes members

welcomed these bold and aggresive maneuvers, but cairne did not. The elder tauren did everything

he could to reason with the acting warchief and prevent bloodshed. In cairnes eyes,

garrosh was leading the horde down a dangerous path, one that would inevitably destroy it.

The warchief did not listen to his wisdom, and so cairne spoke the only language the

orc would understand. He challenged garrosh to makgora.

Garrosh, you are not fit to rule the horde.”

Quite a lot of you, rightfully so, commented that the hostility in ashenvale, the attack

that pushed cairne into action, was actually carried out by the Twilight's Hammer Cult

masquerading as members of the Horde in order to stir up tension - Cairne was actually falsely

accusing Garrosh when challenging him. This is true when we go by the story told in the

shattering, a novel released in 2010. The story back then was indeed a peacefull meeting

between tauren and night elf druids, disturbed by the twilight hammer that made it look like

Garrosh instigated the attack. News of this reached Cairne and the duel followed. Chronicles

volume 3, released in 2018, makes no mention of this. Rather it goes with the explenation

I gave in part 2, Garrosh setting his eyes on ashenvale, those lands of plenty. Tentions

flaring up between the factions and Cairne doing everything he could to reason with the

warchief, until he spoke the only language the orc would understand. Challenging garrosh

to makgora.

Before a crowd of onlookers, the tauren and the orc fought for the future of the horde

itself. On one side stood the promise of a peaceful future. On the other, the promise

of blood and conquest. It was blood and conquest that won the day, but not because Garrosh

was the better fighter. Despite the age difference, Cairnes knowledge and expertise outplayed

Garrosh at every turn. Playing into his bloodlust, his hotheadedness. The old bull stood his

ground and might have won that day was it not for Magatha Grimtotem. Part of the ritual

for this makgora was to have a shaman bless their weapons. Seeing how Magatha had always

wanted to take Thunderbluff away from Cairne, she saw this as the perfect oppertunity and

coated gorehowl, without garroshknowledge, with poison. One strike, a mere fleshwound,

was all it took. Cairne blinked. His vision was blurring. Had he gotten dust or sweat

or blood in his eyes? He took a precious second to wipe the back of his hand across his eyes,

but it aided nothing. His hand shook as he lowered it. And his legs...they felt weak...

Stunned, he stared at garrosh. The orc was sweating profusely and breathing hard. As

Cairne watched, Garrosh gripped the axe and met cairnes gaze. Cairne clutched his own

weapon. It weaved in his hands. It felt so strangely heavyAnd then he knew exactly

what had happened to him.

And so I, who have lived my whole life with honor, die betrayed.

Having Garrosh do the dirty work for her allowed Magatha to sieze thunderbluff and sieze control,

but her victory was not absolute and didnt last for very long. Cairnes son Baine Bloodhoof

found aid in Theramore, financial support from Jaina Proudmoore to retake his city.

Her betrayel, her use of Garrosh was whispered and rumored and the warchief wasnt happy

about it. So it was that when she asked for his aid it was denied with a letter that said;

Unto Elder Crone Magatha of the Grimtotem, Acting warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream,

Sends his most since wishes for a slow and painful death. It has come to my attention

that you have deprived me of a rightful kill. Cairne Bloodhoof was a hero of the Horde,

and an honorable member of a usually honorable race. It is with disgust and anger that I

discover you have caused me to bring about his death through accidental treachery. Such

tactics may work well for your renegade, honorless tribe and Alliance scum, but I despise them.

It was my wish to fight Cairne fairly, and win or lose by my own skill or lack of it.

Now I shall never know, and the cry of traitor will dog my steps until such time as I can

sport your head on a pike and point to you as the real traitor. I will not be

sending any truehearted orcs to fight alongside your treacherous, belly-crawling tribe. Your

victory or your defeat is in the hands of your Earth Mother now. Either way, I look

forward to hearing of your demise. You are on your, Magatha, as friendless and disliked

as you have ever been. Perhaps more. Enjoy your loneliness.

And with that Garrosh washed his hands of her foul treachery and Baine took back the

city. Following his fathers wisdom he decided not to execute her. Exile would be magathas

fate and for those that remained at her side. This, the young tauren believed, was the best

way to honor his fathers wishes. To put the needs of their people before his own desire

for vengeance. This mindset also helped him to get past the makgora between garrosh

and cairne. He held no massive love for Hellscream, but for the sake of his people and for the

sake of horde, he gripped his warchief hand and pledged the taurens loyalty once more.


Thralls decision to make Garrosh the acting warchief had caused him the life of one of

his closest friends and allies... He had been wrong to puth his faith in garrosh, and he

blamed himself for all that had come to pass. But Goel had learned much about what was

to come. Was on a journey of saving the entire world so he couldnt exactly come back as

warchief and Garrosh was left in charge. Under his leadership the Hordes aggression accelerated,

which actually made a lot of people happy. It was a change from Thralls leadership,

thats for sure, but this new warchief quickly became a fan favorite. His war campaign took

the Horde into Ashenvale, the lands of plenty, where Garroshbrutal tactics, like deploying

the magnataur taken from Northrend, forced to fight for them caus they held their children

hostage, it almost secured their victory. Just a bit unlucky that around this time Varian

Wrynn was dealing with his inner turmoil. Where before he and Garrosh were quite similar,

now he was working on reigningg in that aggresion he had inside. Genn Greymane and the gilnean

worgen wanted to rejoin the alliance. Guided the king of Stormwind through his own ritual

which ended with Varian becoming the champion of the wild god Goldrinn, leading the worgen

forces to aid the night elves in ashenvale. Once more Varian and Garrosh clashed blades,

the king disarming and wounding the warchief. Having a demi-god on your side helps quite

a bit and the Horde was forced to retreat, litteraly pulling garrosh off the battlefield.

No battle lost did not mean the end of the war. Garrosh pushed forward with

their campaign, assaulting more territories while also dealing with his fellow leaders

and commanders amongst the Horde. The new warchief had vision and ambitions for his

faction, all the while remembering the lessons of the past. “There is no combat but honorable

combat.” so when news reached him that Overlord Kromgar had ended their campaign in the

stonetalon mountains by bombing Thaldarah Grove, the warchief decided to pay them a

little visit.

whahahahahahahaha” “Look upon the world, Cliffwalker, and see

the might of the Horde! “ A portal from Orgrimmar suddenly forms nearby.

Garrosh Hellscream and his guards emerge from the portal.

What have you done, Krom'gar? “ Krom'gar bows before Garrosh.

Warchief! I... I was carrying out your command! “

My command? “ “Was my command to murder innocents, Krom'gar?

“ “Warchief... Sir... I... “

“: Am I a murderer, Krom'gar? “ “No, Warchief! “

Then I ask you again: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! “

Krom'gar begins to cower before Garrosh. “I sent you into Stonetalon Mountains with

an army. Your orders were to secure this land for the Horde. Instead, you laid waste to

the land. Murdered innocents. Children even... I spent a very long time in Northrend, Krom'gar.

I learned much about the Horde in that time. While there, a wise old war hero told me something

that I would carry with me forever... "Honor," Krom'gar, "No matter how dire the battle...

never forsake it." Overlord Krom'gar, you have disgraced the Horde.

You have brought shame to us as a people. By my right as Warchief, I hereby relieve

you of your duty. Garrosh picks up Krom'gar by the throat and

lifts him over the edge of the lift bridge. “YOU ARE DISMISSED. “

Garrosh drops Krom'gar off the edge, sending him to his death. He then turns toward the

hero. “And you, !“

Wait, Warchief! Please! was the hero responsible for uncovering this corruption.

tried to stop Krom'gar! Have mercy, Warchief. “

Mercy... Your wife and child were murdered. Your kin wiped out. Your home burned to the

ground. Mercy... Chieftain, on this day I learn from


One of the moments that made people cheer for Garrosh. There is another that well

get to in just a moment. Before that, upholding honor amongst the horde proved difficult with

the other races like the Forsaken and sylvanas windrunner

who had taken over the battle at Gilneas. Honor meant very little to Sylvanas, shes

more about getting results. Despite her warchief banning the use of their plague, she did it

anyways. And when she showed off the new powers granted to her by the valkyr...garrosh wasnt


Why have you called for me? And more importantly, what are those scourge fiends doing here?”

Warchief, so glad you could make it. With the death of the Lich King, many of the more

intelligent scourge became...unemployed. Thosefiendsas you so delicately put it,

are called valkyr. They are under my command now... and they are part of the reason that

I asked to see you.” “Get on with it sylvanas.”

Very well warchief. I have solved the plight of the Forsaken. As a race, we Forsaken are

unable to procreate. With the aid of the valkyr, we are now able to take the corpses of the

fallen and craete new forsaken. Agatha, show the warchief.”

Agatha Uses her abilities to resurrected the fallen humans into brand spanking new forsaken.

What you have done here sylvanas, it goes against the laws of nature. Disgusting is

the only word I have to describe it.” “Warchief, without these new forsaken my

people would die out...Our hold upon Gilneas and northern Lordaeron would crumble.”

Have you given any thought to what this means sylvanas? What difference is there between

you and the Lich King now? “ “Isnt it obvious, warchief? I serve the

horde.” “Watch your clever mouth, bitch! Cromush,

you stay behind and make sure the banshee queen is well guarded.”

In Orgrimmar garrosh decided to evict the majority of the non orc races from the center,

believing only the orcs possessed the strength to truly defend their city. The advisors left

behind by thrall were more and more realising that they were talking too a wall. The discussion

between voljin and garrosh pushed the darkspear out of the city and nearly out of the horde...

Don't talk back to me, troll. You know who was left in charge here. Haven't you stopped

to ask yourself why Thrall chose me instead of you?

Dere be no question why, Garrosh. He gave ya tha title because ya be Grom's Son and

because tha people be wantin' a war hero. To which I tink ya be even more like ya father

den he thought, even without ya havin' da demon blood. “

You are lucky I don't gut you right here, whelp. You are foolish to think that you can

speak to your Warchief in such ways. “ “Ya be no Warchief of mine. Ya've not earned

my respect and I'll not be seein' tha Horde destroyed by ya foolish thirst for war. “

And what exactly do you think that you'll do about it? Your threats are hollow. Go slink

away with the rest of your kind in the slums. I will endure your filth in my throne room

no longer. “ “I know exactly what I'll be doin' about

it, son of Hellscream. I'll be watchin' as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude.

I'll laugh as dey grow ta despise ya as I do. And when tha time comes dat ya failure

is complete and ya "power" is meaningless, I will be dere to end ya rule, swiftly and

silently. Ya will spend ya reign glancin' over ya shoulda and fearin' tha shadows, for

when tha time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin' out, ya will know exactly who fired

da arrow dat pierced ya heart. “ “You have sealed your fate, troll. “

Vision of Garrosh Hellscream spits at Vol'jin's feet.

And you yours, "Warchief".“ “The Darkspear are 'ere because I led dem

here. Orgrimmar be no home as long as it be under Hellscream's hand. Still, I fear I was

lettin' my temper drive me ta bein' rash. Thrall devoted himself to makin' the Horde

what it is, so I've no eagerness to be leavin' it on a whim. Dis will be needin' much more

thought. “

Some left while others joined like the goblins with their leader gallywix or the Shatterspear

trolls recruited to aid with their campaign into darkshore. The cataclysm carried on with

not just the alliance and the horde fighting eachother. The bigger threat of Deathwing

and the old gods plans with the world required some attention as well. Both sides ventured

into the twilight highlands to take care of the twilights hammer cult. Fleets of airships

blotted out the sun, laden with war machines and soldiers, but our entry into the highlands

wasnt just smooth sailing...

Fellow warriors of the horde, hear me now! Ahead hides our foe. Worshippers of chaos

who seek to remake the world. A new world is coming friends. But it is not the world

of their design. Together, we will crush the Twilights Hammer, raze their stronghold,

salt the earth, and burn the bodies. All will tremble at our might. THen we will stand astride

this world as its masters united in our conviction, unrivaled in strength, beholden to no one.

Today, WE will remake the world. OUR world. FOR THE HORDE!”

Captain, sir! Alliance naval fleet sighted off the port bow.

The alliance steams in close formation without escort. Air guard, attack!! Strafe them now

while they cannot maneuver! WhatWHAT!? What does he think hes

DOING? The carriers are unprotected. What kind of madman orders away his close air support?

SMACK A winner.

Theyre after the warchiefGet! OFF! MY! SHIP!

The warchiefs zeppelin is in flames! Its going down!

Despite a rocky start, we do make landfall and come in contact with the dragonmaw clan.

They were actually part of the very first horde, quite a long story involving the enslavement

of alexstraza, the red dragon aspect and her flight. These days theyre lead by the fel

orc Morghor, but a bit of persuasion on our part, a bit of murder to get rid of this

corrupted orc replaces him with Zaela...

Where ever the horde takes us, we will keep our heads high and our blood pure. Good

riddance, Morghor. A new dragonmaw dawns this day.”

The warchief is alivehe was rescued off the coast. Come outside, quickly. The

town is ours!” “Ah there she is. The battlemaiden of the

dragonmaw. Let me see your face.” “Hellscream, I am zeala of the dragonmaw.

Your people have freed mine from tyrany. We are your instrument. The strength of the dragonmaw

is yours to command. FOR THE HORDE!” “Blood and honor hero. The horde welcomes

you. Your people will be put to the test as we obliterate the twilights hammer and lay

claim to this distant shore.”

And so they did, their adventures together forming a close bond between Garrosh and Zaela.

If they ever want to add a secret child of Garrosh to the story, Zaela would be our best

bet. Thats never been stated though... In this moment, the twilights hammer in the

area was defeated and eventually Goel and the aspects, the world of azeroth, were able

to stop Deathwing and the old gods plans.

You are azeroths true guardians and the future of this world is in your hands. For

the dawning of the age of mortals has begun.”

The damage inflicted to the world meant that Goel stayed with the earthen ring to heal

azeroth. Garrosh stayed on as warchief of the Horde and this dawn of the age of mortals

was his time to push forward with their plans of dominance and conquest. The other horde

leaders were gathered as Garrosh explained his plans of taking out theramore, home to

Jaina Proudmoore. The one thrall had worked so hard with to establish peace had now become

a prime target for the warchief to take out. Not all of them agreed with garroshchoice,

not all thought that this was a good idea, but all the same... the horde rallied its

forces at their warchiefs command. Going after Jaina was quite a dillema for Baine. She had

helped him reclaim his city after all. She had been there for him when he had no idea

who he could trust, but at the same time he wasnt going to abandon his duty to the

Horde. The tauren would march with them. As a middleground, he decided that at the very

least Jaina shouldnt be caught unaware. In secret a messenger was send to warn her

of the coming attack, which gave Theramore the chance to evacuate its civilians and call

in aid from the alliance. Unbeknownst to baine was that this played right into Garrosh

hands. Despite their bitching and moaning about making their troops hold back and wait,

not immediately attacking theramore, the warchief had a plan in mind. He waited for as many

of the alliance forces to be gathered in one place so he could reveal his true plan. Theramore

was not going to be conquered with brute force, it would be completed innihilated with the

focusing iris. Stolen earlier from the blue dragonflight, turned into a bomb curtasee

of the blood elves, dropped over the city by the goblins. Only Rhonins brave sacrifice

saved Jainas life and prevented the blast from doing so much more damage.

Baine was a warrior. His eyes had seen almost more than he could bear of the horrors

of war. But this...The mana bomb, so thoughtfully provided by the blood elveswho stood

cheering with other Horde members who somehow felt that what garrosh had wrought was a good

thinghad exploded over an entire city and had not just harmed its citizens and buildings

but crushed them utterly. Tears ran down his muzzle, and he made no effort to wipe them

away. He stood surrounded by throngs of cheering Horde, but as he looked around, he saw, illuminated

by the ghostly arcane glow, faces that wore his own expression of shock and revulsion.

What had happened to the warchief who had once said, ‘ matter how dire the

battle, never forsake it?”

Here we would see a massive shift in Garroshcharacter. The whole conquer and conquest

was nothing new, I dont think many have issue with Theramore being a target to take

out. Rather its the methods used by the warchief that made people wonder what the

hell was going on. Where one expansion earlier he had thrown overlord Kromgar off a cliff

for using a bomb in the stonetalon mountains, here he was doing it himself. And the bomb

was just part of it. Dark shamanism, forcing the elements to obey them right after the

cataclysm. Kraken summoned from the depths. No longer did honor dictate his choices and

it was such a difference that back then some actually wondered if there was more to it.

Was perhaps the Garrosh that we knew replaced in the twilight highlands when he fell of

the ship? Was his new ally, the extremely loyal and enforcing Blackrock orc Malkorok...was

that Kiljaeden in disguise, mirroring the manipulation of the orcs of old? None of that

would come into play. Blizzard has clearly said that it was Garrosh who made these decisions.

No old god influence or legion manipulation. The conflicts with the advisors left behind

and slowly filling up his inner circle with those in line with his vision for the future,

all that became the path they laid out for Hellscream with the bombing of theramore just

being the beginning.

The victory earned by the horde at Theramore was caus for celebration in orgrimmar while

whispers started to rise up within the faction. People like Baine and others not agreeing

with what their warchief had done. Speaking out or taking action at this point in time

was not really an option. People merely visiting an inn and whispering

their discontent found themselves under assault and scrutuny by malkorok and his forces. Hellscreams

eyes are always upon them so they layed low and remained loyal to the Horde. Jainas

survival meant that she was able to return to theramore and witness the carnage. She

looked for survivors, but found none. The peacekeeper, the diplomat she used to be was

murdered by Hellscream. Rage took hold over her heart and while there were no survivors

to be found, she did encounter a group of orcs poking around the debris, laughing too

eachother, looting of the dead.

No one can protect you! Kill the proudmoore wench and bring me that bomb!

Your people are dispicable cowards, orcs. Youre nothing more then rabbit dogs and you

will be put down. Brave words mage, I will spit in your face

when you beg for mercy.” “You spit on mercy? Then you will have none!

You want carnage? Garrosh will have more blood then he ever bargained for.”

Now the focusing iris was in her possession and she planned to use its power to create

a massive tidalwave and drown out all those in Orgrimmar. Goel and the blue dragon

Kalecgos were able to change her mind, convince her not to become another arthas. Instead

she used the water gathered to help the assembled alliance fleet. They were fighting against

Kraken who were dealing massive damage to the ships. The warchief did not just send

the creatures of the deep to do his fighting, he too, gorehowl in hand, jumped into the

fray, once more clashing blades with Varian. Three times they had done this dance now,

Garrosh wanted to end it but their battle was interupted by a kraken and Jainas tidalwave

secured victory here for the Alliance. But warchief Garrosh was far from done though.

In his mind, he was simply thinking to small. It was no longer just about taking over kalimdor,

they had to crush the alliance utterly wiping their filth off the face of azeroth. More

ships, more weapons, more elementals and beasts and demons obeying their commands.

Garrosh hellscream, said baine calmly. I ride now for Mulgore with my braves. There

are far fewer of them than when i rode out to answer the cal of the warchief of the horde.

My loyalty to the horde is deep, and you cannot gainsay me on that. But know this: I fight

for the true horde, not one that utilizes methods both unnecessary and shameful. There

must never be another Theramorenot if you wish the aid of Baine Bloodhoof! Garrosh

stared at baine with narrowed eyes and a slight smirk that baine could not interpret. Duly

noted, he said. As he gathered up the reins of his kodo, Baine glanced at voljin. The

troll looked at him sadly and gave a nearly imperceptible shake of his head. Baine nodded

slightly. He understood voljins reasoning. It was the same as baines ownVoljin needed

to protect his people from the wrath of an offended garrosh. A world war. As baine headed

west, toward home and the serenity of the rolling plains of his beloved mulgore, he

could not decide if garrosh was mad with power...or simply mad.

After the cataclysm and the bombing of theramore, a new land was discovered..

I am pleased to report that the battle at sea goes well, Warchief. Our forces report

decisive victories off the coast of Tanaris and Tol Barad.”

Alliance blood spills...this pleases me, General.”

There's more. I've received word that our southern fleet engaged an Alliance envoy.

We chased the royal flagship, until it ran aground. ”

Aground? Where? ” ”Apparently, they found a massive uncharted

land mass, shrouded by dense mists. ” ”AND YOU LET THE ALLIANCE GET THERE FIRST?!

Redirect the invasion fleet. General, you and your best veterans will pave our way.


RED! ” Garrosh crushes the model representing the

Alliance flagship with his foot.

And so the eyes of hellscream fell upon Pandaria, a land previously covered by mists, one waited

to be conquered in the name of the horde. People, resources and power, thats what

the warchief desired. Unknown to both sides was that pandaria was infected with something

called the Sha. It fed on negative emotions and bringing our faction war here was like

offering them a banquet. Problems all across the land arose, problems that adventurers

had to solve. Mix and mingle with the local pandaren until the warchief himself, around

2 months later, joined them and pushed on.

Vol'jin. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be on your island kissing frogs? “

The question is, what are WE doin' here? Yeh bring 'dis war to anudder corner of Azeroth,

and I wanna know why. “ “ Your lack of vision is why your people

are still primitives, and your lack of loyalty is why I did not summon the Darkspear for

this campaign. Look around you, Vol'jin. This land is rich in resources: wood, stone, iron,

fuel. And people. A show of might on these shores will make the pandaren think twice

about joining the Alliance. “ “ All dis bloodshed make everyone tink twice

'bout joinin' da Horde. “ “ This is the difference between me and

you, Vol'jin. I won't let MY people starve to death in the desert. I will stop at nothing

- NOTHING - to ensure a proud and glorious future for the orcs and anyone with the courage

to stand with us. Wait here. “

Garrosh whispers to Bloodrazor: ‘I have no doubt that you will be able to confirm

my suspicion. See how the troll reacts. If he approves, he may live. If he does nothe

is a traitor. Cut his throat. “ And thats exactly what happens on the mission.

Inside the dark rookery they uncover wicked dark mogu magics to shape flesh, to build

warriors and voljin has had enough, cant go through with this.

Garrosh playing god? Making monsters? Dis aint what the Horde is about!”

Grrrr he knew you were a traitor! SLICE” “Help

The warchief will anihilate his enemies!”

The troll nearly lost his life here, but were able to fight our way out. Hes going to

lay low for a while, discover what it means to be horde, to be a family and eventually

return for the darkspear rebellion. Before that moment we saw the warchief abuse the

blood elves in the search of the Divine Bell. This ancient mogu artifact allowed them to

empower their warriors and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. A weapon Garrosh

very much desired, one that the alliance was keen to keep out of his hands.

At first it seemed like they were succesfull, able to track it down before the Horde got

their hands on it. With the aid of Jaina, now leader of the kirin tor, they hid the

bell away only for the sunreavers to be used by the warchief and steal the mighty artifact.

Jaina finds out about this and all hell broke lose in Dalaran. The purge of Dalaran they

call it, but Garrosh didnt care. He got his prize and as a bonus, the blood elves

who had been thinking about leaving the horde and rejoining the alliance were now forced

ever closer to Hellscreams horde.

We sindorei will take our future into our own hands. And get this damn thing out

of my sight. Hellscream bought his treasure with the blood of my people. I hope it destroys

him.” “My Lord. YOU would make a fine warchief.”

It may come to that. Bring me my blades. The next move is mine.”

Horde heroes are invited to witness the ringing of the bell, Garrosh experimenting with its

powers but it seems to be a bit too much for our warriors to handle. On top of that, Anduin

Wrynn has been busy recovering the harmonic mallet. An artifact of pandaren design to

turn the chaos of the bell into perfect harmony.

Die, whelp!!!” GARROSH SMASH

The warchiefs rage crushes the bell and nearly every bone in anduins body, but doesnt

kill him. The prince will spend some time recovering while the alliance and horde deal

with the threat of the thunderking and realise that working together is better then constantly

trying to kill eachother. Voljin, now healed up and a bit wiser, also makes his return,

kicking off the darkspear rebellion. The time without their leader hasnt exactly been

great for the darkspear trolls. Even Goel can see that the time to clean up his mistakes

has come...Together with Saurfang, who had promised to kill garrosh if he lead the horde

down a dark path, they went on in ahead of orgrimmar with the aid of Nazgrim... but Garrosh

has been quite busy during his time as warchief, perhaps its already too late...

Hmmmm it thursts. Bring it to the pools Cheer cheer cheer, lets make a bridge to the

pool. The heart is thirsty boys it needs some milk

Enough, you have run rampant for far too long hellscream. But that

Muhahahahaha step aside pandaren. You confront a force beyond reckoning.

Your father dabled in powers beyond reckoning. Where is he, now?


I have fought beside the tauren trolls and others. You are nothing like them!

Uhooo footstuck in the bridge They are no longer part...OF MY HORDE.

Get stuck on my gorehowl GET OVER HERE The world will hear of this. They will come

for you. Yesss im counting on it. The armies of the

world will come for me. And within my fortress they will face all the terrible creatures

I have wrought. The boundless power I have mastered. And one by one, they will fall at

my feet. Anyone who would rise against my new horde, will be impaled upon the spires

of Orgrimmar. You pandaren tried to burry your hate and your anger. But such power cannot

be contained. It...must be UNLEASHED! Cloink, uhooooooo the heart of the old god

A time will come when you will answer for your crimes.

I answer TO NO ONEEEEEE ooooow snap the milk is explosive, yep this

cant be good. Thats the power of a freaking old god at his side.

All who challenge me....will burn in the fires of my hatred.

Deep beneath the land of Pandaria they have found the heart of the old God Yshaarj,

burried there millenia ago. Empowering it in the pool causes a massive explosion, massive

devestation to the land of pandaria. Alliance and Horde work together during the so called

siege of Orgrimmar, realising that this warchief has to be kicked out. Our raid started beneath

the vale against Immerseus and the Fallen Protectors. it then moved on proving and cleansing

ourselves for Norushen, guardian of the vault where they found the heart. After the sha

of pride fight, a sha released by garrosh, we discover just how far the Warcief has stepped

away from the orc we knew in the past...

Look here, he left his weapon behind.” “Gorehowl.”

This means hes complete unhinged.” “News to no one, Regent Lord.”

Gorehowl, the blade of his father, of his fathers father, replaced with Xalatoh Desecrated

image of Gorehowl. It whispers to its wielder which might make you wonder if by this point

Garrosh was under the control of the old gods, but again, theyve stated that he was not.

Good or bad, atleast his choices were his own. Choices that made some step away from

him, while others remained ever loyal like Zaela riding atop Galakras, the last blood

of galakrond. Its the proto-drake that we defeat while Zaela survives the encounter

to fight another day. Atop the walls of Orgrimmar, General Nazgrim remains ever loyal to his

warchief, but the gates cant hold against the night elf onslaught. With the gates fallen

we find out exactly how far garrosh and his horde have taken this. Theramore citizens,

presumably those evacuated before the bombing, are found caged or used for target practice

or forced to fight eachother for the sake of their children.

Muhahhaa I ... I cant...They took my children

So sorry....please, find my babies!”

The Trolls are also hung up, tormented and used for target practice. At the auction house,

goblins are forced to dance for the orcs entertainment. Ji Firepaw has been beaten nearly oncuncious

as theyre trying to get information out of him on the gathered pandaren artifacts. Even

Gamon who heroicly held his ground against the korkron, has been tied up.

This ends here! I...GAMON....will save us!”

After taking out the dark shamans Haromm and Kardriss we join Gamon downstairs to confront

Nazgrim. Despite loyal orcs like Eitrigg and Saurfang stepping away from Garrosh, Nazgrim

will not...can not let go of his duties to the warchief. Fiercely loyal to the horde

and bound by a rigorous code of honor and duty, Nazgrim will hold the line for his warchief

until his dying breath.

I die...with honor...Loktar Ogar.”

A more recent, but nonetheless fiercely loyal orc that is Malkorok. When the warchief needed

a volunteer to infuse with the power of yshaarj, it was only natural that malkorok would offer

without hesitation. Already a force to reckon with before the infusion, hes now a massive

hulking force. Beyond that are the spoils of pandaria, artifacts, weapons and treasures

found in that land. Thok the bloodthirsty from the isle of giants. Siegecrafter Helix

Blackfuse, the only goblin to satisfy garrosh in his search for the engineer of the true

horde. Creating monstrous, deadly weaponry like the Iron Star. Then the Paragons of the

klaxxi, the mantid bug like race ever loyal to their old god Yshaarj until all were

conquered and only Warchief Garrosh Hellscream remained...

It is not too late, Garrosh. Lay down the mantle of warchief. We can end this here,

now, with no more bloodshed.” “Ha! Do you remember nothing of honor? Of

glory on a battlefield? YOu who would parlay with the humans, who allowed warlocks to practice

their dark magics right under our feet. You are weak. We are the ORcish Horde, the True

Horde! We die bloody and thrashing on the field of battle, like true orcs SHOULD. You

are an Orc no longer, and speak for none but yourself. You betrayer our people to forge

your fragile alliences, and I will take great pleasure in tearing them apart.”

The n you have forced my hand. I will correct the mistake I made long ago. Spirits of the

wind, the earth, the water, hear my call! Come to my aid!”

Hahahahah Fool. My dark shaman have twisted and tortured the elements for miles around.

They cannot hear you now. Once again you prove too weak and powerless to do anything.”

NEver powerless Garrosh. And never alone.” “SO, you wish to face off against a real

Orc Warchief. So be it.” Smack smack OW SNAP

I Garrosh son of gromm, will show you what it means to be called Hellscream.

SMACK Anger, Hatred, Fear...They are weapons of

war. The tools of a warchief. Empowered by the heart of yshaarj.

Yessss.....Yes. I can see it now. I can see the future of this world. A world ruled by

the Horde! MY HORDE! The heart will be your end.”

While the heart of Yshaarj hangs above the inner chamber, occasionaly empowering

garrosh further and sucking us in. His korkron and iron stars race across the battlefield,

coming to the aid of their warchief.

You can never leave this place. There is no way homeeeee

The true horde will come to pass. I have seen it. IT HAS SHOWN ME! I HAVE SEEN MOUNTAINS


More and more of Yshaarjs powers are flooded into Garrosh until its time for him to show

us a glorious destiny, the thing he wishes for the most.

Muhahahaha you think you have won? You are blind. I will force your eyes open!”


And while he fought very hard to bring that dream of HIS horde to life, the world, the

other factions amongst the horde disagreed. Disgreed with his vision and his methods,

garrosh is kicked out of the mantle of warchief while the heart of Yshaarj is completely

drained... cannot end like this...What I...What I have seen....”

You disapoint me....Garrosh.” Oh no not this again

You are not worthy of your fathers legacy CLOINK

His punishment is not for you alone to decide.”

I wont let you take him.” “We have all suffered from his atrocities.

My people, more then any other. Let him stand trial in pandaria. There he will meet out

justice for all.” Yeah fine what ever lets put him on trial.

Goel would not have someone else have the killing blow so rather then just killing our

enemy, a trial it shall be. Ive done a much more detailed video on the novel warcrimes

if youre interested in all the little bits, the video is up on the channel.

In essence they held a trial in pandaria with Taran Zhu as judge, the august celestials

to pass judgement. Tyrande Whisperwind as the accuser and none other then Baine Bloodhoof

trying to defend garrosh. The book was more about recapping past events and pushing the

story forward into the next expansion.

We did see Sylvanas and Vereesa, the windrunner sisters planning to poison garrosh.

Vereesa very keen on taking vengeance for her husband rhonins death, but she had a change

of heart, informed Anduin that the food was poisoned and the prince prevented his death.

Tyrande and Baine showed moments of the past, moments connected to Garrosh like the bombing

of theramore, but again the trial itself didnt matter much as the august celestials would

have chosen for imprisonment anyways. Only where there is life can there be change, which

the book oddly enough makes you believe could be a possibility. That there could be hope

for Garrosh. That this might not be the end of his story. The former warchief had quite

a few conversations with anduin about their nature, who they are, what choices theyve

made along the way. While reading, I was really hoping that Garrosh could go through more

character growth and in an interview Christie Golden actually mentioned that had Kairoz

not approached him with their schemes, we might have seen a different garrosh. Of coursetheres

also the behind the scenes bit of different teams working on his story, having different

visions for the character, a different end destination....all that said though...change

would not be his fate.

Garrosh was given a chance to speak, he saidAnd Prince Anduin Wrynn, who by all rights

should be foremost among those clamoring for my death, has chosen to spend hours in my

company. I attempted to slay him, in a brutal, cruel, and painful manner. And what does he

do? Garrosh shook his head, as if in disbelief. He speaks to me of the Light. He tells me

he believes that I can change. He has shown me kindness when I offered hatred and violence.

It is because of him that I stand before you, facing what I expect to be a pronouncmenet

of my death, as a warrior, not as a broken slave. He lifted his shackled hands, and gave

Anduin a slight bow before turning to face the crowd once more. Oh, yes. I know full

well how much blood is on my hands. I know exactly the magnitude and the consequences

of what I have done. He took a deep breath and seemed to be gathering his thoughts. Anduin

leaned forward, not wanting to hope, but hoping wildly, beautifully, anyway. And now, here

at this moment, when I am free to speak my mind and heart, I tell you true: I regret...”MuhahahahahahaHis

laughter ran through the arena. Nothing! Anduin forgot to breathe. He felt cold, numb. he

sat, staring at Garrosh, for a moment unable to mentally process the words. Sound hammered

on his ears, the outraged cries of a furious public. Taran Zhu struck the gong futirely,

calling for order. But Garrosh, ti seemed, had only begun. He lifted his shackled arms

and bellow, Yes! Yes! I would destroy a thousand Theramores, if it would bring the Alliance

to its knees! I would hunt down every night elf whelp that bleats on the face of this

world and silence their mewling forever! I would banish every troll, every tauren, every

simpering blood elf and greedy goblin and shambling walking corpse if it were within

my powerand it almost was! Garrosh continued. Anduin clenched his jaw. How could he have

believed Garrosh could chnage? The only attrocities I regret are the ones I did not perform, the

orc shouted, grinning ferociously at the turmoil his words had caused. The only thing that

preys on me is that I was stopped before I could see the true Horde live again!

And with that speech, the plan behind the scenes was put in motion. As Zaela, Shokia,

Thalen Songweaver, Harrowmeiser and the infinite dragonflight assault the temple where court

was being held, the bronze dragon Kairozdormu working together with the black dragon Wrathion,

used a device that we helped power up. The vision of time, to set Garrosh free and take

him back in time to an alternate reality. This with the intend of Garrosh forming a

new horde and have that horde stand with Azeroth against the coming legion.

You are warchief no longer hellscream. You are free because I willed it. You live

because i will it. You will join your father and rally the old orc clans because I will


An alternate reality set before the time the orcs drank the demonic blood, specificly selected

to be one where Garrosh had not been born. Grommashwife, Golka, died during an ogre

raid before they were able to have kids, which is also what happened to garrosh his mother,

but not before she gave birth to him.

But what the bronze had not counted on, was that Garrosh had other plans in mind. His

future for his horde is not under the controle of some sort of Bronze Dragon so he picks

up a shard from the vision of time and murders Kairoz with it. With his partner in crime

defeated, Garrosh has the near impossible task of convincing this alternate version

of his father and the warsong clan of the future. He jumps into a pit where the warsong

clan has their mak'rogahn, not makgorah but makrogahn, a way for the warsong to

prove their worth. Its not necesarely a duel to the death, its more a duel of will,although

sometimes accidents do happen. Garrosh all chained up and a pure outsider to the warsong

clan, tries to convince Grommash to listen to him without telling who he actually is.

"Grommash Hellscream, I have traveled far and sacrificed much to stand in front of you.

I am here to defy what fate has dictated for you and all orcs." "Slavery. The loss of our

souls and everything that makes us great,"

At first Grommash laughs at his face and declares him to be a lunatic, but Garrosh has to convince

Grom. He explains to the chieftain that The path to the Warsongs' slavery will not come

from war or defeat. Your fate will be accepted freely and gladly," he said, raising his voice,

"and it will be you, Grommash Hellscream, who will insist on being first to tie yourself

to the orcs' new masters. The rest will follow. We will never recover."

Now Garrosh had insulted Gromms honor and warsong mercy only goes so far. The four guards

that were holding him are told to duel Garrosh, and he manages to win, chains and all. This

gives him the chance to talk to Grommash and explain more about his motivations. He shows

him the shard taken from Kairoz and he guesses that the elements at the stones of prophecy,

the same place where Thrall told him the full truth about his father, will be able to show

Grommash the future.

They travel to the location and on the way garrosh explains more about his plans of conquest,

his plans with the orcs. Bringing together the clans wont be easy, but the spoils

of war will convince them. Once they reach the stones the Elder Zhanak already knows

theyre coming. The elements have been rising up since they can feel that Garrosh does not

belong there. The Elder treats grommash with respect, but gives garrosh nothing but venom.

He goes as far as to deny garrosh acces to the stones, but Garrosh is oke with that aslong

as Grommash is allowed entry.

‘"The stranger believes the fate of this world rests upon my choices," Grommash said,

lifting the glass while standing inside the stone circle. "He also claims the proof lies

within this. Prove him wrong and he will die here. Show me the truth, one way or the other."”

The elements respond and Grommash is picked up by a great swirl of air. Inside he sees

the truth of Garroshs words, he sees how the horde is formed, how they slowly turn

green, how the powers of the warlocks are embraced and how Guldan offers them the

demon blood. He sees how the events took place in our time and and how he himself steps up

to be the first to drink it. Grommash was told by Garrosh that he did this not because

he was weak but because he would not let any other orc take such a risk first." This was

a lie, although perhaps a lie garrosh told himself to make his father look better, but

a lie nontheless. Grommash WANTED to be the first because none would be stronger than

him. Not for a moment. He would never be weak. The visions continieud as Grommash saw his

future unfold, but in the mean time the elder saw the same visions as Grommash. He was terrified

to realise their future and at first Garrosh was being very kind to the old orc, but then

the orc realised what their future COULD become. Peace, they might see peace. The visions did

not stop with just the bad part of the Horde, they continieud showing Thrall and the new

horde he tried to build.

"Hellscream can bear it. He can overcome it. The corruption will not be the end." Tears

streamed down Zhanak's face. His voice was laced with joy and hope. "One world in ruins,

but the other stronger than ever. Hellscream's sacrifice saves us all. You've seen it…"

Garrosh has seen this future before and does not like it. Thralls vision of the Horde,

one trying to aim at a peace with the alliance is the precise thing that Garrosh turned his

back on when he became warchief and he does not want that future to happen. He wants this

horde to become conquerers and take Azeroth for him so he places his hand over the old

orcs mouth and nose and slowly sufficated the life out of him. Now Zhanak wont be

able to influence Grommash. Garrosh then quickly makes his way to his father and tells the

guards to pull him out of there, to end the vision before Grommash knows to much., before

he finds out about Thrall and the rest of the story.

With only half the story in his mind, Grommash agrees to Garrosh his plans of invading

azeroth. Its not going to be easy and they only have a few months, but they will have

to convince the rest of them to not touch guldans so called gift.

Guldan scoops a delicious bit of demon blood for grommash to drink nom nom

Drink, hellscream. Claim your desinty. You will all be conquerors.

Yeaaaa no i dont think so And what guldan must we give in return.

Ow let me show you, everything. Yeaaa hard pass i dont want to look like you.

Look at you, your ugly. Giggle, you would reject this gift?

Guess who it is grommash! Ow snap its mannoroth, he s so pretty.

And did you bring these mongrels here just to watch you die?

Nahhhh famn we came here with a plan. Look, fireballs in the sky. This is highly advanced

tech from the future GET REKT NOOOOOOOOOOOOW

Oke garrosh going now. Iron star deployed. Surely this will hold the massive pitlord

in place. Ow snap noit didnt. KABOOM

Yeeeep that iron star is going to need some manual support. come on grommash, whats the

point of all those push ups ifyou cant even lift an iron star.

ROAAAAR ZOOOOOOOOOOOM BAWOESSSSSj Ow look at that, through fire and flame gorehowl

stuck inside your head. One shot one kill. But uhoh history abotu to repeat itself, grommash

about to be blown up BUT THERES GARROSH WITH THE SUPPORT. What a trooper, what a life saved.

Hello guldan you alright? This was not our destiny.

Times change. OW man that line is iconic,. Yep just grab the eewy goowy gorehowl and

pass it along to your not really dad. WE will never be slaved!

CHEER CHEER CHEER But we will be conquerors.

This cinematic is still amazing, with the paralels of grommash caught in the explosion,

only this time garrosh is there to push him out of it. This was not their destiny, this

is a different horde. The Iron Horde, gathering the clans and receiving quite a few technological

upgrades from the visiting Garrosh. Grommash would be warchief of the Iron Horde while

Garrosh became leader of their warsong clan. The Dark Portal turned red trying to accomplish

garroshgoals of conquest, but Azeroth has grown pretty strong over the years. The

initial assault is quickly pushed back, stepping through the dark portal, back in time to this

alternate reality.

Storm the portal!”

Step by step the Iron Horde is dismantled, but to keep it focused on garrosh...our escapee

was found in Nagrand where he nearly ended our lives. Thankfully there was Goel to

steal the kill, I mean confront the mistakes of his past and challenge Garrosh to Makgorah...

Now you die” “Garrosh!”

Thrall? Youre too late, old friend.” “No. No more, Garrosh. Just you, and me.

I challenge you to Makgora.” “”

Very well shaman. We finish this alone, where it all began. At the stones of prophecy.”

At the stones of prohpecy thrall and garrosh meet up for their epic showdown. The maghar

orc born and raised in the shadow of his fathers mistakes versus the warchief of the horde,

raised by human hands/. You must answer for your crimes garrosh.

Ow garrosh did not like that. He did nothing wrong after all.


match of the ages. Notice btw how each time thrall strikes theres lightning in the sky.

All I did KICK I did for the horde! Yeah noooo YOU FAILED THE HORDE.

OW snap yeah you dont want to throw your 1 weapon away. Ow ok you got fists.

You made me warchief! You left me to pick up your pieces. YOU...FAILED...ME!

I mean, hes not wrong thrall. Youre kinda a dummy

You never had the strength of a true warrior. I do not rely on strength alone, Garrosh.

My power is all around you. Ow snap thats right hes a shaman lol.

And on draenor the elements are all the more stronger. Yeah garrosh you made a booboo

THrrall! You made me what I am. chose your own destiny.

AND NOW ITS TIME TO END IT. I sentence you toooooo BAWOESJ

Awww thrall so sad, had such high hopes. Shaman no in peace Garrosh.

While i might have wished for a bit more character growth when it comes to Garrosh rather then

just use him to kick off the next expansion, the raw emotion, dialogue and cutscene that

sends him off is rather awesome. There are those out there that say Garrosh did nothing

wrong while others believe hes evil incarnate. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle,

mirrored here by the final conversation. He went from an orc growing up in the shadow

and knowledge of his fathers worst deeds, not having a shred of faith in his own abilities,

until thrall showed up and completed the story. A succesfull campaign in Northrend lead to

Garrosh taking over control of the Horde, despite voices like Cairne, like Garrosh himself

telling thrall that he wasnt ready for this, but thrall had made up his mind, believing

that the advisors surrounding him would guide garrosh in the right direction. A mistake

he would later realise. Their different visions clashing with the new warchief, even going

as far as threatening his life caused him to replace them, surround himself with those

that already agreed with his vision. Thats the major difference of the paths between

Varian and Garrosh. Where once they were similar, Varian listened to those around him, advised

him, kept an open heart while the ones that were supposed to challenge Garroshideas

either abandoned him or were kicked out. Thats what I mean with the truth lies somewhere

in the middle. Its not just Garroshfault, but to say he didnt do anything

wrong is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. That is of course very debatable and another

thing still being discussed to this day is the question, did thrall cheat during this

makgora by using his shamanistic abilities. My opinion is that Garrosh knew full well

who he challenged, that theres no set rulebook or referee for makgora, that if thrall

cheated by the old rules then so did garrosh and at the end of the day....I dont think

thats the point of this. It was closure, a circle of storytelling for these two connected

characters. While Goels choice here, cleaning up his mess, realising that theres

some truth to Garroshwords. Bravely saying you chose your own destiny is only half the

truth, and that emotional inner turmoil caused him to eventually give up the doomhammer and

pass it on to a shaman hero in their battle against the Legion.

In the case of alternate draenor, grommash and the iron horde would be defeated. Guldan

and his fel horde would be defeated. The burning legion would be defeated as we left this alternate

reality behind to do its thing. Later on the Horde would reconnect to this reality, now

with the timeline synched up meaning that around 35 years has passed on alternate draenor.

Grommash actually had a son in that time but exarch Hellscream has thrown in his fate with

Yrell and the Draenei. A war is going on between the maghar orcs and the holy draenei. During

the recruitment scenario we didnt actualy see Garrosh, only the sacrifice of

perhaps if in the future they return to this storyline. Dive deeper into whats happening

on alternate draenor, we might find out more about this alternate Hellscream...

In the case of our Garrosh, hes been deemed one of the worst possible incarnations of

himself by the bronze dragons. In countless potential timelines, he was seen as a great

hero to his people. Some called him the Hordes greatest warchief... and despite judging our

garrosh like that, even now people still see him as a hero. Not a thrall as a warchief,

not one to beg and crawl for peace, but one willing and able to claim what his horde needed,

by any means necesary...

I am the warchief of the horde. Respect my authority!”

And with that I think its time to wrap up this video. Its been a while since we

did such a deep dive into a character, but man has it been fun. I really hope you enjoyed

it as much as I did making it. Question for the comments, did thrall cheat during the

makgora? Lets see what argument we can come up with. As always, thank you very much

for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videoes, leave a like if you enjoyed this

one aaaand until next time....see ya!

The Description of The Story of Garrosh Hellscream - Full Version [Lore]