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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Colossal Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

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- You don't remember anything last night, huh?

- I got really melodramatic, didn't I?

- You told me that you weren't really on a vacation

that you've been looking for a job for a year

your boyfriend didn't work out.

- You are out of control. - What?

- I've packed your things, they're in the bedroom.

- What?

- And since you didn't have any money

you decided to move back here.

- Is there anything else?

- Don't you remember anything?

Don't you get that tingle?

When you know you're watching something

that's gonna change the course of history.

You alright?

- Yeah, uh, it's this nervous tic I have.

I get this itch.

Oh my God.

- The thing appeared

same place, exact same time.

But it just made a bunch of weird hand gestures.

- I gotta show you guys something.

- It's dancing. - It's dancing like...?

- Holy sh--

- Ow! What was -- what was that?

- A helicopter.

- What, with the -- with like the

pilot and everything?

I feel terrible.

- Give 'em a good show.

- Keep it cool.

Oh my God, those people are looking at us.

- She's the monster.

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