Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 포수가 갓 킷인 이유

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I will teach you very briefly

about what is cannoneer.

So how do you use this kit??

You have to use it well.

Precaution of using this kit..,


Just place tnts

and wait for the timing..

You use water to land and then

if you do this, that friend will!

not die..

This kit is an awesome kit (Showing of cannoneer kit)

First get Alex,

Then I will get bulldozer right??

If I kill him when I get bulldozer...

Do this here.. Cha x 2

Then I will go right now!

Do water landing here and then..

Block here! x2

Then what do I do??

Let me go up a bit more higher.

(SteveGolden is already excited)

Hello! SIr?

Ahhh!!!! No!!!! (Happiness ends fast)

Gimoddi! (Feels Good)

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