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It's your girl, Jackie Aina.

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Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.

Due to the amazing response that I got from my

"Why your foundation sucks" video.

Your foundation don't really suck.

It just be sliding off by 05:00 PM.

I'm not here to judge.

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Jackie, slay her, meet her,

sipping on my trinty, Hunty.

I live. This is giving me life, Hunty.

Yes, momma, yes!

Slay her. Drug her. Read her. Who is she?

Because of that,

I actually got a lot of feedback

about future uploads I can do

and I already saw those coming,

but everybody was like do concealers next.

No, no, no, no, for real though.

I'm gonna show you basically how to elevate

whatever you already do so this is...

(power tools running in the background)

(terrifying music)

If your just starting out with make up,

I think this might be a little intimidating to you.

I'm gonna try to make this

as easy to follow along as possible,

but it's definitely for the person

who likes to wear a lot of make up

for a long periololically time.

I've already prepped my skin

and the reason why I have bare skin

and didn't just do foundation and go right into concealer,

is because there is one skin prep

that I really, really wanted to highly recommend.

Using an eye balm.

Now, this product right here.

This is the Lancome Visionnaire IU.

It is an under eye balm, primer,

something that you can use to just

make the base for your under eye

really smooth, really creamy.

I've raved about this product a lot,

but I don't like to put it in every tutorial,

because girl, not everybody's the queens fur,

and it's definitely, definitely, definitely,

an optional, a splurge,

it's not a need, it's a want.

I do feel like this has been like kind of

a game changer for me

and I've been using this for about two years now.

Oh, it's just so light and fluffy.

I feel like I'm touching meringue,

like lemon meringue.

I don't even know what lemon meringue feels like,

but I feel like if it was something,

it'd feel like this.

Even that was lie,

I just wanted to show you guys

like what the texture looked like.

It's really creamy, it's really bouncy

and it doesn't all the way dry down.

If you feel like you're scared

that it's gonna make your under eye creasy,

I don't think you'll have that problem.

This is the part of the face that tends to be the driest

so the more you nurture and care for her,

the more that everything you put on top of that

will be well taken care of.

Can we also talk about creasing?

I'm just gonna be completely honest.

I feel like the standards for under eye creasing

are a little unrealistic.

I mean, 'cause make up should not be used

synonymously with plastic surgery, okay?

Let's just remember that.

If you put a product on top of an area

that naturally creases a little bit it's

gonna crease.

That's just what it is.

The point is to not fight it.

It's just to work with it as much as you possibly can.

You should be less concerned with

literal creasing of the concealer

and more concerned with concealer moving around

and not staying in place.

I just feel like the same way with oily skin.

Don't fight it,

because you can go super mad

and you can go to a super dry down concealer,

but chances are it's gonna look really obvious

and not that cute.

We've done the first and most important step,

which is the prep.

You can also do this with your favorite eye cream.

How's it going? (screaming)

(Aina gets drowned out by scream)

Now we've done our foundation so what's next?


It is slightly darker under my eye

and around my mouth areas so to correct that,

I'll do a little bit of correcting.

Not just one, not just two,

you need three why or die concealers for this technique.

One, that is maximum coverage,

not just full coverage,

'cause sometimes, fool,

like these brands are trying it with their full coverage.

Hm-mm, if you say so Barbara.

That ain't no damn full.

I mean like spackled.

That's what I mean when I say maximum coverage.

Great example of spackled concealer is when you pull out

that Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer.

I usually go in with the shade SX14.

Now 14 is like my complexion shade,

but it's got a red undertone.

So this isn't doing anything at all but correcting

and also building that layer of coverage, okay?

Obviously this is a pot so I'm gonna go in with a brush.

This is the hourglass brush.

You can just use any flat,

girl, is doesn't even have to be fancy shmancy,

'cause you're just gonna blend it out with a sponge anyway.

I do prefer to blend my concealer with a sponge.

I feel like you get the most impeccable,

flawless, incredible, indubidably,

maximum coverage blendability with a sponge.

I'm not canceling my beauty blender, fall back.

But I'll apply it with a brush,

just so I have a little more control.

Basically what I do is I start right, boom.

You see how I have that little dark right there?

Also don't think just because I'm saying dark

it means I don't want to be dark

and cover it up with undark,

don't do it.

I start almost in my tear,

like I'm, basically my tear duct,

and I start applying that corrector shade.

Do you guys remember the old school triangle?

Dead, diminished.

She's been fired, retired, expired years ago.

Actually no, I'll be completely honest.

If you are a fan of applying your concealer

in a triangle shape or elongated,

whatever you're a fan of, do that,

but the reason why I apply my corrector

basically right under my eye,

is because it's not really my complexion shade,

so we don't want it to take

too much real estate on the face.

I do try to keep the corrector shade

as close to the eye as possible.

Also one of my problem concerns with the under eye is

there is a dip here when I dip, you dip, we dip.

Also I made a fumble.

Earlier when I said

this is like my skin tone shade, it's not.

It's clearly a little bit lighter.

Just gonna clarify that,

because sometimes people are like,

you've got the light,

you've got the light shade,

and I'm like I know.

I wasn't, okay, all right.

Let me call the FBI now.

There is definitely a piece of spinach in my teeth

and I don't appreciate

none of you all heathens for not telling me.

If your number one concern with concealer is

that you put it on and you still feel like

you see that underlying blue pigment or the veins

or you still see some of that darkness peeking through,

I would suggest skipping a color corrector all together

'cause sometimes color correctors don't really have

the most amount of coverage.

I would get a full, full, full, full,

maximum coverage concealer.

Usually I like to go a little orange-y or a little red.

Put that on first,

it has to be maximum coverage

and then put your highlight shade over that.


You're pretty much Gucci.

Problem is, sometimes highlight alone just isn't enough.

It ain't that kind of party.

You're gonna have to double up.

You're gonna have to get the strap, okay.

I've let this dry down for a little bit.

I'm just gonna pat this in.

Now, come on, come a little closer to me,

come a little closer to me, okay?

So right here, right here.

Listen to me very carefully.

The way that you blend your concealer

will 100% make or break the finish.

Don't blend this for too long.

Remember we're putting more on top of it.

You don't want to remove

too much of the product prematurely.

This is still a sponge

and if you keep going and going and going and going,

you're gonna eventually remove some of that coverage

that you worked so hard to achieve.

Now why would you want to do that?

Okay, products are expensive.

Do you know how much

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancers cost?

Exactly, it is past tax season

and I'm not getting no returns,

I'm giving, I'm trying to get al my money's worth.

Starting round my outside,

without swiping.

- Oh man.

- Never swipe your concealer.

That takes the product on and off and on and off

and it also moves it around.

No, you want to keep it exactly where you put it,

by patting it in.

I haven't even gone up towards the immediate under eye area.

As you can see that area is still a little unblended,

but I like to blend around there first

and then right before I'm done,

I just do like one to two quick pats

in that immediate eye area.

That way I get the most amount of coverage.

I remove as little product as possible.

A clean sponge is gonna always give you the best,

best finish and coverage, like guaranteed.

So if you can afford to just like swap between two sponges

then I would highly recommend it.

Make up just always applies 10 times better on clean tools.

So as you can see the under eye looks good,

it looks corrected,

but this ain't no final form, girl.

I know you don't think we're anywhere close to being done.

So after we've corrected,

we're gonna switch to a highlight shade.

So your highlight shade should be the shade

that you're used to using underneath your eye,

that's just lighter than your natural complexion.

It shouldn't match your face.

It should definitely be lighter.

I wanted to give you guys some examples

of like what my highlight shade looks like.

If you use me as a reference,

the equivalent of this would be like Amande from Nars.

As you can see that's a really nice, nutty, golden,

medium brown shade.

I don't know what color this is,

the label came off,

I'm sorry you all, but I'll find out.

This is from Alma Beauty.

I mean this is kind of essentially the same shade as Amande.

It's got a golden undertone,

it's lighter than my complexion,

it will brighten the under eye quite nicely.

Another equivalent is the two-faced chestnut.

Basically anything that is those three shades

or the equivalent if you're my complexion

will work for this next step,

but we're gonna go in with Alma Beauty,

because I really, really like

the coverage of this concealer.

Using the same brush apply this right under my eye

again starting right at that tear duct

and ending it at the eye.

This time I'm gonna drag it a little bit lower,

a little bit lower.

Now I'm doing the same thing on the other side

and I'm being really delicate around my problem area.

My problem area being my under eye dip.

All my fellow conehead sisters.

Five head gang,

huh, five head gang.

Let's make sure we take care how we highlight.

Okay, if this is important to you,

honestly I actually like the size of my forehead.

It's Dennis that calls me Miss Five Head.

I don't know why he be asking me that,

because he's really a six head.

Notice how the way that I'm applying my concealer

is kinda wide and short.

It's stumpy.

The reason that I do this,

is it creates the illusion of width in the face,

so I have a narrow and oval face

and I feel like if I apply things long ways

it's just gonna dry my face down.

It's gonna make it look longer, more narrow.

There's nothing wrong with that,

but that's just not the desired illusion

that I want for my face shape.

Also, it just in my opinion photographs a lot nicer,

it looks a little bit more elevated

versus when you drag things down.

Dragging things down just looks really, really sad.

You know really apocalyptic.

And again notice how everything is really wide.

Like these hips though.

When I look in the mirror,

like I already see the desired face shape

that the concealer is going to give me

once this is blended out.

I hope you guys are following along so far.

I know this is really complicated,

but trust me, don't over-think it,

don't over-blend it and don't over-apply it.

We good? We on the same page?

All right, let's keep going.

It's liquid concealer times darlings

and what do we do whenever we apply liquid concealer?

We never go in and blend immediately after.

When you let your concealer dry down

and I know it really bothers people,

to be honest I'm not sure why that would bother you,

I just noticed that

if I don't immediately blend the concealer

right after I apply it,

I get more coverage,

so I actually let it dry down.

Like a lot.

This thing will not stay open, dammit.

So many people have tweeted me about this technique

and it actually works.

It's also the concealers that I use.

Like these are concealers that aren't super matte.

If you have any type of texture under your eye,

anything that's super matte and super drying

is going to (slurping).

It will age you,

it will make you look dry, hollowed out

and it won't look cute.

This is definitely not the channel

that's about beating the biological clock.

I could care less about looking my age

or not looking my age.

I'm not here to tell you

this is how to look five years younger,

'cause I really don't care, sis.

Like aging is natural and I'm gonna look good at any age.

However, if I can have a youthful glow in my make up, like,

why would I want to look past my age?

Why would I gotta look like what I've been through?

In 31 years?

Just watch the concealers that you use

and make sure that they're not super drying,

mattifying and the ones that like,

once you put them on

you have to blend them right then and there.

And then let's just say you left your concealer on

a little bit (squeaking),

a little bit longer than what you would've liked

and okay, it did dry down maybe a little bit.

All you have to do is like take Fix+,

please don't use matte setting spray,

but you just basically want to like

wet the face with something and then re-blend.

That'll revive the makeup and make it movable again.

Got it? Okay, let's blend.

So now I'm gonna blend the concealer under my eye

the exact same way I did the corrector,

starting right at the edges

and then working our way around.

Okay, I'm stopping right?

But don't forget it.

Look at how seamless that looks around my eye,

I'm not even done blending yet.

I just like to be as thorough as possible with you guys,

because I want you to walk away

feeling like you actually learned something.

The reason why I talk a lot is because,

some people don't always necessarily

have the products that I use,

so if I describe the type of products that I'm using

or not using,

then you can find the equivalent

or you can use what you have at home.

And also there is such a thing as a sponge that's too moist.

So let's say you're blending out your concealer

and you're noticing immediately after

it is like, boom,

one big patch missing from your cheek,

I've definitely been there a couple times.

In fact, might have been there last week,

but that's no the point.

That's usually the sign that your beauty blender sponge

is a little too damp.

Crazy as it sounds,

I actually have a deep appreciation

for concealers that are a little orange.

We're gonna correct again.

Basically double correcting.

Orange concealers.

Let's talk about them.

Ooph, Truffle from Nars.

Ooph, when they came out with the shade,

I didn't know it was going to make points like this.

I was like, oh, that's cute, hm-mm, yeah.

But then I just started messing with it

and I was like, oh-ho!

Not only did you make several points,

you wrote the book on points.

Truffle from Nars basically looks like this.

It's like my highlight shade,

but it's definitely got orange,

like it's orange.

Then I have Walnut.

Walnut is more golden, I would say.

In my opinion they kinda do the same thing.

So I would use Walnut

maybe if I wanted a little bit more brightness.

Another equivalent is Fenty 430.

Fenty 430 is actually pretty spot on

compared to Truffle from Nars.

Yeah, Fenty's actually a little bit more orange.

They both do the exact same thing, though.

They both correct,

they both under eye brighten.

Think of this step as like the equivalent

of using banana powder,

but concealer.

Are you with me? Are you with me?

These concealers do the exact same thing that powders do,

but just in the concealer.

So you don't have to use an extreme yellow powder

that could potentially make your whole face

look orange and crazy.

These are also typically the concealers

I get the most use out of,

because they make great shades around the chin.

Okay so if you feel like

my face is gonna get orange in a minute,

that's because it is.

So I'm gonna take Truffle

and I'm going to start blending that under my eye.

I really don't,

I mean this is my favorite,

one of my favorite concealers

is Radiant Creamy,

but girl, this applicator.

It's just easier to just put it on the back of my hand

and then put it on with the brush,

because I'm here for a lot of things,

but I'm not all the way here for that.

And I'm going to apply right under my eye.

Not even going to go down very low.

If you're feeling like,

oh, Jackie, I don't know about this.

This scares me a little bit.

Like I really don't want to look

too orange or too crazy or whatever the equivalent is

for your skin tone,

because remember this is a correcting shade,

you can go right back to your highlight

and you can just mix them in.

So this is my highlight shade,

this is that Truffle,

that orange-y-ish corrector

and you can just like mix them both in

and then pop that on top.

Not only are we playing with

different colors of the concealers,

but we're also playing with different textures.

So we got one that's a creamier finish.

We've got another one that's gel based.

Now we're working with something that's liquid,

a little bit more skin like

and you know what?

I feel like they're wearing better

when they are mixed together.

The next thing you definitely need

that you probably underestimated

or didn't think would be a part of this tutorial

is you need a contour

and the reason why this step in particular

is important for the overall finish of the makeup

is blending your contour into your concealer

is actually one of my secret weapons.


I'm gonna take a blending brush.

This is the Sigma F79.

It is round, it's tapered,

she's very thick (gagging and coughing).

This is still drying down.

While this is drying down,

I'm gonna start blending,

blending her upward

well into where we applied our concealer.

Not all the way up here.

Just right around the outskirts.

Right around the suburban part

of that under eye concealer neighborhood.

We're not going inner-city,

we're staying suburban and the reason for that

is it just gives it just gives this most natural,

beautiful gradient and transition

from dark all the way to light.

You see how I did that?

Look at how smooth and flawless and seamless that looks

and we haven't even blended this out yet.

So same applies for the forehead.

You're just gonna start blending,

you're just gonna start blending

all the way around the outside

of where we applied our concealer

and into the hairline.

Don't forget the hairline, sis.

I just have one question though.

What is the purging chicken?


I recently saw a picture of someone who should not be named.

They had their hair braided

and like the scalp looked really pink and irritated.

There's gotta be a spray for something like that.

But anyway, if you also highlight your forehead,

just keep it around the outskirts

of wherever you applied that concealer.

They're all blended and meshed and married

and one big happy family.

And you're probably wondering,

Jackie, why do you put your highlight shade on

and then the orange on top?

Wouldn't you want it to be the other way around?

I just feel like it photographs more flattering

when there's something under here

that's really, really fiery and warm.

That way when I (pop),

when that flash hits my face

the overall look of my face just looks a lot more warm

and fresh as opposed to the highlight

sitting on top of the skin as the final concealer.

I just feel like it just doesn't warm up the complexion

the way that I like it to.

This routine is a little bit more specific to someone

who maybe has like a really discolored face

and isn't really sure how do I put on a product.

Makeup is like I said,

and I will keep saying this,

makeup is finessery.

It really is and when your skin tone is uneven,

like you just can't throw on one shade

like the rest of the population can.

Like I hate to tell you like you just can't.

I mean you can,

but I just feel like this is what really (mwah),

chef's kiss, this is what really sets off the makeup for me.

Not adding any more product.

Do you just see how I'm just bloop-bloop, bloop-bloop,

bloop-bloop, bloop-bloop, bloop-bloop like radar.

And also don't be afraid to use the butt of the blender.

Go right back over it.

Bloop-bloop, bloop-bloop, bloop-bloop.

I didn't add any more product,

but I'm just going around the edge of my concealer

and I'm blurring that line.

This is not me contouring my nose,

I'm just blurring that line so that it doesn't look,

do you see how this is stark here.

We want it to look more like this, okay?

Pat that towards the center of your face,

so instead of going outward,

go inward, go inward.

Oh, that sounded (chuckles).

Inward as in towards your eyes.

So that's actually outward then.

This is inward.


This next step is highly optional

and really just depends on how comfortable you are with this

and also, tread very lightly.

You don't need a ton of product to do this

and when I say a little bit,

like do you see,

I know you see how Caucasian this shade is.

Don't get extra,

keep it cute, okay?

This is also the Nars Radiant Cream concealer

in the shade Caramel.

I also sometimes use the shade Sucre Dior,

I forget what it's called.

It's like Sucre something, I don't know.

Very light, you don't need a lot of it, okay?

But what you can do is,

I'm gonna take a little bit of this

and a little bit of this and a little bit of this

and a little bit of this and a little bit of

(shaking head profusely).

Just under the immediate eye,

I'm gonna apply that.

That's it, that's literally it.

Okay, maybe a little bit more.

Now this right here,

let's say I'm going to BET Awards,

let's say I'm going to a Vogue party

and you wanna really look like you knew

what the Hell you were doing.

You really wanna look like your life is put together.

Do this step.

I find this particularly helpful for the under eye dip,

because that light concealer

is gonna create like a reflective shield, okay?

So it's gonna camouflage it.

If you don't have all 50 of these concealers I just used,

practice with ColourPop.

They have great concealers.

The Maybeline Instant Age Rewind

is also a great alternative,

but unfortunately Maybeline

just doesn't give me enough shades

and she also doesn't give me enough corrector shades.

So sometimes brands will give us too many corrector shades

and not enough wearable shades

and sometimes brands will give us all the wearable shades,

but like not enough corrector shades.

It's important to have a balance of both.

This has dried down for quite a bit.

I'm now gonna pat this in.

I'm gonna start by going twice down

and then around my eye.

And that's pretty much it.

Then here saying, go twice down and then wide.

Now this finish, flawless.

Sometimes I go back to my foundation.

I know this is a lot of steps.

I know, I know, I know.

We discussed this, okay?

Go back to my foundation and my contour brush.

Just put a little bit on the back

and in between where that contour was,

basically you're applying this in the same places

that you would highlighter.

I'll just pat that in,

stipple it in so that there's again,

a more natural diffusion between the two colors.

There is no line demarcation,

it just is blended,

barely any product on my brush while doing this.

Finally, that is it with concealer,

but comma in, however,

the way that you apply powder is actually more important

than how you apply the concealer,

because do you know how many times

I have perfected this mother f-ing concealer game,

only to put powder on top and fumble the bag.

Don't be that person and I'm gonna show you

exactly how to avoid that.

I definitely have confidence that

if you start increasing how many concealers you use

and how you place them

and also the types of concealers you use,

you're probably gonna send me like

a thank you Birkin or something.

Feel like I deserve one or two.

All right, so for powder you don't have to worry about

rushing to apply your powder like you normally would

when you use just one concealer,

because you put on so much.

You put on so much that she ain't going nowhere, you know?


But none the less you're still gonna need two powders.

I'm so sorry you guys,

but I'm queen of layers,

I really am.

One that matches your skin tone

and then one that's lighter than your skin tone.

I'm not a fan of yellow powders for this technique,

because as you've seen I've already added concealers

that are quite orange and quite yellow already, so,

why would I then put a yellow powder on top?

I'm not gonna do that.

The powder that I'm using is Cashew from Fenty

and this powder is actually kind of beige.

Kinda neutral and then the Laura Mercier medium dark powder

is what I would use for all over face,

which I'm gonna do first and I'm gonna explain to you

why I do that first.

Also did you guys know that the texture

of the pink beauty blender

and the texture of the black beauty blender

are not the same.

I prefer the black one for powder,

because it's a little bit more stiffer

and I feel like the black one,

because of it's thicker more grittier texture,

I feel like it picks up powder a lot better.

I'm going lightly over my entire face.

My entire face with this brown skin tone powder.

I'm going to take a little bit of that brown powder,

starting at the corner of my nose,

'cause this is where I get oily,

then I'm gonna go under my eye.

And this is kind of like a primer

for the next powder, if you will.

Sometimes that first layer,

maybe you didn't apply it on the best.


This, because it is brown and it's your skin tone

kinda prevents any mishaps or mess-ups.

Doing this, essentially,

kinda toned down all of those colors we used under our eyes

and now this looks a lot more like my face, right?

This in my opinion

is one of the best ways to prevent flashback,

is going over the entire face with a little bit,

you guys, if you use too much powder,

it'll just undo all the work that you did.

So less is more.

Start off with a little bit.

We just don't want a cake face.

Like that's not cute.

We're just not doing cake face energy

this year any more, okay?




Using that same sponge,

I'm going to go into Cashew with a little bit of powder

and even then, okay,

look at all the excess that just came off.

I'm going immediately under my eye.

I'm gonna lightly brush that in.

For a little bakage.

The less powder you apply,

the less powder you have to remove later

and we all know that sometimes

when you go to remove the powder later,

whoo, it's not that cute.

So just be really easy with this

and you can kinda just start to work it in,

like stamp it right on in, girl.

Don't be shy.

Look at how flawless and seamless this looks.

And it also doesn't feel heavy,

because we put on so little powder.

If you're worried about flashback from your powders

or maybe you're just like not comfortable

using the highlight shades,

you can just mix the two.

Just do like equal parts,

mix them together and your cool.

This is flawless.

This is seamless.

This is how to hurt your neck when you're 30.

This is the Morphe M501.

It's really not even that much bigger

than like an eyeshadow creasing brush,

which is this one here.

Take a little bit of your setting powder.

When I say a little bit,

like even this is doing the most.

Take your setting spray.


Don't spray the brush directly.

If you spray the brush directly and get it too damp,

you've already flopped.

Spray the air and then bring the brush into it.

And then you can just barely tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.

When I tell you I'm hovering over the eye,

I'm barely touching it.

It is a very light and minimalistic movement.

Also if I still see a little bit of dippage,

what I'll do is I'll take the powder

and I'll apply it right above it,

so right here is the under eye dip, right?

Watch this.

Applying the powder right above it.

Just barely like and then you can smooth it out.

You can do one last pat in.

Really make sure she's done.

We're finally done.

I feel it's only right to do some of the rest of my face,

'cause I feel like you guys appreciate that.

I'm gonna take both my Fenty bronzers

in Mocha Mami and Coco Naughty.

I start with Coco Naughty first,

because we do love a good grading,

I can't help it.

While we're here,

now that we've got this beautiful base completed,

Miss Keyshia Ka'oir, shout out to you, girl.

She sent me her new highlight palette

and I was really excited to try this.

She's back with yet another

ke-ka-ke-Keyshia ke-ka-ke-Ka'oir,

the signature K-shape.

Don't get no ideas Kourtney, Kim, Kendal, Kylie,

Karletta and Klover.

Okay, calm down.

I really actually like Keyshia.

She seems so sweet and she was like,

I'll send you one, don't worry.

Just so you guys know,

I have no problem spending my own coins

on black beauty brands.

Just say the word.

It's been done before

and it will continuously be done in the future.

But thank you, Keyshia,

I really do appreciate you for sending me this.

I would also really love to see her come out

with blushes in the future to compliment the highlighters.

Since we don't have the Keyshia Ka'oir blush yet,

I'm gonna take Sacha in the color Barely Plum.

This is a soft matte pink.

Don't mind my edges,

I'm wearing my hair down,

I don't wanna hear a thing.

Don't come for me,

you've been there too.

A nice wash of pink.

I love a matte pink blush, oh.

We love a matte pink blush.

I've really been into pink highlighters lately.

So I think I'm gonna take Glowy

which is this shade right here.

I'm gonna go in for Glowy.

Let's just see how Glowy looks.

Ooh, on camera it looks really pretty.

It's definitely chunky, though.

If you have large pores on your cheek,

keep, yeah, keep it back here.

Keep it back there, hm-mm.

Sometimes these chunkier highlights

can kind of highlight texture.

That's literally what they're meant to do.

So just be really careful,

but this is actually applying really pretty.

I'm also gonna throw Glowy in my inner tear duct.

I already have an inner tear duct color,

but I mean who gonna check for me?

Let's highlight the tip of our nose.

By the way on my eyes I am wearing ABH Soft Glam

and Lilly Lash So Extra Miami.

My favorite of course.

The face is snatched.

I'm gonna line my lips with K-liner from ColourPop.

You already know what time it is.

For lipstick I'm gonna take this two-faced

from the Sweet Peach collection

and the color is Sex on the Peach.

Sex on the Peach. ♪

Very vulgar, Jared.

This has actually become one of my favorite lipsticks.

(lips smacking)

Then I'm gonna top it off with my girl,

Denise Sanchez's gloss from Bobby Brown

in the color East Coast Slay.

It is like a peachy, pretty cool tone peachy gray.

Ugh, this two-faced lipstick smells so freaking good.

Oh, I actually really like what that gloss did

to the lipstick.

It made it a little bit more yellow,

a little more peachy.

And that is the final look.

That is it for today's tutorial.

I really hope you guys learned a couple,

a couple of things.

My portfolio has expanded for quite some time now.

I've learned what to do,

what not to do and techniques also change as I get older.

Your skin changes,

your preferences change.

I want you guys to be able to learn as I go as well,

so thank you again for watching.

By the way, love, love, love

when you guys react and recreate these kind of videos

Andrea Rene did a fabulous job recreating my last video

on why your foundation routine sucks

and I really enjoyed it.

It was literally like her reacting

and recreating and trying out the new tips

and I really enjoy her videos in general.

I think you guys will too,

so I'm gonna link hers down below in the description box.

Be sure to check her out after you watch that video,

you might as well,

I mean you might as well watch.

Actually I'm just staying right here in the middle.

I'm gonna put two videos.

One here and one here.

Because why not?

In 2019 I think people appreciate a couple of options.

I mean I sure do, so (chuckles).

Tomato, tomato, the more the merrier.

The Description of Why Your Concealer Routine SUCKS! And Creases FAST | Jackie Aina