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Hey, my name is Matiss, I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of Creamfinance and this is what I do:

Aha... Yeah... Hey, what's up everybody?

How is it going? I'm recording live from this nice

nice little place just right next to the mountains and the sea. And the clear blue sky...

So basically it's Mallorca. I think I did a video actually in October of

last year in Mallorca... So I'm here doing some home office.

So I'm working while family is resting as you can see... So it's all good.

The balance is there.

Let me just actually walk out on the street

so I can go into the topic.

So this is the glorious desk by which I am hustling, working...

And, you know, getting shit done, yeah. But let me just actually get right

out from the house...

So basically, as usual.

Another fine topic that I wanted to

discuss, which I think is often misunderstood quite heavily... and that topic

is a little bit about entrepreneurship and about kind of like, you know, creating

business. And it is as follows:

Are entrepreneurs born or they are made?

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

What is this secret sauce that these

magician entrepreneurs seem to possess that make them so glorious in the

pursuit of accumulating wealth through building world-changing companies?


At least that's how like, you know, I guess...

That's how media would like to see


In reality those are just fuckers that live in the dirt

and eat shit every day and solve problems...

And you know, and put out fires.

That's the reality so it's interesting that like, the common consensus is that entrepreneurs...

Maybe are taking classes off... yeah, that's fine.

Entrepreneurs are, you know,

like poets. Like artists. Like, you know, a special breed of people that

seem to have a magic touch, you know...

And while that's... I guess there is some truth to it

but in reality I have very different opinion.

And I have an opinion that

pretty much everything that, you know, an entrepreneur possesses in terms of ability & skills

is pretty much learnable.

I'm not sure if that's a f* word, but you know...

Those are things that you can learn. You can obtain you can, you know,

you can gather through experience. And... and I'm for sure I mean

like I wouldn't imagine people will doubt that you can learn a little bit of

stuff about finance so you can learn to, you know, understand how to manage people,

you can learn marketing, you can learn sales and etc. etc.

And there's always an element that if you cannot learn something or if you're really weak at it

you can outsource it, delegate to get somebody else to do it, obviously. Right?

So let's agree that that's like fairly, you know, fairly simple to agree on.

And this is kind of a little town... Shoreline...

People love doing cycling over here, you know...

Even with like... Even like, people like these, you know...


Yo, what's up, you know, sport rules! Um so...

So that's the funny thing. So the one thing

that seems to be associated with entrepreneurs that kind of like makes

them, you know, unique or seemingly... is the skill, the ability that you cannot learn

is the risk-taking.

And this is, my friends, another bullshit notion.

Because risk-taking - you can actually learn just as about any other skill, you know?

There is this sort of perception that kind of like, you have to...

You have to have something in you to kind of be able to see in the future and kind of

take these risks and live with uncertainty but the paradox, the obvious paradox

is that you have far more certainty when you kind of like are in charge of your,

you know, job in your career as a self-employed person

or an entrepreneur that has a business than you have certainty when you are

employed by somebody, right?

Because really when you are employed by somebody you can get chopped any day.

Anything can happen, right?

So that's a bit of an illusion but the whole notion of uncertainty and kind

of like risk-taking is really like I would draw parallels to let's say...

I don't know, like learning to ski and then jumping, right?

Seems like, you know, like making a massive bigger jump is like incredible.

But once you kind of take step by step and you just like push yourself,

push your limits a little bit and then you understand you kind of come at the other side

of this fear and you understand that that's just another thing that you

just learn, yeah.

So that's about risk-taking.

Another... yeah and I'd say

another important aspect which is probably associated to entrepreneurship

quite a lot is, you know, the ability to like... not to embrace but, you know,

to persevere.

To push through things, yeah.

To not let go and not give up.

So that's a fair, you know, point when it comes to "can you learn entrepreneurship"?

"Can you learn to build companies and build business"? or is it like

an inherent ability that you have in your DNA and the one thing which is

probably difficult to learn is perseverance. Persistence.

But the funny thing is that persistence just as it is important and crucial in business it is

as crucial in any other aspects in life where you want to really become

excellent and great. So let's take arts or music or family life or relationship

or any other kind of like area if you really, really wanna become expert,

you know, world-class, you know, really great etc. etc., then you're going to have

to face a lot of adversity and you're going to have to try many times

until you kind of become very fluent. And that is a definition of perseverance. So...

So that is probably the only one thing that is kind of like ingrained in the

entrepreneurial journey which is a bit difficult to learn but umm.. but again, I

mean it's it's it's an emotional muscle that you just work on and develop over

time and you keep repeating and preparing and working until you develop it.

So that's um that's kind of like my take on whether

entrepreneurship is something that people are born with or the ability...

Or you can develop it.

I certainly think that you can develop like 99.9% of it.

And of course there will be some people that are just naturally more

talented and more capable potentially as entrepreneurs or some that are more

capable in doing certain type of sport, yeah? I think a person that is inclined

to be a scientist and just love being alone in doing research would never be a, you know,

a magnificent entrepreneur and vice versa but that's obviously, you

know, that's common sense, I'm not talking about that.

But really all the other

skills you can just f* learn.

So let's remove all of our, call them, you know, objections.

Not objections, what the f* am I talking about?!

You know, excuses!

Excuses for, you know, those people that want to kind of like be in business on

their own and own companies and that if you hear people saying "oh yeah, but you

know entrepreneurship is something that, you know, either you have it or you don't".

That's the way people put it right there - you have it or you don't.

I don't f* think so.

If you don't have it - go get it. Go develop it that is the message of today.

Alright. So that's it my friends, I'm just going to go and

get some lunch now I hope you enjoy this.

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Peace out, stay well.

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