Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Message from the Chief Executive, 29th May 2020/ Neges gan am Prif Weithredwr 29 Mai 2020

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Bore da I chi gyd, a chroeso I neges fideo yr wythnos hon. Good morning everyone and

welcome to this week's video message. I'm delighted this week to confirm that since

last week's video message, we have experienced no further Covid related deaths in Pembrokeshire

in any setting. The latest figures published by the Office for National Statistics also

indicate a decline nationally in Covid related deaths. This is really a positive step forward

but we won't allow this to breed complacency in our response to the pandemic. Indeed, over

the Bank Holiday weekend it was pleasing to see a high degree of compliance with Government

guidance on non essential travel, with our colleagues at Dyfed Powys Police again operating

stop and check facilities and taking appropriate action as necessary. This is a further indication

that in Pembrokeshire we are paying high regard to Government advice and doing all we can

to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic. Consequently, last week we were able to announce the opening

of one of our important services - the Civic Amenity Sites. I'd like to thank our communities

again as more than 6,000 slots at Pembrokeshire's Waste and Recycling Centres were booked in

the first week. As expected there was significant demand after we announced the reopening of

our six facilities from Tuesday, and I would like to thank the public for following the

booking instructions and access arrangements. There are still plenty of slots available

for next week and at all sites across the County. Access to the sites is only available

at the moment via pre-booked appointments, so please book in advance of your visit, and

I'm advised that there are 6,300 appointments available per week, so there should be no

problem in finding a convenient time to suit you. I must also thank the teams of staff

who have put this very well organised system in place to ensure our communities can use

these facilities in a controlled and safe manner. I'm given to understand that thus

far all has worked extremely well. Slots can be booked at

or by phoning the Council's contact centre on (01437) 764551. The facilities will be

reopening under normal summer opening hours seven days a week. For the latest information

please visit the Council's general website I want

to say something now in relation to business grants. To support businesses in Wales in

response to Covid-19 Welsh Government introduced two non repayable grants. These grants are

available to all businesses who are in receipt of small business rate relief or to those

that occupy properties that being used wholly or mainly in the retail, leisure and hospitality

sector with a rateable value of 51,000 or less. Since the 1st April, the Council has

paid out approximately 39 million worth of grants, to over 3,200 businesses in Pembrokeshire.

Welsh Government has now announced however that the closing date for both these grants

is the 30th June 2020. We are aware that some local businesses are yet to apply for grants,

so I want to encourage all businesses to do so before this deadline. You can find more

information and make your application for the grant at

before making the application you'll need to have your business rate account number

available and be able to provide proof of the business bank account that you wish the grant

to be credited to. If you are applying for a self catering unit, the additional information

required is stated on our website. Just before I finish for this week, we have seen some

further relaxation of lockdown restrictions applicable in England as a result of recent

announcements by the Prime Minister and we are currently awaiting an announcement by

the First Minister in Wales and we will communicate with you again as soon as possible regarding

any adjustments relative to Pembrokeshire. In the meantime please do keep offering your

feedback and let us know of any issues that need addressing and we'll do our best to respond

accordingly. Mwynhaur penwythnos, a diolch am wylio. Hywl am y tro.

Enjoy the weekend and bye for now.

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