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So you're on the way out the door for a dinner date or a movie and you've broken a nail

Let me show you why it broke, and how we can do a quick fix. I'm Suzy. Let's get started!

I wasn't actually on the way out the door to a movie or a dinner date

But I was getting ready to do a video, and I broke this nail to shoot something else and this came up

I don't break nails very often

But every time someone breaks a nail, you want to examine why we broke it so we can hopefully

Eliminate that for the next time. Now sometimes, you can just break your nail just because you slammed something on it

And something's got to give you don't want it to be your finger nail is in the nail bed

But the acrylic most likely is gonna give and that's a good thing so it doesn't break your finger

but in this case

I of course do videos all the time

And I'm filing it thinner and thinner but I'm not necessarily

Building it up every time cuz I'm just doing different designs, so if you look here at the cuticle

You can see it's not because I needed a fill. I just had one about a week ago

There's a mess because there's different polishes and stuff. I've had there, but if you look at the thickness

That's what I always check first look at the thickness, and I'm putting my finger there

so you can see the top of my fake nail and the distance between the natural nail and

The fake nail you can see is this little distance right in there that little thickness right in there

It's a little on the thin side now

You can see the sides are too thin


That's probably why it broke because it just got a little too thin on the tip part

So naturally it didn't want to be there anymore whatever pressure

I was putting on it had enough so it just broke so we want to fix it now

I thought I could just build it out before I started the video, and I thought wait a second

This is a great teachable moment

So I'm gonna show you how to fix this guy real fast so I can do the next video, and you won't even know

So the first thing you want to do actually when you break a nail the first thing you definitely want to do is

You feel like you want to file it nice and smooth because it's irritating

It's a little jagged

But don't do that if you're gonna fix it if you're lucky enough to have the broken piece which I do if you file this

At all you're gonna change the shape and you can't reattach them seamlessly

So don't file it, but I'm going to get a pair of tweezers here. Just show you

You can see where this broke see how nicely

It's going to fit right in there

So let's fix this guy so we can go up to dinner and nobody will know so all you need is a bottle of glue

But there's a trick to glue you can

Overuse the glue it just won't stick but you got to move fast glue doesn't have any patience

There's a little tiny hole there

We can get the glue out of it, and you really just want to do a little tiny bit. Don't use a lot

I'm gonna have the nail ready tweezers ready to go

So here we go we only got one shot at this. We're gonna put just a little bit of glue

I have found the more glue you use it doesn't want to stay so just use a little bit

I find those clients who overuse the glue it never stuck for them, and the ones that use a tiny bit

They'll come back four weeks later, and it's still glued together. It really worked to me

Just use a little bit, so here. We go. We're going to

Just put a little bit right there and a pickup me Niall

Now we don't want to fuss around too much. We want to stick it

And that's pretty much gonna be it

Yeah, that's it

He's on there now now I can see there's a little tiny chunk see that of

Acrylic that has gone so because I can't get to my nail technician right now

I'm going to put a little tiny glue in that spot, okay

It's gonna sit right in there now the glue bottles can be very temperamental

I've used these and I've just used them once because it glued shut

So you want to immediately clean this tip of the bottle here?

before you put the lid on and

Then you'll be able to use it again next time this stuff is very finicky

Okay, look at that this does not need long to dry at all

Now I'm gonna just soak up the excess there

It's pretty much dry now okay?

So what you can do of course if you're really in a hurry

Literally take your bottle to polish

You want it to match the other ones because everybody else looks good except this thumb now

I will show you you can get away with this if you're going to a

Dark restaurant, and a movie nobody will see it you're really in a hurry. Just go like this and you

Know what nobody will really notice

But if you give this a second to dry you can see there's quite a lump in there

There's quite a line this will get you by if you're going to a dark place to get to your nail tech

Otherwise we'll do this

Little tiny little trick you can do to make it look flawless

Okay, so you're just gonna take a file and all you're trying to do is file that bump

You don't want to file the acrylic too much

You're really just wanting to file that glue with a bit of a rough edge and over that little pocket we filled

We've kind of filled it with glue just sort of simulating the acrylic in there

So just give it a little bit of a buff

then we're gonna go with a smoother grit so the higher the number the smoother the grit and

When you're using polish you want a pretty smooth grit

Because you want the surface to be quite smooth

Now a little trick you can do I call them little mini manicures. I'll file the cuticle area

Remember that cuticle area there. That was a little bit grown out you can sort of file that a little bit

Make it look a little smoother

Sort of by a fill time if you need a fill sometimes you can file that cuticle area a little bit

and it makes it look like you don't really need a fill even though you do structurally know going to get away with it and

Then you want to go down to a even smoother grit

like a 1000 or

2000 or something even smoother to smooth that right out


I am doing the cuticle a little bit, and I'm going to file that crack

Now this is if you have a little bit more time, but you can see it. Just takes a sec

Okay, now. I'm gonna take

This acetone spray that I have this is great stuff. I really like it's very practical and

I'm just going to wipe away the dust

Any residue whatsoever?


dust off the hands

And here we go okay, so I'm just gonna polish it again

I'll show you how smooth it is and see what kind of trickery. We just got away with

Nobody will know but us I just realized I'm polishing awkwardly with my opposite hand

It's not pretty I know

It gets a job done

Look at that

It's just seamless

You can not tell that I broke that bad

Hmm nice, okay, let's take a look at the before and the after

Okay, I wasn't going to a movie or dinner, but now I think I will okay. I'll catch you guys in the next video

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