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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why LinusTechTips is Wrong

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So let's begin

By getting one of the biggest lies that I have ever told my audience out of the way.

Yo , you're ruining the reason

Today, we're officially calling out LinusTechTips for putting up the worst RED camera video that is on the internet. Unfortunately he just doesn't have

A good grasp of what makes the RED camera a good camera. I also think he's making those videos because

Complaining about that sort of thing gets views. It's you know

it does reflect on his you know personal opinion in his credibility as a source of information, but it's

Printed the bigger skirt and it totally worked this little piece here didn't break off this time

This is on here like this when I found it something got fudged

I don't think I loaded the plastic filament correctly. I want to try making a mask

I want to learn how to print something like this out of something like that. I'm thinking of starting with this Red Hood helmet

I'm going to disregard all his individual pieces here, and I'm going to take his full mask model

I'm going to recut it myself hopefully not screw this whole thing up. So there you go

This is about ten hours into it. Ooh the supports made contact I got the big skirt I fixed the heating issue. I think

The support printed, it didn't get unstuck from the platform. sweet

Did it work?

It worked!

You get them on that trap?

all I heard was minecraft and then aughhhh

Sitting there the game was sitting there. We sit in there because that's the only game you play and I go "im just gonna say it". It's Minecraft and goes "got you"

Peter did the exact same thing to me the other day

one eighth of the mask. one two three four and five six seven

Those plastic supports come off actually really cleanly

no 3D print video on the Sam and Niko Channel would be complete without a mention of Matter Hackers, their other ones who supplied us at the

Ultimaker 3 and they supply us with filament. you guys

are looking to getting your own 3D printer or getting some filament or anything else that's 3D printing related?

Go check them out. There's a link in the description below

Tah Dahhh

This is a 36-hour print

Let's see how it turned out... you buy a camera for forty nine thousand

five hundred US dollars

Well, you should be done. It should come with a lens a battery uh we're lucky it has a frickin power buttons

Yeah, but it's also the thing is that what that does is it echoes this idea of like alright;

What do I need to play a lot of good video games? Like oh:

Take a take a 1080 graphics card, and you hold it. You're like. Where's the screen?

So just give me a macbook man. This this is a $100 card reader... a hundred dollars for a card reader

They can give you such a great deal

$99.99 on the reader is because they just bent you over a barrel on the proprietary Media

What do you think the most expensive shot single shot is I've ever done

I think honestly they were on rush those were the most expensive shots dealing with the helicopters and tanks and stuff like that

That's right. The one shot in Russia

We have a helicopter landing, a tank rolling up and like yeah 40 people in Soldier uniforms walking? That was it.

That was probably the most expensive shot

Here's the thing you're recording that and the shot alone costs more money than the camera

That helicopters, the tank alone cost us probably like 50 grand for like two or three days

You're recording that shot on the $20 sd

card or

you're complaining about the fact the camera doesn't take a $20 sd card, just step back for a moment and think about which kind of

Camera you want to use in for the shots where the shots themselves cost more than the camera

For those kind of shots you want the thousand-dollar ssd drive

That has gone through intense QC

And it's backed by a company that will open the drive up and find every straight

One and zero in case that card is accidentally formatted. That's the kind of card that you want in your camera

That's kind of camera you want when you're shooting $10,000 shots

Yeah, I should have oriented a little bit differently to the front, now i have to sand all this down here. Can these supports uh dissolve in water

like the other one? No, these are breakup like they I printed out like plastic supports. can you yank it off?

Nope, Niko is very weak. I am very weak. These two things

it's an eye!

Put the half mask on, become half the hood. Yess, so you look at me from this side. It's like

I'm the red hood! And now I'm just regular Niko

Not bad at all... it better be really fucking good touch two thousand seven hundred and

Fifty dollars look at this thing okay. It has four buttons

the iphone

Has one two three four?

buttons and cost less than half that much so for the privilege of

Connecting a cable to my monitor. This is a

$240 cable? What do you think, should that cable cost $200? it depends on the type of cable and what the purpose of that cable is it's a

Proprietary custom beige Lemo adapter that has 11 pins on each end

And it's made in America by a tech who really makes probably about 10 or 20 of them everyday by hand well

I assume. They're really high quality

They're meant to do a very specific thing that they have really good shielding involved really high quality solder points

You know the list can go on as to why that cable could be expensive. The RED is a really advanced camera, it's used by professionals

It's made for people with a lot of experience with cameras and are looking for a very specific rig that is very high quality

So red makes you buy an adapter from their proprietary interface

To their bullshit proprietary cable, and you spend $200 on each end.

Plus $200 for this dinky ass cable to go between them. I understand this correctly?

RED Monitors are touch sensitive so you can sit there and fiddle with all the stuff. That's why I had special connections for the RED monitor

Okay, but you can also will swing on a small hd monitor with HDMI or HD SDI connection and never touch a red monitor also

All right, so now you start joining together the pieces of my mask

And I was doing a little bit research over the weekend

And I learned about something called Friction welding

Basically you need a dremel and some of your plastic

Filament, you stick the plastic filament into the dremel and so the spinning of that filament when you put it against another surface will actually

get really hot and it will melt the filament and

Then you can melt it into the plastic seams between your object

Effectively making one more little bit of 3D print that put it all together. It sounds like a really cool technique

I've never tried it before I'm going to see if I can use this to join the pieces of my mask together

It's not enough that they have their fist up your ass charging you $1,500 for a battery and a charger

For the privilege of connecting the battery to the brain. Oh, you know what?

Probably like $300 Springs probably the best spring the greatest spring

950 Dollars

for a handle

We've had to be recording to an external audio recorder for all the money

we spent it doesn't have an

xlr input it bugs me that he complained about all the knickknacks he put on the camera and all the things he had to get

For it and how expensive it was so these look at this, okay?

I'm gonna point out all the things that we didn't even get from the red store

Top handle these top plate, he was complaining about xlr adapters, look a tiny little

Xlr adapter that plugs into the front the battery it's a third party battery

But it's not because the red stuff is bad, this just fits our needs better

You don't need all that stuff unless you are building out a cinema rig

You are going to take to a multimillion-dollar set and try and impress all the executives the bullsh**t accessories that they make you buy

$60,000 in hard drives to store all this crap on another

$20,000 in NVme ssd. So that all of our editors can edit Red footage off of our Navs at the same time and

What do we get for it?

8k videos

That nobody can watch because they don't have a 8K displays

You need a better camera than they use on prometheus to shoot your tech review Channel

when you do your research

Very usually what you need isn't

Every single thing from the store. well here's the other thing so it's like we see this a lot on with YouTubers who get like

The Fancy new Red Cameras out there. There's but I think they're making one fatal mistake

which is

Causing them to complain about not being able to edit it on their computer in fact - Linus just recently had a video

Where he had to buy $7000 graphics cards just to edit the footage he's--is it a graphics crad, or a Red Rocket? It's a red rocket

That's not a graphics card. Okay, fair enough, Thank you

I'm willing to bet everything that they're shooting at a really low compression ratio causing very large files

And they can't they can't look at that stuff in real time. even straight playback performance is

Abominable it's a nightmare

Linus did say that he was having a look at the 8k footage at 1/8 resolution cool like 1080p, right?

But even at that he wasn't able to get full real time scrubbing speed- thats because the common misconception that Red files are

Processor intensive, their not Red files are memory intensive because you usually you shoot on low compression when you're doing high-end stuff

But here on YouTube. We're thrown on the internet it gets encoded in basic internet compression

It doesn't matter because even our red camera at its highest compression of like 23 to 1

Is a better image than what you're going to get when you compress it for Youtube. High detail environments require

very low to minimal compression for your footage everything else, crank it

A YouTube video that we put out that We shot with the red that looks really good Nerf Team Fortress, that looked great. That was 20-1, so this is really just a psa to all red owners out there

Who are only uploading stuff to Youtube between 17 and 20 to 1 is a reasonable compression ratio to shoot at on the red? Yeah?

Also, you're going to go online to the Red store

And you're going to add all those items to your cart

And then show up at your door

And you paid for it all don't then make a video surprise about how expensive everything was when you sat there

And you ordered all of it. so why did we buy two of them?

You know they said I'm not doing this for the final product. I'm doing this for the experience

And I want to make a smooth surface like if I ever have to join pieces of them all together

I want to know how to do that that leaving a seam


You're not going to do the finished element in this video because this video comes out tomorrow if you do want to see the finished

helmet, consider subscribing

It'll help you out following all the video releases we do and you'll get to see the finished helmet the moment

It's up hopefully be in a couple days not quite sure that's where subscriptions come in... all right. Thanks!

Thank you. Take your time. Do it right do your research do your right use the right tools don't cut corners

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