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I was in the construction industry, needed to upgrade my trailer. I went around

looking for trailers and there really wasn't anybody around that was giving

the service it was required for trailers. Yeah, you go into too many places and

they've got 30 40 trailers sitting on a lot, and they want to sell to you what

they've gone on a lot, not what's important to you and what you need.

It starts when you walk in the door. The receptionist wants to know who they

are and what they're looking for. They first sit down and figure out what their

needs are. Is it the right size? Is that the right height? Is it going to do the job?

We try and find that out before we even go out and look at the trailers.

Factory Outlet Trailers is a company we started about 18 years ago.

We're a busy shop we get four to five semi loads of trailers in every day.

They have to get put through our shop, PDI'd, make sure they're ready for customers.

We want everything ready and easy for the customer.

We've grown from a trailer organization that started basically with one trailer. Now we've gotten to a place

where we're the largest single trailer dealership in North America.

We stock a little over 500 trailers on the lot. It gives the customers something to choose from.

They like to walk in and buy a product but they also like to walk in

and buy a product that they need instead of having to settle for something.

Something we try not to do here is have everything wrapped around us as

dealership, or myself, or the salesman, or or the office staff.

It's not about them, it's about the customer. That customer is the most important thing we've got.

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