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- [Nicole] The work with women and children

and the advancement of women

is such a core piece of my career.

I'm interested in leveling the playing field

for all groups and unfortunately,

gender is one of the things

that predicts which group you're in

and the advantages you have or don't have.

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- [Matthew] The Chancellor's Award

for Diversity and Advancement of Women

is tremendously important to the University

in recognizing the critical role of advancing women

and advancing equity and diversity in our community.

I nominated Nicki Bush for this award because she embodies

the spirit of what this award is about.

There are a number of contributions that Nicki has made,

so within the Department of Psychiatry she's played

a critical role in our Diversity Committee,

which has a very broad scope to try to advance

the role of women within the department,

so we end up with the leadership

that looks like the patients that we serve

and the faculty in our department.

In addition, one of the most remarkable things about Nicki

is her generativity.

She's an extraordinary mentor

for young women pursuing careers in mental health.

And then, from a national perspective,

her research is to help advance the opportunities

for women and children,

regardless of their socioeconomic situation.

And that's an extraordinary combination

that makes an extraordinary contribution

to our entire community.

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- [Nicole] I'm excited about the trajectory.

UCSF is an incredible place to work

and I want it to be a place where both genders

are at the table really contributing to the solutions.

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