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♪ (upbeat piano music) ♪ - YEAH! YES! YES!

- ♪ Mi-a-haa ♪ ♪ Mi-a-ha ha

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) So today, you are going to be guessing

some classic YouTube videos. - Oh! All right.

I feel like I can get this. I've been around on the platform

for 12 years, so I'm ready. - Ah, yes! I'm old, dude,

so I'm so good at this. - (FBE) Are you familiar

with a lot of old school YouTube? - I think I am.

LikeChocolate rain ♪ - (FBE) We asked several teens,

some of whom are about as old as YouTube itself...

- Wow. - (FBE) explain

some famous YouTube videos without using certain keywords.

So, you'll have to guess what video they're describing

based on that description. - Okay. I'm like, hopefully,

I know enough videos. I'm gonna try.

- I've, like, watched every single video

that was posted in 2005. Angry Video Game Nerd.

I think he was 2005. Charlie the Unicorn.

Potter Puppet Pals. That's my childhood.

- Some of these videos I'm sure are older

than the little tweenies that we're about to hear from.

Well, I hope they're descriptive. - I think I'ma do really well.

I still look kind of young, so I'm familiar with

the youngins' vernacular. Let's get it.

- (Krischelle) I barely remember that video. I maybe had to be eight,

and I'm 15. - Wow. So, this is a little bit ago.

- Okay, seven years ago. 2012. - (Krischelle) So, like... ooh.

- (chuckles) - (Jaxon) Some unnamed YouTuber

was recording a video in his room. It's a very... nice video.

- That's good. - (Jaxon) ...nice video.

- (Caden) It's a nice video. So, I don't think

it's the Britney one. - I know it's been around

for a long time, probably when YouTube started,

like 2005. - (Jair) This song is very uptempo.

- Oh, it's a song. Okay. - (Jair) The song is very uptempo.

- Okay. Already know. - (Jair) Why do I wanna

reference Lady Gaga? Hopefully, that doesn't

throw anybody off, but that type of poppy song.

The language is not of the one I'm speaking.

- It's not in English. We know that.

- Is it that-- I'm thinking maybe it's that song.

It was a guy dancing. He was kind of moving his head.

I forget what it was called. - (Jordan) And he's doing

a certain choreography. - Numa Numa.

Mi-a-hii ♪ ♪ Mi-a-haa

Mi-a-haa ♪ ♪ Mi-a-ha ha

- (FBE) Any guesses? - I have no idea.

- It was in a different language, I think.

Oh my gosh. Oh, I can't remember

the name of the video. I remember the song.

I know he was kind of dancing around.

He was really into it. Was it called "Happiness Song"?

I don't even remember. - Okay, so not speaking English.

Numa Numa! - Numa [bleep] Numa!

- The only one that comes to mind-- and I know I'm talking loud,

'cause the headphones are still on-- but it's gonna have to be Numa Numa.

I can't be any more ready than I am right now.

Just reveal it to me. - ♪ Mi-a-hii

(ding) - (screams) YES!

- Yay! Oh my god! I'm so good.


(buzzer) - Numa Numa. Okay. I tried.

I forgot about that one. He was so into it. That was great.

- Oh, the, like, Numa-- okay. I actually was thinking that.

- I wanted to recreate this video. I've wanted myself to get

a 240p camera and just do this. - That was also the time

that Brookers was around, and I think she made a video

making fun of Numa Numa or recreating it.

It was called the Crazed Numa Numa Fan.

And that was the girl who actually inspired me

to start my channel. So, in a way, Numa Numa

inspired another girl who inspired me.

Whoa. And now I'm here. This is a simulation.

♪ ("X-Files" theme) ♪

- (Caden) It's associated with rainbows and pixies

and all that cool stuff. - Oh, this sounds cool.

I feel like I'd like this video. - (Caden) It's associated

with rainbows and pixies... - In my mind, I'm thinking

Double Rainbow. - (Caden) It's associated

with rainbows and... - Rainbows.

- (Caden) ...pixies and all that cool stuff.

- Charlie the Unicorn. - (Krischelle) And there are

three different colors: one male, two females.

- (Jordan) The beginning of this video is two animals. They...

- Charlie the Unicorn? - (Jordan) They seem like

little kid animals. - I'm getting Don't Hug Me,

I'm Scared vibes, but I know it's not that.

- (Jaxon) He goes with them to this place that he

doesn't think exists. - Is this Charlie the Unicorn?

- (Jaxon) this place that he doesn't think exists.

- Got it. - Charlie! We gotta go

to Candy Mountain, Charlie! Charlie!

- (Jaxon) Something bad happens to him.

- And he loses his kidney or spleen or something.

- (Jaxon) Something bad happens to him.

It's supposed to be funny. - (Jair) They're trying to get him

to go to a place for sweets.

- Oh, god. He-- a bad pla-- Something bad happens to hi--

Oh, it's like a Hansel and Gretel, 'cause she was talking about

sweets are the bait. Let's just say Charlie the Uni--

I know it's probably not that. - Charlie the Unicorn.

- Charlie the Unicorn. - This is bringing me

back down memory lane. Charlie the Unicorn.

- My guess is Charlie the Unicorn? I don't remember if this was a video

that just my friends saw or if it was a viral video.

- Charlie the [bleep] Unicorn! Let's go! (laughs)

- (Blue) Hey, Charlie! (ding)

Hey, Charlie! - (screams) WHAT?! NO!

I honestly did not think I had that! - Oh, yay! I can't believe it.

- Wooo! Oh, man. These are some classics, bro.

So good. So many quotables.

(ding) - At one point in my life,

I could recite every single Charlie the Unicorn episode,

so yeah, it has a special place in my heart.

- When he said rainbows and sparkles, I was like,

okay, there was only one iconic one. Originally, I was like, "Okay,

it could be Double Rainbow," but then they said creatures.

So, I was like, okay., Charlie the Unicorn.

- (Jair) It's popular on Jimmy Fallon. - Okay. I've seen Jimmy Fallon.

- (Jair) ...a series of going through something.

- Ooh, a coming-of-age tale per chance.

- (Jair) ...twerking. - Oh.

- (Jair) Think... twerking. - Twerking?

- (Jair giggles) - Isn't twerking a newer thing?

- (Caden) ...on a stage doing a series of bodily moves...

- Oh! I know this one. - (Jordan) It's definitely one of

those iconic videos on YouTube. - Yes, it is, bitch. It is the--

that guy on the stage, and he's dancing.

- (Jordan) He is moving his body in a very entertaining way.

Oh my gosh. This is hard! - One year of dance moves.

Is that what it's called? What?

Something with dance moves. It's the Napoleon Dynamite

type of guy who's on the stage. - (Jaxon) One thing after another

after another, you know, consecutively.

- (Krischelle) 365 days of-- 365 days equals up to what?

- That's a y ear. - (Krischelle) I'm just gonna say art.

- Okay. I think I got it. Is it the Evolution of Dance?

- I'm going with "Gangnam Style." - Epic Dance Moves. I don't know.

- 365 days. That's what's throwing me off.

Is it someone's evolution of dance and they're just

getting better every single day? - (FBE) What would you say then

the title of that video would be? - Evolution of Dance.

- It's the guy in the orange shirt, and it's called, um...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Evolution of [bleep] Dance!

- It has to be the Evolution of Dance.

I can't think of anything else this is.

That's arguably one of the biggest

and most iconic videos of the internet.

If it's not Evolution of Dance, you guys should've chose it.


OH MY GOD! I can't-- I seriously did not think--

- (laughs) What?! How did I get that?!

That was a total out-of-nowhere guess.

(buzzer) - Evolution of Dance.

Girl, 365 is less than an evolution. You should've said 365 years

and then maybe there would've been some evolution.

- I've never seen Evolution of Dance. I'll have to watch it.

I'm probably over 10 years late, but it never will get old, I'm sure.

- I just remember always checking the most viewed ever list

and it was always at the top. It was just this random white guy,

orange shirt, on stage by himself doing a whole bunch

of different dances, and it was cute and it was good.

- (Jair) This is an animal... - An animal? Okay. I like animals.

- (Jair) ...who has paws. - So, I'm getting Clifford vibes.

- (Jair) Claws. - Claws?

- (Jair chuckles) Animal with claws. - A dog or cat.

- (Jaxon) So, an animal is doing something an animal

wouldn't necessarily do. - Keyboard Cat.

- (Jaxon) The video makes it seem like he's doing it,

but he really isn't. But everyone at the time

thought he was. - Maybe a talking animal?

- It's a cat. - (Krischelle) ...animal.

- Cat. A cat video. Okay, we get it.

But what is the cat doing? There's millions of cat videos.

I need more! - (Krischelle) You can have

this animal with you. (chuckles) I was watching it on my phone,

and I was like, "Mom, look!" - Oh, I knew it. I know it.

- (Caden) People used to just think this is what YouTube was.

And only people put these types of videos on YouTube,

because there are "blank" in the videos

and that's what everyone thought YouTube was.

- Cat videos. A lot of people just did cat videos for a long time.

- (Jordan) ...this is a type of YouTube video that's featured

in movies just to kind of depict what the internet really is.

- Um... Wow. Well, that's interesting.

Um... I don't know! I've seen a lot of animal videos.

Keyboard Cat. - Keyboard [bleep] Cat!

- Keyboard Cat. ♪ Bong, bong, bong, bong

Bong, bing, bing, bing, bong ♪ - Animal videos are my specialty.

I think it's the Keyboard Cat video. - A cat doing something

that it normally wouldn't do? That's what all the cat videos are!

I'll just go with nyan cat. - (FBE) You ready to figure out

the real answer? - Mm-hmm.

♪ (upbeat piano music) ♪

(buzzer) Of course. Of course.

How did I forget that? - YEAH!

YES! YES! NO WAY! He did the [bleep] thing I just did!

I can't-- I'm gonna break your [bleep] table.

I swear to god. I've never been this right

on anything you [bleep] have thrown at me.

- These descriptions are very broad

unless you were watching videos back then,

you know what I'm saying? So, it's like, yeah--

it's like, cute cats, cute cats. What's a specific video of a cat

doing something? And then, now, it's just the first one

that pops into mind. - (Jaxon) Two marsupial-looking things

are enjoying life. One of them's enjoying life

a little bit too much and does something

he's not supposed to. - Okay, two-- [Bleep].

Now I'm nervous of getting this wrong.

- (Jaxon) One of 'em doesn't enjoy it. One of 'em does.

And they both laugh after... - I actually have no idea.

- (Caden) Pretty popular name in, I would say, Europe.

- I don't really know that many European names, but okay.

- (Caden) It makes me laugh like crazy, because the way

that they say things is hilarious.

- Uh-huh. - (Krischelle) Very, very,

very popular. About these two little beings.

- Beans? - (Jair) They are

from somewhere near Europe, but not in Europe!

- I have no idea. - (Jair) If you don't know

geography like me, that's gonna [bleep] you up.

- Thanks. - (Jordan) So, obviously, this video

is funny, but it's not funny because someone's telling a joke.

It's funny, because someone is getting hurt.

- Oh! There it is. I get it.

It all makes sense now. It all comes together.

It's Charlie Bit My Finger. - The marsupial definitely

threw me off, but it's Charlie Bit My Finger.

- It's gotta be the classic Charlie Bit My [bleep] Finger!

- Two creatures from Europe. One of them hurts the other.

They both look like little rodents. I'm gonna say Charlie Bit My Finger.

- I'm gonna make a guess. It's a video where it's like,

"Oh, look. It's a train." And then the train hits

the stick figure. ASDF Movie.

- I don't know what to think about this video.

Someone's getting hurt. I hope not too hurt.

Okay, European names. How about William?

That sounds European. (chuckles) I'm just gonna go with princes.

Maybe William and Harry. Yeah, William and Harry

I think is the video. - (FBE) All right.

Let's see if you're right.

- (Harry) Ow, Charlie!

(buzzer) - Oh! Oh! Charlie-- oh my gosh.

How did I not think of that? - (Henry) Ow, Charlie!

(buzzer) - Darn! I think what threw me off

was "marsupial beings." - (Henry) Ow, Charlie!


I was just calling the kids mice-like creatures!

I didn't think I was gonna get it right!

- YES! Who wasn't quoting Charlie bit my fingers, you know?

(in "English" accent) That really hurt, Charlie! And it's still hurting!

(ding) - I remember talking about it

with my friends, and I just still remember

my friend being like, "It's so funny,

'cause he's just shoving his finger in this baby's mouth and going,

'Ow! Ow!'" And it's like,

"Why would you do that, man?"

(ding) - See? I could've gotten

a perfect score if they didn't throw me under the bus

with the damn cat one! - I think I went into it

thinking it would be a lot easier. I could tell there were a lot

of rules with how specific they could get, which was smart.

The second you say, like, a baby, for example,

then I fully would've thought of the last video.

Keeping it so general definitely made it very difficult.

You guys are clever. - It was fun kind of looking back

at those older videos and kind of how YouTube used to be,

because I feel like now it's just such a different world.

It's good to kind of take a look back.

- I am a real YouTube historian aficionado.

It's good that I know all these classical videos

as my career is on this platform, so... (chuckles)

- I've been around for a long time on the internet and on YouTube.

It's crazy to think that these videos are, like, 15 years old-ish.

Hooo. That's crazy.

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