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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIY Wood Stove made from Car Wheels! Easy Welding Project! Bacon! CATS!

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Hi everyone Its Bongo here from thepoultrypeople channel.

What are we making today? Ive got a message on facebook from well i

got tagged by Vic in a post from Ian Beeston who shared Rio's picture Rio Noticas he made

a woodburner out of a couple of hubs so thats what we are going to make today for the cub

scouts. I think Ian and Paul both help out with the cub scouts in Stoke on Trent.

So a nice project thats going to give kids something great that they can play with fire,

cook food and all that bollocks. SOme slight deviations, this is our hub, im

going to use this as the base but because its got holes in the bottom im going to line

it using the gas bottle, cutting it about there because you dont want hot coals landing

on the floor and burning the floor wherever they might be setting it up. So a base in

the botttom of it, the top thats fine as it is, then reinforced bar and this stuff here

which i will bolt on onto the side for spit roasting rabbits and chickens and stuff like

that. A quick Gracias A Rio para a la invention

com ye el grande respecto por para compartir. So thanks to Rio for sharing this I am going

to copy your deisgn with some small changes. Thank you very much for sharing this. RIght,

lets crack on eh! Ive got to say a big thanks to my good friend,

long time good friend 'DJM' Mster from the village here whose farm I got these off and

lovely guy, very kind, a big thanks to him. actually, Ill put the link up to his facebook

page that hes just started up. A facebook page promoting his business and hes an egg

distributor but he just doesnt do just eggs he also does bacon, cheese, welsh speciality

cheeses, okay, so, um, darlingtons jams, he supplies butchers and stuff like that, really

nice guy, get in touch with him if youve got a cafe or something along those lines or you

want to bulk order some bacon, i mean his bacon is spot on.

ah hoo hoo hoo hoo I made this, you might think about making

one of these, if youre making a lot of gas bottle woodburners then you might want to

think about making one of these fo yourselves. Har har har har

Bollocks, right, that whole bit with the bas bottle didnt facking work, bastard, i cut

the base off the gas bottle, popped it in. This is what youre left with, thats what ive

done, cut the bottom off the gas bottle, popped it in. Okay, i also took the ring off, off

the bottom, weve got, that going in and that dropping down.

Fucking camera didnt record, what a piece of shit.

Right, great clamps then, bought them 20 years ago, total value for money, and ive still

got them 20 years down the line. What do i need? Welding rods.

First spot on there, were going to start welding from here, its going to heat up and banana

out (warp). I could grind this off a bit better but i

cant be arsed. Yes, that will do , wont it?

Yeah. So now were going to need to cut the door.

Or I dont know about a door, but a flap to get the timber in

How does that look? Not bad at all, them welds look quite good,

well not bad. That ones a bit shit, ill go over that again.

Where the fucks the knobbler? Thats a fucking good weld that.

Better, much better, thats thanks to my youtube subscribers, you know who you are, i put a

video up a while ago about my shitty welding and you all stepped up and i got loads of

fucking advice and i think a lot of its paid off.

Again its not perfect but Im just a working bodger dude not doing this not a professional

welder or anything. Because this is going to the cub scouts and

kids are going to be using it, youre going to need to do....

Thats most of it off, well go over it with wire wool and sand paper and do a better job

of it, but its pretty much there. Heavy little bugger, ah ha, thats going to

need the dome smacking out of it. Oh yeah, thats lovely, thats lovely, right!

Fucking hell thats hot! So i used to be in cub scouts back in the

day. Ah i cant remember who used to go, definitely

Piggy, maybe Smiff, i reckon, one day, ah, it was just me and Piggy and we were, what

was happening? It was in a different village, as this village doesnt have its own cub scout

troop, so we had to go to a different village, if youre from a different village then youre

a fucking mutant arent you? Them fuckers from that different village ooooooooo

its all that bollocks... Tribalism and all that shit

So ah during one session, me and Piggy beat the fucking living shit out of this one guy,

we must have been ten or so, yes cubs, thats 10, i think.

click click

And we never went again, for some reason, so there you go.

Thugged out since cub scouts. Yes indeed

We are here to make you bleeed.... So how high is your average chicken?

You know what I should have done? I should have drilled holes down here and

holes corresponding and then you could pin it where you want it.

I might still do that, thats a better idea, so, right im going to cut this on a slant

i think. It looks a little bit more nicer, so,

By jove, i

think were nearly done mwaahaahaahaaa

So that shoulg go in like that, yes, yes, yes

I like it! Dwin ffycin hoffio fo

Pretty much finished, going to need a little bit of sanding. Were goingto paint it up and

im going tocall it quits. Happy Days

Lets go and get a brew. When people talk about making shit and tyhey

say stuff like blood, sweat and tears, theyre not fucking around you know.

Ive just smacked my shin and that hurts like a motherfucker, i know thats going to be bruised

down there. And then this, I dont know how thats happened,

but there we go, fucking blood, sweat and tears......

Right were pretty much done, it could probably do with a few more coats of paint but its

only going to bloody wear off anyway so we wont bother with that.

Weve got mr. raggles, hes waiting for his bacon, he hasnt been fed all day.

Hes been locked in, havent you? Poor Baby, Poor baby

Take a few Photographs Click

You dont want that do you? You better not be taking a shit in there Raggles!

You take a shit outside. I can hear you scratching.

What are you scratching at? I swear to fucking god youll be the first

one on this spit roast you bastard. Where have you been?

What have you been up to? You fucking filthy bastard.

Yeah Yeah Your bacons cooking now, youd better sit down and wait.

Hes a Raggles. Hes a good boy.

He likes fire. Dont you look at me like that.

Theres a lot going on in this video today. A quick heads up if were quick enough. B&Q

have got a bit of a clearance sale to clear some shit for the summer.

I had a bit of a wander round while mum was in hospital, and, aaah, axes, down from £15.95

to £5 in B&Q today, dont go to my local one because i fucking took them all.

Lets see how ths fucker rocks it. Care for some scotch?

oh oh oh oh Glenlivet, 15 years, which ones this one?

French oak reserve... Phoarrrrr

Really nice smell. So smooth

This is living the life this is, need to be a bit careful, kids are coming home from school.

Last thing they want to see is some scruffy tramp sitting around in the street drinking

whiskey with his cat. Theyve probably seen worse at home.

However, drinking neat whiskey is not really for me.

aaaah thats more like it! What do we need?

hoooohoooo People say you dont need vegetable oil to

cook bacon, but if you dont use vegetable oil it sticks to the pan, why? too hot? i

dont know.... What you up to Rags?

Hes just trying to be friendly Cant stop monkeying around

Theyre to busy being to put everybody down

Hey hey were the monkeys Were cooking with bacon now...

Whats this? Its always worth washing your hands....sometimes

ha ha ha Now that is some really thick bacon.

jarrr, git, youll burn yourself! You can have bacon in a minute, when its cooked.

Hoo hoo ho ha ha ha ha har har harrrrr Does it get any better than this?

Weve made a fire out of two hubs, some steel. Now the steel is always a problem but if you

look around you can find steel, ok. It is here, people throw it out, all the time.

What else did we use? A bit of rebar, again, reinforcing, this is

costing us basically time and welding rods, and thats it.

Really good stuff, its one of the better fires in my opinion.

Were nearly done, hes waiting there patiently. No whiskey for you.

Wait there. Its good enough for Raggles.

Its hot! Youll have to let it cool down a little bit.

ha ha ha ha ooooohhhhhhhhh

Come here whoosh

whoosh whoosh

whoosh what happened to your bacon? whoosh

did someone steal it? whoosh

whoosh aaawwww poor baby

there we go, hes got his there we go, thanks for watching, umm, make

something? make something!

get some stuff and make something, experiment thats amazing bacon

good stuff, good stuff thanks for watching

rate, comment, subscribe, all that good stuff but, yeah, make something

perhaps make something not for you? this is going to the cub scouts

i was in the cub scouts aaaaah get your claws out

pss pss pss pss ill blow on it for you

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