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hey it's Dino from CodeRich Academy and today we're gonna do a review of Tecademics now

you've probably heard all the buzz on the internet about this and with the right

reason and before that, really quickly so I am in this business of internet marketing

digital entrepreneurship and I'm pretty fascinated by this so I'm going fast

learning from the best markets in the world tactics and strategies which

allowed me to scale my business to more than $25,000 per month and you know

I'm not bragging about this,if you've been following me or my trainings and I'm

only 23 years old which means I have a lot to learn

instead I want to show you the possibilities what you can do when he

had the right knowledge to do certain things in a certain way and I truly

believe Tecacademics will help you in the field of your personal life and the

way you do your business and if you wanna learn more let's hop onto my computer

all right here we are on my computer and in this sweet&short presentation I'm

going to show you what actually is Tecademics, what does it consists of,

the real heart of it and how you can change your lifestyle your business and

how you can start living exciting your life of digital entrepreneur like

you've never thought this was possible and trust me the possibilities with this

are endless

maybe you wanna start selling and promoting stuff online, create membership

sites and teach people around the world

anything you are good at and get paid every single month passively, maybe you

wanna open ecommerce store and sell hundreds of products without even seeing

or touching the product... all these options are unlocked and possible after

you graduate in Tecademics because this stuff i'm going to show you you won't

learn this stuff at school or college so bear with me on this one OK and as

always i'm going to give you some of my awesome bonuses and the end of the

video so stick till the end

ready ok let's get started alright so what actually is Tecademics now you've

probably heard all the buzz online about it and with the right reason

this is the first, all-around, under one roof world-class education specifically

designed for digital marketers and business owners

created by Chris Record and other top internet marketers who are

constantly crushing it online, not because they have some kind of

superpowers or they're somehow smarter than you is because they do certain

things in a certain way. Now ... personally once you get it is pretty darn

simple and you can model it in whatever niche you are and see results pretty much

instantly now one of the main reasons why Tecademics was founded is because

there is a major problem on the market at the moment and that is massive

overwhelm in education

you probably know what I'm talking about because there are so many people so

called "gurus" that are teaching with never-ending pitches and upsells and all

become very confusing, unorganized and destructured and this is where Tecademics

fits perfectly

this specifically formulated to bridge the gap in the industry by offering

cutting-edge education to

entrepreneurs and digital marketers using curriculums so it really doesn't

matter if you are beginner intermediate or an expert what do I mean by that is that

in each course you take you will start with the FOUNDATION and after that ,add a

layer more, till you reach advanced levels and i'm going to show you what i mean in

a second and I believe this is the main problem today because people simply

don't know where to start and they often neglect foundational stuff and jump to more

advanced stuff and this is the reason why they got confused and why they are

not making any money online while other individuals are making a bank online

Once again, not because they are smarter it's just because they do certain things

in a certain, tested way

Ok, so the core of Tecademics consists of three levels of education

the first one is TEC and for the next two minutes Chris Record will explain

what are the benefits of joining the entrepreneur club the first product is

called tech tec it stands for the entrepreneur club this product is one

hundred dollars per month and what it does it gives you access to weekly

training from experts on a weekly basis you get updated continuing education

about what's working now

for example let's say that Facebook comes out with something new like live

streaming and suddenly it's available to everybody

well what we'll do is we'll have our experts study and figure out how does

this live streaming work how can everybody use it and how will it be

valuable to your business and then maybe the following week we'll have an updated

educational session that you can attend about how to implement facebook live

streaming into your business by having this fresh content on a week-to-week


this allows us to be able to push what's working now out to the community to give

you the best chance of success the entrepreneur club is our opportunity to

keep everybody up to date with what's fresh and what's new

now you don't only get access to these online weekly training but you also get

access to 24 7 365 days a year a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

because you're in business for yourself but not by yourself

so what we've done is we've structured the world's leading

community of entrepreneurs everywhere it's all part of an online

forum and you can go in there and choose a category and a topic and begin having

conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs for example let's say that

you're into e-commerce what you would do is you would log into our online forum

and you would choose the category of e-commerce and maybe dive in a little

bit further and choose the category of amazon and inside of there you'd be able

to network with and ask questions to and interact with lots of other

entrepreneurs that also have an interest in working with amazon possibly being a

seller or an affiliate or whatever it may be

this is your opportunity to be able to mastermind with and find accountability

and get updated training and ask questions inside of a private community

this community is also fueled by gamification so the more that everybody

interacts the more badges that you'll begin to unlock the more levels you'll

begin unlocked so what's going to happen is everybody will be in there very

active very alive

this will be something that is thriving where you can come in and not only ask

questions and get help but you will be incentivized to be able to help others

as well this is a true community where we all help each other succeed so like I

said that product is called Tec- the entrepreneur club and sells for one

hundred dollars per month

the next product is Impact, a full-blown home study course told by one and only

Chris Record himself product i'd love to introduce you to is our home study

course and it is called impact the reason we call it impacts for two

reasons one is we believe that this product will make a huge impact for

every person around the world but also because it's an acronym the acronym of

impact stands for internet marketing principles and core training internet

marketing principles and core training

here's exactly what this is this home study course is a foundational training

product all about internet marketing it stopped by myself so I'm in their

teaching basically about how to make money in a variety of different

strategies but it's not just me unloading on you it's me working with a

team of PhDs to develop a very structured curriculum that is design

to give you a foundation so that as you start learning nothing is over your head

we want to teach you all of the principles that will still be good a

year from now two years from now we want to teach you the Foundation's things

that will teach you the terminology what are the various ways to make money maybe

you're a stay-at-home spouse okay and you're maybe staying at home with the

kids and you only have an hour a day to be able to build your business

this course will help you identify what ways can you make money legitimately

working from home in about an hour a day or maybe you're a business owner and

you've got a small local business and you want to get more people to your


this course will help you develop a foundational principle based strategy to

be able to get more people to your business to be able to get you more

traffic more leads and more sales

the idea here is that I am going to develop my most structured course ever

called impact internet marketing principles and core training it will

sell for two thousand dollars and it's designed for people like an encyclopedia

of internet marketing it is phenomenal

we're very excited about that product and i will ensure that it is

high-quality top-notch and worth every single dollar

ok so the last one always gives me chills because there's nothing even

remotely similar and also like this and i present you Masters tuition

all right now I'm excited to tell you about our third product which is our

flagship product and this is an actual tuition to attend our College in person

as well as be able to watch all of our classes online our third product is

called the Masters tuition the Masters tuition gives you 120 hours of in-person

education as well as access to our video classroom as well as every time that we

end up doing live streaming at some of our colleges you get access to that as


not only do you get access to an entire year of Education but you also get one

additional year to be able to repeat any classes that you took our school will

start in Arizona we will end up expanding our campus all across the

united states and international we've we visualize ourselves being in Europe

canada in south america in Australia all over the world wherever the demand is so

if you're watching this and you're someone international that lives abroad

trust me there will be a time where we will probably end up coming to your area

as the demand grows but we're going to start with our home base in arizona now

hopefully you'll have the ability to be able to purchase tuition and come and

join us but even if you're not able to attend in person

remember you can always watch the classes in the video classroom from home

so that is our third product the Masters tuition it sells for $10,000 one-time

fee and gives you access to the highest quality education in the entire

marketplace when it comes to internet marketing now after we went through all

three products i wanna point out to you what are the perks and possibilities

after you finish your Tecademics tuition it's already stated the

possibilities are absolutely amazing

first of all you can become digital marketer and affiliates and sell digital

products online getting paid every single day working from home and the

only thing you need is a laptop and internet connection second one is you

learn help set up and run profitable ecommerce store from the ground up and

sell hundreds of products without you actually handling and shipping products

another option is to open a digital agency where you can run marketing and

advertising for other businesses and get paid huge Commission's every single

month and that this pretty simple once you learn how to do that inside Tecademics

you can become solopreneur and open up whatever business you want

online when you understand the concept of successful marketing online become a

consultant and help people with advices things you struggled before will now be

like walking a park because you will get certification in all marketing areas

which means there will always be people around yourself that are willing to pay

thousands of dollars for advices and directions even after that working in

worse case scenario you can always walk in any advertising or marketing

agency and land the job because now you will have all the aspects

professional marketer and they will hire you because there will always be a giant

demand on people who fully understand the rules of marketing now i

still havent talked about the brilliant compensation plan tecademics has to offer

and I've saved this for the last you see while you're going through learning phase

inside tecademics you can promote education and make some of the highest

commissions on the market right now and totally pay off your tuition now how's

that for an awesome college so imagine how many people like to put their hands

on this and make a shift in their life in their business

well long story short it happened to me a few years ago when i met my mentor in

this industry and after learning from him it allowed me to net 20-25

thousand dollars per month using an implementing the exact

strategies you will have the opportunity to learn inside Tecademics that gave me

a full spin in my life and i truly believe it can do the same to you

so not only can make some good money promoting you will actually help people

on so many levels when promoting you can make up to 40% on every

product you've sold which means you can get $40 every single month recurring for

every TEC sale

$800 for Impact and up to $4000 on masters tuition

another great stuff is once any Tecademics affiliate earns $100,000 in

commissions they're paid an additional $100,000

for a 100% match when Tecademics affiliate hits a million dollars in earnings

they again receive another million dollars bonus from Tecademics you

must have those earnings within 36 months from joining to qualify which

means you have three years to hit that goal

it's not impossible i'm going to show you how to do this it doesn't make you

super excited

nothing will i promise you that but why stop there

at this moment you can assign for FREE as an ambassador in Tecademics and get

instant access to a dozen of high-quality trainings that will put you on

the track of what's working right now on the market place i encourage you to do

that because I've seen trainings personally and they're better than a lot

of stuff a lot of paid stuff you can find

online so by personal advice to you is to watch 1 to maximum 2 trainings per day not

more because the most important thing is to learn and implement not to go through all

trainings and do absolutely nothing with stuff you learn so i'm going to put a

button on the screen or link in the descriptions so we can start learning

and implementing in your business as soon as possible

so for the bonus I promised don't worry I didn't forget about it

not only are getting a bunch of trainings from Tecademics which have by

the way more quality information than paid stuff you can find online you

can also ethically steal this month my personal cheat-sheet for rank YouTube videos

which allowed me to dominate search results on youtube for some very

competitive terms and result a few thousand hot leads and tens of thousands

of dollars after that you gotta love youtube well not only i'm going to

teach you how to do it with little or any investment and a lot more I can even

say out loud over here but you're going to be absolutely thrilled because i love

you guys and I really want you to get it if I can do this so can you and I'm here

to prove it

so if you're ready click the button and let's get started

this is Dino from Coderich Academy hope you enjoyed until next time

Stay awesome..

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