Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dit moet ik even kwijt...

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Hello everyone, my name is Valentijn,

and most of you may know me as the shark that has bitten Freek Vonk

And the past week I have been showered with negativity.

And that is fine if you don't know the context, believe me.

But now my kids are also being pestered on Facebook.

They are threatened!

And that's really where I draw the line!

I mean, I don't know why I have to say this, isn't Freek Vonk the animal expert!?

Do I really have to tell him that sharks are dangerous!?

He said this about my wife:

"Such beautiful fins, look at those beautiful fins,

What a gorgeous specimen!"

Well where I come from you stand up for that!

My wife is not a specimen!

And I understand that some people will say: "You don't solve anything with violence and aggression."

But sometimes emotions just take over.

You front crawl to my house and start talking about the fins of my wife...

Like seriously, what do you expect!?!?

I hope this will give perspective to some people..

If you see me, I want to be clear:

You can say anything about me.

But my kids have nothing to do with this!

That's what I wanted to say...


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