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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sleeping Beauty | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids | Princess Story

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Once upon a time there was a kingdom

A kingdom full of happiness...

And in that kingdom lived a king and queen that had only one wish

And that one wish was to have a child...

The king and the queen were very kind people

So they knew in their hearts that one day their wish would come true

And one day soon enough their wish came true

They were blessed with a baby girl

Because she was as bright as the sun that lighted up the day

They named the little princess, Sunshine

The king and the queen decided to have a big ball to celebrate their joy and birth of Sunshine

Everyone was invited

Even the fairies living in the mystery forest

But the king and the queen made a big mistake

They forgot to invite one fairy in particular

Everyone from all around the kingdom and the kings and queens from the neighbouring kingdoms

presented their gifts and best wishes to Sunshine

And last but not least it was time for the 12 fairies

The fairies gave incredibly unique presents to Sunshine

With their magic wands they gifted Sunshine with anything she could want in the world

In the end, only three fairies remained to give their presents

And they also gave wonderful presents to Sunshine

May the beauty of the world be with you at all times.“

Little princess... My gift is eternal happiness... May you never be sad and always be happy.“

"hi hi hi hi hi hi"

Just as the last fairy was going to present her gift

something very unexpected happened

The whole ballroom was suddenly covered in green smoke

And when the smoke was gone, the black fairy appeared

The king asked who this fairy was, crashing this beautiful ceremony

The other fairies immediately recognized her

It was the evil hearted Black Fairy

So, I see that everyone is invited.”

All the people in the kingdom, your friends, kings, queensand the fairies.“

But unfortunately, I was not invited.”

The king apologized for their unpolite behaviour

Well, I will not leave this beautiful little princess without a truly unique gift of mine.”

The most beautiful princess will grow surrounded with happiness, love and admiration."


On her sixteenth birthday"

"just before sunset, she will poke herself with a needle and she will be gone forever!“

Seize that monster!” yelled out the king

but the black fairy disappeared with her evil laughter

"hah hah hah hah hah haaa"

"haah hah hah hah hah haaa"

It was the last fairys turn to give her gift..

She was not as powerful as the Black Fairy

but, she wished for something which could at least lighten up the bad curse

I cannot prevent the curse"

"But, I can effect the outcome. May you not die when the curse unfolds."

"But, go in a deep sleep and wake up with a kiss of true love. My gift to you.“

The king with the attempt to prevent this bad curse from happening

Ordered every needle, sewing machine, or anything that even resembled a needle

To be collected and burnt in the courtyard of the castle

With the gifts of the fairies

Princess Sunshine grew as a beautiful and kind child that everybody loved

One day, her dad, the king ordered three fairies to take care and guard Sunshine

which has proven to be a rather difficult task for them

Because, Sunshine was not going to be in touch with anyone but the three fairies

Sunshine grew up to be a very beautiful young girl with her guardian fairies

Finally the day arrived

It was the sixteenth birthday of princess Sunshine

It was only until the sunset before black fairys curse was going to unfold

The king and the queen did everything they could to prevent the curse from happening

But they were still worried that it would happen anyway

They locked up the beautiful princess in a room in order to protect her

But having no idea what was going on

Sunshine was not pleased with being locked up

Suddenly, a door appeared in the wall

Sunshine was mesmerized by this door she had never seen before

And she heard weird noises coming behind the door

Curious and unaware of what was going to happen

She entered the door

In the room she entered, there was a woman sewing with her back turned to the door

And Sunshine walked spellbound towards the sewing machine

Just as the sun was setting, the black fairys curse unfolded and Sunshine reached out to the needle

And at that moment, it happened

With only a touch of the needle she fell down and dozed into her eternal sleep

"hah hah hah hah hah haa"

"haaa hah hah hah hah haa"

And there it was

At sunset black fairys spell was cast on Sunshines 16th birthday

They dressed her up with her most beautiful outfit and put her on a bed of flowers

So, started the days where Sunshine would be known as the Sleeping Beauty

The king and the queen wanted to stop the pain

So they decided to put everyone in the castle to sleep

Until the time the princess wakes up

A hundred years passed

One day a handsome prince was passing nearby and he saw the castle covered with thorned bushes and ivy

His men told the stories about the castle and the Sleeping Beauty

It really excited the prince

So he decided to go in the castle

The bushes were too thick and the thorns made it almost impossible to go over

So, he drew his sword and started opening his way by cutting up the bushes

Cutting his way through, he finally came to the door and he saw two guards at the door, sleeping

He opened the door and was stunned by the view

There were people on the floor everywhere he could see

He started to walk around the castle

And he came to the kings room

The king and the queen also were sleeping on their sofa

Then he saw a room with a half open door

He entered

This was the room where the sleeping beauty was sleeping on a beautiful bed of flowers

The prince came next to the bed

Looked at the beautiful princess and leaned over to her ear

"Youre the famous sleeping beauty"

"Youre so beautiful"

Whispered the prince, feeling overwhelmed with love, he kissed her on her forehead

At that moment, she opened her eyes

And saw the handsome prince, looking at her

With her awakening, everyone in the castle woke up from their hundred years of sleep

The king and the queen were in a great shock

They woke up and ran to Sunshines room to see what was going on

And, when they saw their beautiful daughter awake

They were full of joy and happiness

The prince asked the sleeping beauty to marry him

The princess smiled at him and accepted his proposal

And the king of course gave his blessing to the prince who saved his daughter and his kingdom

They had the most beautiful ceremony anyone had ever seen

And, they all lived happily ever after

The Description of Sleeping Beauty | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids | Princess Story