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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 Rappers Who Dissed DJ Akademiks

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DJ Akademiks has built quite a name for himself in the hip hop community over the last few


His biggest YouTube channel has over 2.2 million subscribers at the time of this recording

with over 1 billion views across 2,400 videos posted on the channel.

Despite being one of the biggest hip hop commentators in the game right now, he isnt necessarily

the most respected.

DJ Akademiks takes a somewhat comedic approach to his style of journalism that often rubs

a lot of people the wrong way

especially to the rappers he covers on his channel.

In the past, most rappers would just ignore Akademiks but as his influence grew in the

hip hop community, rappers began to feel the need to respond to Akademiks comments.

Curious on what rappers called out DJ Akademiks?

Well, we have you covered.

Here is a list of 7 rappers who dissed DJ Akademiks.

The first notable diss that really caught my attention happened back in November of


It all began when Soulja Boy posted a video on social media of him showing offhis

new $6,000,000 penthouse in Los Angeles.

Its your boy Soulja Boy man just saying good morning to all the fans.

$6,000,000 for the new penthouse, you know what Im saying, in Hollywood.”

Once DJ Akademiks saw the video, he did some intense research that led to him finding the

exact same penthouse on a vacation rental website calledAirBnB”.

After Akademiks made the groundbreaking discovery, he made a video about it on his YouTube channel

exposing Soulja Boy as a fraud and claiming that he is renting the penthouse on AirBnB

for $895 a night.

Its ya boy DJ Akademiks, now the levels of fraudary that Soulja Boy has reached this

week is astonishing.

He hopped on the gram and was flexing that he just dropped 6 milly on a penthouse.

He didnt drop 6 milly on it, actually bro its a rental off AirBnB.

You can get it for the low low.”

Soulja Boy was not too happy about this video and later responded by saying that he actually

does own the place and plans on living there for a few years which would be impossible

to do on AirBnB according to Big Soulja.

Soulja Boy also stated that he puts the house on AirBnB himself and rents it out for extra


He then closes off his rant by saying DJ Akademiks is broke and lives in a dorm room.

The AirBnB situation kind of just fades off from there and the two had little to no feuds

throughout the next few years.

That was until early 2019.

While Soulja Boy was on his comeback run, he was a guest onEveryday Struggle”,

a hip hop debate show on Complex that Akademiks is a host on.

During the episode, Soulja Boy and Akademiks somewhat hashed out there beef but after a

few weeks, Soulja begins to diss Akademiks again.

Before the situation could escalate, Soulja Boy was arrested and sentenced to several

months in jail.

Soulja Boy is currently out now and there is no update on the status of Soulja Boy and

DJ Akademiks.

The next rapper on the list is none other than Meek Mill.

This whole situation started after Meek Mill was not too fond of how DJ Akademiks covered

his latest project.

For those of you who are unaware, DJ Akademiks usually covers the album sales of rappers

latest releases on his social media accounts and will sometimes state his opinion of the

albums as well.

So Akademiks went about his business and did this for Meekwhich he clearly didnt


Akademiks claimed onEveryday Strugglethat Meek Mill and The Chasers gave him a

Digital Jumpingin the DMs where Meek Mill claimed to have said that he was

going to give Akademiks a wedgie the next time he sees him and that Meek was telling

him how he should post about his upcoming album and that if he doesnt agree to his

conditions that he shouldnt post it all.

Akademiks realized that Meek obviously doesnt like how he talks about him so he decided

to not cover Meek Mill at all unless it was something newsworthy.

Months later, Meek got upset that Akademiks wasnt posting anything about his album

and made comments about how hes only amumble rap promo page.”

The situation between Meek Mill and Akademiks didnt escalate much further than that up

until recently when Meek Mill made a comment about how Akademiks shouldnt post about

the rapper 6ix9ine.

Akademiks ended up responded to this comment saying how he doesnt appreciate how Meek

Mill thinks he can control what Akademiks posts on his platform and that no one is going

to bully him into posting or not posting something.

Not much more was said and Akademiks continues to speak highly about Meek Mill as an artist.

This next rapper actually came as a surprise to me and to many other fans in the hip hop

community as well.

That rapper is Detroits very own


This situation began after Akademiks and Joe Budden voiced their opinions about Eminems


Their opinion about the album wasnt very good which led to claims that the twoEveryday

Strugglehosts put Eminem on a list of the most trash rappers of 2017.

Eminem didnt appreciate the host's response to his album and ended up dissing Akademiks

and Joe Budden on a song calledFallon his latest albumKamikaze”.

While the disses seemed more aimed at Joe Budden and another hip hop commentator named

Charlamagne”, Akademiks was still named dropped by the legend midway through the track

with these linesAnd don't make me have to give it back to Akademiks, Say this is

trash again, I'll have you twistedbeing directed towards the YouTube Hip Hop Commentator.

Akademiks response was that he stands by what he said about Eminem and that Em should take

criticism better.

The next rapper to come at DJ Akademiks is the legend Nipsey Hussle.

Rest in peace.

Nipsey Hussle went on a radio show where DJ Akademiks was suddenly brought up in the conversation.

Nipsey then proceeded to state his opinion on Akademiks and used words likeWeirdo

andBusterto describe him and overall just called him a keyboard warrior that instigates


He said some stuff about Chicago that rubbed me the wrong way.”

Yeah, hes a buster hes a weirdo.

He behind the camera and you just gotta let clowns be clowns.”

He also mentioned that he was scheduled to be a guest onEveryday Strugglebut

walked out because he doesnt stand by what Akademiks does and claimed that Akademiks

will self destruct in the future.

I was on Everyday Struggle and I walked out just because Im not a clown.

People like him get weeded out quick.

He got a little internet run he going on but you know, we just gotta let him self destruct

because hes on the path.”

Once Akademiks heard about the situation, he made a video giving his side of the story

where he claimed that Nipsey must not have been aware that Everyday Struggle is a hip

hop debate show and that Nipsey Hussle refused to talk about any of the topics over the concern

that his name would be in headlines next to 6ix9ine, a rapper Nipsey doesnt respect

who was one of the topics on that episode of the show.

After Nipsey told that to the producers of the show, the producers came to the conclusion

that the show wouldnt happen and asked Nipsey Hussle to leave, which he respectfully

did according to Akademiks.

Overall Akademiks had nothing bad to say about Nipsey Hussle and it was basically anagree

to disagreetype of situation.

This next rapper on the list is Vic Mensa.

Vic Mensa took a different approach to dissing DJ Akademiks by actually calling him out face

to face….

On Akademiks own show.

Thats right.

During Vic Mensas guest appearance on Everyday Struggle, he called out DJ Akademiks to his

face for making jokes and for building a following about the tragedies in Chicago on his channel

War in Chiraq”.

For those of you who dont know.

DJ Akademiks first made a name for himself by covering the drill scene in chicago.

The videos he made included a lot of jokes in bad taste about really sensitive topics

and its usually one of the things people bring up when they explain why they dont like


Anyway, Vic Mensa goes on to say he wants to slap Akademiks and that he had no reason

to speak on anything that was going on in Chicago.

Vic ends it off with how he think DJ Akademiks is a coward and wouldnt say any of that

kind of stuff in real life.

Akademiks then defends himself by saying it wassatireand the overall message of

the videos were not intended to be negative and that he made it clear that its not

cool what's going on in Chicago and that it has to stop.

Once again, it seemed like it ended in aagree to disagreetype of situation.

The next rapper or should I say rappers, to diss DJ Akademiks is the Migos.

Now I know most of you guys are aware of this situation and would most likely say it was

more directed towards Joe Budden then Akademiks but since he played a pretty big role in this

drama, I just have to add it to the list.

It all started on the red carpet at the B.E.T Awards.

The Everyday Struggle cast were interviewing the iconic rap group when Akademiks brought

up to Takeoff that there was a meme going around about how Takeoff was left offBad

and Boujee”, the group's biggest hit.

I feel like theres a running joke with you being left off Bad and Boujee.”

I aint left off Bad and Boujee.

Who think Im left off Bad and Boujee.”

Say that again.”

You say Im left off Bad and Boujee.”

What did you say.”

Do it look like Im left off Bad and Boujee?”

Takeoff responds withYou said Im left off Bad and Boujee?

Does it look like Im left off Bad and Boujee?”

Akademiks couldnt understand what Takeoff was saying over all the noise and kept asking

him to repeat himself.

Throughout that interaction, you could tell that the Migos thought they were being trolled

by Akademiks but they played it cool.

The overall interview was just bad which lead to Joe Budden put a sudden end to the interview.

As Budden was trying to end the interview he got frustrated and threw his mic down and

walked away.

The Migos then stood up like there was a problem and seemed to be hinting that an altercation

could break out.

Well Im glad there succeeding man.”

Hey man, you guys are nominated tonight.

Have a good show.”

Ultimately, everyone went their own ways but days later, the Migos released a song called

Ice Traywhere the Migos call out Joe Budden in the song for being a hater.

The situation continued to escalate after the Migos released a music video forIce

Traywhere they recreated theEveryday Struggleset and casted terrible look alikes

to play the roles of DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden, and Nadeska.

Overall, the Everyday Struggle cast took everything with a grain of salt and seemed to have fun

with the situation so its clearly nothing to serious.

The final rapper on this list of rappers who dissed DJ Akademiks is none other than the



In his songDiplomatic Immunity”, Drake disses DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden, and the concept

of the showEveryday Strugglewith these barsIve seen budding careers judging

they peers.

Knowledge from dudes who did not contribute to none of this here.”

Drake then proceeded to go on Instagram Live while celebrating his moms birthday.

Yo Akademiks, dip from my live man real talk man.

I dont rate you like that bro.

You need to dip from my live man real talk man.”

In the Instagram Live, DJ Akademiks starts a conversation with another rapper namedLogic

in the chat.

Drake sees this and saysYo akademiks.

Dip from my live, man.

Real talk.”

I dont rate you like that, bro.

Dip from my live.

Stop tryna get your shine.”

This diss towards Akademiks all seemed in good fun though because Drake was smiling

throughout it the whole time.

Akademiks responded to this on his Twitch stream saying that he was honored and said

he doesnt really care as long as he's the center of attention.

Akademiks has also made it very clear over the years that Drake is his favorite rapper.

Another sign that Drake doesnt actually dislike Akademiks is due to the fact that

Drake personally reached out to him to address rumors about the drama he had with Pusha T.

That has to mean something right?

Well there you have it, 7 rappers who dissed DJ Akademiks.

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