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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 仙王的日常生活:7(颈椎舒适版) 灵剑保养的18个小技巧he Daily Life of the Immortal King 7 Sub En

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Results of the national student gather spiritual high comprehension test

Wang Ling actually came in first

Is system problems yet?

With the elite classes so long

Pan guidance

what do you think

Wang Ling child

Under our class bias in middle grades

Also usually taciturn

How suddenly the first in the country?

The martial art although we have two students entered the list of the top ten


Trouble has come


Why a focus on high comprehension face up on the students?

Because this time the Sun and Wang Ling Yung students

We raised the average


Over the past hundred years

We are at war and 59 24

Record is

23 losses and one draw

Pretty good

Ten years ago, the only time a draw

Or because that term has Zhuo this day vertical Wizards

I'd think

The game will be very interesting

Maybe the result will surprise oh


In short

Let's finalize the entry list now

You two really calm


Tang's second two eggs, Who

Dear viewers

You must like us

This year's focus on student comprehension senior national spirit sword Assembly


We came Songhai 59 training site

We can see that 59 people cultivation has approached the level of professionalism

Indeed the favorites to win this conference

Plow Jian Zhen

start up


Jian Zhen central

It is their student council president

59 ace

Tang two eggs

Let's look at an interview with Ai Ai Tang, president

So Don president

Excuse me

Your team spirit sword for this General Assembly to do what ready for it

In order to meet the annual General Assembly of the spirit sword

Our students has been going on for a month devil Gifted

They kept repeating boring

And high-intensity training

It is to be able in the General Assembly

To show their best side

Students graduating high section

They look

Finally, a war during school


Endless struggle of the spirit

It will be new students

Passing the torch

Can fight side by side with them

It is the privilege of a lifetime

In short

We do our best

It is also a rival

The highest respect


Of your opponent

Songhai of 60 students


Is there anything to say it

I noticed a small group headed floral curtain

The prodigy

She is also able to test this spirit has made remarkable achievements

I hope it

It can be in the game

Chia insight into the supernatural powers handed down

The psychic test

60 Another student Wang Ling came in first place

of course

It is said that because the system bug

I wonder if you have anything to say to him

I wish him

Sin Yun Longchang


Wang Ling

Who is that


Zhuo long cents, Wang guide

You are serious about it

Some players are all new students

Pan guide, you forget it

Last year we did not qualify the group stage even martial

Our college students is not high quality

I see high spiritual power segment

No 1000

SUN Rong classmates low segment is really a genius

Be three other people

Pan guidance

My quality of teaching your

Very confident



I put the elite class of fitness classes are accounted for

Theory lesson

According to the rules of the General Assembly of the spirit sword

Each team needs at least five members

But only four students on this list

I've already discussed it long Cho Sin

Fifth players

But he is a dog ah

Pan guidance

Please do not reveal discrimination

There is precedent for animal competition

Won the high comprehension 3497 annual student

Is a fox

Fox is a piece of the spirit world can exchange students ah


She's incarnation in human form

If necessary

Two clams can also be turned into human form

I cast the solution-reshaping surgery method

This should be no problem

Looks like a way

I go

This is the demon king pinched face it


In fact, no human form does not matter

Rules where there is no mandatory requirement

But he did not participate in psionic test

Does not qualify

Make-up program has been started

Enter the make-up student information

I go

Well, now you have been collusion

Two students clams

Probably it hit 5000 points

This win

You would consider lifting the shackles

Tang two eggs

Oh, no

Taek, president of Habitat

Another man's spiritual power

Climb your head up yo


Or a dog

it is good


This is you forced me


It's that happy decision

it is good

After school

I pull a group secretly informing them that it

You also know that this operation ah shame

Pan guidance

This is for us a strategic secret of this door ah

Wang brothers


See it tomorrow


I recently bought a game called Hunter reveal

Inside the Monster particularly large

There are a dozen four



Abnormal hot, add egg

All for today friends

I want to love you, oh off work

Words can not show his face

Popular really can not go ah

All for today friends

I want the next broadcast

SUN Rong

Wang Ling

Guo Hao

Chen Chao

Two clam

5 students

Congratulations selected the College

Officials participating in comprehension for 4396 years

National Institute of high comprehension spirit sword Assembly



I did it

Make sure in three days

Ready for their spirit sword

This stuff later thrown away

The sword

Called super power


Enough to allow


You're proud of Chen

Father adults


It firewood to use it

The sword

Called the super power

I was born

Father casting a sword

Called super-power ah

But added the name of Chen Chao and students are a good fit ah

From the wrapped slurry

Chen Chao students usually care very carefully ah

Because Wang brothers also participating Well

Although this sword early and I signed a contract

Worship at home every day

But so far

Lichao have not bred sword of the Spirit

To nurture the sword of the Spirit

Not a short span of time

Chen Chao students have such perseverance

I believe the sword of the Spirit from birth to the day

Not far

Chen Chao students have showed off their spirit sword

Who else

The sword

It is forged with a three night they reveal the magic tiger's teeth as the main material

To date

With me for eight years


Not bred sword of the Spirit

Guo Young

Your life miserable ah

I did not expect though was just a novice students

But it has its own spirit sword

Sun Rong junior sister apprentice

You do have a spiritual sword

Wang guide, you good night as well brother king

This is my spirit sword

Name Olympian


This blue sword of the Spirit is spirit Yun ah

Sun trainees have been bred out of the sword of the Spirit

Family background is of course the one hand,

But the Sun Rong students Spirit gleaming sword SG

You must have spent a lot of thought

To develop understanding and spirit of the sword

We Miuzan

To prevent damage in the fighting

My family has created a total of 13 Olympian

How they do not speak

Uh yes

Wang Ling and two clams

Do you guys have a spirit sword

Wang guidance

Two clam is a dog ah

I am afraid it is not the spirit of the sword

Sword swallowing

I lost

Foster sword of the Spirit

We must be patient

Beginning Ling sword spirits

They are chaotic state

After enough temper after

Cohesion will become a spiritual power sword of the Spirit

The original sword of the Spirit

Some small mammals form

Some of the human form

With the continuing escalation

Sword of the Spirit have evolved


Will gradually civilized

Some people Guards comprehension sword of the Spirit

Even with the ability to think independently

Is that right

Please guide say something

next semester

You will have a spirit sword-related basic course

Now of course the spirit sword

Basic maintenance are taught spiritual sword

Advanced courses in spirit sword

There Sword flight

And sword fighting technique

Only when you get to more advanced students

To develop an understanding of the

Your task now

It is to try to foster emotional and spiritual sword

Fight before the end of the course

First conceived sword of the Spirit

Decisive Collection

18 small trick to cultivate the spirit of the sword


Is not ignore what's going on


Wang Ling Young

Your spirit sword it

We do not intend to pull out yo

Wang Ling classmates

Your spirit sword it

You would not be right sword


Xiao Tang

Spirit sword all ready

Has let them keep a unified handed academy

I have personally checked the

But the list

How only four people

Xie total guidance

Because the fifth man is the man


Xiao Tang

You're going to enable that person Well

Let that person participating

You do not consider the consequences

This year we can not lose

and so

Only with the power of a man


This will give you a full

I will not let 60 win

You even have to put that person out

60 how to win ah

that person

Who in the end



That's it

I participated in spirit sword Assembly

Commission know what it




I'd like to see

In the end is what people

Xie always make me have to move out guide

The Description of 仙王的日常生活:7(颈椎舒适版) 灵剑保养的18个小技巧he Daily Life of the Immortal King 7 Sub En