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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - 6th October - It's time to improve your English - Small Talk - day 6

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yes we have made it all away to day six of 31 days of learning English during

October 2019

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really hope so here we are again

day six for those who don't know what is happening every day during October I

will be with you here on YouTube and here are the times straight away without

any messing about 31 days of live English during October from Monday to

Friday 2 p.m. UK time yes every day of the week I will be with you 2 p.m. UK

time Monday to Friday also I am with you as usual at the weekend on Saturday 12

p.m. just after midday and also as you can see now I am here right now at 2

p.m. UK time on Sunday and that is where we are right now at this very moment 5

minutes past two o'clock here in the UK on a Sunday the 6th of October and for

every day during October I will be here talking to you live as live can be let's

have a look outside the window because the weather today is a little strange to

say the least rather strange there it is the Sun is

now out but earlier it was raining heavily and it's very windy outside so

today I am in the studio because the weather is very unsettled let's just say

it is all over the place and a little nearer oh look at that and there you can

see some very ominous dark clouds floating by just to prove that today is

very unsettled we are having lots of heavy showers

so the rain sometimes is falling heavily and there you can see in the distance

many rain clouds going over and that is a live view right now from my window so

it's looking rather windy today and very unsettled what about the weather where

you are what is it like is it raining is it sunny is it cold

is it hot I don't know because I'm not there you might describe what I'm

talking about right now as small talk so when we talk about things in general we

often mean small talk things that we talk about as a way of making

conversation and this is the subject that we are going to take a close look

at later today I will be talking about it here in the studio live and also we

are going to take a look at one of my very old English lessons from many many

years ago I was watching the news just before I started today's livestream and

I noticed on the news there was quite an angry lady who was being asked if she

was going to support Boris Johnson or whether or not she liked him being in

the town where she lived and well it's all over the Internet in fact I can't

show you the piece of video because I have a feeling that it is now

copyrighted but the the actual word and here is the word and going to show it

now because I couldn't resist but the lady was asked if she was happy that

Boris Johnson was visiting her town and she turned round and she said don't

mention his name in front of me he's nothing

toe rag toe rag now that's interesting what is a toe rag well there it is thank

you to Oxford Dictionary the definition of toe rag in English and there it is

toe rag and we often use this informally in British English the meaning of the

word toe rag this by the way is not a very nice word a contemptible or

worthless person so when we call someone when we name someone when we insult a

person by calling them a toe rag we are actually describing them as a hated

person contemptible a person who is hated or even worthless and the origin

of the word comes from the mid 19th century and originally it denoted a rag

that was wrapped around the foot as a sock or by extension the wearer quite

often the wearer of a toe rag would be a vagrant a homeless person a person who

was sleeping in the streets so there it is I'm sure a lot of people around the

world especially here in the UK I think a lot of people will be searching for

that particular word because now there is a video and I think at the moment it

is all over Twitter and all over the internet being shared by many people a

lady who does not like Boris Johnson very much she called him a toe rag and

now you know the meaning of the word just in case you happened to watch the

video clip as well oh we are so busy already on the livestream hello

to everyone thank you for joining us but the big question is who was first on

today's live chat oh I see mmm something very interesting happening

here on the live chat and drew once again you have a very fast finger so

well done - Andrew you once again are first on today's live chat

how do you do it what is your secret I have a feeling that andrew is sitting

next to his computer and he is just clicking clicking

clicking his finger on his mouse again and again trying to be first on the live

chat so well done Andrew you are first again I think that might be the third

day now three days in a row you have been first on the live chat Alamgir Alan

gear unfortunately was beaten into second place and also by Ann as well

grace is here hello - grace chin nice to see you back again

rowl is here as well how are you doing mr. Duncan I am doing okay today I must

be honest with you I'm feeling quite well I am still recovering from my

terrible cold that I had a few days ago now my head is okay my nose is now clear

however the cold has done a lot of damage to my chest so I feel is if

everything down here is quite uncomfortable so I am slowly recovering

I am about 85 maybe 90 percent well so 10 percent of me is not feeling very

well Tomic hello Tomic nice to see you here

also Tran hello Tran where are you watching I have a feeling you might be

watching in Vietnam because I have a lot of people watching in Vietnam Pedro

oh hello Pedro nice to see you here today we have missed you

last weekend we missed you and also during the week but I suppose

you were busy during the week so it's nice to see you here Pedro

don't forget Pedro is one of our moderators so please be on your best

behavior no swearing no insults Luis Mendez hello Luis nice to see you back

again also one of the moderators Julie G is here a sinner a sinner Barbosa says

hello everybody hello to you as well where are you watching at the moment

Mohammad GAD is here watching in Sudan now I know I have a lot of people

watching in Sudan because I can check you see I can actually look and find out

where people are watching or where they have been watching

Massimo hello to Massimo thanks for joining me on day six day six can you

believe it every day I'm on YouTube doing one of my SuperDuper live English

lessons every day and the reason why I'm doing it is because this year I am

celebrating my 13th anniversary here on YouTube 13 years at the end of this

month on the 31st of October I will be celebrating my 13th anniversary so I

thought as a way of celebrating I would join you every day during October so

this is now day six by the way if you want to make a donation because of

course I do everything for free it costs nothing to watch my videos and

everything I've been doing for the past 13 years as being done for free so I

have literally given 13 years of my life to teach English on YouTube I'm not

joking also for those who want to get in touch

you can follow me on Facebook and also you can email me as

talking of which I have received a very interesting video from Belarus eeeh

I wonder if Belarusian is actually on the live chat yet I'm going to have a

look to see if she is there she isn't there at the moment let's see ah yes

hello Belarusian I can see you now now during the week I was talking about one

particular subject I was talking about going to the dentist and Belarus ear is

actually a dentist now I'm not a big fan of going to the dentist

however Belarusian has sent a lovely video showing the inside of her office

and we are going to take a look at it right now

hi there do you know what is it well you have shown us a lot about your life and

your house where you're living so I decided today to show you where I

work this is my office here the patients wait

for me this is the street

the door this is the bathroom and here

the electric chair yes this is my office

here I work every day do you want to sit here for a while well some of my

patients say say they work all day long and when they come here they like to

laugh lay and rest a little that's all from me for today have a nice day

katara now Tata for now to Belarusian wasn't that amazing so

they're a little insight thank you very much for showing me your big dentist's

chair I must admit if there is one place that

I am NOT going to fall asleep it is in a dentist's chair I always like to stay

completely conscious when I'm at the dentist I don't like to be put to sleep

to be honest I had a very bad experience when I was young at the dentist an

electric chair now I do like the idea of the chair being operated with

electricity so it doesn't mean that if you sit in the chair you will have

electricity passed through your body I don't think it's like that to be honest

thanks a lot for sharing that wasn't that wonderful so sometimes I do receive

some very interesting videos and of course I have to make a comment about

your English as well very clear and if you notice the subtitles the captions on

the screen there they understood everything you said 100% so I think that

was pretty good by the way if you want to see captions you can you all you have

to do is press that button there and you can have captions on the screen

it's as simple as that Sergio is here mr. Duncan I am very

excited for your 31 days of learning English you deserve a round of applause

thank you very much I think I can hear very far away yes that does sound very

much like a round of applause

thank you

how lovely thank you very much for your appreciation they're fantastic liz is

here hello Liz unfortunately I burnt the lunch what

happened what is the reason for you burning your lunch so I hope you haven't

ruined it is your lunch ruined now what happens sometimes is when you are

cooking especially if you have to cook something over a long period of time you

might get distracted and that happens to me sometimes quite often when I'm in the

kitchen I might forget that I'm actually cooking something I might actually

forget all about it and then maybe I go into another room and I forget that I'm

actually cooking something in the kitchen

so yes sometimes it is easy to become distracted whilst cooking food so I'm

sorry to hear that you have burned to your lunch that's not very nice is it

I hope you have something else instead Naomi says hello everybody

atomic I have missed a bit of the lives dream is that Belarusian at the dentist

yes Belarus is actually a dentist and a lot of people seem to enjoy that video

clip Thank You Louis I think I would go to your office if you weren't too far

who it sounds as if you have a customer who wants to come and have their teeth

done so Lewis Lewis would appear to be a very willing patient

franceska all over the place if something is all over the place

it means it's chaotic so maybe a person might be all over the place it means you

are chaotic or very busy so all over the place can mean that you are moving in

lots of different directions or maybe you are in a state of chaos you are all

over the place or of course if you are very busy you might say I was very busy

today I had to go and see so many people I was all over the place I was very busy

I do like the look of Belarus ears dentist equipment I like the color it is

very soothing it's like an orange yellow color so yes I do like the the color of

your of your dentist surgery yes of course your English was very clear so I

could understand every word and so could the subtitles as well the captions also

understood do you ever take out do you ever take out teeth Belarusian when you

pull out a person's tooth we call that an extraction extraction so the actual

term for removing a tooth is extraction you pull out someone's tooth maybe

because it's loose or maybe because it is starting to go rotten lue Emily Oh

Emilio hello Emilio it is very funny mr. Duncan she is one of your good students

she has taken advantage of your excellent classes thank you very much

yes it is true Belarusian is one of my regular viewers so it would appear that

she does everything that a dentist would normally do and that includes pulling

out people's teeth I don't like the sound of that that is one of the reasons

why I don't like going to the dentist just in case

I have to have one of my teeth pulled out where is mr. Steve mr. Steve is busy

today he is he's actually in the garden somewhere he was in the garden earlier

and apparently mr. Steve has been doing some research about alternative energy

so that's what mr. Steve's been doing this morning he's been checking on on

different types of alternative energy I don't know why I have a feeling that mr.

Steve wants to reduce his carbon footprint that's what I think I have had

many of my teeth removed especially when I was a child when I was a young child I

had to have 10 of my teeth taken out at the same time and it was a horrible

experience I did not like it I did not enjoy it at all hello Lois hello also -

Rahul what is the difference between tell and ask well ask if you ask it

means you ask for information if you tell it means you give information so if

you ask it means you normally want information you will ask a question so

you ask a question and then the other person will tell the answer so ask tell

so I will ask you a question and you will give me or tell me the answer by an

I hate going to the dentist but I do appreciate their work me too yes I also

appreciate the work in fact in the country where Belarusian lives they

actually celebrate the work of dentists every year they have dentist day can you

believe it it's amazing during the week I mentioned a certain

word and I think it would be a good opportunity a good chance for me to

explain the meanings of this particular word and here it is on your screen right

now the word is pet pet now the interesting thing about this particular

word is that it can be used as both a noun and also a verb as well so the word

pet because during the week I was talking about dogs I was talking about

people keeping dogs so that's the reason why I mentioned dogs during the week

there is one barking at the moment outside my studio so the word pet well

first of all as a noun we can describe pet as an animal raised and kept at home

quite often as a companion a domesticated creature that is able to

live indoors can be described as a pet an animal that is reliant on someone to

take care of it is a pet so a pet is normally an animal as a noun it is

something an animal of some sort that is kept indoors or maybe in the garden and

it is normally looked after domesticated I love that word if something is

domesticated it means if is able to live inside the house so it the thing in

question the pet is domesticated so there you can see the word pet can be

used first of all as a noun however we can also use

the word pet as a verb to give physical attention to someone or something in a

soothing or caring manner is pet to stroke hold or give comfort to a person

or animal is to pet you pet an animal so if you stroke or hold or give comfort to

a person or an animal or maybe both we can use it as a verb you pet an animal

you give them some attention you first them you give them a little bit of

tender loving care so I hope that was helpful to you I always try my best to

explain words especially simple words because sometimes very simple words in

English can have many different uses and it would appear that a lot of people on

the live chat do keep pets Cristina oh this is interesting Cristina

talks about pet therapy now yes I think I understand what you mean by that

because some people think or believe that having a pet or an animal nearby

can be very comforting so some people feel comforted when they have a cat or a

dog that comes to them for fuss or attention so yes quite often having a

pet can be very comforting and you might describe it as pet therapy and I think

maybe that's the reason why a lot of people have a pet because it gives them

comfort and of course it's quite pleasant for the pet because they get

everything they need so if you have a dog then you will look after the

you will feed it you will take care of it so for the dog it is a very nice life

Luis Luis Munoz says I have 17 cats 17 cats and two dogs all I can say is I

feel very sorry for your dogs they must be I would imagine that the cats chase

the dogs around all the time actually cats can be quite ferocious have you

ever noticed that cats so a domesticated cat that people to keep at home they can

actually be quite aggressive Pedro says I sometimes watch Indian Street dentists

it's hilarious but very dangerous for Public Health

well that's Pedro's opinion not mine mr. Duncan why celebrate teachers day and

not dentists day in France a dentist is called doctor well again I think from my

own point of view I don't think being a dentist is a worthless job but I do have

a slight fear of going to the dentist in fact I also have a fear of going to

the doctor and also to a hospital and of course doctors do the most amazing work

so I I'm also not a very big fan of hospitals either even if I'm visiting

someone in hospital I still don't really want to go and that's the reason why so

it isn't because I don't care for the person who is in hospital it's because I

don't really want to be near a hospital there is something very strange about

being in hospital I think it has something to do with the smell so

hospitals or have a certain smell and it always makes

me feel quite uncomfortable Rafa is here Oh

Rafa also has a dog as well oh it would appear that keeping a dog is very

popular sit sit good dog

hello also to Pradeep hi mr. Duncan it is so nice to learn from you

continuously for 31 days I know and this is only day 6 I have quite a few more

days to go papi mr. Duncan I know that you don't

like dogs but having a pet at home is relaxing well I used to own a dark I

used to have a dog of my own when I lived in China but unfortunately someone

stole it so I actually had my dogs stolen when I was in China so I don't

hate dogs but sometimes they can be so annoying especially when they're barking

zoo seeker zoo seeker I think I pronounced your name right today hi mr.

Duncan sorry I'm late because I am cycling and I've not

arrived back home yet have a nice day thank you very much and thank you for

letting me know isn't that lovely Miko is he I am happy you have a good

image of Japan and that is a message for blue thunder oh I see well of course for

the past few days the Rugby World Cup is being held in Japan so a lot of people

from around the world are actually visiting Japan they are going along to

the matches taking place in Japan and the other day it was was it England

against Argentina and England one so apparently

England have a good rugby team don't ask me because I don't really know about

rugby so please don't ask for my advice because I don't know thank you very much

for all of your lovely messages today there are so many I think I think I

might not be able to say hello to everyone for which I apologize right now

we are going to take a look at one of my old lessons and the reason why I'm here

today is because I'm celebrating my 13th year on YouTube right now we are going

to go back in time many many years to take a look at an excerpt from one of my

very early English lessons

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok

I hope so are you happy I hope so in this lesson we are going to take a close

look at another fascinating part of the English language

today we will discuss the fine art of small talk

cheers the word small talk means to hold a conversation and talk about a general

topic the subject is normally a simple or common one which will not cause any

discomfort or awkwardness between the people involved there are many popular

topics of conversation when it comes to using small talk do-do-do-do-do-do you

will find that the topics used during small talk will vary from country to

country for example here in the UK we talk about the weather isn't it a lovely

day do you think it will rain later isn't it cold today Oh terrible weather

we are having these days I don't like the weather today it's too hot did you

hear what the weather forecast is small talk is often used when there is very

little time to have a full conversation in many cases it is done out of courtesy

or to be polite it is worth remembering that there are some general rules

surrounding small talk for example be careful not to run out of things to say

do you know what my favorite food is my favorite food is bread what's your

favorite food do you like food I like food very much

but as I said my most favorite food of all is bread do you know why I like

bread because bread is very simple and it's very easy to prepare you can have

it with butter you can have it with meat you can have it

keep the conversation interesting so as you can see small talk is quite a common

part of everyday life and it allows us all to take time to chat even if it's

just for a few moments oh did you enjoy that so there was an excerpt from one of

my very early lessons way back in 2008 in fact so around eleven years ago that

was talking all about small talk and that's what we are going to talk about

today so a very interesting subject some

people might not be interested in small talk but it is something that many

people use quite often so here we go small talk you will probably remember a

few moments ago or you will have noticed that small talk can be used as a noun

small talk is polite conversation about an important or uncontroversial matters

points of common interest and general topics are the main construct of

everyday small talk so small talk is normally a way of passing the time so

you will talk about a very simple subject a very basic subject and as I

mentioned the weather the weather is a very common topic topics of topics of

conversation used during small talk include the weather family

other social events such as a recent wedding or party so there are many

subjects that you can use when you are carrying out small talk when you are

having a discussion about general things that are not controversial

so topics will often include the weather very popular here in the UK we will

always talk about the weather if we have the chance because British people are

obsessed by the weather they are they are crazy about talking about weather

the weather will be bright and sunny or miserable in gloomy you might catch up

on what each of you has been doing since you last met so you might catch up with

the things you've been doing since you last saw each other so there is one way

of using small talk we use small talk as a way of breaking the ice or as a way of

starting your conversation with a stranger small talk can help to break

that awkwardness and silence that would otherwise be present so you can often

use small talk as a way of starting a conversation or maybe if you meet

someone for the first time for example at a party you might want to use a very

common subject or a simple conversation to break the ice

when you break the ice it means you start the conversation you break the

silence so maybe when you meet someone for the first time you might feel a

little awkward you might feel slightly uncomfortable

small talk topics to avoid so when you are using small talk

sometimes it is best to avoid these topics for example

politics try not to talk about politics because sometimes you can get into a

rather heated and angry conversation religion of course religion is also a

subject that can creates some discomfort or disagreement illness so don't talk

about your illnesses don't talk about the things that are troubling you if you

have a physical problem maybe you have a boil on your bottom don't talk about

that talk about something else and never make unkind remarks don't be cruel about

other people when you are using small talk because it will give a very

unpleasant impression of your own character if you say unpleasant things

so there you can see on the screen some uses and some ways of using small talk

and the reason why we have small talk in the first place so small talk is a thing

that is common here in the UK quite often when we meet someone maybe a

friend we haven't seen for a long time we might talk about the weather isn't it

a lovely day isn't it a nice day isn't the weather nice today isn't it lovely

what a lovely day or of course if the weather is bad we might say oh isn't the

weather terrible at the moment isn't it a horrible day isn't the weather awful

so quite often small talk will involve a conversation about simple things basic

things quite often we will talk about the weather especially here in the UK

another word we can also use this word to describe small

talk so you might just pass the time you might have nothing to do so you will

just talk with maybe your work colleague or your friend so we call this idle chat

so idle chat is very similar to small talk you will talk about general things

nothing too deep nothing too heavy nothing too controversial just idle chat

idle chitchat idle conversation so when we use the word idle what we are

actually doing let me put it over there so when will you say idle it just means

you have nothing else to do you have nothing else to do it is just idle chat

idle chat very similar to small talk another word oh if you are talking to

your friend or maybe your neighbor you might stop and have a natter so natter

is another way of describing an informal conversation maybe you stop to see your

friend in the street and you say oh hi and then you talk about general things

you have a nutter matter so matter just means to chat talk

about general things matter I love that word you have a natter here's another

word very similar chit chat you have a chit chat if you chit chat it means

again you have a very light conversation nothing too heavy nothing too deep you

have a chit chat you have a casual conversation you chat about general

things so chit chat if you have a chit chat it normally means you have a

friendly nice relaxed conversation nothing too heavy nothing controversial

here's a very interesting one we use this term normally in British English it

might not be a word that you've seen before it might be a new word for you in

which case welcome welcome to this new word banter banter so banter is a

conversation that takes place where you might make fun or be slightly insulting

towards another person in a playful way so playful insults so you say nasty

things but in a polite or playful way and recently here in the UK a lot of

people have complained about definitely and certainly it work a lot of people

using banter in the office or in the workplace so sometimes people can take

banter too far you might start making very personal insults you might say

things that are quite unkind even if you mean them as a joke so even though you

are joking sometimes banter can be taken seriously

even though you don't mean it to be taken seriously

banter general conversation where you make fun or you pass insults to each

other banter another one now loose talk Oh

loose talk now this can be described in more than one way a loose talk is again

general conversation but also it can be careless talk so maybe if you talk about

something you shouldn't or maybe you give away a secret

so loose talk can be used in more than one way loose talk can be general

conversation or maybe you're talking about something you shouldn't

you are talking carelessly about a certain topic during the Second World

War there was a very popular campaign where

people were being encouraged not to talk about the war efforts especially here in

the UK and there was a slogan that they would use they would say loose talk

costs lives or also they would say careless talk costs lives so quite often

loose talk can get you into trouble it means you say things or you talk

about things you shouldn't or maybe you reveal a secret' back to the live chat

and then we will have a look at some more words to do with talking about

small talk hello to Pam Elle hello Pam L nice to see you here and I like your

your little icon as well very interesting it looks like a cartoon

Abdallah is here also ro sir hello Rosa apparently Rosa and Alamgir are talking

about universities now in some countries universities are free you can actually

go to university and you don't have to pay anything however here in the UK and

especially in England you have to pay to go to university so if you want to go to

university to further your studies or to get a higher degree of education you

have to pay for it the average price is around nine or ten thousand pounds and

that's that's the lowest price but of course there are many

the charges as well that you have to pay for so yes it isn't free however you are

allowed to pay for your university tuition over your working life so once

you start earning a salary you can actually start paying for your

university education so it's a very interesting way of doing it it's also

very controversial as well so in the future we might see free university

courses being reintroduced who knows so here in the UK you have to pay you have

to pay for university studies and of course if you are coming from overseas

it is a very expensive way of gaining higher education quite expensive pachu

hello sir I also want to know how your child learns English my child well first

of all I don't have any children I have no children and that's why I always look

so happy

hello to Mohammad you are a great teacher in the world thank you for your

time and your effort thank you very much that's very kind of you

I do like receiving your messages if you want to write to me you can there are

contact details on the screen now you can follow me on Facebook by the way a

lot of people don't realize that I do have a Facebook page and it is official

it is verified so yes my official facebook page there is the address and

underneath underneath you can see my email address as well so a hope that

helps you for those who are interested in getting in touch you are more than

welcome to do so no problem Melinda hello Emma Linda

watching in Philippines hello Philippines hello

to everyone watching in that part of the world

hello also to Ian hello Ian what is free in Argentina now if I

remember correctly I think University is free in Argentina I don't think you have

to pay to go to university in Argentina I might be wrong but I have a feeling it

is actually free unlike here in the UK you have to pay quite a lot of money to

go to university here in the UK especially England hello to a brill

hello Abril it is very sad that the government doesn't provide free

education well we have free education up until the age of 16 or 17 so up to that

point it is free then after that you have to pay so if you want to go to

university if you want to take a higher degree you have to pay and it can be

quite expensive of course in the past the university degree was free you could

go to university and it wouldn't cost you anything

however nowadays you have to pay Belarusian says oh we also have private

universities so I would imagine that you have to pay if you want to go to private

universities in Argentina am i right or am I wrong Pedro is going

see you later Pedro I also will be going soon because we are approaching 3

o'clock however I will be back tomorrow yes I am back tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK

time and you can catch me every day during October every single day another

word to show you before I go rumor I'm sure many of you know the meaning of

this word rumor is a story that hasn't been verified so maybe if people are

talking about a certain person and maybe you are spreading a story about that

particular person but maybe it has not been verified it isn't officially

verified so maybe it is something you've heard from another person and then you

tell someone else we call this rumor it is a rumor it is

not a story that can be verified it is just something that one person told

another person and then they told another person it is a rumor

so it isn't verified it is just rumor another word very similar gossip gossip

so gossip can be the actual thing that is being talked about again it might be

untrue so gossip can be untrue gossip might be just something you've heard

from another person so gossip can be the thing or of course the person so the

person who is spreading the rumors is a gossip the person can also be described

as a gossip a person who spreads rumors or untrue things mmm

another word tittle-tattle oh I like this word it sounds fun

tittle-tattle can also be similar very similar to rumor or gossip so maybe

stories about another person that tends to spread between one person and another

so we call this tittle-tattle quite often you will hear

this used in British English tittle-tattle things or gossip about

another person true or untrue hmm finally before I leave you we have

hearsay hearsay once again is something that you heard from another person

hearsay my friend who lives up the road told me that mr. Steve is going to buy

some environmentally friendly energy supplying machines oh dear here say

something that you've heard from another person it might be true it might not be

true here say I heard it from another person

it is hearsay and that is it it's almost time to go we are approaching three

o'clock I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson mohammed gad thank you very much

could you tell us about your usual live episodes well I am with you every day I

will show you again on the screen there you can see now 31 days of live English

Monday to Friday 2 p.m. UK time Saturday I am with you from 12:00 midday just

after lunchtime and on Sunday 2 p.m. so during the month of October I am here

every single day isn't that amazing and if you want to

make a donation to allow my work to continue forever and ever there is the

address as well for that it's almost time to go let's have one last look at

the live chat satury know the costs of university in my country depends always

different from your income oh I see it depends how much

you earn so the more money you have the more you have to pay for your university

tuition I think so okay I think I understand that so if your family is

poor you pay nothing so everything relates to how much money

the family earns I understand Thank You Sergio mr. Duncan

I have learned English as never before thank you for your gentle attitude to

all to all of us you are the best you are welcome no problem and don't forget

I am back here tomorrow as well 2:00 p.m. here live on youtube monday tuesday

wednesday thursday friday saturday and sunday every day 31 days of english all

the way through october Tomic rumor has it that mr. duncan is going to tell us a

few collocations for the word banter before leaving us well banter can be

described as spiteful so maybe if you make spiteful comments but they are used

or they are said in a humorous way you might also rib someone rib so if you rib

a person it means you are making fun of them in a fun way

so you rib them the spelling is our i b rib so u rib a person you make gentle

fun of that person so I hope that helps today's time is very short mr. Duncan

yes I am doing one hour because I am here every day so you are actually

getting seven hours of English every week seven hours and that totals 31

hours during October so actually I'm doing quite a lot of

lessons this month thank you tenure Thank You Bella thank you also to Abril

thanks to Pat Chu isn't that nice bye Martha see you tomorrow

says Ibrahim yes I am back tomorrow don't worry I am here right here on

YouTube tomorrow please sir can you tell us your

daily routine I am very interested to know maybe tomorrow I will talk about

that because I'm back here again with you all see you tomorrow

Thank You Jamelia Thank You Berlin thank you so much for your lovely time today

thank you for giving me a piece of your Sunday and I will see you tomorrow at 2

p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching me today I will see you tomorrow for day

seven of 31 days of October and of course until tomorrow

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - 6th October - It's time to improve your English - Small Talk - day 6