Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Being a BABY in Who's Your Daddy game, playing with my Daddy FREDDY

Difficulty: 0

- Hey guys this is Karina today we're back inside

some more who's your Daddy.

We have not played this in a long time, but today

I'm playing with my Daddy!

- [Freddy] Hi guys.

- He has a channel too its called Freddy.

So, we are gonna play together.

He's gonna be the daddy, I'm gonna be the baby,

and I bet he knows how to take care of babies.


All right so we're just gonna play original first,

to get a warm-up.

I've been practicing and he's been watching,

he was like, "Oh I'm not gonna beat you".

(both laughing)

So all right, I'm playing as baby.

I'm looking for my daddy, looking for my daddy.

- [Freddy] I'm joining in

- Are you joining?

- [Freddy] Yeah, I'm joining in.

- All right, starting in three, two, one, yay!

- [Freddy] Okay, here we go.

Baby, baby, where are you?


(baby footsteps)

- Hi daddy, hey!

- [Freddy] Hi, hi.

- Daddy, I'm hungry, I'm seriously hungry, I need food.

- [Freddy] No you're not, you're not.

You're just pretending.

- Ah!

- [Freddy] What's in the closet?

Why are you farting in my face?

- Yeah, I'm farting in your face.

- [Freddy] (laughs) No, bad baby!

Okay, where are you now?


Baby, back to your crib!

- (laughs) No, no, dad!

(laughs) No, Dad!

- [Freddy] Yes, back to your crib.

What is this?

What is this?

What did you grab?

What is this?

- Power outlet thingies.

- [Freddy] And why do you need this?

- So I could protect myself from stabbing knives

through the power outlet.

- [Freddy] This is not for babies.

- I know, I'm trying to put it in the thing.

(baby footsteps)

Okay, wait Daddy!


- [Freddy] Yes, yes, baby?

- No, no.

- [Freddy] Okay, play with this ball okay.

Here you go, play with the ball.

- No, I don't like balls, they're boring.

(baby footsteps)

No, dad, dad!

- [Freddy] I need to keep you safe,

Mommy will be home at four O' clock, that's it.

- Hey, can we play with this C block?

- [Freddy] Okay, yay!

- Yay, let's play in the living room.

There's more toys in the living room.

- [Freddy] No, there's more danger there (laughs).

- No, no seriously, there's more toys in the living room.

- [Freddy] No, baby come back to your crib!

What are you doing?

- No dad, I don't wanna go back to the crib (laughs)!

- [Freddy] It's your nap time, you take a nap.

- It's the morning, I literally just woke up!

- [Freddy] No, play the piano or something.

- No, I don't like the piano.

- [Freddy] Oh, what is this?

Baby! - No, dad,

dad what did I just say?

- [Freddy] I think you farted again, I smell it.

(sniffs) No, oh no, no!

- I'm running as fast as I can, yes, yes!

No, dad, how did you do that?

Did you crawl into the vents?

- [Freddy] (sighs) No, I jumped through the railing.

(baby footsteps)

- Now, I'm gonna walk it (laughs).

(baby footsteps)

Ooh, what's this?

- [Freddy] Okay, where are you now?

Okay seriously-- - I'm dying, I'm dying!

(laughs) I stabbed a fork through the power outlet.

- [Freddy] Oh baby, you exploded.

- All right, let's rematch, press rematch.

- [Freddy] Okay.

Okay, just stay away from the forks, okay?

- You ain't gonna beat me.

No, I'm gonna use the forks.

I'm gonna use the forks to my advantage.

- [Freddy] Just stay away from them.

- No, I need to go to the closet!

No, there's nothing in here!

Dad, get out.

(silly music) (fart)

Dad, why are you farting?

- [Freddy] It wasn't me, it was you!

(baby footsteps)

- All right, dad.

- [Freddy] Where are you?

- Yeah, where am I?

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] This is not good.

- Where am I?

Where am I?

Am I outside at the pool?

Or am I in the kitchen?

Am I in the living room?

Where am I?

- [Freddy] You know where you are, just say it.

- No I'm not--

- [Freddy] And I'll come and get you.

(baby footsteps)

- Ooh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I'm dying.

I'm dying! I'm at the pool, come and save me.

- [Freddy] Where are you?

- I can't swim, dad help, help, dad help me!

- [Freddy] How do I get outside?


- [Freddy] Aww, bad baby.

- What, I didn't know how to swim, and I was thirsty.

- [Freddy] Don't go near the pool.


Oh no, you farted again (laughs).

- No, no, there's a new thingy, there's a patch,

and they poop, literally.

- [Freddy] Okay, well I saw a poop downstairs.

And I didn't clean it up--

- No, dad what did I just say to you daddy?

Can I just go in the closet?

There's nothing in the closet, even.

- [Freddy] Okay, go to the closet.

Okay, you can go to the closet play there.

- Can you bring my piano with me?

- [Freddy] Yes, here you go.

- Yeah.

(toy piano notes)

- [Freddy] Are you serious this is a safe place for you?

- Yeah.

(toy piano notes)

Look, I'm playing the piano.

- [Freddy] Oh, that's nice.

Look, I'm hugging you.

- No, get out of here, you're creepy dad.


I'm gonna bring that piano with me, you're creepy.

- [Freddy] (laughs) I'm gonna close the door on you.

That's it, stay there.

- I'm gonna practice my piano skills.

- [Freddy] Stay there, you should be safe.

(toy piano notes)

- Are you putting a chair in front of me?

- [Freddy] Yeah, I'm barricading the door.


Don't get out!

You're being safe in there, no!

Get here, come on!

Where are you?


- Yes, no! (screaming)

No, dad!

- [Freddy] Baby, you are going back to your crib.

That's it, bad baby.

- All right what's in the toy box?

- [Freddy] Just wait for your mommy to come home.

She will take good care of you, okay.

- Don't put me in there.

- [Freddy] I'll give you this toy inside.

Oh, baby, baby! - No no, you won't get me.

No dad!

(dad laughs)

Dad, I'm hungry.

I'm so hungry!

I need food.

- [Freddy] Don't worry, you're at 100%.

- No, I'm actually really hungry--

- [Freddy] You're just fine.

- No, I'm hungry, where's my ball?

I want my ball.

(fart) The ball!

- [Freddy] Oh you farted again!

- Yeah, I farted, I farted in your pants.


I took your pants off and I farted inside them.

- [Freddy] No you didn't!

- Dad, I'm hungry, can I have some food?

- [Freddy] You're not hungry yet.

- No, no, I'm hungry.

- [Freddy] You're gonna be hungry when you turn green.

- No, I'm seriously hungry.

I need a snack 'cause I need to be playing piano.

I'm gonna have my piano lessons in there, okay?

- [Freddy] So go into the closet, okay?

- Okay, I'll go to the closet.

(kazoo music)

- [Freddy] What do you want me to bring you?

- I need an apple and a banana, I'm really hungry.

- [Freddy] But, okay, I'm not sure if I can trust you.

Should I go?

- Yeah, you should go, I'm starving!

- [Freddy] I'm not sure if I can pick it up so fast.

- No, you can do it, you're the fastest.

(farting) (baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Oh, bad baby!

Bad baby!

- (laughs) Give me the trash!

I need the trash!

I want the rubbish, no, dad!

I was about to eat the rubbish, dad!

- [Freddy] Bad baby, you're going back

to your crib that's it.

(baby footsteps)

I dropped you, why did I do this?

Oh no, no!

- No, dad daddy!

Dad, I'm hungry, I'm trying to get to the kitchen!

- [Freddy] You're not hungry, you're just pretending to be.

No! - Yes!

- [Freddy] Baby come, what are you doing baby?

- Dad, dad!


- Dad!

- [Freddy] Yes?

- I'm starving, dad, dad!

- [Freddy] Oh, how come I keep on dropping you?

I'm a bad dad!

(panicking) (baby footsteps)

- No, Dad!

- [Freddy] Oh, are you trying to get to the vents?

No, baby, no, no. - Dad, dad!

- [Freddy] Baby, come with me--

- I promise I'll be good, just please?

- [Freddy] Here is the perfect spot for you.

- I'm not sleepy!

- [Freddy] Then, that's it, play with your ball.

- You know you can put the baby barricade on the door?

- [Freddy] How?

- By picking it up.


Can you?

Dad, you farted!

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Okay, I don't know how to barricade the door.

(baby footsteps)

Oh, baby, baby! - No, no!

- [Freddy] No, no baby get back here!

- No, no, no!

- [Freddy] Yes, daddy won the game, yeah!

(dad laughing)

- All right let's do it again, (sighs).

Starting in three, two, one.

Dun, dun, dun!

- [Freddy] Okay, let's go.

Let's keep you safe this time.

Okay, no tricks.

- Dad, I wanna play.

- [Freddy] Okay, what do you wanna do baby?

- Can you make a stage for me and put a piano on it?

- [Freddy] Okay, I'm just gonna get something here.

And put it up high, high so that you can't grab it.

- Aww, but that's my favorite toy!

- [Freddy] Here you go, play with the piano and the ball.

- No, I don't like balls.

- [Freddy] What do you want to play with?

- I wanna play with the piano!

- [Freddy] Okay.

(toy piano notes)

- I made a song for you dad, here.

One, two, three, four, five.

Do you like it?

- [Freddy] It's great!

- I named it "One, two, three, four, five".

- [Freddy] It's awesome, I love it.

(toy piano notes)

- Now the piano player must have a snack.

So to have good finger reflexes!

- [Freddy] I'm not sure if I can trust you.

- No, you can come with me.

- [Freddy] What?

- You can come with me, dad.

- [Freddy] But then if I see you grabbing something, oh!

What are you doing? - Okay, okay dad.

I'm just gonna kill myself, yes (laughs)!

- [Freddy] No!

- Yes!

- [Freddy] Oh no, baby!

- Yes, yes!

- [Freddy] No, you are fried.

- All right, yeah I'm fried.

I'm fried baby, now eat me.

I'm a fried chicken wing!

(both laughing)

- [Freddy] Okay, let's make this area safe.

(playful music)

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Okay, I've got a hammer, and I'm gonna use it.

Here we go.

(baby footsteps)

- Dad where am I?

- [Freddy] You are hiding somewhere.

- Yeah, where am I?

- [Freddy] You are probably in the box, no.

(sighs) baby, baby where are you?

- I don't know.

- [Freddy] Oh, what is this!

- I've got a knife, I'll use it on you!

Hey, give me my knife.

That was mine.

I'm gonna use this on you, daddy!

I'm gonna use it on your butt.

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Oh no, where are you going?

Baby, come back! (sighs)

- Dog farted!


- [Freddy] Oh, you're eating batteries, no!

How come I'm so slow?

I cannot run anymore!

Oh, what did you do baby, no?

- I'm trying to kill myself.

- [Freddy] Come back!

- It's what I do best.

Fry me, Daddy, fry me!

(laughs) Fry me, Daddy!

- [Freddy] You are a bad baby, I wanna keep you safe.

Oh I dropped you, no!

Where are you?

Oh, I can't see you.

- You know there's a life floatie?

- [Freddy] Somehow I am so slow I cannot even walk.

I don't know what happened.

- Yes, yes!

Yes, yes daddy, I can't swim, help me!

Help me, help me daddy, I can't swim!

- [Freddy] Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming--

- Help me!

Help me dad, help me!

- [Freddy] Just breathe, aww!

- You're too late.

(drum beat music)

All right we're starting a new game already.

- [Freddy] Mm hmm.

(silly music)

Okay, I'm gonna keep you safe this time.

Okay, no tricks!


That's it. - Dad!

- [Freddy] I'm gonna hold you in my hands the whole time

if I have to, okay?

- Can I grab my pills?

- [Freddy] No.

- But, no, the pills are actually good for them, they heal.

- [Freddy] Okay, then I'm gonna use them on you.

- Yeah, daddy gave me pills.

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Yes, here you go, back to your crib.

- Can I have more pills?

- [Freddy] No more pills for you, you are just fine.

- Dad, I'm holding my pills.

Can you feed them to me?

- [Freddy] Okay, how do I feed them?

- I used the pills on you.

I'm hitting pills at you.

Die daddy, die!


Dad, you farted!

- [Freddy] Oh my, no that was you!

- Ew, you stink daddy, ew!

Get out of my face, Daddy!

All right, then I'll stay here.

- [Freddy] I'm gonna use the pills, okay?

Here you go.

Get some pills. - Okay, Daddy.

- [Freddy] You're gonna be all better now, okay?

You're gonna go to sleep.

- Okay, but I think I need a bed time snack,

do you have any milk?

- [Freddy] I have a C block for you, for your bed time.

Here, play with this.

- Wait, but I could choke on this.

- [Freddy] No you can't.

- I'm gonna put my mouth inside it.


- [Freddy] No, no, no, no, no you're not gonna choke.

It's baby approved.

And here, play with your ball.

- I don't want it.

- [Freddy] And play with your green--

- I want milk!

- [Freddy] No.

- I'm hungry.

- [Freddy] Milk is dangerous.

- What?

- [Freddy] Yes.

(baby footsteps)

- We could put sleeping powder inside it.

It'd make me sleepy.

- [Freddy] Okay, but if I no, I have to watch you,

cause you're gonna do some tricks.

- I have a camera, see?

I have a camera right there.

- [Freddy] I don't care, I don't need a camera.

I need you to be in the crib.

(farting) (laughing)

And stop farting!

(both laughing)

What did you eat for this breakfast today?

- Dad, there's something, oh a chocolate?

Grab, battery!

Eat the battery I can't eat the battery.

- [Freddy] Grab batter, okay.

- Batter, what's this?

- [Freddy] I'm not sure why you need the batter, but...

Oh, you turned black, what?

- Yeah, I'm turning black.

- [Freddy] I'm not seeing--

- Dad, dad I'm trying to kill myself,

can you co-operate with me?

- [Freddy] No, you're gonna be safe, okay?

Until Mommy comes home. - Dad!

- [Freddy] No, no, no.

Back to your crib. - Daddy!

Okay, fine I won't kill myself but I really

need something to eat, dad!

- [Freddy] No, I don't believe you.

- No I seriously do dad.

Dad, I really need something to eat.

Then carry me downstairs, I can't walk.

- [Freddy] But, if you drop and you...

you know, grab something.

- Then do it really quickly Dad!

I'm really hungry.

(door opens)

- [Freddy] Here, go into the toy box.

- No, I don't wanna go in the toy box.

(baby footsteps)

Mommy is coming home

All right Dad, you're never gonna find me, dad!

- [Freddy] There it is, I got you.

- Yes!

(baby footsteps)

Yes, no dad, dad!

(Freddy laughing)

- [Freddy] I found you (laughs)!

Back to your crib, okay?

- No!

(baby footsteps)

No, dad dad!

I promise I won't do it again, I need something to eat.

- [Freddy] I don't believe you.

- Dad, dad?

I'm really hungry.

- [Freddy] Doesn't matter now, I'm gonna get you.

- I'll eat this banana I'm so hungry!

- [Freddy] You can eat after four when Mommy comes home.

Okay, not now.

- But I'm hungry, can you please cook me some chicken?

There's actually chicken in the fridge.

- [Freddy] Ah, just play with your piano that's it.

- I don't like pianos they're boring.

Buy me new toys!

- [Freddy] (gasps) Yes!

- No!

- [Freddy] Yes!

- Dad you're too quick.

- [Freddy] Daddy won the game, yeah, yeah!

- All right, let's do this again.

(upbeat music)

Dad, you're too good, I need to be better.

No matter what!

- [Freddy] That's right, I'm a good Dad.

I'm not gonna let you kill yourself.

No, no, no.

Oh, where are you? - Yeah, where am I?

- [Freddy] Oh I can see your butt sticking out.

- What, no you can't.

(silly music)

Where am I, dad?

- [Freddy] You're hiding.

You're in the wall.

- Yeah, I'm in the wall (screams).

- [Freddy] Oh, you're here,

oh yeah! - Dad!

- [Freddy] Okay, you just keep on playing there.

Play with your ball.

- Yeah, I'm playing ball.

Ball, come over here.

Get in there.

I wanna clean up my toys, dad can you help me?

Open the toy box.

(box opens)

- [Freddy] Here you go.

You can jump inside, there's a piano inside.

- No I wanna clean up.

(baby footsteps)


I'm gonna grab my green block.

All right Dad, I'm being good, see?

Can you buy me a new toy?

Since I'm cleaning up my room?

- [Freddy] What kind of toy would you like?

- I really want that new Barbie doll, at this toy store.

- [Freddy] At the toy store?

I have to grab the car and go to the store?

- Yeah, only if I come with you.

I'll show you which Barbie doll it is.

- [Freddy] Okay, where is the store?

- The store?

Oh, its across the street.

- [Freddy] Okay, come with me.

- Let's go.

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] But no tricks, okay?

- Okay, okay no tricks.

- [Freddy] We're just gonna grab the car.

Hey, hey, hey, don't close the door on me!

- Sorry, I didn't mean to close the door on you,

I thought you were gonna make it past.

- [Freddy] Okay, baby.

- Dad you're so slow, let's go!

- [Freddy] I'm going!

(baby footsteps)

And, no tricks remember.

- I remembered.

- [Freddy] Okay, hey, hey, hey baby!

- No, Dad!

- [Freddy] You were running for the vents, I know!

No, back to the crib.

- But I really want that new Barbie doll?

- [Freddy] You are going back to the crib, baby.

This is it. - Dad!

(baby footsteps)


- [Freddy] Yes, okay, just rest for now, okay?

This will be good for you.

- Okay, fine can I get my piano out of my toy box?

(silly music)

- [Freddy] I don't believe you.

- I want my piano!


Why are you farting, Dad?

- [Freddy] It wasn't me!

- Ew, you're disgusting!

- [Freddy] No, it was mommy (laughs).

- Mommy's not even here.


(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Okay, what are you doing in there?

- I'm punching these baby gates.

- [Freddy] For what?

- So I can punch you better.

(laughing) (baby footsteps)


- [Freddy] Baby, come back.

- Dad!

- [Freddy] I think you're a bad baby.

I think I have to give you milk.

- Okay, lets go to the kitchen and get milk.

- [Freddy] No, you stay here, okay?

You stay here.

- [Freddy] Go to the crib.

- Okay I'll stay here, okay, why is my piano upside-down?

Why is my piano upside down?

- [Freddy] What's going on?

Just go to your crib, okay?

Be a good baby.

- Okay, I wanna play on my piano.

Stop, stop, drop it.

Now it's upside-down.

(silly music)

There we go.

- [Freddy] Okay, play.

(toy piano notes) (sings along)


- [Freddy] (gasps) Did you fart?

- Ew, you farted Dad!

Ew, you're disgusting.

Get out of my room and go get me milk!

- [Freddy] Okay.

- Give me skimmed milk, not normal, skimmed milk!

Because I am vegan now, and you can't stop me.

- [Freddy] But milk is not vegan.

- Same thing, hey, where's my piano?

Oh, hey, there it is.

Stop taking my piano for god sake!

- [Freddy] Okay, you just play nice, okay?

Oh, yes!

- No, okay, let's play again.

- [Freddy] Mommy came home!


- You're lucky mom came home,

but this time I'm not gonna play around.

(silly music)

(baby footsteps)

Where are you?

- [Freddy] Where are you?

That's the question.

- Where am I?

(baby footsteps)

- [Freddy] Oh, oh baby!

- Dad, dad no!

- [Freddy] Come back.

- Dad, dad, dad dad!

- [Freddy] Come back here, back to your crib.

Oh you're inside the wall.

- Yeah, I'm gonna go to your office,

there's some pills I see on the cabinet.

Dad, help me I'm stuck, help me!

- [Freddy] You're stuck in the wall?

- Help, I'm suffocating, dad!

- [Freddy] No you're not.

You're fully healthy.

- Dad, I'm suffocating, help me.

- [Freddy] I'm gonna help you, don't worry baby.

(silly music)

- Dad, dad!

- [Freddy] Yes, I'm here.

I'm grabbing your behind.

(both laughing)

- Dad's shaking my butt!

(both laughing)

(tongue raspberry)

- [Freddy] Well, I cannot grab you from here.

Do you see me here?

On the other side?

- Yeah, I see you.

- [Freddy] Okay, good.

- I'm one with the wall.

- [Freddy] Okay, so--

- You're like:

(gasps) (laughs)

- [Freddy] So you just stay there, okay,

and I'm gonna get you a banana.

- I don't like bananas!

- [Freddy] Okay, I'll grab you an apple.

- I don't like apples!

- [Freddy] What do you like?

Orange? - I want chocolate!

- [Freddy] Chocolate?

There's so much poo downstairs.

- Get me a cooked chicken!

- [Freddy] I'm not sure if we have any.

- No, look in the fridge there's some raw chicken.

You put it in the fridge.

- [Freddy] Here, first I'm gonna give you an apple, okay?

- I don't like apples.

- [Freddy] Just have it anyway.

- Ew, ew, daddy you farted!

- [Freddy] Nope, wasn't me.

- You farted on the apple!

(both laughing)

- [Freddy] Okay, I'm gonna check the fridge.

Freezer is empty.

Okay, oh there's salmon here.

And chicken, raw chicken.

- I don't like salmon, just give me chicken.

- [Freddy] Okay, I'm gonna give you chicken.

- I want chicken wings.

(silly music)


- [Freddy] Yes?

- Are you finished cooking?

I'm hungry!

- [Freddy] Almost.

- Get me my cooked chicken wing.

I want my chicken wing, dad!

- [Freddy] Almost there.

(silly music)

- Oh is that so, dad?

- [Freddy] I'm cooking your chicken, it's in the oven.

- Oh is that so?

- [Freddy] Yes, yes.

- Then why are you taking so long?

- [Freddy] Okay, I'm gonna give you this chicken,

I'm not sure what's gonna happen because its raw.

- No, no it's gonna be fine.

I love raw chicken, I eat it all the time.

- [Freddy] Yeah?

- Yeah, it's delicious.

- [Freddy] Let's see.

I'm not sure if I can trust you, but here it is.

Grab it. - I can't (laughs).

It has to be on the floor and then I'll grab it.

I think oh no.

That's too high.

Can you feed it to me?

Oh wait, hold it up to me, I think I can eat it now.

I just had a choice to eat it, okay?

- [Freddy] Here, I'm gonna put it on the chair.

Oh, no! - Okay, wait!

I can't eat it.

Wait, make it go really high and then make it fall

and I get a try to catch it, no okay.

(silly music)

- [Freddy] Okay, this is not working.

- Dad, I want my chicken!

- [Freddy] Here you go, just sniff it okay?

That will be enough.

- No, I can't, I need to just munch it, dad!

- [Freddy] It's falling!

- Where did you go?

- [Freddy] I'm still here.

I'm throwing the chicken at your head.

(both laughing)

- I was just able to do it.

I was able to do it just again, no!

- [Freddy] Yes, yes!

- And the chicken is flying around my butt!


All right let's play again.

- [Freddy] Okay.

Do you wanna be a daddy now and I'll be the baby?

Starting in three, two, one, zero. ♪

Do you wanna be the daddy next?

- I don't think we have time for that, daddy.

- [Freddy] Okay.

(baby footsteps)

Okay, I'm not sure why you're hiding in the closet.

Oh, bad baby, no!

- Dad, dad, no!

Dad, why did you take my knife?

- [Freddy] (sigh) Those knives are not for babies.

- Where are you gonna put it?

- [Freddy] I'm gonna put it away so you can't find it.

- Ooh, pills!

nommy nom nom.

(Freddy laughs)

- [Freddy] You just munch on your pills, okay?

- No you munch on them!

(baby footsteps) (playful music)

- [Freddy] Oh, baby, where are you going?

Come back here. - No Dad!

- [Freddy] Come back to your crib.

- I need to get my toy, I left my toy in there.

Actually, never mind.

Dad, can you go grab my toy what's downstairs?

- [Freddy] Play with this C block, okay?

- But, no, no I left the toy downstairs

and I wanna play with it.

- [Freddy] Which toy?

(baby footsteps)

- I can't see, I forgot what it's called.

(baby jumping)

I left my star fish down there.

My star fish, it's behind the couch.

Oh no, maybe it's a lizard I can't quite see from here.

- [Freddy] That's okay, it will be just fine over there,

you go back to your crib, okay?

- No, I need it, I want to play with it!

- [Freddy] No.

- I can't walk down the stairs yet.

- [Freddy] The answer is no.

- But I wanna play with it!

- [Freddy] I have to keep you safe,

I have to watch you, every second!

- Then take me with you.

- [Freddy] Okay, come.

- I can't walk down the stairs properly, wee!

(baby footsteps) (playful music)

- [Freddy] Okay?

- Let's go get my star fish.

- [Freddy] Just be safe, okay?

- My star fish!

- [Freddy] What's this light?

- Oh no, it's my baby key actually.

- [Freddy] What does it do?

- It glows and it's my favorite.

I pretend I'm a driver.

- [Freddy] Okay!

- Vroom, vroom.

Hey, I dropped it.

Vroom, vroom, hey!

Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom vroom, vroom.

See, it's so fun.

- [Freddy] Okay, baby, as long as you're safe!

Okay, just don't do anything--

- Okay, this is my driver's seat.

- [Freddy] No, nothing stupid!

- Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom.

Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom.

- [Freddy] Yeah!

Uh oh, baby baby! - Yes, yes, yes, no!

- [Freddy] What do you mean, yes?

Yes to your crib, yes?

(baby footsteps)

Come back here, baby.

- No, I lost my baby key!

I need my key!

- [Freddy] Oh, the TV fell down.

- Yeah, Mommy's gonna ground you, daddy!

- [Freddy] Oh, I'm gonna be so grounded.

(baby footsteps) (farting)

Oh, stop farting.

- I'm not farting, you're farting in my face, dad!

- [Freddy] (sigh) No, baby, go back to your crib.

- All right where's my piano?

I want my piano!

- [Freddy] No, I don't believe you anymore.

You were supposed to play nice, and look what you did.

- Dad, I'm going upside-down?

Are you carrying me still?

- [Freddy] Yes, I am carrying you.


- Dad, I want my piano!

- [Freddy] And I can't drop you?

I wanna put you in the toy box.

(silly music) (screaming)

- [Freddy] Okay, I think the game broke on me.

- Yeah, it broke on me too.

Anyway guys, that's the end of the video.

We hope you liked it!

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and we'll see you guys next time, goodbye!

(silly music)

The Description of Being a BABY in Who's Your Daddy game, playing with my Daddy FREDDY