Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE LIGHT AT THE END | Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4 Remake) Part 8 (END)

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*HIGH-FIVE*Top of the morning you ladies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to the last episode of the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus

That's an absolute mouthful, but we're getting through it. We're going up to fight ahhh

Sorry egg roll

My bad, okay. We're getting ready to go fight Argus. Who's all the way back to the left of me. I think oh

I think that's where he is

Yeah, yup, yup. Yup nailed it, but in what direction is that it's all the way up there in the top right corner

Because he is also in a bit of a city

So he's keeping guard there, and he fell into a valley we have to go rescue him I mean these, Colossi man. They're clumsy

They're big, and they're brutal and Earth

They just fall over all the time. They don't know what they're doing. Oh hello!

Eagle come back. I want to play with you.

Oh God oh Agro, oh Agro, she's a windy one Agro

You gotta keep her lit you gotta keep her going

Thatta girl now you're into it get into it Cynthia

that doesn't rhyme

Ah I think I'm going out around these rocks in the distance

It's like this is the second to last time we get to do this guys

Second to last time we get to

WANDER through

through the... through the plains, Oh hi birds, oh, hi mark

Calm down Eggroll we'll get there eventually that's not the way to go we need to go around these rocks

That's my bad Agro I thought that we had a plan

but I just wanted to come around and look at the temple again Wow look at that okay moving on


We must be fit as fiddles after this

We've been doing so much running around and battling and gripping and hanging on and all that kind of stuff that

We should we should team up and go to the Olympics

I think

There's my opinion whatever you're into egg roll

I'll check out this I think there's a shrine up here on the right as well that I want to get to

I know that I keep beating you and you're like "please stop", but

I need to keep hitting the button or otherwise she's gonna slow down

If I just let you go, so I just keep hammering triangle all the way to the colossi, Colossus

Colossi is the plural I'm only talking about the one of them

So as her Lord Emon and them are gonna come in, up there on the left

They're coming in to stop this abomination of a marriage

they're like "no my daughter, you will not marry her in a blood sacrifice"

I mean that's not my intention. He just thinks that


Attagirl Agro!

Okay hup

I'm hopping off

I smell you Oh

Nailed world record

The best that I've ever done

Thank You Mr. Salamanday

Whoa right we're heading up here. I love these little trees that are here. They're very

like desert oasis type trees

Eggroll I can't bring you with me.

Wander: Hya! Hya!!

You wouldn't want to be in this one anyway

That's another thing that I I wanted to touch on it, too

Because I talked about like the pacing of the colossi and how each one of them is kind of different

And they're paced in a specific order to make you feel likes stuff is always kind of fresh

Oh there's another one right there

Stay stay nice

But they also do that with Agro

Oh wrong button

So not every Colossus allows you to bring Agro in with you

So you might be going along and fighting some of them

And then you think oh Agro's gonna be with me all the same, but nope Agro gets taken away from you


Which is also kind of cool adds even more dynamics to eat each of the Colossus

Bye Eggroll! I have to go now

Oh it's so spookily quiet


All these steps and me without my slinky

Well some of these steps are ruined, I don't think I could slinky 100% on these

See this type of area, I want to know what this was

There's no way this is purpose-built to keep a colossus in

Because it just makes no sense why not just build

completely straight walls, then this feels like some sort of like ritual or

ceremonial area

It's almost Coliseum like

Maybe it's an


I don't know cause

I want to know if this was an area where people lived before and then stuff happened with Dormin

And they had to abandon it and then they just sealed away the Colossus' in different sections of it

That's very pretty looking

That's awesome

What's up Argus

Oh he a big boy, oh he very big boy, and he's got a sword.


Wander I hope you wore the brown pants today *Deadpool ref?*

That would be TERRIFYING in real life

I mean ALL of them would be but to see that up that close

Be very very scary okay, mr. man

Want a piercing

half off

Okay, no wrong button, haha okay? Do you do your thing do your and do your jam do your mojo

You got little tassels hanging off you maybe they're ceremonial as well, okay, get ready for it

Nice, we're up!

I need you to do a thing again

Hello, I'm in here I'm the annoying child I'm the one that's in here smacking you with shit

*enthusiastic grunting*

Camera camera no turn around mister sir

I'm over here

Hello I'm the boy in here

Can you see me

My light keeps doing that lately I don't know why, I think the bulb is going


I'm back here!! look at me!

Oh are you angry now oh oh

Oh yeah, oh you angry now

His eyes went all orange. That's I know you know I gotta

That's how you know he's angry

Okay, he's not angry anymore

There you go do the thing, do the thing!

I'm just gonna be left here forever waiting, wondering what would happen if he decided to hit me

Do it yeah there you go wind it up

Release that shoulder get that synovial fluid going you don't know you don't want to swing without stretching first

You go swing all his swing, swing away

Nice thank you God it took you long enough

Ah crap it's gonna hurt me in the speed run there Argus

Hey his eyes are closed oh he's gonna do it again

Haha, I mitigated the shock factor by jumping it's physics

Physics of the Colossus. Actually there's a bridge behind me that's closer

Now I'm here


Remember me the boy you can hit. the Boy Who Lived, come to die eheheh.


Do that other thing yeah that one

Oh, oh big momma

That's gonna cost us a lot with the council

That's fine cuz now I have my opening

Hello there giant one may I land on your head? Oh god, I almost didn't

Now I can't remember the pattern for you, and how shaky you are

Don't matter big stabber

Ok ok ok stop walking stop walking walking only makes it harder

Walking only makes it much harder.

Oh that should be that one gone, right

Wait what?

You have like no health left aren't I supposed to stab your hand as well

There we go okay God you don't have a lot of health on that one

Do-do-do-do-do going don't fall off ooh fuck

Holy God, it's like holding on to a building ah stop stop.

Ohh looky, I grabbed again

Here we go here we go. ahhhhh spadoink. Get rid of that sword, you don't want it


Why you do that uh oh, oh oh god oh he's mad now oh he's so mad

Oh that's a shaky boy someone's a mad bean

Swing that fist shake fist at small boy

C'mon do it

C'mon attack me I'm right here!

There you go

There you go, uh oh


I was holding grip

Normally you kind of teleport onto it. Oh, man

Go do it again. I want to see it again. I didn't see the inside of your hand property

Whoa shaky shaky shaky shaky. GRAB IT!

I was holding grip I was like okay, I won't jump this time. I'll just grip he's still didn't do it

Okay here we go here. Jump-hold-grip. What is going on?

What are you doing to me?

I have no idea why this is not working. I am literally just holding grip the entire time

It's cuz when I jump at it he starts to take the hand away, so if I just hold grip


The thing is on his hand

Okay, would you just do it again, please?

Okay, and if I jump he takes the hand away, I'm jumping and holding grip I

Swear to you. I know how this fucking game works.

Oh my god he did it

Oh my god. He actually grabbed. Jesus Christ he didn't even grab the fur though you grabbed the, the metal thing

Okay, we just need one good swing. That's all you need

There we go my god, why didn't that work that was so annoying

Especially since you know what to do and you still can't do it because the game's physics is just whacking out on you. Oh well

I also find it funny. How you're on his hand and instead of just going

*fart noise*

he's like what the


Why are you on my hand?

Get off

Okay that one was just broken that was that was the most broken one so far. That was disappointing

Eggs and milk what

Oh, there's number 15 gone. There's only one left

Music wasn't as loud there for some reason

Tell me Dormin, tell me who my mine next foe is

Finally the last colossus

The ritual is nearly over thy wish is nearly granted

But someone now stands to get in thy way

His face looks funny

Make haste for

Time is short

So he's talking about Lord Emon who's coming to get in my way

Cuz Dormin knows all Dormin sees everything he's likes Sauron at the top of the tower

Egg roll

I say he's gonna come left or right left I didn't even get a chance to put up a poll

Whatevs, we are going directly down from here right down into the very bottom yeah

Just to make sure

So this guy that we're going to fight now is called Malus

And not malice as in ma. I M-A-L-I-CE but M-A-L-U-S

Same thing, but it's spelled differently because it's quirky and cool like that

And I think he's considered the tallest one or the biggest one

Maybe I think maybe Phalanx is bigger and then Malus is the second biggest and then Gaius

I can't remember because some of them are are misleading because Gaius obviously looked huge the third guy

Phalanx obviously massive, but then you forget about the ones that are like

Like Hydrus, who was underwater so it seemed different the scale and everything but still just as big

A lot of this area just reminds me of Ireland

A lot of these types of areas because Ireland is just all covered in rocks and grass and

Most of like this is a fantasy game that I get this shrine yeah, this is a fantasy game

But Ireland literally looks like this

It's crazy

Oh Egg roll hush

I would stop to get some fruit, but I don't really want to

I'll stop to get shrines and grip and all that kind of stuff, but not let's go to the coast actually. I want to see this

Oh wait that's not the coast

That's not the coast, coast all the way over there, there's another shrine over there, let's go do that can I get down here

Damn it man. Oh

Geronimo's ow my ankle bones Agro

Agro follow me follow me to the penis shaped rocks

There's a shrine all the way in the distance over there, and there's a shrine

Over there somewhere that looks like a Zelda shrine


Egg roll

You're gonna have to go all the way around

Yeah there she is

So when it comes to Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian,

There's connections between all of them

They're all sort of

Spiritual successors and prequels than that to each other none of them are direct sequels

but they definitely share a lot of the same imagery and a

Lot of the same technologies and things like that and you can draw a lot of comparisons between them but nobody knows for

Definite what the through thread is

Like what? What is the thing are they all part of the actual same universe at the same world?

Is all this stuff taking place in the same plane of existence, or is it all just?

Is it all just similar worlds are they all like different versions of the same kind of world

Who knows actually Fumito Ueda knows and probably his team

But I would like to know

No, I don't know well

I want to know what I don't want to know I want to know all the ins and outs and all the secrets and all

The meanings behind everything, but at the same time

I don't because that ruins some of the magic of it coming up with your own interpretations

It's fun

Cuz let's face it

Even our world is a pretty big place. We don't know how big the world is in this game

So maybe they're all actually happening in the same world

It's so pretty

Cuz who's to say there's not a Trico out there doing something right now, uh there's a shrine all the way in the distance

I'm not going to that

Trico and Ico and all that stuff could be happening just somewhere else on this world

Just maybe different tribes have different magics

different summoning powers, there's a salamander there but he doesn't have a silver tail, maybe some of them have

Different religions, and that's why they're able to use specific


Who knows?

Yeah this stuff like the rocks here is very

It's very Scandinavian Ireland British Isles kind of stuff

like Stonehenge and those types of things so

We're going over there those pillars

But first I want to go wait did I get that shrine no. I'm gonna go to the shrine over here

This is down near where we fought Phalanx by the way you can see in the map that filings is actually just up ahead on

The right hand side down into that other areas where you go from grassy to desert immediately

There's two eagles following me now

Come on eggroll

Get your legs into it stamina speed energy. Go go go speed is key

Wish I had a bike

Salamander with no silver tail

Okay, Agro you can hang out there and eat all the grass get your energy back

That's not him, but it's another one and I want that tails

Hi Agro

That didn't even do anything

Am I maxed out I do have a very big grip meter right now. Holy crap

That still increased it see that's annoying now

That there's a line coming out of it

Because that means my grip is tech my grip and my capacity for air and all that stuff is technically going up

But my stab strength is not

My stab like circle is not increasing

What's that that's increasing as well? I don't know

But as I, I said it in a couple episodes ago with that in the original you just had a circle a bit a big

Pink circle and that would increase fully

there was no line that came out of it, and then you could just

Because the circle increased, so did your capacity to pull your sword back for stabbing

So it'd be sad if I'm actually not getting stronger

They slowed on down there Agee

Okay Jesus oh

That thing is weird-looking now, Oh spooky-looking

Open says me


So that you you have to defeat all the others to even get into Malus well obviously

I gotta remember what happens if you actually just come here and try to get in

Because then the other ones you might be thinking to yourself what happens

Oh, that's a shrine as well new the ones you might be thinking to yourself

What happens if you just go to these areas to try and fight the colossi, but they're not there

They don't like trigger. No event actually happens oh

Oh God a salamander could be anywhere here.

Oh hear him

There he is! Please stop stop stop stop

Stay right there stay right there stay right there nice

So at Malus I don't know if you get to this area and it's like you must defeat 13 more or whatever

All right, Agro I'm gonna need you in a second

Come on Agro it's time to climb these steps, you have to go across the bridge

She knows

Agro. I just want to tell you. I love you. I know I was calling you egg roll all this time

But you're my egg roll


Wander: AGRO!!

Still kind of gets me man

That the first time I ever saw that when I made it on PS2, that ruined me

I was so upset when that horse fell oh, that's a weird-looking

Effect I mean the rain itself is awesome looking and the way the lighting changed

Poor Agro

I am not in the right place

Is it that way I go?


Yeah, there's grass up there. See when it comes to Malus, Malus is the one I've played the least the last two colossi are the

Ones I've played the least because they never

Once I got past Phalanx I was like ah I've kind of played the ones I wanted to play. oh shit

So after those I would just kind of like turn it off and restart or something but, and for the longest time

I haven't played the time trial mode

Since the original actually. So Lord knows how that's going to go whenever I decide to do it again

Am I in the right place?

I heard a sparkle

It's behind me. That's the only reason to be here oh, I want to know what these are

And I don't want them to be shitty collectibles

I hate collectibles in games

Except for something like Mario where the game is based around collectibles

that's okay, because they're they're usually done in a way, that's

Challenging and it's part of the gameplay anyway. Oh, this is the way

But when it's a game like this or assassin's creed or Far Cry or something they're just there as an extra little thing

And I just don't care about them

What are you doing?

Wander suffers from this disease called "only can grab right angles" and can't grab rocks or anything

Also I'm doing this cuz it's faster

And I lost my horse I have no patience for anything, I'll show the fucking colossus a thing or two

Hup! Hup!

Get up ya bya

Almost there

This reminds me of the the Gaius one where you have to climb a bunch of shit just to get to the platform to be

able to fight them

I'm really excited to see the effects in this one

Oooo awesome, the lightning flash

I mean all this stuff is in the original as well, but when you have updated lighting engines

It just adds so much more to it.

Oh baby

Oh that's so pretty

The way the lighting reflects and all the specular maps and the, on the wet surface

Holy shit, man

Malus is a big boy

You can see his thimbles on his fingers

*Malus growls* Oh oh oh oooh

I think his design is cool because he is more

He's more building than most of the other ones

Ooo Yeah, oh

Uh oh

Okay, that's the stuff I wanted to see, everything shaking around

Malus is tough

But getting to Malus is tougher than actually fighting Malus if you know what to do, but the first time through its

It's confusing

And when he knocks you down. He really knocks you down

You got to time things well

No more?

There we go. Really makes you pucker up

I always fuck up this one man

Hey, would you look at that?

Or was it that one? Cuz if you time it wrong and when you jump

Cuz if you don't jump Wander does that:

*mimics Wander falling*

Where he tries to fall off the edge

But then has to grab and then it slams you against the other wall, it's nuts there's so much force behind it

No hey big boy huh, he knows where I am. He ain't fucking around

You know what Malus neither am I

I ain't fuckin around, you took my horse

I'm trying to save the woman I love

I think...

That's never actually made entirely clear, and we're just assuming and theorizing

Could be my sister actually for all I know

Okay, okay almost there almost there. This is bad. Hey

It also gets annoying- oh god the gap maybe it's this one. I keep fucking up


Now I did it

Sweet. It's also kind of annoying because when Wander runs

Does that like:

*mimicking Wander moaning*

Kind of delay, so you have to time it well where you get your run up. Okay. No more of the shootie bangs

Those are nice Yeezys you got on

So big

So he can't move

Malus is just stuck in position

Probably cuz it's some voodoo magic or whatever, but you know

I wanted to see if I could climb the outside

And everything moving, memories man

This can also be a hard one to do in the time trial because

Of all the the steps that lead up to actually getting to him, so fighting him

Like once you get to the actual glyph part where you have to stab

It's not that hard, okay

Hold on

But it's just getting up to him that can be a little tricky

They jump to this? Hup!

Sure can bro

There's the glyph the one that's at my feet right now, that's like they're the

symbol in all the Shadow Of The Colossus the thing that I'm getting a tattoo of

Hup! Why did I do that? That was stupid. Can I actually? Oh I can

I think we're at the side of him right now

All right here we go. Ah God

Yeah, now I'm at the back now. Now I'm where I'm supposed to be. He's probably looking around like where the fuck did he go

You see a tiny man?

About yea big

There you go, I'm on your back, bitch

Okay wait for his hand to come back


I did it

Making my way round hand I don't know where I am. Oh Jesus Christ

Doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo no keep your hand fucking straight. Will ya turn it back

Okay, don't fall off. Don't fall off. That would be really annoying right now

Stay put

No God. Why aren't you standing on anything?

Oh my Jesus Christ, I'm gonna have a heart attack. Okay

Let me stab you

Wouldn't even need full stabs for that. I don't know why I do it

Oh Wander! Wander! That is not the direction I'm pointing

You fucking penis

No aiming back. There we go, that's what I wanted okay, and we're running out of grip very quick.

This isn't gonna work

Okay, just get up. Just get up. Just get up. Just go go go go go climb you fuck

Okay, just whoa God

Wait here just wait here. Get some grip back get some grip back.

Oh my god. I'm not gonna be able to do it

Fuck me

Can I leap anywhere? Oh God I fell off. Oh my fucking Christ

All because he wouldn't aim the direction I was pointing

Oh shaky boy

Oh my shaky boy

Oh mercy

Shakey angry boy


I'm on your head now

Is that cool with you?

Oh God where in...

Shadow of the Colossus: where the secret enemy is actually- AH I was just gonna stab

I even did the facial motion. Where the secret enemy is actually the camera

There we go, okay, don't get greedy with your stabs if you get greedy with my stabs

I'm gonna hold out too long and then run out of gripped meter. I don't want that oh my god

The camera- the camera is in a different game right now

I'm in Shadow of the Colossus on the last one. The cameras back in the Last Guardian somewhere

Oh, my god. Are your feet made out of fucking


Let me keep holding on

There we go, that's a good one

Pick your moments pick your moments. My fingers slipping off the trigger. I hope it doesn't slip and I fall off that would fucking suck

Okay you get another shake in

There we go have you calm down? Have you calm down? You have not calm down because I can't stand

this Colossus, haha

Okay calm down calm back calm down calm down there we go

Big one oh

I might have to drop off and regain my grip, as soon as that bar is gone you run out of grips so quick

I just need a safe moment, oh god do not fall off

Do not fall off

Wander I swear to God

Ok you're good, you're good. Oh god. Maybe you're not good

Actually Wander you're very fucking bad at most things in this game

The thing you're designed to do

Hold on and stabby stab, but it's okay. We got this, we got this, she going down, baby

Noooo! That was it!

That was the one! I was just about to press it! Every time

Ooh the tension the tension, give it to me


Oh yeah, now you raise your hand to try and hit me. Oh my god that was frustrating

Just goes limp

Ok yolo. No let me fall. Let me fall. Let me fall.

Ah they caught me

That was only annoying because I forgot I had to stab the hand again

and then he puts the hand up flat and then you can shoot the arrow, so

My bad. Here we go, ending

I want that mask

Give me it

That'd be so terrifying


What he's come to do and then when you arrived the last one gets destroyed and you're like Oh


And this is the first time you get to see what happens to Wander after each Colossus is killed

Because he's just lying there on the ground

So every time I'm teleported back to the temple, I actually am like just lifted and flung back

I'm kind of different looking than I was

Now he's bleeding the black

You come in the wrong house fool

Dormin's awesome

*mimicking shadows* oh coming master

I like that it looks like the smoke, cuz it's pieces of him like coming off. It actually looks like fur

Now we get to play as the Colossus

Yeah fuckers

*Jack roaring*

My sword... Gimme back my sword. I'm just gonna keep pounding and knocking you guys back

I wonder if there's a way that you can actually just keep doing this forever and ever

Aw that sucks, that's the first time I've ever actually like hit one directly

But all they do is fall over still

That's annoying

I'll protect you Mono. Don't worry

And it's cool because

When you become the Colossus you start to realize

How annoying smaller creatures are

How slow you are and how fast they are, kind of thing and that they keep hitting me, and I can't even see them

Lord Emon still there

Wanna try to escape old man?


I literally just squashed you

Imma keep doing it. Yeah

And they just walk away like nothing's happening. Hello?

Come on all-powerful demon, coming to kill you and then we try to chase after them and I'm too slow

If only I had another spell or another attack

Oh I can crouch

The sound Dormin's making is so creepy

Poor Wander

You can't escape it man. The amount of times I tried this when I was younger to try to just

hang on to something or hide in a corner or

Just avoid it somehow you can't

No matter, what you try

Even if you hold on to the steps your grip meter eventually runs out

Let's just accept our fate Wander

Every time I wonder how close it is to actually collapsing and them guys falling down because they're very close to him

At least Dormin kept true to their word

They said they could bring the girl back but a heavy price would be paid

Agro's back

Oh but she's limping

Seriously man Agro's the best character this whole game


Susan Benedict, that's really nice to dedicate it to her

So there you have it one of the theories is that at the end she recognizes it as Wander's horse because

Well the theory that I always cling to was that Wander's

not a warrior, and that's why his swinging with the sword and everything is all over the place

He's not he's not trained in that regard

But he is like a stable boy

Or a farm boy or something that he's always gotten along really well with Agro, his horse, and that's why

Everything they do together is so like in tune with each other. They're so connected

They know exactly what they're doing and him calling Agro all the time. She comes running every single time, so

And the fact that him and the girl, maybe fell in love, I don't know

Or maybe he loved her and she knew of him, maybe she was royalty

There's different reasons because it kind of fits into the first game, Ico

This is sort of a prequel to that because in Ico the the princesses are sacrificed

I think for their their beauty and their youth to keep the the queen alive. I can't remember

It's been years since I played that game. I need a refresher course

But that she was sacrificed her she was killed or something like that

But Wander wanted to save her cuz he loved her so he brought her to this place because he knew of magic that would bring

her back to life and

then because she maybe had feelings for him like the princess and the stableboy kind of story

that when Agro comes back she recognizes that it's his horse so she

She knows who helped her

Which is such a bittersweet ending

And again first time I- aw Fumito Ueda was a supervisor

First time I played this game

It ruined me, it was the first video game that ever made me cry

Because like Agro falling off, I cried the first time I saw it

Then at the end when Agro came back and I realized that

Like Wander sacrificed himself to save Mono I cried again

And I'd never- I had never ever

Experienced a game like this before then

games to me before then were just a very specific type of thing and then this game came along and completely shattered all my

my expectations and my realities for what I thought video games could be and I did that for a lot of people

A lot of people look at this game now, and go I don't get it. I don't get why it's so highly regarded

I don't get why so many people say that this is the best game ever made

But you really have to remember the time frame it came out in

And the types of stories that were being told in games and the types of gameplay that was being done in games back then

Because this changed so much for the gaming landscape it inspired so many creators

There's a lot of stuff from this game that kind of like when you think about it

logically it's like that doesn't make any sense like this powerful being, Dormin was finally released again

and then all he did was throw a sword into the water and say, "Be gone foul beast" or something like that and

Then it's gone again

Maybe has something got to do with the magic and why did you build a bridge to this place?

If people aren't allowed into it just destroyed a bridge

A little baby

Agro's leaving. Agro's tired. Agro doesn't want to be here anymore. So that's baby Wander

Because if you remember Dormin said we are borrowing

This this person's body warrior's body or whatever

So they never said we are taking it, or we're stealing it, or we're using it. They said they were borrowing it

So after Dormin was gone

Whatever magic he used Wander was spared, but he was reverted to a child

And that's why this ties into Ico

Because everything else in this game didn't really tied to Ico

and then the ending came about and in Ico you play a boy who has horns and

You're brought away, and you're banished from your village because you have horns


This this is the prequel to Ico

Technically they don't follow the same story exactly and they don't really tie together

Super strongly, there's just a lot of the same imagery in it, and there's a lot of theories as to how they connect together

Which also mate like I said that she was sacrificed, but in Ico the queen

Needs the princess for different things, but in this one like the queen doesn't exist because this is before then

So I don't know why the girl that maybe she just died anyway

We don't know what their village is like though or their tribe

You kind of get a taste for that life in the Last Guardian then

because you get to see what it's like to live in one of these tribes when

something crazy happens within it

I won't say too much else

Because if you haven't watched The Last Guardian

or haven't played The Last Guardian then, please by all means go play it if you have a chance

I do have it up on the channel, but I would highly recommend people just go play it for themselves first

I'd recommend people do that with any games that I play


It's there if you want to watch it as well anyway

So this is the secret garden that's on top of the temple


in the other versions of the game you can actually go around the back of the temple and kind of

If you're good enough you can climb the back of the temple and get up here. There's nothing there

But you can go there if you want

And now you see that life is coming back into the world because the evil is gone

Such an outstanding game

Just the concepts and the designs, and they the technology and everything that went into this game was fuckin mind-blowing

And it did such a good job

Remastering it actually remaking it. It's not just a remaster. It's fully remade

Cuz they kept the core essence of it some art style changes in some art direction changes some people will have problems with.

I like-

I like having a more realistic approach to it

I like getting to see you what the game would be like if it had very realistic visuals

Because all the times I played it in the past. I always kind of wondered that to myself

I'm like, I wonder what it would look like I'm like updated graphics

And now we finally have it we get to see what that would actually look like

That's very pretty

There you have it

There are some things in it that I feel like

They could have fixed a bit more

this is where my review comes in I try and do this at the end of every series that I'm playing just cuz I

Don't know I feel like it's nice to get my thoughts out on it. I think it's a very very good remake

I think they did an exceptional job

They kept so much of the core of the game

while also updating it to like modern standards


I think they just

nailed it completely you can tell how much they love the game and

How much passion they have for because that's a lot of effort to go through

To be able to make something like this and everything else they've done so far were remastering

BluePoint are the ones that they'd like the God of War Collection

Remastered they did the Uncharted collection remastered they did the original?

Remaster of Shadow of the Colossus and out they've done the remake so this is probably the biggest project that they've undertaken I think

from like a ground-up kind of perspective

It's not a case of just porting an engine over and updating some of the visuals to HD now. It's a case of completely remaking

Many of the assets and trying to make sure that all the AI in the collision detection and the physics and the lighting and everything

All just coalesce together and actually make sense and still work so a phenomenal job

I'm very very happy with the way the remake turned out and as I keep saying this is my favorite game ever made

So if anyone's gonna have problems with it. It's probably gonna be me. And I think they did really really well

The only things I wanted to say like my caveats, and my issues with it our number one character models

Specifically Wander and Mono. Like Lord Emon and his cronies. They looked fine

I think he looked okay

The lip-syncing is a bit weird because it looks like it's just like a liquify tool that they move and warp the lips

Which looks a little distracting.

But, Wonder and Mono's characters do not fit the tone of the game at all anymore

In the original they had, Mono first of all, was like she looked like she was kind of made of light

Because she was supposed to be like a radiant kind of princess look to her again Ico with the princess and that

Does have very defined features because she's overexposed because she's supposed to stand out from the environment so you can find her easily

And it's a stark contrast against the dark creatures

That's kind of what she was in the original Shadow of the Colossus

And I made a lot of sense because she was like the pure being

In the middle of all of this and she was like

The light that you had to save in the middle of all the darkness that was trying to use you it was a very nice

contrast in this

She's just kind of flat and bland she doesn't really looked like anything spectacular and the face models make them look way, too young

They're supposed to be young anyway. They're like young lovers

But they look too baby-faced

Wander in the original version of the game

He was still young looking, but he had a very like angular face his hair was longer. He looked determined

he had like a look of like stern determination on his face like

"I miss this girl but I will do anything I can to bring her back." Where in this one

He looked just sad all the time

he didn't look like he was able to like go for it and

People have been bringing up examples of in the original game when you were running away from a colossus

It would show Wander being like like looking behind them, and he looked like he was out of breath. His mouth was open

He was breathing heavily, and he would always be kind of like looking behind him wondering who is the colossus gonna

crush me now. So he looked kind of scared, he looked determined. He looked he had a lot more

Dynamic to his facial expressions. In this one he looked just lifeless, when I was running away from some of the colossi

His facial expression didn't change at all

Which is sad to see

Because there's so much room for like expression there that I think they could have gone for and a lot more

It looked like they got a run cycle down and some of the animations for falling over down

But they didn't add in any physical dynamics to it, and that's why Wander in the original

He was based out of physical objects all of the things were and that's why he looks kind of clunky and floppy all the time

because it was just physical objects interacting with a walk cycle and

In this it feels like they did it a different way so some of that charm

Has kind of gone out of it, which is fine. It didn't ruin the experience.

It's just very very distracting, and I wish they kind of put more effort into making him look a bit more like the original

Because sometimes it's not even just a case of like updating it and that's how he would have looked in


Modern terms. It's a case of like the lighting didn't look like it was hitting his face properly half the time

He looked like he was made out of clay or plasticine or something so

Didn't like that and the only other

There's two other things. I didn't like Dormin's voice which is a very petty little thing to bring up

I think the original was a lot better and

in the original some of the physics were kind of bonkers and weird and broken and

This they're still kind of the same there's times when you're trying to like

Like when a joint like the wrist would join with the arm

You're trying to like climb up the arm or when the wrist bends your character is just like

Climbing in place and you're not actually making any progress up

And you have to kind of like move left

And then go up so some of those frustrations are still there and the camera the camera the camera the camera the camera

fix that shit

it was one of the worst things about the original game was the framerate in the camera they were awful and

An updated version should have a fixed camera

I know it's hard to do because if you're on the hand of a colossus and their hands go on like this

It's hard to recenter the camera, but just stop it auto correcting itself all the time. It doesn't add anything to the game

It doesn't make it look any

Better, maybe it adds to the chaos of the whole situation, but even times when I'm walking over to the edge of a cliff

It's just like pan's downs at the bottom of the cliff

I'm like no

I want to pan up and see the rest of it

and then when you pan up and let go it pans back down again and

that was one of the worst parts of The Last Guardian too is the camera it was atrocious and

So those are just little things that just need to be fixed

And I think that this game would have been like a 10 out of 10

Otherwise all the artistic decisions to not make it over bright

To not make the whole environments look white all the time those kind of ethereal

Dreamy like sequences. Those are all subjective. I think some people are gonna react stronger to them than others

it doesn't really fit the idea that they were going for a more realistic approach so all those different things are all subjective but

The character models are objectively just way way worse than they should be

I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like I'm shitting on the game as I said, I'm very very passionate about this game

It's gonna be my favorite game of all time forever so when stuff like

Sticks out to me. I have to talk about it but

general atmosphere

Sound design was way improved

Everything sounded a lot more punchier, a lot heavier

And it looked like I had more weight to it getting up on the bird and seeing the wind fly by

Was a lot cooler.

The water swooshing underneath and creating these waves and ripples

all added so much more than the original game ever could have

even the the remaster of the game on PS3 didn't have any like really cool dynamics like that.

All the particle effects in the air

The the denser foe leaves the more

High fidelity rocks they all just added this like more realistic feel to it

And it made the colossi feel a lot more imposing just because they felt a lot more real

And I really really loved that some of the scenery in the imagery like the low-hanging

Fog with the giant Gaius in front of you and the fog hanging around his ankles some of the coolest shit

I've ever seen. In the original game and even more so now I think it's highly improved

And the lighting engine just added way more to the environments everything didn't look as flat as it once did

Caves and that looked a lot more darker light bounced

realistically around in the rocks and the haze coming through of the light going through volumetric fog and

That kinda stuff just added way way more and it made it feel a lot more beautiful

and it made the environment feel a lot more atmospheric as a result of that and

That controls the new control scheme

I liked a lot more

than the original game like having X to jump a triangle to call Agro. It still takes a little getting used to but I

Like that a lot more it makes a lot more sense

It's a lot more

intuitive to newer players

Yeah, I think that's all I had to say I said a bunch of stuff while I was playing it on you

And I'm just repeating myself now, but very very happy with the way it turned out. I'm very very glad

I got to play it again, and thank you guys for watching this again

Watching me play my favorite game of all time over and over and over again

It's always a treat to be able to do that and I'm so envious of the people who get to play it for the first

time ever

Now that it's re-released

You're gonna. Have a blast at it, and I hope you guys love the game as much as I do

Obviously not. Everyone's gonna like it and everyone's gonna react differently to it, but I just think it's a fucking masterpiece

I think very very few games ever get to that level of quality or that level of experience and

very very few can challenge this type of


It's just really really good

So I'm gonna do the time trial stuff probably not gonna do it here for Let's Plays I might stream it

probably on Twitch

And then I might bring them over and upload them as highlights or whatever here because I want to do the time trials again

I want to get all the items

There's like unlocks that you can get you can get a mask that helps you stab the colossi and like do more damage to them

You get a parachute that helps you mitigate damage falling off them you get a harpoon

Call like the thunder harpoon or something like a thunder poon

And you get to throw it at the colossi and do damage because when you fire arrows at them

even at the glyphs you don't do damage to them really you take like 1% of their health and

Then it stops you can't do any more damage, but the harpoon you can actually kill them

I think with that so that's really fun and you can get just different you can get different skins for Agro

so I want to go to this through the time trial and

Then like like really show my skills cuz when I was playing it here. I was just kind of dicking around

I was like looking at the game

I was messing around like flying all over them, and I I could have done it way quicker

But I didn't want to just blast through the experience so the time trial is sort of and do all that stuff

But anyway for now thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch the like button in the face like


Thank you guys and I'll see you dudes

In the next video!

Spitting all over my monitor spitting all over my monitor

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