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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Highly Technical | Season 7 Ep. 3 | MASTERCHEF

Difficulty: 0

CHRISTINA TOSI: This next challenge

is the ultimate culinary test.

Tonight, you'll be replicating a highly

technical Gordon Ramsay dish.



GORDON RAMSAY: That's right.

You'll have to rely on your eyes and your palate to recreate it,

because I'm going to make it, but I'm not

going to tell you what's in it.



MANNY: I just won this apron, and you

want me to cook like you?


[music playing]

GORDON RAMSAY: So fish is going to be the star of this dish.

What's the first thing you see on fish

when it comes out the sea?



So gently place the scales on.

This is all about finesse.

There's nothing better than watching Gordon Ramsay cook.

GORDON RAMSAY: Scale side down.

It's mesmerizing.

He moves with this confidence that I don't think I've

ever seen anybody cook with.

GORDON RAMSAY: Into the oven.

But the problem is, I'm seeing all of these ingredients

that I can't quite place.

GORDON RAMSAY: Think of the perfect garnish.

Like, those are definitely not cheese balls.

They're carrots, right?

GORDON RAMSAY: In here, a delicious vegetable couscous.

I have never in my life heard of a vegetable couscous.

GORDON RAMSAY: The sauce will be based on two

items-- olive oil and a stock.


Just smell the fragrance in there.

Bill, don't singe that beard.

Now for the exciting part.

Everything goes on the plate for a reason.

You put anything on the plate, we are going to judge you.

Vegetables around the outside, so we

get the taste of the earth.

One thing you don't do is flood the plate with the sauce.

You put it on there with a little bit of elegance.

And then, finally--

Smells so good.

GORDON RAMSAY: Just lift, and then on.

How cool is that?


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