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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reviewing MOST Hyped & Popular Skincare Products: Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Krave & More! (Pt. 1)

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Whoa so many products,

hey guys welcome back it's Rowena, it's Felicia,

and today we're starting a new skincare series we recently polled you guys

and asked you guys on our community tab of which skincare products you want us to try

to see if they're worth your monies,

yeah and then we're like five or six hundred comments telling us

which brands that you guys were interested in

that you wanted us to kind of review,

you know we read through every single one of those comments and compiled it in a spreadsheet

that we took a screenshot for you guys that was too small

that you can really zoom into,

so for this first video we selected nine of the top brands that you guys kept asking about,

and that we personally loved and have tried ourselves,

because we do want to give you guys our personal recommendations,

and we wanted this to also help you guys decide

which one of the products under each brand is worth buying

or if you just can spend your money elsewhere on a different brand,

because there's a lot of products within a brand,

and it can get really overwhelming sometimes we know from experience,

yeah and to give you guys a little preview today,

we're going to talk about Drunk Elephant Origins Pharmacy Krave Beauty,

Son & Park, Summer Fridays, Glow Recipe,

Thayers and Farsali,

so Before we jump into it, make sure you've subscribed,

and let's introduce the wheel of skin care, we made a wheel with all the nine brands on it

very DIY ,

Summer Friday, it was started by a blogger Marianna Hewitt as well as Lauren Gores,

so they first came out with this one, which is the jet lag mask,

so this was inspired because they were always traveling jet-setting,

and then they just felt that their skin was so parched and rough and stressed all the time

that they wanted to create a mask that was deeply nourishing and hydrating and soothing

because if you think about when you're sitting on the plane,

it's so dehydrated so this is actually perfect,

but I actually didn't use this for a while, because I thought it was hype,

because like everyone had it right,

and then when I did, I was like oh my god.

so Felicia's face broke out in little bumps a few weeks ago,

and it was pretty bad, and she told me all she use was this,

yeah it was inflamed every single pole was like pop pop pop,

you know just like bumpy and rough,

and then it was also flaking around my mouth like crack,

we'll get to why it was flaking and cracking,

its one of these products.

but this was really good like it has this kind of natural scent,

it's just like natural, I love that this packaging, the blue,

the blue and the fact that it comes in like a painters tube,

so it's a really hydrating mask that calms soothes inflamed skin

and for dry skin as well,

so there's vitamin C, which helps brighten,

vitamin E which is very hydrating,

and it's an antioxidant that helps fight off radicals,

the hydration and the soothing comes from the Sodium Hyaluronate,

and there's this one thing that sounds like Arginine

which is a, it's an amino acid that's basically got to do with collagen

and keeps your skin plump and youthful and stuff,

so you can put a generous amount on your face,

leave on for about 10 minutes, and wash it off,

or you can just leave it on overnight,

which is what I do, and then you wash it off in the morning,

and it's like wow,

Next one, Krave. the first thing for me is always the packaging,

I just love how you get everything you need on the packaging,

so in the front it talks about the active ingredients,

it talks about who needs this one you can use it,

and in the back Kraved by your skin,

it's like the first brand to write pH levels on the back,

yeah actually even before I knew about everything about pH levels,

I looked at the back, and I'm like whoa this is a lot of info,

but it's very easy to decide.

So the whole brand premise is that because there are so many brands and products out there,

we don't need all of them, but we're like always marketed as needing them,

so you press reset and you feed your skin what it craves,

yeah so that's why you'll see that Krave doesn't have a lot of products,

but everything that they do have is like an essential in the skincare routine,

so we have the toner the cleanser and the sunscreen,

the jelly texture how hydrating it is,

you know how sometimes after you wash your face,

it's like, you can't move it and it's like uncomfortable

and you feel like you need to put something on real quick,

so this doesn't do that, and that's why I love it,

so in here there's matcha which is something that I drink literally every single day,

and it is actually one of the most antioxidant dense things you can find on our planet,

so it's really great for our skin, and there's also hemp seed oil which is incredibly hydrating,

so it just helps to keep the barrier of your skin nice and cleansed,

but also you hydrate it at the same time, so it's not like stripped of everything,

and we did a video on how to cleanse your face probably,

there if you guys are curious, Liah is our friend and we do love her,

but if the products are mediocre we won't be talking about it you know,

so like this is actually very very great,

yeah I felt that's like the first time I used it,

it was slightly tingly, but I don't know if it was,

it is it says that when you use it the first couple of times may be tingly,

but I think with time you get used to it,

I don't know what that tingly thing was, the caffeine?

I don't know but it felt really good,

it was like you know when you put tea tree on your face or whatever,

it's like that refreshing tingle, not like a chemical exfoliation tingle,

chemical exfoliation next we have the Kale-Lalu-yAHA,

this is a skin resurfacing exfoliator with AHA,

so it's got hyaluronic acid glycolic acid,

but also kales spinach and parsley,

so what you do is just put on a cotton pad on your face,

maybe two to three times a week,

this is like 25, it's actually a pretty big bottle,

you can use it for a long time since it's only a few times a week,

yeah and then Beet the Sun,

I love this,

this has quickly grown to become my favorite sunscreen of all time,

it goes on like condensed milk,

but it's not like sticking gross like condensed milk,

it even looks like condensed milk, but then when you blend it after a couple strokes,

it just blends seamlessly into your skin, and it leaves you with this beautiful glow,

it's like really lightweight, a lot of people like Felicia aren't used to wearing sunscreen every day,

because sunscreen has just historically been this like very oily like thick thing

that leaves so a white film on your face,

makes you break out,yeah you wanted to create something that just

its like entry-level sunscreen just to get people to start using sunscreen on a daily basis,

under makeup on its own, that's a great primer,

if you guys have been looking into something that's a little bit more affordable,

and it's very very effective in what it does, it's just simple, next one,

Thayers oh nice,

so remember earlier we're talking about how Felicia broke out in a bunch of little bumps all over her face,

a lot of you love this product enjoy this product, rave on about it,

and on Amazon is like one of the best sellers,

so we decided to try one ourselves, Rowena got the lavender,

I got the the original aloe vera, this is really good for oily skin people,

because it's an astringent,

so they have toners and astringents,

and astringent are designed to take the excess oil away from the skin,

so when I started using it,

I was like okay this must be great it's alcohol free,

I can just put on however much I want to,

and then I started breaking out and not like pimples,

but it was a rash, it was a rash on my face and it was all dry down,

and then it was like I opened it,

and I could feel it crack, and then I looked into like why,

I think because I put on so much literally like pools of it,

and then I would just go like this onto my face,

and then with the way through with this war,

only because I thought it was alcohol free

that I thought it would be like water you know,

Its like micellar water, but that's the difference,

moral of the story it's not,

it's still got a lot of like other ingredients in there that helped to control your oil,

which is a good thing, just anything too much is not good,

which I learned the hard way, so I've been using this for a week or two now,

that's what it's supposed to, I liked it before that happened,

oh so I gave it a little break and witch hazel which is their key ingredient

is good for inflammation, it's good for calming the skin soothing the skin,

but yeah just don't put on too much, this is a really good toner if you're starting out,

if you're not too fussed with brands, it's kind of like a no-fuss toner,

Love heart do you wanna pick,

Lets do Drunk Elephant,

only because that was also one of the most highly requested that you guys commented on,

so over here we have the entire line of Drunk Elephant to show you guys,

we look like we're in a infomercial, guys it's not,

yeah we just want to say this isn't sponsored either,

this is just like our thoughts,

yeah so the marula fruit belongs in the same family as mangoes,

a similar same sweet fruit, and it is believed there's a myth in Africa,

that elephants get drunk on eating fermented marula fruit off of the ground,

but isn't that funny,

like why it's called Drunk Elephant, because that key ingredient is marula oil,

so marula fruit shell aka nut shell,

drunk elephant is known for being a simple clean additive free skincare line,

and let's get into our favorites,

let's start with the cleanser what do you think, so I really love the texture because it's a jelly texture,

something that not a lot of brands have for cleansers anyway,

and it hasn't got any like scent or coloring,

is it strong enough for like let's say if you just wear sunscreen for the day,

yeah yeah and good for double cleansing,

and it doesn't leave it like uncomfortably stripped, moving on to the baby facial.

yeah this one they say that it's kind of the same as getting a real facial,

because chemical exfoliation is to like get away the dead skin,

is to show your baby skin

which is probably why it's called baby Sakura facial,

like we both use a lot of chemical exfoliation,

but this was still really like pretty intense,

definitely something you want to use once a week,

and more maybe even less,

yeah this one's like probably one of the most expensive products,

it's like 90 bucks, you will find the next day your skin is really soft,

so if you have the time, if you have the patience,

if you have the money in your wallet,

and you want to invest in a stronger chemical exfoliant,

this is definitely something worth looking into,

but if you're just starting out, or you just want to start looking into chemical exfoliants,

this may be a little bit too strong, so then they have three serums,

the B Hydra the most like neutral, it's just for nourishing and moisturizing,

this is vitamin C this is probably what you love, out of these three,

both of us agree that this is worth splurging on,

the glycolic acid the night serum,

actually if you want chemical exfoliation entry,

I would get this from Drunk Elephant,

this one, and then when you start liking more things,

and your skin is more used to it, then you can purchase this one,

because this one does what this one does but in more of like a daily use kind of way,

so in the glycolic night serum,

here there is AHA and BHA blend, including glycolic lactic tartaric citric and salicylic acid,

and blend it with raspberry extract, you use after your toner as a serum,

and then before moisturizer, and if AHA and BHA don't make any sense to you,

there is a exfoliating beginner's guide up there that we made,

so I'll use this when my skin is feeling congested or dull,

because it helps to break away that dead skin from the surface,

and it said that it's also really great for spa treatment,

did you know that, there you go, just read it online,

so this serum is really good at exfoliating unclogging your pores,

and it's also very hydrating,

that's our favorite, and then we have the peptides that we will pop up,

and the Lala retro,

okay so the biggest difference I think a lot of people also confused,

one is lighter than the other,

so this is the thicker one lala retro whipped cream,

its super creamy it's super hydrating and it's just super moisturizing,

perfect for winter,

they have a really

I love these like dispenser things,

you just push it so it's like portion control as well,

so the ProtiniPolypeptide Cream is just a lighter version of this,

it's got sodium hyaluronate,

in terms of ingredients,

the polypeptide has water lily extract as well as soybean folic acid,

so it's just really nourishing as well,

but I would say better for like normal skin or like oily combination skin,

like this one's called whipped cream,

this is like intense deep hydration which my skin loves,

so for me the polypeptides they don't work as well,

I would say just pick one or the other depending on how oily to dry you felt,

then we have these are all the same thing, I love this oil, me too.

all oils are like oily, but this one's really like,

it's just like absorbs into your skin and it just stays in there,

yeah it gives you a nice glow, so with the oil it's very quick absorbing,

and it's just made of a hundred marula oil,

from the pip of the marula fruit.

but it's also antimicrobial which helps with things like acne,

because sometimes you have bacteria on your face,

which is an organism type of thing,

and it just helps with keeping the face like nice and nourished and cleansed,

this one is the one that comes with a baby Sakura,

so these go really well together as well as this,

because I feel like after you exfoliate your face in any capacity,

it's very important to nourish to protect it and to hydrate afterwards,

if you don't want to commit yet to full size,

I think there's sets like this or sets like this

where you can just try in these sizes,

yeah actually that's how I started on Drunk Elephant,

I bought these two in this little like cylindrical stuff, its like 28 dollars.

it's enough to use for maybe a month, I found after that it really did help my skin,

so then you know purchase this one, so with this sunscreen,

I've tried a handful of sunscreens in my life,

because she freckles really easily, yeah I freckle very easily,

and I just feel like maybe because of the zinc oxide,

it actually leaves a pretty white film on your face,

it takes a while for it to blend in, it's like an okay sunscreen,

and I feel like I still freckle pretty easily with this on,

the Lippe that we both use, both because we have this,

and we both love it but we both agreed that eighteen dollars for this,

it's like okay Ill use it maybe like a couple months,

use it for a couple months,

yeah and I find I always have to reapply it because it comes off quite

or maybe I just like lick my lips and it's off,

but it is very hydrating, it is great,

it's got this vanilla scent, so that's the Drunk Elephant.

and next Glow Recipe, so it started by two girls,

Sara Lee and Christine Chang,

so they first came out with this one which is the sleeping mask,

this is just a sample,

but it comes in the rectangular tube thing that was their baby first product,

and then they came out with this moisturizer,

their key ingredient is the water melon extract,

and I actually never knew you could use watermelon for your

actually but fun fact my grandma used to

after I eat watermelon

Use watermelon rind to

yeah really is that an asian thing, maybe,

who did it,

I was just put on face for fun as a kid,

she would cut that white part with the skin,

and just like slap it on her face,

this is the only brand that I know that uses watermelon,

so watermelon extract is very hydrating because there's a bunch of essential vitamins,

and it is also really good for soothing irritated skin,

so the sleeping mask which is something that you put on overnight has a bunch of AHAs

which are really gentle on the skin, which is why you can sleep overnight in it,

and it's like this really thin texture, yeah it's very light,

it's kind of like a wonky gel like consistency that could separate,

so sometimes you need to give it a good shake

before scooping it out with a little spoon,

and sometimes the spoon like it won't come out,

so you have to like really dig it,

what they did do really well is get that millennial pink in there,

so the glass container is super awesome,

so in the watermelon glow sleeping mask,

there's peony root which is good for brightening and soothing the skin,

and I feel like most other like all the active ingredients in the glow mask is in the moisturizer,

so what I love doing with this,

this is something I actually use daily in the morning especially,

to give it like an extra boost of hydration,

Three players of moisturizing, cuz my skin is that dry,

you guys can't tell right now, but it's getting pretty flaky,

would you say you would buy both,

this one for sure, the glow recipe I just,

I think it's like a fun sleeping mask,

that's the thing, if I were to choose between like this sleeping mask and the summer fridays jet lag mask,

I would do the jetlag, I just feel like it's way more nourishing,

Next up, Son & Park,

Ill be honest,

I don't know much about celebrity makeup artists,

so if there's a Jen Atkin in Korea who split into two men,

it would be Mr. Son and Mr. Park,

I actually didn't know it was to two people,

Mr. Son was the celebrity makeup artist for Song Hye-kyo,

she was my favorite because in Full House,

her and Rain oh my gosh shes so pretty.

so Son & Park are also known as the pioneers of the whole like dewy natural makeup look in Korea

that's now I think taken over our world, which I am a huge fan of,

because I do feel like we should let our natural beauty shine,

let your light shine through,

the active ingredients include papaya extract

which helps renew the skin surface by lifting impurities and dead skin cells for brighter smoother skin,

there's also green tea which is an awesome antioxidants,

and there's also rose flower water orange fruit extract

and lavender water which provides deep hydration,

they really believe that skin care is the foundation of having like flawless makeup,

because if you start off with like canvas then no matter what you slap on,

it's not gonna be that great,

so beauty water is a combination of a toner and a cleansing water,

so do you wash it off,

No no, so its kind of like a toner,

so there's a few uses for this beauty water, one is the very straightforward toner,

you put it on a cotton pad, and you can wipe your face with it,

and then you follow up with a bunch of other products,

or under your makeup as like the first step

to really create like a good base for your makeup,

yeah because actually the worst thing you can do is apply makeup on to dry flaky skin,

because you can really tell moisturized skin and makeup and like not enough moisturized skin,

this beauty water tones hydrates and gently exfoliates all in one step,

so how often do you use this as a toner,


this is pretty huge it is, how much $30,

I really like the smell I don't know what it is it's like floral,

I'm sold


alright so these are my kind of favorite Origins,

I really love the brand,

and can you tell me the origins of origin,

so the logo is like these two trees,

but it actually stands for yin and yang,

it's powered by a nature proven by science,

so that's just kind of means they use like a lot of natural ingredients

but everything has to do with like how it actually works on the skin,

the reason why there's different colors for each one

is because each of these stand for its own line,

and they each have a separate key ingredient,

the key ingredient for this one is willow herb and sunflower oil,

I really love this, and if you guys are into cleansing oils,

this is actually a cleansing oil jelly,

so when you put it on it's like a jelly right,

but then you like lather it a little bit with water,

and it turns into this milky froth,

and it dissolves oil gets it out of the pores,

How can you froth it.

No no, it just blends into my skin.

now you just have saliva on me,

Saliva willow urban sunflower oil,

No, moving on,

so yeah this is kind of like double cleansing but in one,

but sometimes they leave like gross residue,

so I would say it's better if you wear makeup,

you don't necessarily need to use this if you're not,

so then you have this line with ginseng,

but there's also coffee beans as the key ingredient,

and that's good for brightening,

this is gel moisturizer so I use it like basically all year-round,

but you can also layer it as well,

and it's just kind of like a no-fuss gel moisturizer that helps to like brighten the skin in the morning,

and then these two are my favorites for congested skin,

because the key ingredient is, can you guess,

charcoal, anything black is like charcoal,

this is relatively new, and it's really cool,

because it's a metallic color, and it's got honey in there as well,

so honey is a natural antioxidant, and it's good for inflammation,

its good for soothing, it's good for hydrating,

so it purifies and kind of like helps to unclog your pores but clean it out as well,

so it dries and becomes this kind of like velvety smooth texture,

know this is very different from glamglow, this mask you just put on,

but how is this charcoal mask different from glamglow,

so I feel like the glamglow mud mask are way more muddy,

it's like drier, and then you can see your pores,

pulls out the oils,

yeah yeah but this one is a much softer,

like the mask it's still like flexible on the skin,

but it doesn't kind of get to that glamglow level,

sometimes I'll like use mask under different areas of the face

especially if you have combination skin so like around here,

maybe you want a moisturizing mask,

and then maybe just around the pores in the forehead you want a mud mask,

I wouldn't necessarily say get both of these,

which one would you recommend,

like I want to try one, this one is better for like really oily skin,

and this is good for oily combo,

and this goes without saying if you guys have answers to any questions we're asking each other,

because we're all exploring on our journey together,

let us know down below what your favorites are,

how they compared to the different products that we brought up

or even products we didn't bring up,

because I'm sure many people are very curious,

alright since we have two products left,

let's just go with FARSÁLI, you talked about it,

okay so the unicorn elixir we had it but we couldn't find it,

yeah it's in a purple bottle,

and then there's this 24k infused beauty oil,

this brand was founded by a husband who wanted to create something for his wife who was just troubled,

honey my skin, and then next day I got you,

so the name is a combination of his wife's name which is Farah,

and then Sal Ali,

So FARSÁLI, I don't know if they have any other products,

but we had the two face oils, so this one's got yet 24k gold in it,

it's like really extra, yeah so we've actually almost come to the end,

I just broke the cap, so there's like little flakes of gold in it,

okay so actually gold was used in the Tang dynasty for women doing like mask and stuff,

and they used to just like cover their faces with it,

and I know there's also mask that you can do now that also replicate using gold,

but I think it's more of like a luxurious thing,

I don't know about like this isn't real gold, you know what I mean,

what I love about these oils is that one it smells really good,

it doesn't smell bad,

I was just a little, I don't know what smell,

I don't know I was expecting the smell of gold or something,

which is a bank,

but the purple one I remember smell more like grape oil,

so how do you use these facial oils is

you wash your face you tone you serum and you moisturize,

and then you can put a little bit of facial oil at the end,

or you can use this as a primer for your makeup,

you can actually mix facial oils like this into your foundation

to make it thinner and more glowy,

and is that what the unicorn elixir is known for,

yeah it's kind of like a primer for makeup that you can mix into your makeup,

but to also wear alone,

so that it's like nourish,

It can also be used as highlighter,

so I would say in terms of like a facial oil prices around the benchmark

of what it normally is,

is it worth it, I like it, I really do like it,

it's like luxurious as well, I would actually buy this over marula oil,

really, because the marula is like 90 bucks, that's true,

so if you don't have money to buy marula,

I would say this is like a really good facial oil as well,

and theres multi uses to this oil,

last one Farmacy,

Farmacy is farm to face, farm to face,

not farm-to-table, farm to face,

the main ingredient of all these products is the echinacea green envy

which is a patented product from Farmacy,

it's the foundation of every single one of these products,

and why it works the way it does,

so I know this was the very first product that I bought from them before we like,

we actually went to one of their events for the launch of this,

but I tried this one when I had inflammation as well,

and you know because honey is very soothing and calming hydrating,

helps with everything,

everything that you said, but in this honey mask,

it's so cool because you put it on,

well it's got this magnetic spatula, that actually works with,

there's a magnetic thing on all of them,

and then you scoop a little bit out, we can do some now,

it's kind of like this, and then the cool thing is how you're supposed to put it on your skin

is you put it on right, and then you kind of spread it,

but what you have to do, wow its like waxing,

no but feel it, it's heated,

and you have to actually work it in, yeah you work it in,

and it turns milky, and you feel it, it's like hot, farm tech to face,

farm tech it's so cool, so that's when you leave it on,

like you can't just put it on there and let it chill,

I really love this because it hasn't got just honey,

it's got like,

you know how ingredients work together,

it's got vital chemical cichoric acid which is a natural antioxidant

and it actually helps the honey penetrate deeper and hydrate deeper into the skin.

I use this when my skin was in pain, I use it when I need hydrating,

and there's a lot of it, oh it's also honey is anti-inflammatory,

I mean if you're all about like natural natural, you can just squirt honey on your face,

massage activated vitamin C mask, oh my god you know what I just realized,

all their masks are massage activated,

okay so this one, why the color is like this is because you put it on and it's purple,

and then in little to no time you'll see that it turns green,

because it needs heat to activate it,

so this mask has obviously vitamin C because it's a vitamin C mask,

but also bentonite clay and kaolin,

which is really good at drawing out impurities toxins,

it's basically like a detoxifying face mask

and there's a lot of natural products that I love,

which include sugar cane orange lemon sugar maple,

aloe and a superfood blend of Apple broccoli kale blueberry and cucumber,

this just sounds like something I put in a smoothie and drink,

so my kind of rule of thumb is if there's these many great ingredients

if you can eat it, they should be great for your skin,

and then there's this honeymoon glow serum which we both love,

this is a super potent and powerful punch of 14% AHA and BHA for your skin,

so it's really good at jump to resurfacing your skin, leaving this very dewy pretty glowy skin,

just for reference, the drunk elephant glycolic was 12% AHA,

this is 14, which is why this is a little bit more tingly but only for like 10 to 15 seconds,

it feels like something is definitely there, but yeah it's a serum,

so you follow up with a moisturizer, and then wake up in the morning,

and it's like, and then wear sunscreen,

wear sunscreen especially after using something like this,

and this is something that you should build up to,

so maybe try using it once a week,

and then maybe work up to two to three times a week and a little more over time,

this is Farmacy honey drop lightweight moisturizer,

I love using this during the summertime,

now that it is fall / winter, it's too lightweight for me,

a long-lasting lightweight moisturizer combining echinacea green envy honey,

triple hyaluronic acid complex and a cupuaçu butter beads,

apply to skin in the morning and evening using the spatula scoop,

put a small amount between the palm of hands,

apply to the face in upward and outward sweeping motions,

I haven't used this yet, but it's so light, it's very lightweight and hydrating,

wow it's it looks like her hands wet, yeah it's so thin whoa,

all of their line of products this is my pick, yeah very interested in trying this,

totally forgot about but worth mentioning is the Farmacy coconut gel sheet mask so this is the brightening one,

they also have a hydrating one which is yellow, I just personally love coconut gel mask,

because I feel like it fits to the contours of your face,

but what do you mean coconut gel, it's like a silkier,

oh no it's like a gel mask, it's not a sheet,

it's not dipped in serum, it's just a layer of gel that just

if there's pockets of air you can just very easily tap the pockets of air out,

so to me I feel like it's far more form-fitting,

and it just may be its all in my head,

but yeah it feels more comfortable,

it stays put compared to a sheet mask,

and sometimes I just feel it the edges of a mask,

they're just falling off, they're sliding off my face,

but the thing is these babies are six dollars each,

so it's pretty expensive for a pop,

but maybe if you're into sheet mask,

then this is good, because it's also got collagen,

for the brightening mask it's actually one of my favorites,

and it does exactly what it says,

what about the hydrating one, it does exactly like what it says,

very very hydrating, and it's great for if you have hyperpigmentation or for me freckles,

so I think the coolest thing about Farmacy is that it's like fama cultivated you know because it's from the flower and the honey,

but it's also like scientific in a way, because it's like heat activated and all this stuff,

farm to face, the recap of all the products that we mentioned in this probably very long video

but you know we wanted to fit in like everything,

and there's so much more coming,

yeah like seriously so many brands out there

which is one of the reasons why we wanted to make this video anyway,

so that you guys know a little bit more about each brand,

and the best selling product or best products within it,

so for this video it may seem like we recommended 80% of the products,

but it is because these were the most highly requested brands you guys picked,

and also the brands that were most familiar with,

so of course these are our babies,

yeah it just so it happened that like the ones you guys were curious about we also love

yeah so if you have any other questions, leave them below about anything here,

or even like extended product within these brands, or even more brands more products,

or brands you feel like we should try and test,

and we should know about that we should add onto Rowena's already like hardcore excel sheet,

so in the next episode, we'll be featuring a bunch of other ones as well,

including the ordinary,

and I'm thinking about a couple J beauty products that I've been loving,

and also K beauty of course, because can't do skincare without k beauty,

so yeah anything comments queries applications, leave them in the comments,

and thank you so much for watching, we'll see you in the next episode bye.

The Description of Reviewing MOST Hyped & Popular Skincare Products: Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Krave & More! (Pt. 1)