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hi I'm Gabby from and today we're gonna try some weird

food combinations and we're going to talk about how to describe food you're

gonna be able to see more than it's delicious and I have some really special

guests here today Dustin Luke Sevdha and Vanessa hey

Dustin it's so good to have you here yeah it's good how you guys doing my

name is Dustin Luke I'm from the United States action from Atlanta Georgia but

I've been living in Argentina over the last eight years off and on and I'm

excited to share with the group something very traditional from

Argentina what did one I said the representing island of Jamaica

Que Onda? I'm Vanessa I'm from Los Angeles California

but a Mexican American my family is from Mexico City Viva Mexico and you guys

know I'm Gabby originally from Minneapolis in the United States and I

will be representing the United States USA so this is called yerba mate

my day or Argentines would say yerba mate it's actually a

loose-leaf tea drinking out of a gourd with a metal straw it's very social

gives you a lot of energy it's kind of very caffeinated and I'm excited to try

it I'm pretty sure what the reaction is gonna be hello this is called bun and

cheese this is traditionally enjoyed on the Easter holidays it is a spiced bun

with various fruits baked in along with a cheese jamaican cheese that is

actually quite expensive and comes in a can I didn't think of this as an odd

food combination but when I described it to everybody else their reactions proved

otherwise so here it is Jamaican bun and cheese so

as you may know Mexicans love spicy foods so today what we're going to do is

add some pow to our fruit I have something simple yet delicious for you I

have oranges and a chili powder called tajin it's very good it's mildly spicy

and what we do is sprinkle it on our fruit

this is a root beer float which consists of a soft drink called root

beer that's really sweet but I love it and vanilla ice cream so

you simply pour the soda and then put the ice cream on top and it gets all

fizzy and delicious and fun this special dessert this special treat was invented

in 1893 so it's been around for a while but many people think of it as a classic

dessert from the 1950s it's something we might have on a special occasion a movie

night a holiday or really anytime you feel like it

so I love it let's see if everyone else does too God we're gonna get started

with some yerba mate this is how you drink it traditionally here in

the United States you can find it in other forms but I'm excited for you to

know what you think okay so first of all is to touch the straw actually something

very important only the person preparing the mate touches the straw and yes this

is legal this is not what you're thinking okay okay so I just drink it ok it takes some

coordination oh wow that is earthy and grassy and a little tangy actually yeah I

you know what I kind of like it though because it tastes a bit like green tea

it reminds me a bit of green tea okay something you're tearing it where you

have to finish you have to finish the whole thing that's the other thing when

you're serving up mate and you're sitting in a mate circle you have to

drink the whole thing until you hear the slurp oh okay

well I'll do my best okay okay wait for it thank you

your turn so I'm quite excited because I really

he is one of my favorite things and I'm supposing this is a tea type of tea

don't touch the straw no se toca la bombilla por favor

do the leaves get stuck in the straw it depends on this straw but

in general no straw hats a little tiny slits at the bottom filters it through

so you're okay yeah yeah that's the thing about mate culture everyone

shares the straw it's all good it's okay one love first try oh well yes this is

actually rather bitter it is definitely tastes like something of the earth it

tastes healthy this is something that I would assume has a lot of health

benefits to it absolutely yeah as tons of they call it matein but let's just

be honest it's caffeine and okay after a couple of rounds of this you're ready

you get you good all right very excited to try this I love earthy

and healthy things so let's see I actually really like this I saw a little

surprise in your face I was wondering this is delicious I really like it I

don't always like bitter things for example I don't like ginger

but this doesn't taste like ginger at all I mean it's not supposed to but it's

delicious it's bitter but delicious I love it definitely is a good idea

oh so you're good you don't want any more no I want another rule is

traditionally within the mate circle if you say gracias and you hand it back

to the matero which is me when preparing the mate that means you

don't want any more oh yeah so I am a huge fan of this I drink I drink a lot

to everyday I'll drink it also by myself or in a social group the bitterness is

incredible the mate the matein the caffeine is incredible this is a drink

that I feel like is starting to gain some steam here in the United States and

I'm excited to see more people drink it more often yeah everyone is over

I mean we were all skeptical right but you really want us over with this yeah

you know I being such a fan of South America Argentina and Paraguay and

Uruguay and culture to see a little bit of South America present here in the

United States is super exciting for me so I hope you guys enjoy mate I hope

we get to try it and excited try the other foods yes yes yeah all right here

we go

you don't want to be rude but I'm a very picky eater and I actually don't like

cheese you don't do cheese I don't do cheese right then it actually smells

really good so I'm excited to take a bite I like it don't matter no no thank

you it reminds me of cinnamon bread

something I was like I love cinnamon so it's sweet but it's not too sweet

and I like it I would hop it again it doesn't even need the cheese yeah so

laughter bad I see you know it's these kind of like reasons or different little

fruit pockets here with the cheese but it does seem dry we'll see you the bread

was a lot it wasn't as dry as I imagined it to be and tasting the cheese and the

combination with the sweet little fruits it's interesting I don't know I've never

you know but I find it funny that there's no sort of like like sign sow or

like menus or something to kind of like yeah yeah bring it together I will take

another bite it smells good it smells like the holidays okay I definitely

want something to drink

Oh perfect what is good I think it would be a really good with mate luckily we

have mate oh it's sweet and a bit spicy not in the hot way but spicy because it

has a bit of cinnamon or something like that

hi it's good though it's a bit chewy right they're chewy yes the bread is

chewy mm-hmm it is for a firm texture and the cheese and of itself is very

it's kind of dense its soft and it sounds yeah in the dense it's not it's

not the usual cheese you find this is not kraft singles so look I

I have to be honest I've tried this before this is a piece of Mexico that

has made its way into the United States mostly here in Southern California and

the southern states and it's incredible I'm gonna just get started

mmm the the orange steps into your mouth delicious that like you always remember

it sugary explosion of juices sugary juices but then that tangy semi spicy

not really I wouldn't say it's spicy - tajin steps in and just kind of

like perfectly complements the the orange and it's so addicting I could eat

this non-stop and it even goes well with watermelon asi que me encanta I want some so I've also

had this before I used to have roommates from Mexico and they introduced me to

putting tajin on your fruits so this brings back good memories perfect

compliment sweet orange salty and a little spicy talking it's just like a

match made in heaven yeah it's not too spicy it's it's just

got a kick to it that's what I like it just hmm just a little kick you gotta

try it okay now the thing is I actually really love

tajin I put that stuff on all sorts of things like yogurt Wow oh gosh

yes I can only imagine that this would be amazing even before I tried even

though I'm not sure what it on my - I put it on my sandwiches like cheese and

Turkey yeah oh my goodness what about your bun

and cheese this this is definitely a good anytime snack and healthy -

it's tart and tiny it's a good balance it's a good

combination of both tangy and sweet and I tend to gravitate towards tangy flavors

tart flavors such as frozen yogurt so it's a win in my book now I can't eat

oranges without tajin alright yeah I just love this and I mean I'm Mexican I mean

a little bit more a little bit what I love most about it is that it

makes your mouth pucker I think this combination is definitely where Mexico

shines in its culinary world and culture of food that combination that maybe you

wouldn't imagine they did it and they did it well we did all right said that

you can do the honors with your float it's yes okay all right so you can

choose to drink it with a straw or eat it with a spoon or both okay hmm

this is incredibly sweet

it's sweet its saccharine it is I truly feel American among fattening and since

you like this actually even though it's not something I could have all the time

it's a bit addicting right but you can't put tajin in it not yet I was so ready to

trying it so it's just so foamy and sweet like you said Sevdha tastes like

licorice I really don't like the root beer you know what's interesting is that this

has root beer in it and root beer actually isn't alcoholic right correct

it's not right yeah thank you but no thank you Thanks for trying it here's where you say gracias haven't actually had one of these in a so I'm excited to try it again but I'm not big on super sugary sweet sweets

etcetera oh look like um there's no denying this this is this is good this

was something that I didn't like in the beginning of life but now like later on

I can I can definitely appreciate the combination of like like the vanilla ice

cream creamy mixed with the the soda aspect the the carbonation that mixes

with it it's a combination that I would have never imagined it's someone to

throw together but this is great to share with friends or family a root beer

floats classic oh yeah it's been a while since I've had this because it really is

something from my childhood and I don't know like as an adult I feel like we

don't make these enough we don't make these as much as when we're kids but

it's really good it's by this point because it's been melting it tastes like

a cream soda and it's vanilla II and root beer II and

creamy and just um it's really good I'm gonna have another set and yeah okay

so of all of these weird food combinations and wonderful c'mon today

which one if any or ones would you guys want seconds of I just really like food

so all of them yes yes so I think I obviously am the winner here you all

love I my tajin with oranges and I choose my yeah actually

so I'm gonna jump in there I would choose the oranges with tajin I mean

that's really good also I liked my root beer float but it's

so sweet I wouldn't really want to have a lot of

it yeah hmm I'm torn because I came with mate and this is my love I drink this

every single day and then the Tajin as well is just spectacular if you ever had

a chance to try that you know bitter tangy mixed with sweet

you have to try it but now after trying all this and thinking you know this

because mate is usually traditionally drank with you know pastries and

something sweet I could totally see us eating you know bun and cheese and

washing it down with mate and then later we would have to fight over what

do we do there anything here that you would like to try it let us know in the

comments and let us know if you have any weird food combinations in your country

and if you'd like to see more of dust and where can we find you yeah you guys

can find me on all social media it's the Dustin Luke and I look forward to seeing

you guys in los redes sociales yes thank you so much for joining us as

a pleasure if you enjoy this make sure that you subscribe here to go natural

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