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My name is Michael van der Bergh,

I'm 31 years old

and I'm infected with the BMW virus. It started with me

when as a

small child I used to cycle to the infants school.

I cycled there every day

passing a BMW

It was a E30, 325 convertible. And I always thought to myself "When I grow up & have saved up enough money,

I am going to buy a car like that."

I am Leon van der Berg, 33 years old and I'm also infected with that blue & white checkered virus.

It started around the time I was a student, & I had a summer job in a village a bit further up.

And in the the driveway stood parked a BMW Touring, now that's what I

call a beautiful car. So I plucked up enough courage and walked up

the driveway,

Whereby the owner immediately appeared, he thought I was planning

to steal the car. But that wasn't my intention

and so we got talking and as a consequence

I since have built up a small collection of my own

and it has become my intention to drive a BMW for the rest of my life.

Behind me you can see a 520 E12

that colour is called Ceylon, that's my kind of colour.

Around this time a friend of mine bought a

Opel Kadett C

Which I also took a shine to.

But when he bought the C-cadet, I was like; I want something like that myself

only a bit older,

so I started looking around.

A E30 was out of my price range at that moment,

but I could afford a 1502.

And since then I can only think in terms of white/blue.

That was about 10 years ago, I reckon. I don't have that car anymore.

I've bought and owned several other BMW's through the


a BMW 2800 CS,

you can see behind me.

In my opinion the most beautiful BMW that has ever been made.

What appeals to me most about this car is the way it

performs on the motorway.

Manufactured towards the end of the 60's,

As you step into the car

And you drive

on the motorway,

then yes, that is..

that is hard to explain.

A certain kind of feeling, peace.

It all just works; you can actually feel it working

and in particular the latter I find very beautiful. You can feel what you do

And when I'm in my car that I use daily, I can't feel that. I just go from A to B

and that is that,

but in this

It's almost that I'm

disappointed that I've reached

my destination.

Actually, it's difficult to explain what exactly

attracts me to this car.

I've always found it a beautiful model, even down to its intricate details

but there is so much attention to detail in this car

which makes it so unique. One of the more unusual things

Is the absence of a central pillar on the side of the car

which creates

an enormous side window. That regardless, the car is very open plan,

glass everywhere, you can see everything.

Especially if you look at the front of the car,

It has a certain look of: "I want to go" and that's what I like in a car like this.

Just sitting in a classic BMW

is simply a passion in itself

and the driving gives me a real kick.

You set yourself apart from the rest of the road. BMW was in its time far superior,

In its chassis design, even the interior is very austere, quite straightforward.

Everything that needs to be there, is there,

nothing more nothing less.

I've fitted a sporty steering wheel,

a Nardi, from the same era. Together with matching gearstick knob

and in addition there are standard 16 inch Alpina's fitted underneath.

Oh yeah, I've forgotten the most important, the 5 speed gearbox. They are

really the only modifications I've carried out on this car.

Yes it's just a fantastic cruiser, which can easily reach a speed of 130 kph

and takes you to wherever you want to go. That's the best thing about this car.

I purchased this BMW three and a half years ago,

six months ago I decided I was going to replace the interior, and I must say that,

I am extremely happy with the result.

kind of finishes the car off nicely.

Originally it was a 2800 CS,

A six cylinder M320 engine, and delivers around 170 Brake horsepower. I noticed however

That the car wasn't living up to my expectations. It is a sporting car and

I like to drive it sportingly. In the end I was offered the same kind of engine

but with a slightly bigger cylinder bore, a 3.5 litre engine from a friend of mine

and with fuel injection

which I duly bought

and I rebuilt it myself

and added the

Five speed gearbox at the same time.

So whilst I was busy, I started tinkering on the chassis, added new shock breakers, new suspension, new brakes,

new exhaust, actually I was tinkering with just about everything

with my goal being eventually to on vacation with it. Last year we had set our

sites on Norway. Quite a bit of driving involved,

but it was going to be a great drive,

and eventually and with the help of a few people,

and many evenings spent planning, often until 1 or 2 o'clock

in the morning.

And not after several set backs

I did eventually make 108 it there.

I reckon we must have driven around the 6000/7000 kilometers with the car,

a truly wonderful and eventful journey.

Not only the landscape but also with car like that,

and it is so nice to see the reactions, brought on by the car.

It's also very different going on vacation with a car like this

especially on such a journey.

Let's just say I'm not very technically minded,

Let's call it untechnical.

Since that very first drive in the Tourer, I started to engross myself

In the mechanics of the BMW. Just because it seems straightforward,

doesn't mean to say that my technical expertise

is very high shall we put it like that.

Fortunately for a diagnosis of a problem I have enough friends and colleges who

are there to give me a hand.

Most of the tinkering though I do myself,

That's also what's nice about it, that together

you can reach a goal. An old car is actually just a

piece of uncomplicated engineering, so thinking logically

you can come a long way.

This car appeared on the market towards the end of 1972, delivered originally

with four cylinders, which also was fitted in the 02.

This particular car was manufactured at the start of 1973,

And has therefore a 2 litre M10 engine,

with dual Stromberg's.

They're the carburetors, and deliver, I believe, standard 115 brake horsepower.

I know Leon, must be 10 years,

thinking about it now.

It started

really just swapping parts from BMW's. I believe that a BMW driver values his car more

than just a means of getting from A to B. Someone who appreciates quality in engineering & design,

a reliable car

with the ability to perform.

Translation by David Gibbs

The Description of Key Friends - BMW 2800CS - EN SUBS