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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YOUTUBERS REACT TO TRY NOT TO MOVE CHALLENGE

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- Stay strong, Ian. - ♪ gotta get with... ♪

- Stay strong!

(loud screech) - (screams)


♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

- (FBE) So today, we have a challenge for you both.

- (gasps) - Ooh.

- (FBE) Before we tell you what it is, we're gonna tell you

that it has a twist. - Oh no.

- (FBE) You're gonna be competing against each other.

- Great. - We love that.

- Ooh. Okay. - Oh god.

- You always beat me at everything, so...

- That's true, I do. - (FBE) What we are going to do

is you are each going to do the challenge solo,

and at the end, we are going to tell you,

between the two of you, who won.

- Oh, I like that. - Whoa Nice.

- Oh no. (laughs) - Oh god.

Well! This is gonna be a shit show. (laughs)

- I'm gonna give her a fighting chance.

I'm gonna try my best. - I, of course,

think I'm going to win unless it's something really,

really physical, then, I mean, look at these guns.

I mean, I can't really... - I think I'm gonna win.

- (FBE) Who wants to step out first?

- (sighs) - I'll go first.

- All right, babe. - Good luck, sweetie.

- I'm leaving. - Oh, here we go.

Game on. Game on. - You better bring your A game, girl.

- I will exunt. - Yeah, I'll see you later.

- I'm gonna GTFO. No, no, me. Me, ladies first.

- I'll get up. I'm on the outside.

- (laughs) I love that that's the deciding factor.

Love you, byeee. - (FBE) All right, so this

is going to be a Try Not to Move challenge.

- Oh, I lost. I'm so hyperactive. - Ooh. ♪ She's gonna suck at this

Da dun na dun na dun na ♪ - He'll win.

I adjust myself a lot, so-- And I do it, like,

not even thinking about it. - (FBE) And we're gonna see

who moves the least between you and your partner

during all the clips. - Okay. Oh, is it gonna be,

like, dancing clips? - If it's some bumping music,

I might not be able to resist shaking my booty a little bit.

- (FBE) So the rules are number one, you're not allowed to move,

and number two, you can't close your eyes.

All you can do is talk, but any emotion you show

needs to be done while still. - Okay.

- I'm just gonna be a stone fixture. - (FBE) So if you move,

you're out for the video, but then you'll be back in

for the next video. - Can I move my neck, or no?

No? - (FBE) Nope.

- Okay, so I'm just stuck.

- ♪ Yo, I'll tell you what I want

- (singing along) ♪ What I really, really want

So tell me what you want ♪ ♪ What you really, really want

- ♪ I'll tell you what I want ♪ - Ahhh!

- ♪ ...tell me what you want... ♪ - I wanna dance!

- This is my go-to karaoke song, not gonna lie.

- ♪ I wanna, I wanna ♪ ♪ I wanna, I wanna

I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-ah zig-ah


- ♪ If you wanna be my lover ♪ - Stay strong, Ian.

Stay strong! - Baby Spice, my girl!

- I mean, who doesn't love the Spice Girls?

- I almost started to bop my head.

Oh, I fiddled my thumb a little bit.

I did. (buzzer)

- ♪ ...the way it is ♪ - Okay, I did it.

I wanted to dance real bad, but I did it.

- That was difficult. I didn't even think about the catchy songs.

Ohhh dear.

- Oh gosh. - Gross.

- Oh my god. Oh my god. That's [bleep] horrifying.

(buzzer) - I've seen this video. I've seen--

No, no, no, no, no, no! Yup, I've seen that video,

and I hate that video.

- (screams)

Oh god. I think sitting on my hands was key for that one.

- That is my nightmare.

I can't believe that that's actually real.

- If you start showing some crazy pimple-popping videos,

I might be-- I might start moving.

- (laughs) No. (buzzer)

- I can't look at this. Oh my! Okay, am I moving?

I can't deal with this.

Chrissy is gonna freak out. (buzzer)

- I'm a mom. I've seen this happen

in real life before, but on a person.

- ♪ If you wanna be my lover ♪ ♪ You have got to give

Oh, that is-- that is attractive.

- Okay, people do this. All right.

- She put her finger in there! (buzzer)

- (woman) He might jump if... - Cool.

- Oh, she just stuck her finger into it.

- That's is a big one. Damn.

We're good. (laughs triumphantly)

- I have seen an abscess drain in real life, and I've filmed it.

But just for my own private collection of weirdness. (laughs)

- (woman) So when we look at a logo, as you can see...

- This is gonna be a scare video, I know it.

- Something's popping out at me. - Mm-hmm. Incredible.

- Uhh...

- It's very informative so far.

- This is gonna be a jump scare. I'm calling it right now.

- This is a trick. This is gonna be a jump scare.

- Is this like don't move, but you're gonna have to,

'cause you'll be so bored?

(loud screech) - Oh my god!

I should've known that it was coming.


- (woman) Now, when we look... (loud screech)

- I shook my head, I know. That's my stone cold way

of being, like, I'm terrified. (buzzer)

- Ah, just-- (loud screech)

- (screams) Christopher is gonna die from that.

He does not handle jump scares. He's gonna actually, like,

sweat and be done. (buzzer)

- He's just talking about nothing. (loud screech)

Did I not call that?! You know what the best part is?

Is she's jumpy. - Come on.

The old exorcist jump scare?

- ♪ Mai-ia-hii

- ♪ Mai-ia-huu ♪ - We're going back right now.

- ♪ Mai-ia-haa ♪ - (sighs) The old "Numa Numa."

- ♪ Mai-ia-hii ♪ - Oh, man. I just wanna do it!

- Oh yeah. I wanna bounce.

- It's one of the first viral videos.

- This song doesn't speak to my soul the way "Wannabe" does.

- All right, I'm keeping it in. - I think people under the age of 12

who have no idea who this guy is, this is, like-- What?

That's not fair! I was looking to you to talk to you!

Damnit! (laughs) (buzzer)

- Ugh. I wish I could move all my extremities like that.

- ♪ Mia... ♪ Oh. Whoops.

Ahh! (buzzer)

- Oh, wow. He's having the best time of his life.

- Your dancing is no match for me!

Mi-amintesc de ochii tгl ♪ - Oh man.

Okay, that was tough.

- I held it back. It was hard.

- (FBE) So, that was the last video.

- I need to move my arms a lot now, I feel like!

- I don't think Pamela's gonna beat me.

She's probably gonna dance to "Numa Numa."

- I think it's gonna be a draw, 'cause I think she's gonna jump

on the jump scare one. And I think the rest of it,

she's gonna be okay. - (FBE) You can go grab him.

We'll see how he does. - Okay. All right.

- I'm gonna get my worst half. - Alex, you're going down.

- (Timothy) All right. - (FBE) You ready for this?

- Let's do it. - (FBE) This is going to be a

Try Not to Move Challenge. - Oh, no. Yup, I'm done.

- I think I can do better than Lauren for sure.

- I tend to dance around a little more than her.

This might be tough. - He is a competitive gent,

but I'm gonna try to win. - She can't not move.

I can be really still. - Jessica is an animated individual,

so I don't think she did great. I think I'll do okay.

- She's pretty good at, you know, Try Not to Sing challenges.

I think I can step it up. - ♪ Yo, I'll tell you what I want

What I really, really want ♪ - Such a good song.

- Right off the bat. I was like, "Oh, yeah."

- I think Jessica probably didn't last very long with this one,

because I've seen her when this song comes on.

- ♪ If you wanna be my lover ♪ - Wow, this is difficult.

- ♪ If you wanna be my lover ♪ - I almost bopped my head.

- (FBE) You kind of moved your hands a little bit

in reference and stuff.

I don't think you meant to, but-- - Does that count?!

- (FBE) You moved. - Shit.

This is harder than I thought it was gonna be.

(buzzer) - ♪ Make it last forever

- (singing along) ♪ Friendship never ends

- Get it, girls.

- ♪ That's the way it is ♪ - Goddamn, I love the Spice Girls.

- That's my middle school and my elementary school.

Spice Girls, please forgive me for not jamming out to your grooves.

- Oh no.

- Oh, Lauren definitely jumped at this one.

- I see the spider. Whoa.

- Oh god. - There's gonna be--

it's gonna be under. Yup, yup. Yup. Oh boy.

- Chi for sure moved on that.

- Ian did so bad on that one, 'cause he hates spiders.

- As long as they don't touch me, I'd be fine,

but there was one on his foot. That would've been awful.

- "Abscess drain surgery on horse."

Oh god. - Oh, cool.

I watch Dr. Pimple Popper. - I guess 'cause I have a horse

who's had an abscess before, this one's not getting me.

- This is gross. I don't like this game anymore.

- Yeah, that's gross.

- I don't wanna see this at all.

- Boy, am I hungry. Could go for a burger.

- This might be one of the worst things

you guys have ever shown me.

- Oh, no! Stop! - Oh, boy.

- Ah, wow. (chuckles)

- That kind of stuff doesn't gross me out.

I know it's so gross, but it doesn't work for me.

- I'm feeling confident. I think I'm all right.

- I don't wanna get cocky and say that I'm gonna do it,

but I'm gonna do it.

- (woman) So when you look at... - Oh, I don't like that.

I don't know-- I imagine it's like

a [bleep] screamer or something?

It is? [Bleep] you. Not cool, dude.

Not cool. (buzzer)

- What's going on? - This is a great start to a video.

- This one makes me wanna move more than any

of the other ones so far...

just because nothing is happening on the screen.

- Something's gonna jump out at me.

- I'm trying to think of what the catch is--

(loud screech) - Oh my god!

(laughs) That's mean! (buzzer)

(loud screech)

- Okay. Did I move?

I think I moved a little bit. (buzzer)

(loud screech) - (screams)

(laughs) Oh, man.

That got me so good. (buzzer)

(loud screech) - I was ready for that, you [bleep].

- ♪ Ma-ia hii ♪ ♪ Ma-ia huu

- Oh, no.

- (singing along) ♪ Ma-ia haha

- ♪ Ma-ia hii ♪ ♪ Ma-ia huu

- This one's probably the hardest. - It's such a good song.

And he gets so into it.

- It just makes me happy inside.

- I don't remember it being this bad quality.

- ♪ Ti-am dat beep ♪ ♪ Si sunt voinic

- (chuckles) (buzzer)

- Is there a jump scare in this one? There is, isn't there?

- (FBE) No, there's not. - Okay.

Well, I just lost. (buzzer)

- I'm like a statue, bro. You can't knock me down!

- Oh, it's really hard to be still. - This is such a classic. I can't.

- Damn, this is-- yeah, it's kind of hard.

- I feel muscles-- my muscles individually are trying

to go to the beat. - Ohhh my gosh!

That one was definitely harder than the first one for sure.

- (FBE) That was our last video. - Hell yeah! I know I won.

- I for sure won that shit. - I think it was either a tie

or just won. - (FBE) All right.

You ready to find out? - Yeah.

- (vocalizing) That's our mating call.

If we're in a mall or a store or something

and we can't find each other, we go (vocalizing),

because nobody makes that sound.

(FBE staff laughing) Is that it? (vocalizing)

- (Lauren vocalizing) - There you go.

- (Chrissy) Did you hear my scream? - (Bria) Oh, I think everybody did.

- (Chrissy laughs) - I think I won.

- I think I won.

- Yeah, I'm pretty sure-- - I feel like I did really well.

- I have a feeling you guys broke Christopher. (chuckles)

- I think we tied, but I did better than you.

- I'm gonna me, honestly. - I'm confident, though.

- Oh, you're confident? - Yeah.

- Mm. - (both laugh)

- Damnit! - I'm sure she wasn't

at all affected by this cyst thing. I'm sure she enjoyed that a lot.

Did she? Yeah, very much? Yeah. - (Pamela laughs)

- She's a weirdo, dude. - (FBE) So the final score

of one movement to one movement, you guys tied.

- Oh, we tied. - Damn.

- High five. - (both) Yeah!

- That's how it should always be in competitions.

Everybody wins. - Tied.

You didn't move at all? - No!

- You didn't move during the horse thing?!

- I almost died. - (retches)

- Neither of us lost, neither of us won, so...

- Which one did you jump on? - It was the jump scare one.

- (claps) Did I call it?! - (laughs)

- Yes! (laughs)

- (FBE) With a score of 3-2, Jack, you won.

- I knew-- once I-- - I won?

- Yes. Once I found out... - What?!

- ...what it was, I was like, oh, he's gonna win.

- What?! - Yes!!

- No way! - Yes! Yes!

- I know which one she lost at, it was the screaming one,

'cause I could hear it from the next door neighbors.

But what?! You didn't get squeamish with the horse?

- No, I've seen that video.

- Oh. For god's sakes. That's not fair.

(ding) - Ohhh. I totally won.

- Good job, sweetie. - Thank you.

- I love the variety. I like that it was

you wanna dance to this one, you know something bad's

gonna happen in this one, so you wanna run and hide,

and this one, we're just we're just gonna be gross at ya.

- I rose to the challenge, and we completed it together.

Good job, tea-- no.

- Good job. - Turkey!

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