Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Judith

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Honestly, thats a great shot.

Like, I say I have a black belt.

And then you see me go.

I like working at because its a very dynamic company.

There are pretty much only fun people working here.

The footage you get to work with here is really diverse and it always gives you...

a creative challenge to make the most out of everything that you get.

And we have fun competitions such as the Edit of the Month which I won this month.

Thats your money shot right there.

Its just a really positive and fun atmosphere to work in and its really nice.

When I start an edit, I first always look at the footage that the client sent us.

And the briefing, so their intentions for it.

First, I try to set up the storyline...

and then you look at the footage, you make the most of it.

Putting all those elements together and see how they amplify each other and how they interact.

Thats really the most fun part of editing.

I decided I wanted to go into filmmaking when I was about fourteen.

I started shooting my own videos with like this little handycam.

I edited those as well on my laptop.

First with moviemaker.

The good old days.

The more I did it, the more I realized how much you can actually do with a video...

in the edit.

Editing is so important in the sense of, how you arrange the footage, when you cut things...

what you add, sound effects, everything.

Editing is just a great way of making videos.

Its such an important step of the process, that I really enjoy...

constructing the story so to speak.

I have a black belt in taekwondo but, Im a very non-aggressive person.

As most people do not expect that.

Every time I say I have a black belt people immediately get scared.


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