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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mexican American Cooking - Chef Ramos - Beef Fajitas

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Hello! My name is Victor Ramos. I am

going to cook delicious beef fajitas

First, we're going to chop beef strips

Chop them thin so they fry better

This is beef strips cut from skirt steak

Now they're all chopped.

Now we're going to chop Bell Peppers

Green Bell Peppers

An onion

We're going to add a jalapeno

to give it some flavor

It's approximately

2 pounds of meat for 6 people

Now we're going to fry the beef

Put some olive oil into the pan

We'll use this to fry the beef

First you fry the beef

It will take about 10 or 15 minutes

Until it builds flavor

When the meat is cooked, or close to cooked

We can add the ingredients and spices

Salt, Garlic Salt, Beef Bouillon Salt

To give it some flavor

*Beef Bouillon is from KNORR*

When beef is cooked, add Bell Peppers

Then add onion and the jalapeno slices

We will add English People Sauce

*Worcester Sauce*

To give it some flavor

We then add tomato to give it some color

And a bush-full of cilantro

The Fajitas are done when...

the veggies are still crunchy and

the onion is so-so fried...

Thats when the fajitas are done.

That looks good

What do we call you?

Chef Ramos?

Chef Ramos Senior?

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