Practice English Speaking&Listening with: North Korea Murder, Torture, and Crimes Against Humanity

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>>Joe: At the end of the Second World War so many people said 'if only we had known...

if only we had known the wrongs that were done in the countries of the hostile forces',"

That is a quote from Michael Kirby, a man who happens to be the chairman of the UN mandated,

independent Commission of Inquiry, which happened to demand an international call to action

against the atrocious crimes against humanity in North Korea.

>>Elliott: The accusations have long been assumed in the international community, but

this is the type of report that paints a vivid, and horrifying picture that begs for action.

>>Joe: The Kim family utilized all sorts of evil to project an air of grandure and control

for generations, including torture, straight up making people disappear, political repression,

international threats of nuclear warfare, all the while, denying any claims of abuse

by simply closing their borders and saying go away, we dont want any, everything is


>>Elliott: The report consists of testimony provided by numerous defectors and among descriptions

of unthinkable amounts of deaths attributed to forced labor camps are vivid and morbid

accounts of children imprisoned and starved from birth, people forced into slavery for

looking for food or traveling without permission, torture for watching foreign soap operas,

and a woman forced to drown her own baby.

>>Joe: And of course, there is the whole, if the government suspects you of anything,

youre boned. Keep in mind, these are just some of the stories from the people that were

fortunate enough to actually escape North Korea. Its all horrible stuff that quite

frankly, should no longer receive a blind eye encased in bureaucracy, diplomacy, and


>>Elliott: The panel says these are a people subjected to violence, fear, repression of

freedom, religion, and thought, discrimination against woman, sexual violence all the while,

being denied access to food and aid

>>Joe: By a regime that comfortably sits atop a golden throne of bullshit. Its so rampant

and ubiquitous that its become commonplace for the North Korean people. One survivor

said, Because we saw so many people die, we became so used to it. Im sorry to say

that we became so used to it that we didn't feel anything." And its the job of the

rest of the world, not to become used to North Korea. Ahh don worry, thats just

North Korea being North Korea.

>>Elliott: Imogen Foulkes of the BBC said the quote, gravity, scale and nature of

these violations reveal a State that does not have any parallel in the contemporary

world. Those are scary words that the international court of do something will sit on for far

too long.

>>Joe: And it doesnt help that forward thinking countries like China will block any

attempt to retaliate against these violations. In response to the 400 page report and accusations

Kim Jong Un said uh uh. No way. Not here. Look at this happy North Koreayou better

smile you mother.

>>Elliott: The UN report has directly implicated Jung Un and warn the dictator that he may

be held personally responsible for the crimes against humanity.

>>Joe: So, we leave it you, faithful viewers what action should be taken against North

Korea after the emergence of these reports. Let us know

The Description of North Korea Murder, Torture, and Crimes Against Humanity