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Joy : What song will come out?

Joy :

Jae Hyun : Ji Beom~ This is Ji Beom!

Joy : It's fun to miss your expectations, isn't it?

Dong Hyun : I think its Seung Min.

Joy : Seung Min!

Joy : Who got it right?

Dong Hyun : ME!

Joy : Seung Min, please introduce the song.

Seung Min : is the song

Seung Min : When I first picked up the guide,

Seung Min : To be honest, I thought, "What is this?"

Seung Min : If I'm being honest,

Joy : I can relate to this song too much. When I first listen to it,

Joy : It's like a '90s drama theme song...

Seung Min : So when I got my

Seung Min : When Dae Yeol and Dong Hyun and I sang this song,

Seung Min : I don't think this song is for us.

Seung Min : At first, I was worried rather than happy.

Seung Min : In a way, it's an old-fashioned piece of music.

Seung Min : I'm worried about whether we can save that emotion

Seung Min : I was very nervous before recording

Seung Min : So I practiced more.

Seung Min : Also, our fans told us that it was good when this song was released.

Seung Min : that it was good when this song was released.

SeungMin : I think it was a thank-you song.

Joy : I am in this song part of Seung Min

You comfort me. I can feel it in my heart, so when it rains, I'll be an umbrella for you.”

Joy : At first glance this part looks like a piece of writing.

Joy : Actually, when I heard it in the song,

Joy : It's the kind of lyrics that hit '90s sensibility.

Joy : I didn't think it would be easy to express that...

Seung Min : That's right. It wasn't easy.

Seung Min : It was the first time to show this performance to fans at our recent concert.

Seung Min : The preparation process was very fun.

Seung Min : In addition on stage

Seung Min : I think it's a song that we can share powerful energy with fans

Seung Min : I thought it was good

Joy : I was surprised at the concert.

Joy : What's this about Dae Yeol? I feel like this

Joy : How was that? Dae Yeol, Preparing for the concert

Dae Yeol : Preparing for the stage,

Dae Yeol : There is an opinion that the stage itself wants to create a retro style stage.

Dae Yeol : This standing microphone?

Dae Yeol : Yeah, a standing mike, and then

Dae Yeol : with the movements that we(including fans) can do together.

Dae Yeol : I decorated the stage this way and it was very fun.

Joy : Fans responded so well!

Dae Yeol : Thank You so much.

Dae Yeol : Actually, I was a little embarrassed because I was doing this alone

Dae Yeol : Our fans really liked it,

Dae Yeol : so I think we had a great performance.

“ It's only with Goldness that's ready to be completed. ”

Dae Yeol : You didn't forget to include our names, did you?

Joy : No. Absolutely not.

Dae Yeol : I got nervous.

Joo Chan : You don't think so?

JangJun : It's coming out

Dae Yeol : I can't explain this song

TAG : is probably the hardest song to introduce.

Joy : Dae Yeol!

Joo Chan : I'm looking forward to your explanation.

Jang Jun : She's My Girl...

Dae Yeol : Okay.. well, let me explain this song.

Dae Yeol : The intro is very strong.

Dae Yeol : This is how the song starts.

Dae Yeol : So, the most memorable thing is,

Dae Yeol : Members use this song very well as an alarm.

Jang Jun : That's right.

Dae Yeol : It's the perfect song to wake up.

Joy : utterly can only wake up

Dae Yeol : Also, the powerful power vocal of Ji Beom's opens the gate

Y : “suffocating

DaeYeol : “suffocatingas doing

DaeYeol : Because he is coming in with a powerful hook.

DaeYeol : It's a very impressive song.

Joo Chan : And personally, the vocal part of the members

Joo Chan : I think it was a song that I could show you the other parts of our vocalists.

Joo Chan : As I mentioned before, Ji-beom's first verse,

Joo Chan : He showed a different kind of vocal styles.

Joo Chan : When we both go into the chorus,

Joo Chan : I think we've tried a lot to do vocal with damping

Joo Chan : Even if you listen to the other members' parts,

Joo Chan : I'm sure you have a different feeling

Y : I feel like my heart is beating

Y : when I was listening this song

Y : I thought it was a song that we could build up together.

Y : I need the right pronunciation and breathing for the beat.

Y : I've recorded it twice.

Y : I can't speak at the end

Y : I remember taking a lot of rest.

Joy : It's so good to hear all this blood, sweat, and tears.

Joy : And in this song

Joy Ji Beom.. I gave notice you earlier, when we start this content.

Joy : I've been nicknamed 'the introductory master.'

Joy : When you sing the introductory part,

Joy : I want to hear how you have played this song.

Ji Beom : I usually like ballads.

Ji Beom : I sang it very softly the first time I recorded it.

Ji Beom : So the composer said "Once manly"

Ji Beom : He asked me to sing it tough

Ji Beom : The lyrics also say, “I think I'll be choking

Ji Beom : I remember holding and singing my breath

Ji Beom : And the last part is

Ji Beom : “Even if I look at you

Ji Beom : He said "there again sing it tough."

Ji Beom : I think I was recording a hundred times

Joy : How was your condition?

Ji Beon : Well, it was fine.

Ji Beom : Then I sang while drinking about four bottles of water.

Ji Beom : Anyway, it's a song that makes me think it's a good result.

the strong appeal of vocalists

Joy :

Seung Min : This must be fixed

Joy : It's fixed?

Y : Like ..?

Joy : No.. Y!

Joy : The main vocal will introduce the other main vocal's solo track.

Y : First of all, in the case of ,

Y : Our company staff said it had go into OST and Joo Chan recorded it knowing so.

Y : When it comes out as a solo digital single

Y : We heard that before.

Y : Joo Chan has done a great job recording.

Joy : Joo chan, you ard holding on to laughter now :)

Y : I thought this was really, really Joo Chan's song.

Y : If you look at the lyrics

Y : "No matter how good I try"

Y : It is showing my feelings.. Just when I was a kid, Before my twenties,

Y : I feel like I'm holding onto all the emotions that I've been feeling.

Y : It was really nice to hear.

Y : I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to come out soon.

Y : It was a little unfortunate that our representative were listening alone.

Y : After release

Y : If you watch the music video,

Y : Go on a bucket list while traveling

Y : Sea.. everybody really will likes

Y : It's nice to see these moments for me. Joo Chan did these things in this film happily.

Joy : Joo Chan's appearance in the music video was unexpected.

Joy : It was something that the team couldn't easily see

Joy : When you injured and inactive at that time,

Joy : Joo Chan, you had

Joy : I think there was a sense of debt to the members

Joy : When we talked about it at the concert, it hurts so much

Joy : I think there was the powerful something to make you through those days.

Joo Chan : I've been very sorry and sorry to many of you,

Joo Chan : First of all, I felt so sorry for the members.

Joo Chan : When I always.. expressed that with my tears

JooChan : The way I express

Joo Chan : Go to each one by one, I can't say "I'm sorry to you"

Joo Chan : so I tried crying and flared up in anger..

Joo Chan : I even talked as if I had just thrown it.

Y : you really, '문제아(a problem child)'? :)

Joo Chan : It was the members who accepted me

Joo Chan : It was the members who comforted me, too

Joo Chan : I think that this team is the only one I can do.

Joo Chan : I made myself a promise to work harder for these people.

Joo Chan : I think it's been a very enlightening time.

Special Time to Learn the Importance of the team, Golden Child

Joy : It was really hard, but I think it was important and valuable.

Joy : And then I'll ask you the question I asked Bo Min before.

Joy : How would you feel if you sang this song 10 years later?

Joo Chan : What I always wonder about in my life is what I look like 10 years later.

Joo Chan : I'm curious about you as a person Hong Joo Chan,

Joo Chan : I'm very curious about how I sings as a Hong Joo-chan.

Joo Chan : Even before I go to sleep all the time

Joo Chan : Ten years later, I am going to have a more mature sensibility.

Joo Chan : And the understanding of the lyrics..

Joo Chan : If I sing this song with more mature look,

Joo Chan : It's a totally different feeling from the digital single

Joo Chan : More serious?

Joo Chan : In a way, more like the annual ring of life

Joo Chan : I think I'm going to sing like that

Joy : 10 years from now, Golden Child will hold a healthy energy with your concert

Joy : I hope I can hear that song again then by Joo Chan's

Joy : I really hope so.

Me shining after 10 years

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