Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My Weird Kidneys vs FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS!

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hello it's me Ellen, icklenellierose, with the greatest type of YouTube video

ever: the "why I haven't made a video in ages" video

I'm sorry to bring yet another one of these types of videos to you

but I have two good reasons why and those are

my kidneys! For those of you that don't know, I have a really weird genetic disorder called

cystinuria and I made a video about it which I will link to here & if it is not there

it will be done in the description but it basically means I've got a chemical


in my kidneys that means I create a super rare special type

kidney stone YAAAAAAAAAY

and because I was ill over Christmas, throwing up a lot,

that meant I was really dehydrated so I've now got stones

that I'm kinda suffering the fallout from that basically

this horrible Domino affect and


So a couple weeks ago on a Monday morning I went into A&E going

I've got a kidney stone

blocking my kidney, because I know, 'cause it's really painful but

it took them three days to believe me because

they don't show up on scans very well and it wasn't until I had a CT scan that

the doctor looking after me was like "yeah

yeah, your left kidney's blocked" at which I was like

I know I've been telling you that for THREE DAYS

but anyway I digress. Because I had this stone blocking my left kidney

I had to have a special operation called a ureteroscopy

what a ureteroscopy is, is they get really really long wire with a little camera on the

end, and a "frickin' laser beam" cuz I have to say it like that

and, one of the best things - it's crappy having kidney stones -

but it is really cool when people ask me about what operations I've have and things

and I say "laser" and they always have to go

into a Doctor Evil impression


it doesn't quite make up for having crappy kidneys

but it is very funny saying the word laser

and then everyone around you going "laserrrr"

now they take this camera and "laser"

and they stick it up your pee hole

it's not the most glamourous of operations

not that operations are glamourous, but it's just like,

*sigh* renal system... mmm...

and this is a procedure that I've had done many many times

so I seriously have no idea

how many people have seen my vagina

*laughs* I don't know

I'm sorry if I've thrown anyone off with that really weird piece of information

but once you've been in hospital so many times your inhibitions

with certain things just go down so these weird facts that you'd

never thought that you'd ever tell anyone, you decide to just put on the Internet

'cause why the hell not?

It's fine, it's just body parts, it doesn't matter!

it's just funny and weird

it's just like, yeah, whatever *laughs*

also, fun fact, the best accent to say that word in is Brummie:

Vagina *giggles childishly*

"what did you do this week, Ellen?" "well I said the word vagina on the Internet"

"Ooo good!" *pained noises*

anyway, back on track: they went in and they blasted the stone with the

laser and they also put in a thing called a Stent, which is a hollow plastic tube

that goes from your kidney down to your bladder so that your kidney can drain

'cause that's what causes the pain - it all swells up and...oww.

so I got out on Friday. On the sunday because I was

ill before and during Christmas I missed out on my family Christmas party

with my family in the Midlands, so we had a Christmas party in February

because why the hell not?! And then when I came home, I was a bit knackered,

so I stayed in bed for a couple days playing far cry

it was cool, and then I was like "YEAH, back to it!"

got back into doing a couple of things. Thursday night, saw my friends

and then when I was there I was like "OWW" on my right side

which was GREAT. So I left early, didn't tell anyone apart from one person

'cause I didn't want them all worrying about me

went home, it got so painful that I had to go into A&E again

the thing that really kicked me into going to A&E was I was peeing quite a lot of

blood, which freaked me out. So 1 o'clock on a Friday morning

a week after I previously got out of hospital I was back in A&E and they kept me in

and they just kept an eye on me, I was okay

they let me out on the Saturday so I spent Valentine's Day

in hospital, but Valentine's evening I spent at home

eating fried chicken and catching up on Charlie Brooker, so that was

not so bad. However on the Friday evening there was a woman in my ward who was

a fairly loud snorer and meant that I got very little sleep

any play you a snippet of what I had to listen to

*LOUD SNORING & hospital machines*

So yeah, that's why I've been a little bit quiet recently because

stuff happens to me like that because yay.

it's one reason why I'm like "FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA" I'm not

desperately trying to get my numbers up on social media, it's just so I can be like

I'm not dead! yaaay! I've not abandoned you

But yeah, I've got a couple of follow-up appointments, might need another operation

or two... yay... but fingers crossed

I won't be rushed into A&E again anytime soon

because its really annoying and it gets in the way of things slightly

so annoying trying to get your life on track, but your body's like "NOPE"

I'm sure there are loads of you out there who will feel exactly the same

and to you, you have my complete empathy and sympathy

and HIGH FIVE we can do it!

YAY! *snorts*


but anyway, thanks for watching, thanks for listening, more videos soon, and also

I've decided that this little guy

is gonna be "Sir Pugsley Pugglesworth" because

that's a couple of names that came up that were adorable

so yeah. Or "Dave"...

hey everyone it's the Q&A video that I promised like ages ago

because I hit 20000 subscribers and then I kinda disappeared - if you wanna know why I disappeared

you'd better watch my previous vlog and that'll kinda explain a few things, but in the meantime

let's answer some questions!


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