Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MSc International Management 2018/19

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Hello I'm Dr. Christine Railly the Programme Leader of the MSC

International Management here at the UWS School of Business and Enterprise.

This program will help students to develop global perspectives of business and

management informed by a sound understanding of the wider cultural

and national context in which organisations exist. Students will have

the opportunity to develop analytical and team working skills, enabling them to

play a productive role in the management of international business organisations.

The programme is made up of various core modules including international business

management, leadership, organisational performance and strategy. There are also

a range of optional modules available allowing students to focus their

interests on accountancy, marketing, organisation theory, ethics and global

digital business. The programme is delivered by an excellent team of

experienced lecturers who will support students throughout their studies.

Students will be taught through a combination of lectures, tutorials and

practical workshops and can choose to study full-time or part-time at our

Lanarkshire campus.

To apply for the MSc International Management programme, visit

our website. If you'd like any further information before making a decision

please contact me directly.

I hope to see you at UWS very soon!

The Description of MSc International Management 2018/19