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Their question is:

How do I differentiate

If what is happening to me is an intuition or a gut feeling?

Although these are synonyms almost.


in one, you are very hopeful that

this will happen for sure.

That is not intuition.


is one of those arrows

that is shot by your pristine super-conscious mind.

This is an arrow that has been shot and gone.

It is not something that we are watching how the arrow is going

and later on contemplating on it.

This arrow is not like an incense stick

where smoke is coming out and we are enjoying its aroma.

This is an arrow which is shot in a second and it goes away.

So, the one who is alert,

who is aware and who is a Buddha;

can see the arrow when it has left the bow.

One who is sleeping

will only know

when he gets hit by the arrow.

At that point he realizes that he should have noticed

the arrow that was heading towards him.

One who is not aware always learns after getting hurt.

One who is aware

either, does not get afraid of the sorrows

or is aware of the consequences of his actions.

He knows that there will be some outcome

of what he is speaking, what he is thinking and what he is doing.

One who is mindful of his actions, questions himself if he wants that outcome?

If I want to avoid that suffering or that outcome

then I should not do this karma (action).

One who is not aware

will feel sorry after doing that karma

That he has made a mistake.

It was a mistake because he was not aware,

the mindfulness was not there.

This is the only difference

because it is not as if you take this paper

and it will change its color to white when you are having an intuition

or it will turn black when you are having a gut feeling.

It just cannot happen.

Many years ago, when I used to practice astrology

I had heard about this Neelam stone (a blue sapphire).

It was in 1991 when I heard about it.

At that time, the price of that blue sapphire was Rs. 250K.

And it is said that its colour used to change.

Its hue, the basic intrinsic color

would slightly shift depending upon if a good or bad time was coming on to you.

I don't know how much of this is true.

I have not seen that blue sapphire.

But I have heard about this

because it was for sale.

At that time, I did not even have Rs 250 in my pocket

So, I didnt even get to see it.

But I have heard that that was the case.

However, I have seen such a Pukhraj (yellow sapphire)

It is a stone of Jupiter planet.

There are 4 types or classes of this stone

like the social classes:

Brahmins, Kshatriyas and so on.

One of them is of very dark yellow color.

I have seen such a yellow sapphire,

which has been energized

by mantra purification and

when it is kept in water

somewhere, the change in its color is noticeable.

But I concede it could be psychological that the colour is changing.

It was a very accurate way of assessing

which way the planets will turn.

But there is no such thing in intuition or gut feeling.

If you want to improve your intuition,

then either you meditate on the manipura chakra

or do Sun worship.

Sun worship can be done with

Aditya hridayam stotra or with Gayatri mantra.

Or meditate on the manipura chakra. It will strengthen the intuition.

I meet so many people.

Of which 95 percent of them

either have some grief or sadness

or they have some desire, which they want fulfilled.

Sometimes they tell me

to just say that it will happen.

How can I say that if it does not come from my heart?

Whether you call this intuition or not.

Somewhere in the corner of your heart you know that this is not going to happen.

But, if I say No,

That is not right too

as this will destroy their hope.

If I say Yes,

then also it is wrong

because they will come back to me saying that

you said it will happen and it did not so, what do we do now?

Thats the first thing they think.

Even If I do not say anything, they construe that I said that.

So, an intuition has a feeling, it does not have a sound.

It has a word, not a sentence.

When people speak big things, it is not intuition, it is just an intelligent guess work.

Intuition is just one single word,

It is sometimes just a yes,

or be cautious or no

Just that.

There is another stage

which anyone can achieve by sadhana

In this stage if anyone comes in front of you and says anything to you,

their words will not affect you

because you know what is in their mind.

They might be saying all good things about you

but you know that they are just trying to make you happy.

There is no truth in their words. Even if there is any truth, it is only half a percent or so.

There is something else going on in that persons mind.

To achieve such a stage,

you need purification of mind and about 2000-3000 hours of meditation.

You dont need 10 or 15 thousand hours of meditation.

If you do it properly, even 1000 hours of meditation is sufficient

because you have to create a state of mind where

you are aware and alert.

That is entirely possible

to live in an intuitive state most of the time.

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