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hi guys welcome back to my livestream

everyone yes it was destroyed France is

live again this is just actually a

hangout between teacher everyone so

how's everybody doing it's actually 5:40

p.m. here right now in france and i hope

you guys you know have had a wonderful

tuesday everyone yes so today is

actually the first day at school from

our holiday because we had a holiday

yesterday so i actually didn't go to

learn yesterday's the y Alice let's

check right now who is in the chatroom

who are here in the chatroom rain how

much give me a second everyone welcome

welcome welcome

oh hello nurse in America nurse eight

others eight I thought there was no

eight nurse eat in America welcome to my

livestream and life be like ah I'm here

you're one minute late

Oh teacher is late oh my god no problem

nurse ate America thank you so much how

are you like me like ha would you like

to join me here so yes guys tonight

actually guys is this a hangout with


so if new guys are of anyone in the chat

room right now or people who are

watching would like to join me here you

are very welcome to join everyone as

long as you are actually gonna you know

do well I mean what do we you are gonna

behave shall I say distributing yes

everyone uh moment guys there's a

question oh really who's that

Wow suspended hello everyone hi teacher

Russell oh my god you're still awake

beat your ass Mel welcome everyone

eating dinner okay have a wonderful

dinner um life be like huh thank you so

much everyone for coming

so I'm sorry guys excuse me for a second

just uh oh I love Bolivian sorry guys I

just got a message from someone Oh

someone has done live guys and this

person actually got warning that her

channels gonna be suspended wow it's

really interesting on your activities

are against really guidelines we are

sorry regional Ango is going to get

suspended wow thanks so someone has been

live everyone and she during her live

streaming suddenly one warning appeared

in the chat room that her channels gonna

get suspended oh my god

hello Jude car said hello welcome to my

live stream thank you so much for coming

teacher share that trending news about

that terminated illness oh yeah

hi lunatic good welcome to my live

stream good a.m. yeah good am parity

sure ah so sorry guys I was reading

actually that's what this single guys

it's just a but okay it's just a but

it's not a crater okay is that they're

helping me actually check the spam

messages my husband called me so I'm

tweeting late

oh that's why I got it June 1st I don't

over you agree tutor said Oh moment guys

oh okay let me check here what happened

what happened to that why is it going to

be suspended sis I'm actually guys I

just got

message from my group must one of my one

of the people in my group actually sent

me this message

someone's live streaming and it says

here during her live streaming in the

chatroom there's a warning that says

your activities are against Community

Guidelines we are sorry your channel is

going to get suspended Thanks so just

like that so I don't know what this

person has done but this person is not

in our group yes but maybe a friend of

one of the people in my group oh my god

that's Carrie hi welcome China who won

how are you China the one thank you so

much everyone for coming us everybody

doing how's everybody doing so yes guys

this is just a hangout everyone nothing

really special see ya I will just say

talking with you guys you know just

asked hi hello how are you and goodbye

I'm just kidding how's everyone

everybody yes guys so I'll be waiting

for some more people if there are more

people coming I'm not so sure anyway so

yes guys say yeah yeah yeah let's check

it out guys I really don't know how are

you teacher also JK yeah

2017 2019 hey hey what's up oh yes I'm

doing good JK young how are you how can

that be possible little can do that yes

guys it's like these guys I'm going to

show you okay but I'm not so sure if

it's good so this is the screenshot of

someone's live streaming you see some

was like streaming and in that streaming

guys you can see in the show room there

is suddenly warning from from YT that

says that like that yeah so yeah I think

if there's something that you're doing

which is actually against the Community

Guidelines so suddenly you will get this

during the streaming that's amazing I

mean I can't believe it's gonna happen

no preparing dinner old China

what are you cooking what are you

cooking I'm from Ukraine yes we can

young I know you are some you craving

getting ready for bed oh that's good

teacher Russell you need to go to bed

because you actually need to go to work

tomorrow right

am I correct you need to go to work

tomorrow so yeah you should go to bed

how could that put them on yeah so uh

well actually guys you don't need to be

here you don't need to get scared you


as long as you are doing the right

things I mean you are not violating any

community guideline so it should be fine

but I'm not so sure I I'm still asking

my my group why this person got this you

know this warning so maybe these are the

things that are not really allowed to do

but this person is done but we seem

Sardinas diletto oh that's delicious

but it is unclear you navidad be smilin

yes I guess cough I saw I'm actually

asking why and until now I haven't got

any reply yes so I don't know really

and yes yes I'm not so sure what's the

reason so I'm still actually asking

right now hey have you read I'm working

on my new lego legends

Christmas series oh really I haven't I

haven't read that so I might just check

that later Jacob in 2018 guys so this is

actually a gaming channel guys oh yeah


JK Jana

Oh Lego is it you have a lot of Lego

Lego in your channel JK yawn thank you

for coming trippy young life be like huh

all I know warning should be on email

not on my chat I'm afraid someone's

using third-party account really but

it's a it's a it's YT guys I

on the screen you can see I don't know

but suddenly it's like that it's warning

musings from yard so you see guys like

that it's from white tee you see this

one this this white tee thing and it

says warning something like that so I

really don't know I have no idea

hello sending my love welcome to my

lecture how are you see how are you how

are you how are you how's our business a

lock on owning areas I also don't know

to be honest a big animals eat too much

oh there's your mom / - mom oh my god

you know more see too much in the genome

was lava channel 1e a genome is lava no

zip up receiver channel one

yeah I'm in my new personal series the

Harrison is that keema China or what are

going to buy tickets of biggest concert

of the year do you like it comment down

below if you want okay I need to check

it out later JP young 2017 2019 okay yes

scary guys I don't know I don't know yet

so yes a little ahead from Sunday my

love yes guys that we have some friends

here uh most of our friends here

actually in the chat room right now or

what anybody twice we have nurse eight

in America and we also have Sunday my

love in China one guys

they are already monetized friends we

are say on Pangasinan ah me Pacific Oh

Matt no China no one was it pal

Philippine we enjoy your Alex is gonna

go to bed

yes they gave me so much tissue Russell

for dropping by thank you so much Bunga

see Nana - sista channel one come on

good bye everyone from teacher Russell

sorry guys so yes guys if anyone of you

there in the chatroom when people are

watching there you would like to join me

here tonight

this is just a hangout with teacher so

please feel free to actually let me know

guys so I'm gonna share it to you the

link will put you

oh no problem teach your us so thank you

so much you should leave no worries okay

no problem it's okay teacher Rosco

because I don't need that what's how I

know it's a big teacher Russell just go

to sleep okay thank you so much

umm yeah so where are we now in a chat


umm okay nobody's here

okay yes guys so I'm really wondering

why I don't know

I don't know anyway why why why why

Tunde why yes I didn't and oh I see

it's you shall scape teacher Rosco don't

worry about me here okay yeah all right

woman guys I need to I want to add

someone is moderator

shut up one are you peep I argue as

moderator oh but it doesn't work I don't

know why hello fellow bloggers welcome

to my livestream and email that Perez

welcome how are you know the Paris I

believe you are more I'm sorry I'm late

mom I believe I am more sick ISA I

believe I am one who is that would you

like to let me know who Adelina amaura's

thank you so much everyone for coming

thank you thank you

where is channel 1 channel 1 I want to

add him as a moderator here okay there

you are

I know okay I know Maria Mancha thank

you so much for coming Annamarie Concha

yeah it's you thank you so much

how are you guys how is everybody doing

my bed I think you know I feel like you

know because I am used to going live

everyday so right now I mean this time I

feel like it's been a long time that I

didn't go lie him in fact I went live

two days ago right I think it was two

days ago I went live so I feel like it's

been a it's been ages guys and okay guys

yes email de Paris is also here let me

just check guys moments okay I need to

check because some people have been here

many times and you know it's hard for me

to actually check you out because I

can't play my own videos and more okay

Imelda Paris she's be my friend for

already a long time know the Paris yes

sure uh-huh came elderberries has short

on iphone XR 1080p at 60fps setting okay

alright mmm

okay everyone is silent now nobody's

talking are you guys just watching me

right now that's not possible guys I

know Marie clincial you're not sleeping

on every question

well bloggers thank you so much no

problem see his full of love readers if

you have to do something if you need to

actually find some friends just they

listen your friends it's okay

alright just leave me in here talking I

mean yeah just let me talk here talk

nothing for the one watching now okay

you are watching what are you watching

your buddy follow bloggers or what are

they washing what do you mean by you are

washing washing what Oh

Martis Trish is also live

that way nobody replied channel one bt

eating no problem channel one thank you

so much

hello i'm you like TV welcome to my live

stream i'm in LED TV row are you in

collect a cool w eat again ah really

inca what a buddha beach again Sequoia

in Coweta it means to say your WH has

been deducted or there's something about

it from your WH on an icon shot its of

can Americana shy should be back to you

it's okay close are your Washington City

yes anyway it's like that here your me

to follow bloggers I'm going to actually

do my laundry after they streaming after

this dreaming I'm gonna go do my laundry

as well see ya

we're happy now and okay so everyone is

greeting to each other okay yes thank

you so much everyone for coming so yeah

there's nothing really special for

today's live streaming everyone this is

just a this is just a what this is Joe

say hi hello to all my friends out there

uh okay this is okay right

see ya I'm gonna watch channel one do

you have a new do you have a new video

channel one word ah

one day I go you have fresh toast shiny

wine I'm gonna watch your french toast

right now okay this is my husband my

husband is going to watch you french


I got something on my channel one dream

channel one I'm sexy voice Aibileen

Apollo bloggers is another icon shop

this is the this is channel one everyone

you see another one yes he's very good

at cooking guys channel one I love the

food that you are bro cool discovered I

got any canary channel one so yes that's

like everyone by the way if someone of

you there wants to join me here on the

panel please do so you can actually join

me here that's why I'm using pretty hard

right now because if you guys want to

join me live here tonight you are very

welcome to join me as long as your

you're gonna behave okay I'm here still

just enjoying my beef fried rice oh my

god you're making me hungry life be like

how big and pushing it down with

something beer oh my god life be like TV

that's a very relaxed same time okay so

yes guys I'm actually gonna go live

maybe a maximum of one hour today yes

guys they just an hour this is a quick

one so if you guys have questions or

we have some concerns or things that

probably I can answer please feel free

to ask okay you have a lot of spices

Chen little one

hello JPJ welcome to my life stream how

are you Jake PJ how are you channel 1 I

will not leave a comment ok I'm just

watching it with my husband channel 1

bamboo bamboo glad the two fish a little

welcome to my Night's Dream the moves

like a toothpick a two piece gate day to

fish I'm not so sure how to pronounce

your name bum back flag gate to fish or

gotta fish gate oh fish

hello welcome to my life stream and let

me Castro communicable a teacher - aha

no problem coming Castro welcome to my

life scream Lima Castro no problem this

Oh have I have a question I know I know

but Teleca I'm gonna bubble leaves white

tea oh well actually guys that the

update of YT guys is not really a lot

you know about the things that are not a

lot for example contests or games it has

been there this rule has been honey

there for a long time it's not allowed

to have a contest or gain something like

that so it's not really allowed if you

want to glue that you can actually do

that in another you know social

networking yes but you can't do that

here on YouTube but if you want to do

actually you need to you need to say

that white team has nothing to do with

that white taste is not sponsoring that

kind of thing that you are you doing and

the big thing about the new update guys

is just only about applying for adsense

if you

like robsons before I come before

completing those requirements

requirements means the 1k subscribers

and the 4k rush hours so for this new

policy I mean for this update guys you

cannot apply for Adsense unless you have

completed your 1k subscribers and 4k

watch time so that's the big thing

that's the big change only for the

others or the other things on my team

Community Guidelines they're just the


yeah so um you need to actually you need

to actually what no guys which is a

right information and which is not

because these days a lot of fake news

you know has has come out how's everyone

today yes everyone's doing great

mumbles like they to fish how are you

thank you so much for being here

mumbo Club get to fish where are you

from I think I met you at killer whales

live streaming right bubble floodgate to

fish well thank you for answering my

question says you are very welcome

you are very welcome fellow bloggers so

Bamboula get to fish guys actually he is

not so you know he is from another

country I am in Maryland

yes met you in killer whale Street yeah

you're from us AES nice to meet you

bumble plucky to fish is great to have

you here at my live streaming yes I

didn't expect that you could actually

make it to my life streaming because

yeah we haven't been connected long we

have just connected actually maybe

you're gonna say few days ago yes

he's from the US everyone so bumble but

hey to fish if you're interested guys

you can actually check him out he is

from the US


is the weather in the u.s. now bumblebee

tuna fish and llama Castro is it already

very cold in your plays these days yes

guys how's the weather in your country

now I mean in the place where you live

how wisdom when they're not wisdom

dresses guys if you guys want to join me

here please just let me know I am and

then I'm gonna give you the link okay so

you guys can actually join me here live

and at least you know people can also

see you guys

yeah people can also see you and yeah

that's a good thing it is a little

chilly and rainy today yeah today here

in France it actually rained a lot I may

be the afternoon but now it has soft

yeah it has thought it has soft but the

road is so wet because it has been

raining you know soaking wet yeah but

anyway I didn't get wet because I was

you know I have I had my umbrella with

me when I went out good day for relaxing

oh yeah but actually I don't like this

kind of weather

jungle buggy to fish it's tough I mean

it makes me lazy you know cold weather

and rainy day oh my god it makes me

really lazy Paulo blogger said here in

Sweden it's really it's snowing it's a

run negative 5 oh my god

thank you so much Lars in America

bloggers you just advance too clever

sorry guys this is yes I am quite lazy

today yes do you agree with me right it

really makes me lately every time you

know greetings or every time the weather

is getting cold

really I don't want to go out I don't

feel like going out but yeah we can't

help it we have to work so we have to go

out you know teacher has to go to school

so when both legs of fish everyone

follow bloggers Marseille in America

everyone um who else here let me pass

through Adelina a more DPJ yes like me

like I'm a live TV channel one yes and

in my love everyone here

the Paris teacher Russell big shout-out

to all of you guys and JP young twenty

seventeen twenty nine can be shout out

to all of you guys and I'm wondering if

you guys want to join me here life you

can actually good chatting with everyone

yes no problem thank you so much bungle

clap angelfish about to make myself

friend some errands with my family

though I will catch you later no problem

thank you so much for dropping behind by

both laugh it's a fish thank you so much

so yes guys hold on guys busy pasta or

what is this Marcus fish so yes guys

there is nothing really special today

I'm gonna no panahon John not is if it

met pigmented he look absolutely

beautiful love your how your hair you

have such beautiful lovely all right

that was before it's mine sorry guys I'm

sorry but I love you that's the best

reaction video I've ever seen

so yes guys you know a lot of people

that's scared because of the new policy

and stuffs like that yes but anyway sad


uzuki oh ji-ho Wow very long name said

it is back from the dark side he

beautiful yes your name is very long

hello said gives uzuki Oh chica is back

from the dark side welcome to my

livestream who are you and where are you

from I think I met you yesterday at

someone's Live Streaming sad kid kazoo

cutie how are you japanese are you

japanese sad kid because your name

sounds like japanese you look beautiful

with that red lips oh thank you so much

thank you so much he has red lips always

make women beautiful huh yes so I hope

it really helps me wearing red lip I

mean red lipstick red lips no I'm

injured Dominica

ah no I'm Dominican oh okay

nice to meet you sad kids uh Sookie what

she had so what time is it now then your

play said kids

Sookie or chih-hao what time is it now

in your place very long me in such a

long name so yes guys do you also feel

bored guys when the weather is cold and

when it keeps raining out how do you

feel during that day um so Sookie that's


would she ha it is any not guru it's a

TV series oh is it

yeah this is Japanese right it's a

Japanese name isn't it said it's a Sioux

coochie huh that's a very interesting


transverse BG no problem says nurse ate

in America no problem just do your thing

there all just be here just you know

talking to whoever talks to me yes so

yeah there's nothing really special guys

and I think my camera is not so clearing

your how I don't know what happened here

anyway I was born in Jamaica

so I'm West Indian and I'm in USA right

now oh nice to meet you so you are in

the USA right now is it also cold in

your place I'd pig has a fuchsia how is

the weather in your country now because

I think in the US for example nurse in

- is also from the US and I think it's

starting to get cold in her place am I

correct everyone from the US yes I want

to eat some apples guys you impressed

yes that kid Suzuki's so can I call your

Suzuki Suzuki yes I am hearing Francis

zucchini I am hearing France and it's

actually what time is it now it's 6:00

p.m. here in France right now first note

today wow really

oh it started snowing in your place oh

that's amazing you should take a video

that verse 8 in America the first you

know first snow is it a woody winter I

don't think it I don't think winter has

started in the US has winter started on

the nurse ate in America just give me a

second guys excuse me for a second

excuse me for a second it sure is going

to eat some apples I'm gonna eat an

apple fall all over June up in Olave

Banjul said good Kisuke would she ha yes

thank you so much for being here

and yes Sookie yes uh Suki Suki I'll

just call your sister key actually meant

a little too sure any fellow said and

everyone drink tea on me teacher oh good

to see if your shiny Matt you're

drinking tea right now I don't know guys

I've bought a new SIM card for MA for

this phone for my daughter but it's it's

not working and just a pokémon son

doesn't work well I need to know how to

do that you can ask my husband Philip

Bonjour sequence wifey

Kisuke boola so yes Gus and Celestine

Apple no English

how tall are you if you don't mind me

asking Wow interesting question

I'm not so tall um Suzuki I'm not so

tall if you want to see my real height

you can actually check one of my videos

pre-recorded videos when I am outside oh

I think this Apple is not good

gotta say monopoly it's not crunchy this

Apple guys and like can I guess you sure

you can guess that good I mean Kisuke

you can guess shiny man can you guess my

age hmm this Apple is not good I think

four feet something no I'm not four feet

is too short my god you think I'm very

sure I'm actually five yeah 5 something

shiny man 5 - hello big magnet yeah this

is not crunchy guys I don't like here

the person shall follow bloggers and

love royal apples actually I love the

green apple I have green apple here in

the the red one I'm having this one but

it seems that I bought red apple which

is not good yeah 5:09 five five feet in

two five two five two aside kid

big magnet how are you beep Agnes I saw

your new upload about how to do a

chalkboard thing just complicated for me

pip magnet hello happy silent listener

lungs and avocado oil why are you

laughing habit magnets very laughing woo

laughing nothing laughing why are you

laughing weak magnets what's the matter

do I look so funny tonight pip magnet

how are you my dear

pick magnet shiny man you should check

out people are yet to feed magnet has

very interesting content shiny man I

think you will be interested in that mmm

that's okay you see how you don't take

five - well you know it depends on you

but this that's how this household yes

guys this hot salt I am shiny man what I

do am drinking tea gonna talk it to me

anymore okay let's say about 30 plus or

20 plus something what are you talking

about Suki are you talking about my age

hello so now it's chapter IV Leonie who

are you bum

noodles oh my god first eat in America

I wanna eat noodles now or I will do it

oh my god but I want something spicy I

can't find any spicy noodles here you

know ah yeah that's my age Oh 20 year

appeared oh my god that's amazing

everyone look um

Suzuki would she try

things I am 20 can you imagine now a

Chinese restaurant oh okay so you're

outside yes that's good that's good

a guy equal sisters 8 yes oh my god I

miss eating you know Chinese much dad do

those Korean noodles Japanese noodles

the spicy ones oh my gosh

sorry guys I'm eating in front of you

okay I think you don't mind but if you

mind I'm sorry but yeah this is it guys

hang out big picture how's everybody

doing how's everybody doing well how

long does this follow bloggers oh my god

t-shirt I was checking you can Agnon oh

okay okay sorry for disturbing you

shining this but if you were to join me

here on the panel please don't hesitate

to actually let me know okay so I can

give you the link so you can join me

here as long as you do good on the panel

you are very welcome

okay hmm

amen I can't find any spicy noodles here

so I'm gay men and I want to eat a

perceived canto and we're connect by

there's nothing here pants it come on

shiny man yummy food no this is Apple

and eating apple right now so now it's a

our Gillian iam eating apple I like this

kid grow song youth gone wild seen them

twice on stage Oh wish I name it I'm

very interested on pit magnets of

content though you know the the drawing

thing they're writing pink chalkboard

I'm wondering how to do that it looks

very interesting I think I can use that

for you know coming for my grammar

lessons but I watch it and I consider it

very complicated for me me you know I'm

not a computer savvy so yeah it looks

hard for me to do

people are good I don't know where big

magnet now big magnet is listening or

big magnet is actually not here anymore

huh big magnet whatcha doing big magnet

thank you so much for coming soon oh

it's that's regularly on here

I actually saw your new video I think uh

if someone's voice is a praying session

yeah Gideon e please teacher don't ask

me about computers nosebleed

ah you're not alone shiny man you're not

alone don't worry okay you were not

alone I am also the same I don't like

these apples I need managers how can I

say it in English it's not crunchy at

all this is up on Monday Apple's bum

know what I need to do the Apple as we

want sake hello welcome to my life dream

as mere god sake how are you as mere


how are you music shiny man how was your

day shining man what did you do

Shyne amen as a message let me check

shiny man said was the name of your

Apple oh my god I forgot the name does

it have a specific name I just pick

Apple is Apple it's an apple so I

suspected it suspected and bought it

I've been to the hall today no you're

kidding are you been to the hall in

someone's video right you've been

watching a video about Mahal I've also

seen a video about the wall today

who's the video was that I forgot was

video it's about Mahorn as well

I forgot I have seen someone's video

about the wall I don't even know what's

the name of this Apple does excuse me

guys excuse me so here is the green one

I love the green one because it's our

it's like mango you know yes she sure

loves apple and strawberry everyone so

this is the green one thanks this nurse

ate uh-huh as me okay you're saying

hello to everyone okay hello hello

everyone so yes guys this is really

nothing we know nobody wants to join me

here and talk to my German friend police

I said Wow your German friend is from

funny side shiny men are you in

Philippines right now you're kidding me


you're always kidding me anyway I'm

making a shiny man you did not attend my

street for many times already sees no

problem says follow bloggers no problem

no problem at all okay just do what you

have to do


hello life in UK with burners

how are you laughing UK with buzz yes

guys I'm actually slicing ice like thing

peeling off the skin of the green apple

right now usually I eat apples guys I

eat apples with the skin you know I

don't remove the skin but this time I'm

removing it because the skin looks ugly

I mean I don't like the skins mmm

it's crunchy everyone yeah oh my gosh I

name in but it's good to see you here

it's good to see you here

I'm oh my god is the top something I'm

wondering where where's the fight I

watched last night jogging I watched

something last night okay here it's

still here you look like your mom join

Amon I used to eat green apple with

shrimp why green apple with shrimp

that's weird

I only eat I only eat shrimp with the

mango okay silly I didn't lullaby Lulla

become more magnet magnet shiny man was

saying something about your video shiny

man is the content consumer everyone is

not a creator but he's very supportive

he's a very good content consumer you

know and yeah he was saying that I'm not

sure if you heard that beep man net

shiny man said I liked the skid-row song

use gun while seeing them twice on stage

that's what shiny man said

of course it look like a little shiny

man oh thank you so much on a daily on


where are you titi shaggy t3 Apple I

finish the red one red apple but I don't

like it I didn't even finish it well so

now I'm having the green one Joey on

hello welcome to my last rings oh yeah

how are you how are you so young it's

been a long time it's been a long time

without you Juliana oh my god teacher is

singing huh

Julie yeah it's been a long time how are

you oh you have a new unboxing

why are you sick Juliana you shouldn't

be sick hello nurse in America you

changed name again yes nurse in America

is benign name USA and this is her final

name so beautiful voice oh my god think

is so much so know etcetera Juliana here

why are you aware you sick a Joey I'm

not missing wait till I come back to

your side we'll forget the tears we

cried oh no you really look like your

mom ah it's a combination on your mom

and dad joint even getting winter here

in Saudi Arabia all yeah it's the same

here Joel young it's it's making people

sick and you look like nor should i

Eamon you look like your mom and your

dad a mixture of mom and dad don't you

think cell shine amen

what do people usually tell you what is

you are a shining spica short but they

sure the shiny man who took this video

and one grain not shiny man who took

this video because this video looks like

in a movie you know oh I love watermelon

sure okay I love watermelon everyone I

love watermelon strawberry and apples

these are the foods which I love eating

and mango as well mango the green mango

no in making banana shake a banana shake

mango shake yes mary Fallin get nam

welcome to the live stream Laurie my


she's very beautiful my god and I love

the way that the way she is the

watermelon like that

is that is that her sign amen yeah it

should be her eating the watermelon and

then smiling with a simple here hello

petit Fleur high-roofed I wrote Sabbath

yes shiny man of course you look like

your mom and dad it's a combination your

mom looks so happy she's a happy woman

but when I look at your mom she really

looks similar to you you know you look

similar to him the quality is bad but

it's her oh yeah it's fair of course

in Spain you know what guys the the

black and white you know photos and

videos in the past also looks very good

I mean it looks nice you know it's like

my beautiful Oh suddenly I'm hungry

because of it pink is green apple I hope

I'm not gonna cap cut might my finger

here it's been

I already saw this last night shine even

but now I'm watching it again actually I

watched this very eat last night it's

like God know maybe a 1 a.m. or 2 a.m.

she was so lovely as a kid and a teen

and afterwards - of course yes of course

no problem marry Florida but not think

it's so much now I love I love the nose

of the people here in France like that

my top and nose like that one top is no

I look like Indian guys if I have a

higher nose you see yes guys I want to

have this nose you know yeah hello

everyone welcome to my livestream have a

nice rest Marika Lamoreaux Mary flower

bitch ecosystem no problem no problem

they're safe in America please drive


side view Nalani

side view

laughing you give advice how are you

letting you give advice I think I miss

your LS today no I think I was upward

when you went live or I was sleeping I

actually woke up at what time today I

woke up at 9 a.m. today because my baby

woke up and then I just gave her milk

and then I went to bed again with her

because she fell asleep so I also tried

to sleep more yes and yeah I think when

I woke up your live streaming had been

finished like a new commit buds

hi mr. Jackson oh how are you - sir Jack

how are you how are you sister Jack

thank you for coming to sir Jack's how

are you there in denounce the surgeon

hostilities nowadays mr. Jack's I mean

in your especially in your place so yes

guys I'm actually feeling of the skin of

the Apple though I have nothing to do

just feeling of the skin of the Apple

and eating that's all about this

training guys finals I did go live today

one tell ah that must be yesterday no

because you know with my phone my my my

husband's phone it looks late you can

see here the the notification life in UK

with buzz is lime and actually when I

open it it's finished I don't understand

because then this is the old bone of my

husband and easy Philippines still good

beans Jose yes I miss Philippines sister

Jack so much um how is la casa no

cocktail doing well a casa is not doing

well shiny man because it's very cold

these days

she loves reading shiny men does she

love reading maybe the one I upload I

don't know teacher

ah maybe I don't know either one of 14

people right now watching

that's memory Norma's thank you so much


hello ago an American shower still their

goal vacation homes there's a lot of new

things here it's a good now

yes mr. Jack's I really wish I could do

sir Jack's but you know it's not easy I

mean frankly speaking I mean to be

honest it's not easy when it comes to

financial matters you know it's not easy

because we just arrived here it's it's

been a year now and yeah I have to work

more and save something to go on

vacation it's not easy to go vacation

just when you want because you know what

I mean

t-shirt please listen to the music on

that video yeah I listened last night

shiny men but this is not I cannot I

cannot make it loud because I'm afraid

of I'm afraid of CP or shiny men is this

man CPR music hello Amy happy TV a

welcome to my livestream or are you

happy TV welcome great to see you here

you've got lovely parents joining them

oh I love the flower you know I love

this flower tiny'mon

Yeah right hoes don't worry hoes next

year there's a lot of next year yes

there's a lot have a good one Mary

flowering agate nom thank you so much

for dropping by so yes guys time is very

fast everyone so I think yes I have been

live for almost an hour now everyone say

yeah I thank you so much for coming you

guys are very supportive you know well

even if it's teacher this does nothing

here only eating in front of you that's

very selfish of me isn't it just eating

in front of you nobody loves to join me

here my god I'm about to end my stream

and nobody has decided to join me on the

panel good morning Mary flower in French

mr. Jack's

yes it's very laid in bed numb right now

guys it's very late already in Mary

flower I think she just finished her

live streaming guys ah Mary plumber okay

yes your greeting to each other there

yes enjoy everyone shiny man what's for

dinner I want to eat I want to have soup

hot soup everyone what she went to a bad

soup and rice Allah ever if I ask evils

you can't give me hahaha

thank you so much you happy TV diving at

the tvs from the middle-east guys he's

also Filipino and he has started going

live everyone if you guys can can

actually check him out you can do so

it's also interesting the way it goes

what everyone shout out okay I will give

you just relax you want some

mr. Jackson okay I will put saliva and I

give you mr. Jax why aren't you sleeping


mr. Jack's it's a wedding laid bare

mr. Jesse want some okay no just kidding

deserted oh my god you're gonna feel bad

now shiny man was for dinner shy name is

not talking to me

just um home moves from the party Wow

party here eating eating eating I think

you uh you ate a lot there in the party

Mr Justice why you don't want to accept

the Apple right Chester just I

it's okay guys I'm Paul assholes you

drunk upon research taxation sleep mr.

Jack's go to go to bed mr. Jack's bun so

I was on call her maker Channel today he

said hi to you and to teach her of

course is fine so here

Bonzo is not here shiny man damn

wondering how he is you know what guys I

feel like it's been a long time we

haven't seen each other thank you so

much JPJ everyone thank you so much for

a thumbs up I want some beer oh come on

sister Jax did you have enough for the

party come on mr. Jack I'm here already

in my bed yes you should sleep - sir

jack someone thank you so much Genevieve

Amira vlogs maybe he will watch the

replay on this is just nothing Chinese

this video is nothing but you know it's

different when people are in the shower

room people are watching it's different

from a replay because with a rip

I think there's no interaction at all

you know I don't if you agree with me

yeah but that's how I see it

haha later Oh later later guys I

finished the two apples oh my god and

that's that makes me hungry yeah you

know finishing all of these uh you know

to two assholes makes me hungry okay

let's tie my hair everyone it's time to

tie hair teacher is going to find her

there that's how I do it

ting just like that everyone because

it's very annoying

my hair is they're annoying guys

jpg' how are you Jay PJ guys nobody

wants to join me here on the panel

I really wish someone would it looks

like everyone is scared to join me on

the panel in yakety fear

nukkie TV shine amen is a content for

sugar okay he isn't a creator he is just

a very good content consumer in Yankee

TV he is not a creator oh my god ow ouch

ouch Supreme Ireland all right there you


what do you think about this hairstyle

everyone the secret local good Oh

or maybe you are scared right look at my

hair everyone welcome to the live stream

I do like that okay how's everybody

doing how about short hair everyone

looks short okay see teacher has short

hair what do you think wait I need to

fix oh no no no see pasta okay Inaki

okay hello yes that's what they think

about this hair short one which which

looks better

nothing looks better right everything

doesn't look good on long hair or short

hair teacher you're so bored teacher may

I say hi Dean

he like be not blood of course you can

see hi to him

shiny men okay yucky is a very

interesting guy I'm female

JPD you are there yeah gpj do you want

to join me here on the stream JPJ you

catch yourself

gpj JPJ yes if you guys want to join me

here on the stream on the panel please

dist down what do you think about this

hair everyone yes guys you can say no

man mr. Jack's go to sleep districts

missile flattop hello welcome to my

livestream bazzill Clara how are you

little Lara shiny man you look like

Rihanna now with short hair really oh my

god Rihanna's very beautiful shiny man

I'm not you see this long hair which is

better long hair or the short hair

TT being short hair in my gut oh it's

resting huh thank you so much for your

thumbs up everyone DS L Gallardo how are

you Liz l Claro so this is just a

nothing streaming okay it's just hello

hi hello and goodbye

no just kidding nice yes guys I think I

still have what time is it now okay I

have 13 minutes more not really 30 about

25 minutes more okay after 25 minutes

I'm gonna end this show how do you ever

know that something really nobody wants

to join me here with a panel that's so


I actually expected people to join me

here in the panel but it seems not

working no Liz L Claro I'm checking your

About section L wasn't a singer

Mizell Clairol missile Clara is a big

good Wow I think you're already many

times right missile Claro I'm Liesl

Clara I think you're a friend of you're

a friend of what rain martini right

thank you so much for coming Iselle

Claro you I think your wedding monetized

let me check something here

Ali mango dance oh you're not yet

monetized missile Claro

thanks house I'm pretty fine left and

right I know me I have small English I

love you lovely host Vegas so my slit

that letter your bloody is my twins yeah

I know right

I'm watching your alley mango dance

without music oh yeah I can see the

bloody team here with you oh my god

you're a dance is interesting huh good

thing nobody was there I think oh yeah

no nobody was there

hello Josie vblog welcome to my life's

dream are you he's a flower you are very

interesting hello each and everyone

alright today I just want to share this

craziest moment of mine with my bloody

love loves the summer come buckle I see

Graziano and bulimia slowly

are you ready monetize a little Paro I

think you are because your channel is

really I'm not leaving a comment ok

ELISA Claro I have seen your Ali mango

dance music yes very interesting SHINee

Melissa Clara hello are you sure word

with system allows and cute girls as you

fear of course shiny human but to see me

out but this emo allows everyone as long

as everyone does a good job and do the

right way but to see who allows it you

know Liz oh you're so beautiful host I

love the way who you

or even it's my first time to be with

your life scream oh my god thank you so

much Liz l floral it's very nice to hear

from you our money at the hostel oh who

was that Wapiti yes a very useful

sentence our money Hakka house I am very

good our money on the house I'm actually

confused if I'm gonna have my hair cut

again or not yes guys look at my hair

yes guys how's everybody doing we still

Clara how's the weather there in in the

place where you live I think you are in

the Middle East right now right is low

hello let your fans in my very short now

I'd like that but funs over

does it look good fans oh I had my hair


the left's the the right side is long

the left side is short

what do you think bangs OH with this

hairstyle what a nag I am the wall yes

harmony what mr. Cothran would say about

short it doesn't allow me bad that he

doesn't allow me to do that

shiny men to be honest yes so I can't

really have my hair cut it's just a joke

you know

yeah I'm just bored right now so this is

a show of teacher sometimes see sure can

be can be ridiculous can be nonsense you

know oh my god so say no I know if I'm

so look at my hair guys I'm so bored guy

that doesn't want to talk to people you

know I just wanna talk with people

because I yes how's my China just

monetize oh ok ok

congratulations El Faro Basso hello here

fans of eighties no see ya fans oh I

haven't seen you for ages fans oh how

are you fun zone yes so I never actually

saw you at polar maker Channel streaming

I did the replay here in Qatar host okay

pan weather so far so good normal

condition hello yes but it's very cold

here a little flora is actually very

cool hello fans Oh from life in UK big

buds fans Oh said no short hair I will

tell your husband that you are planning

to cut your hair I'm not planning to cut

my hair and planning to hot time though

I'm not gonna cut my hair myself

I'm gonna cut I'm gonna have it cut I'm

not gonna cut it

I'm gonna have it cut time's up my good

guy so deeply I'm hungry I want to eat

you want to eat with us with me

i Skype a man


Adelina are more I didn't have more fans

okay to guess who he's editing our fans

oh please guess habit cut whatever

laughing our life that's what I missed

with you guys oh my God thank you so

with everyone for coming

ELISA host let's eat yes is now enjoy

your meal enjoy your meal is now okay

thank you so much for dropping by I want

to eat me with those guys do Joo young

shout out to all yes so young thank you

so much excuse me we have yes I believe

it or not believe it or not believe it

or not coconut I'm cooking a goose I'm

guys what it very cold here guys

and OCM Vblock hi everyone yes do see

people of how are you okay guys I find

so fun so don't ignore idly now more fun

so who is that

yes find out who is Alena born huh

do you know who she is fans Oh shiny man

I'm gonna eat noodle

nice to meet you hi mines very nice to

meet you

from idly now more yes one so how are

you friends Oh from Audrina more you

know who she is

so much snow here right now sis oh my

god really oh here here in the clinic is

where I live I think soon I'm in the

winter yeah it also snows here but not

really that much you don't tell teacher

of quarters of course I'm not saying

anything a tiny'mon said Ruby it's not

Ruby okay

Ruby's foreign family big shout out to

you and I hope you are very okay now

guys by the way

Ruby's foreign family just got monetized

two days ago everyone she got money time

so shiny really foreign family nobody

money times you know but these days she

hasn't been back to live streaming and

she hasn't even fixed her videos or her

channel after getting money ties because

she's she's still in the hospital

no not she's not in hospital anymore


today is her release from the hospital

yes she was in the hospital for like

three or four days yes but she's okay

she's okay Pines of shining and don't


I don't know sensei it may be someone

that is waiting for watch out back

well the no no fans Oh Bella no is not


look she's laughing little ants is no

problem since juicy mean blog if you

have to do something just do it okay no


fine so what you're doing here needs

some wh long time to who guys who who's

that just give me a second seriously

seriously guys he sure is old school

mentality sure it's got a beautiful boys

I won't be bored of shiny mental she

blows oh sorry guys I know you don't

like it whether you like it or not you

have to like it

okay teachers hungry features very bad



hi guys sorry t-shirt is shouting again

but the cold apart normal lady oh she

hasn't been here anymore

but actually the paranormal lady I

forgot her name that this Miriam yeah

yeah Miriam big shout out to you Maria

she has started going live buys and her

life's Ruby's quite interesting just

seeing you outside the house they're

walking around with her dog yeah that's

for live streaming my day sensei busy

just got home

coffee no pressure please laughing ow

laughs claws are hit people are here

right now I just think lenses came from

work sis and I'm hungry

that's so try shuffling now or make us

know and at the moment car oh this

distant thing you know when it snows in

a place really it's hard to shovel the

snow it's a good thing you're in there

in the place where I live it's not

really that much you know snow there i

voice welcome to my live stream

welcome to write voice how are you

Adelina Maurice laughing fine so fine so

are you pressured to guess who Adelina

amor is come on fine so you can do that

Santa Monica me ha ha ha yes of course

to CV blog you will be the next one you

know yes


bye Michael you have to know her he is

your ex-girlfriend right console oh my

god much I cannot remember any more oh

my god are you see I'm gonna eat in

front of you right now

keep it kept these get these TVs no and

I turn off that with this remote

nobody sameen's welcoming people

I do you know how more I know you yes

you can't tell fun so yes don't tell fun

so everyone can you see the smoke from

the new disguise I cooked guys you see

how quick it is today let's eat everyone

sure what are you doing t-shirt no it's

not it's not today's market shine Amen

oh it is market I missed you how are you

ki just mark that big shout-out to you

yes guys hello old friends namaste

greeting from Nepal the must be sick

when I must see what is the mustard

arrived boys the right boys the right

boys are you from Nepal or you are from

Philippines who lives in Nepal now oh

come on fun so you are silent again fans

oh I only have ten minutes more fans Oh

teacher so fast yet guys I love taking

over China welcome to the last room are

you Dean of our Channel how are you

but they see movie gear laughing outlet

oh I don't understand fun so what I

talking about buns oh we give wish Gish

we give now I don't even know how to

pronounce it

guys I just cooked noodles yes because

when I on English a made me feel like

eating noodles yeah I decided

oops so quickly right in yeah Steve the

burger channel Namastey means good

evening in the right language in Nepal

okay so are you from Nepal and there I

voice or you are from Philippines who

lives in Nepal says hey what are you


oh man so I just finished cooking

noodles you know when I saw you man so I

felt like you do so I decided to cook so


yeah well I was shouting I was actually

doing price get bulaga I think the word

China how are you thank you so much this

for coming so yeah this is really

nothing guys I just wanted to talk you

know to all of you guys yeah no topic at


just you know hang out with me yes guys

wants to join me here no this is not

spicy showing email where can I find

spicy goals I want to eat spicy noodles

I can't find here I know how fussy girl

very shiny man who is who is the name

again who is I believe now more fine so

you have an extra day hello Anna Marie

if someone looks happy to see you back

yeah these noodles Gus's chicken noodles

and it's not even spicy

Mauricio what is greasy moon prism oh do

you enjoy the stream CK where is the

move bangs is the physical pans oh good

good but I think this is useless you

know having the lattissima sorry guys

yes and so perfect I mean doesn't work

well may I ask what connection between

your noodles and me no shiney men I'm

talking about noodles and I talk about

where can i buy

spicy noodles because here

in France I mean in high so yes I'm also

in France so both of us are in France

said oh you should know where we can buy

spicy noodles because here in braids on

shiny mint there is no spiciness yes I'm

Frankie pal right now I'm very happy

joining inside with you yes Adelina I

don't know oh my god buns oh you have to

do your best fans oh sorry guys excuse

me you have to do your best friend zone

idly now yo you know her very well fun

zone yes gonna eat noodles this is them

I should change the topic eating with

t-shirt No hello teacher try a person

like in your favorite why so much money

that's the problem because I don't like

shopping online at all I really don't

mind shopping online actually be nayana

USA or a nurse in America she also told

me about it sorry guys oh my gosh name

topper China how are you guys China also

money time everyone so most of my

friends now have been monetize guys and

we are still helping more friends I know

my class all I can you can be bugs

Merrick's Lauren get Nam Martha's fish

and 101 for travel soon they will be the

next one and of course all the people

here in the chatroom

of course everyone is going to be there

okay you just you just uh just keep it

going you know just go live whenever you


ideally now right hi Anna Marie I

believe now exists some stuff fine so

you have to know that Adelina board is

actually there in the chat room right

now I did you know I'm more and someone

they are the same Hanzo so who is that

hmm very good guys because if code and a

meeting Oh does that feel so good

hmm this is a this is a what this is

live bomb everyone have you ever seen

one win you lose because the nurse ate

in America she's having bad so yeah I'm

having it here we find so who is Adelina

on more fans oh we are set up new doors

really delicious but it's okay as long

as you don't need it you know like it's

delicious everyone what so yes I put

agassiz I put egg in it yes see yes I

love noodles with egg how about your

shiny mint and so have you tried

everyone like a new K with bus everybody

in the chat room have you tried eating

noodles with egg with egg means it's

mixed wanna go to Paris together cases

pasta noodles oh yeah there's a problem

find a shiny milk puts you know you know

shiny men I can't drive what's that mean

booty see moon

but this limo is just my booty see mu

heart like a new TV buzz okay it's not a

person it's a it's a robot shiny man

you're not so kind to me money man I


talked to you about noodles

there is no spicy noodles here and you

told me what's the connection between

you dough's and me shiny man what they

sing with did you ever try sausage Wow

15 million people are watching right now

this is just nothing what I'm doing now

is nothing that it's not related to

teaching hmm very delicious dogs should

go through your kitchen guys and cook

noodles right now fans oh are you happy

to see

classmate I tried to help teacher oh


what this robot is talking to me yes

like can you give advice of course you

can talk to booty see more shiny men

only got connection to cheese thank you

anyway shiny man yeah I know in Paris

there's a lot I buried but you know

shiny man you know teacher cannot drive

and you know it's it takes what two

hours from here to go to Paris so if we

go to Paris that would be seeing the

Eiffel Tower again try ramyeon tea trees

love it spicy yes I eat is ramen

actually ramen when I was in Philippi is

like a new kid buzz I used to eat back a

lot ramen yeah

oh my god it's big possible actually

it's not okay I will remove this ramen

oh my god what am i doing ina I didn't

know you are trying to be a student

laughing yeah it's delicious you know

delicious guys sorry guys my good and I

can see myself eating a lot in front of

you that's terrible sorry shiny men in

fun zoo and everyone I got lowest but

can't eat noodles at the moment oh my

god I can you can we bus give it to me I

nobody see me is happy to see you




yes guys today's dreaming of teacher

guises thank you so much

an Americano yes Franco I'm a student

and will be a student forever teacher

yes fan so did you know that an American

Shah has been my student for exist fans

oh and of course

ludos is not complete without rice Omega

suddenly teachers having dinner in front

of us these guys

hey beautiful sorry I'm bad I was giving

my news and bad because you see then I

was cooking because it's super cold

oh no problem Suzuki Uchiha I'm eating

here musician friends only got level

discuss I only have level one I'm

wondering what shiny man is doing now

he's very silent shiny man way teacher I

put the volume a bit down who knows give

you high energy oh my god sorry shiny

man my tune music hello Maury be like

loves welcome to my life's room how are

you thank you for coming left eating

noodles with rice noodles with rice

everyone but you know for Koreans

everyone with my students when they eat

noodles does over their meal they don't

eat rice noodles you know but look at me

look at me is that a chicken or beef

flavor this is chicken chicken chicken


yes our future is in front of you I know

it's not nice but yes this is how it is

so after we will get thumbs down just

like two days ago but I think my best

friend is not yet here because I haven't

got one

but two days ago my best friend was here

hmm can you hear this sound

marvelous vlogs up great

right for you guys like bread yes it is

shiny man in pencil yes for French

people is bread for Filipinos is right

you know

mmm this is bone everyone hello Jenny

welcome to shout out to Jenny Cornwall

well I know that song it's been alone

its where's nun

it's been a long time without you my


yeah it's a very goodness song a Suzuki

youichi ha buzz oops tell oh my god I

lost it

buzz Oh tell was this level thing you

were at level 3 some minutes ago this

level guys is the level how you interact

with people in the chat room you know

yeah it depends on how interactive you

are and you get levels you know or is

another song it's the same song because

that's the Tsukiji ha fine so I'm not

see I told you he's happy to see you

easy why solitaire welcome to my

livestream how are you easy wise elite

area AZ was a lothario let me check

still here who is playing oh thank you

so much miss el faro thank you so much

what is your would pose actually guys

this was not a plan guys it wasn't a

plan to have a meal to have dinner in

front of you but suddenly I felt hungry

eating apples in yeah a select area she

also goes live ok we have been connected

for where I think for ages already


Jimmy gonna stand and eat oh hello Jimmy

go Jimmy go with that I think it's been

ion in USA no animate punched I enjoy

watching teacher eating all those yes

I'm eating all those guys yeah I was

blah I was just I just wanted to eat

noodles the suddenly I felt like eating

rice as you know you see just a blink of

an eye a lot of things change everyone

there's nothing permanent in this role

that change we teach our mind to change

our buddy to change our hair everything

you know but I hope not see or support

with me everyone okay what they say one

is rich and single does for information

you're crazy offends oh let me see

oh oh how old are you always the Tsukiji

ha how old I am

this is a very difficult question and

you gasp a Sookie go old I am can you

guess now Puma BC tiny wooden a picture

no they already left this morning like

and you give it buzz they left today and

actually when they left or when they

they were about to go I was sleepy so I

woke up to say goodbye to them because

shiny man actually um the cousin of my

husband and the girlfriend of my

husband's cousin they were here they

came here on Friday yes so they stayed

here like almost five days five or four

days I'm not good at math anyway and

they went back to Toulouse today they

are from Toulouse because vitamin

Spanish from Toulouse mm-hmm this

couldn't be a tongue-twister enjoying

watching videos isn't that funny and are

you fine I know you fine - oh my god mmm

hi - oh good evening okay fine so shiny

mint tea tree need salvation duos there

is a sternum suction here at the shop

like a full-on demon but they don't have

spicy noodles hi said IDI your in-law

still impose yes they are

a shiny man but yeah it's a long story

yes they are in Toulouse shiny man

emailed a parents welcome again thank

you for coming with me yeah mmm this is

newbomb nurse in America

hahahaha because of You nurse and

America is that in front of all the

people here oh my god this amazing man

I'm so sorry no I didn't want to do it

in front of you but yeah I can't help it

I'm home free

so which do you prefer I actually don't

eat in front of you and I'm gonna end

the stream or I continue to stream any

and eat in front of you which is better

come on and explain my Asian many Asian

shops in France yet is so shiny man it's

true but it's in Paris should I name and

write it down

yes mam Bantam Ora nurse in America yes

guys this is rice rice rice rice is life

and someone at my back guys can you see

that person at my back oh look scary

just kidding have you tried noodles

banjo and Tyne England Oh boys I think

but I'm not sure if they eat that you

can do anything you like in the stream

teacher I'm not no only what is that

buns Oh Imelda Perez nurse 8 you can

check on top nurse 8 in America

she is a nurse in America vicious food

peanut cheese in the US yes Imelda Paris

you can now move up scroll up and you

will see nurse aide in America

yeah she's a nurse are you also a nurse

Imelda Paris Emma I mainly eat spaghetti

oh yeah spaghetti

miss the sweet spaghetti and boobies -

oh my god this is a real meal now my god

I'm not gonna eat dinner anymore this is

too much oh my god I can't imagine how I

love it hmm with the sound it's not good

right but yeah with sugar and condensed

milk I'll be eating noodles later

what do you mean noodles in it up but I

mean a sugar and condensed milk funnyman

ah the spaghetti no there is no sugar

and condensed milk spaghetti just the

sauce you know sweet sauce the

Philippine spaghetti sauce is sweet

this is real bung isn't it come on guys

put black pepper white pepper and it

will be spicy really but I don't like

the smell of pepper black pepper a

teacher you have many many problems

teacher you're a very complicated

teacher I know you will say that right

I know eating machine yes guys because I

know Mary when she goes live

she always has me oh my god am i

influenced by anna-marie culture what

time now they're hoes it's actually Oh

fine now

I think it's 7 p.m. yes it's 7:20 p.m.

here now in France

everyone yes 7:20 p.m.

Adelina who are you now yes fine so you

did not you did not you did not guess

right bunzo until now

um I love spaghetti shiny men with lots

of cheese yeah UK live what flakes

laughing all okay but okay Guru Nanak

also as I know Marie she knows idly no

their classmates yes I did he nine an

American to our best friend shiny men

fine sue you have to ask an American

shop right Jamie yeah but I think the

Chase is different when it's really a

real you know spicy noodles I don't know

oh yeah a lot of cheese yes I just love

to eat fun so food this life you eat if

I saw an American show what you mean we

love to eat fans oh oh my god bangs oh

you should be scared now I love to eat -

oh my god tiny man she eats everything

maybe here you can tell it for LSM

Vietnam and it's the seagull mine mine

laughing out loud

Adaline amor is not totally related to

me take me there fans oh yeah you should

visit the anna marie conscious live

streaming eyes she always eats at her

live streaming yeah she's very beautiful

you know I'm sorry

starts aha grab a towel sighs oh no

reaction Anna Marie conscious said she

loves to eat fans oh no reaction at all

fun so it's not normal say Amen go alone

you kidding me thank you so much for

coming my god buzz oh I'm sorry man

you are amazing people you know mm-hmm

yes in a PPV wasn't a plant no three the

live streaming but yeah here we go guys

by the way guys fans oh I'm fine amen

they are not content creators okay they

are content consumers dies let me go

where laughing Jimmy go thank you so


nurse E in u.s. thank you so much

Jimmy go like Ally Shabak profile photo

we fans ooh I know I was saying you know


shiny man what's for dinner

did I ask you a million times I Neiman

yes guys look guys I almost finish it

guys hmm but this food is for very big

guys actually it is uh this is serving

spoon serving spoons my god teacher

spaghetti and mantle jurors did I say

that before oh my god yeah I meant oh I

love it

yes yes I'm human guys is a cheap

consumer hmm

the meal is over everyone so I say be

sure never cooks is only eating a

sandwich with cheese every day no really

oh my god

it's not true fans oh beep on net where

laughing huh very model a good serving

spoon guys laugh and Yuki said to finish

quickly you have to use serving spoon

for eating yes guys you see a fish

quickly no this is a serving spoon I'm

using so when I eat it makes my mouth

very big hmm but even if it's a serving

spoon it still fits my mouth my god I'm

talking nothing really

mmm yummy oh my god I wanted to hold

like only for two hours now thank you so

much Jimmy Joe save me blob guys don't

say beloved guys he also goes live

everyone I think most of the people in

the chat room they go live exact exam

beep magnet yeah so guys I only have 15

minutes I can't extend it anymore

because I've been like for 2 hours I

will meet I will have been live for two

hours after the gymnast no excuse me


picture excuse me guys be sure are you

getting used to wrong grammar a shiny

men are you getting used to using a

knife yeah

ah shame even yes I'm trying to get used

to it but not yet perfectly shiny man

but anyway of course we use knife when

we when we eat meat in Philippines we

also do that but I mean you know because

if you're in France when you go to

restaurant guys you only have knife and


yes no spoon guys amazing huh


nothing alike we are all doing great

today I'm always enjoying English class

with teacher thank you so much I'm a

very crunchy fun so I got maybe you like

cheese of course I do fans oh wow I'm

very conscious advance to level 2

who's got the highest level today

everyone who got the highest level today

so that's announcement guys oh my god

you my dear how are you I know you are

just there right Carla's your 7:00 to

7:00 thank you so much thank you for

thumbs up everyone if eyes are shining

in wrong grammar I know what about you

man what is good to learn okay white

alert alert but so what a stellar fans

oh thank you so much darkness or seven

to seven beats outta to you I'm a cheese

and chocolate lover wow you did like

super okay so yes guys we only have 13

minutes now and the show is going to end

I wish I could stay with you guys the

all the whole time I mean for like many

hours but yes guys some I can't do that

I also have things to do yes oh yeah

teacher is gonna be live tonight only

for two hours so yeah we have 13 minutes

more yeah yeah yeah yes guys no by the

way guys dramas are 7 to 7 is also

another friend of ours who is a 120

times ok big shout out to Carmel 0 7 to

7 ah ye man my misery seven to seventy

here are you familiar with Karma's your

stuff into seven and you know what shiny

man Karma's are seven two sevens husband

loves music you know he can uh I can

remember exactly he likes music and he

is a music composer

am I correct her mother 7 to 7 or am I


nonsense fear I think her husband

composes Psalms or something like that

yeah I heard something like that from

farm mills or 7:00 to 7:00

hello always pleasure to see use it I'm

not trying to tell of each piece antenna

we Cheers

how does it taste like I want to try it

now I mean fans have got the highest

level today

Wow fine so so yes guys is gonna be the

street guys my next training guys

whoever gets the highest level whoever

gets the highest level everyone in my

next live streaming I'm going to give me

much time okay how does it sound like

everyone okay

it's a reward from teacher whoever gets

the highest level from Buddhism Oh we'll

get much time from us this rain prayers

yes guys in the bus pass no chemicals no

problems isla del Pilar oh thank you so

much a shiny member is back caramels

Mississippi see do you see it's really

you're burning


sorry guys I'm so sorry everyone my god

I wish I knew man said what they're

doing here Tony

it's very cool this very cool where am I

now he is a dentist but composed songs

as a hobby English teacher in France yes

look shiny men Carla's husband is a

dentist and he composed songs as a hobby

oh it is very nice you know expect time

as husband I'm just a music answer

concert for Schumer yeah where am I now

okay ah GUI I'm gonna make friend with

with similar that when you okay don't

make shiny man jelly I love what to see

oh my god everyone's saying hello - good

to see you but not teacher that's


I'm your future so yes guys why don't we

guys announcement okay

but the Simo is going to give levels to

students in the chat room so whoever get

and the highest level everyone is going

to get watched I'm from English teacher

in France okay so this is gonna be

effective during my next live streaming

eyes okay so yes that's how we do it so

you will be safe we send you a packet of

chocolate Wow and so there's a great


uh-huh I really have war caramel okay

what about me pans oh oh my god

everybody's asking chocolate from answer

now the self flower I hope you will be

highly rated for him and so I don't care

if it be French food system as long as

I've rented what about his life and you

came with us level 1 but the thing will

make it level time

hello Rosa feel of how are you okay Liz

l have Buddhism oh I'm gonna kiss you

really myself what they seem we did not

welcome you it's impossible so yes guys

I only have two minutes more okay I'm

gonna end the stream yeah because I need

to do something

thank you so much everyone for coming to

my livestream brosephine vlog hello to

all here yes thank you so much everyone

so I really really hope that you will

have a wonderful morning afternoon

evening everyone and of course whatever

meal even have enjoy your morning meal

that's breakfast and enjoy your lunch

dinner everyone thank you so much so

yeah that's it everyone for the next

live streaming but this amou will be

there to give you level ok whoever gets

the highest level yes guys you know

what's gonna happen ok so that's how it

is so I will be choosing four people

okay four people who will get the

highest level from Buddhism Oh will be

the lucky people guys yes last two

minutes is special have a wonderful

evening or morning yeah thank you so

much caramel 377 that bless you always

hos thanks for the good time that you

have shared with us thank you so much as

well with those Claro early Christmas

present from fans oh yes Christmas is in

the air everyone fun so I'm gonna from

me under maker channel have no color my

church I know I'm about to go I only

have one minute left gonna make your

channel under closure yes fun so I will

be expecting our presents from you Wow

have a nice evening teacher and everyone

yes thank you so much everyone looks

like yes this is English teacher and

friends thank you for tuning in guys are

full time see you in my next live

streaming and I hope you can check out

my new videos as well so once again if

you're new to my channel please don't

forget to subscribe and click the bell

button below to get more updates about

my channel everyone bye bye bye


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