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Today I'm joined with Jeff Phillips from Mobility SVM in order to discuss the wheelchair accessible

Chevy truck. Some of the features of our truck we can do

both 1500 and 2500 trucks two and four-wheel drive. It has a five-person capacity. One

of the cool features and we'll show you that in a little bit is we don't lose the backseat

of our truck so you have full capacity of your backseat and so forth. Some of the standard

features for our Chevy Silverado is this door. It comes out 36 inches which means you can

park in a standard parking spot. You have 54 inches in the interior to come in to there

and 57 inches inside which is very similar to most vans that are in the market. It has

a three-year 36,000 mile warranty on the vehicle as well.

And again, as you look at our vehicle you could tell. There's not a conversion in there.

You can't tell there's a conversion on our vehicle, it looks great and it looks like

just a regular Silverado driving down the highway. You know one of the things that's

really tough for most people that are injured is in the past one of these things it'll do

is a lot of times they'll have to have a swing out door, they have to break down their chair,

put it in the back. That takes a significant amount of time, somewhere in the avenue of

six to eight minutes. Our truck takes 45 seconds to load in and out so that's going to be a

savings. They won't have to break down their chair. It'll just help them a lot.

If you're looking for a wheelchair accessible option and you want the off road capabilities

and ruggedness, Mobility SVM is the package for you.

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