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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Found Remains of Two Dead People and their Treasures in Locker I bought at storage auction

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ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages it is I your captain speaking

we are here in this wonderful $3,500 storage unit I when I say it has been a

treasure hunt words don't describe we found I'm guessing now over almost 40

pounds of silver total in this unit alone we're just gonna keep going

through it and I'm gonna promise you guys this is going to be an exciting

video oh wow look at these marbles right here Wow

these are these are the ones like every one of the ones that you know those are

the ones they're worth money this lady has those ones see how they're they're

not round we'll put them in our silver box to go homes I want to have somebody

looking because I know marbles could be a few hundred dollars a piece like these

are handmade type of marbles you could just see the crudeness of them some of

them are not the like couple look at this one it's not it's like an egg it's

not even and look at this and then there was a nail here is your typical

regulator clock nothing of major value it does however have the pendulum it

looks like a key the glass is missing the clock is moving nice I think we have

several clocks in here Tony is that how you aged stuff is by the yeah I'm just

kind of filming them all real quick in a row sequence all the clocks and stuff

NWS made in USA it goes in Killough cycles I don't know who is the real

maker on there but if you look it has tubes these tubes sometimes could be

thousands of dollars at least a few hundred possibly how to test them I

don't have that ability but that always makes something worth a lot more value

to tell time this looks like something you've seen a casino or some huh

Intermezzo cordless electric clock that is kind of cool

shine up baby up it's very almost got a Brady Bunch slash Jetsons look to it

that is nice oh here's the good clock oh yeah that's a hug it hangs on the

wall I think you open it up to fix it look at the crudeness of it looks like a

ship portal almost it's got all the parts with it this is actually a really

good clock I want you guys to see right here how it's copper underneath and then

it's got the porcelain coating obviously it's damaged it needs a little repair

and TLC but I have a feeling this is a really good clock and I don't know how

to get under there and see Tony what the heck did you just find there wow you

guys just pulling out all the clocks what time is it

it's clock time this is nice ladies and gentlemen but don't Shh I don't even

know look at that I'm really excited about all this stuff

this unit is looking better and better look at that maybe a marble or some bit

who in the back has glass I've never seen them like that word the back has

glass that is super fragile and I want to be careful with that one

number 4 403 can you guys see in there

this is nice it's got the keys right here we're gonna put them I guess back

in there for now so we don't lose them this is a nice clock or this could be a

hundred this could be 500 it could be a thousand I have to figure out what the

name is and everything on there I'll do the packing and there I feel much more

comfortable I do the packing and you just do the moving Tony you're right

look at this this doesn't look as promising as the others it's got a

really nasty feel to it like something's been getting on it and its moist almost

like that's wrapped to you

what is Oh what is that whoo look at this stop the music Tony

brings this out here to me and says this is double-wrapped first painting we've

really even taken the really good gander at I don't I don't know it's a

definitely oil you could tell right away by the look of it just the way the eyes

shape the nose the quality the texture there is a it has something of done of

quality work I don't know what that says why can't they say Leonardo da Vinci

that's true it looks like it almost says it like de navarra and give for now I

don't know my first speculation is I could tell this some point this has been

reframed you can see right here that that is not the original frame to this

that doesn't matter this could be something very important to be a letter

of provenance this painting was given to me by my aunt Irma

uncle Betsy's wife he was grand father to Van Dyke's brother aunt Alma was born

in the Sacramento in the night 1889 so this was given before 1889 or somewhere

around that her father owned a small grocery store in Sacramento before many

people at telephones Yatta Yatta and women oh I this is a long letter guys

this is long the first delivery wagon this is always telling the story of the

first delivery wagon they bought for their grocery store not a car

a wagon who thinks they keep them for him he also extracted a promise that his

did not return they were to be given little and when she had her own home she

had uncle bed married was 1940 a were given to her I remember she had the

painting over the man towards me was in a large ornate frame it was flagged by

two Chinese porcelain lions of a lovely blue she also had a large Chinese jar I

hope I find all that what she used for umbrellas 20 years ago the white we get

to the story about where the art came from called me and asked me to come for

the painting she said I was the only one who was really liked the painting and

she wanted me to have it I was thrilled I wish it was the original frame but the

painting is what is really special to me I have no idea of its value maybe one

day someday we could find out please cherish it I will cherish just for you I

promise what in the world is this

it's bent silver plate

from young man's Guild of Christchurch September 5th 1854 to 1979 it's damaged

I don't even have to do about that I'd only one try to bend it out myself

but dang look at the cherubs on that this was a nice piece

did you break this tiny alright I have no idea the value on there how this none

of this stuff is something that's just like boom value right

it's all research see which one this one is so I got it thank you sir

come on you little clock I'm not as impressed by this one is just a regular

50 hundred dollar talks clock right there no I don't want to take linens and

dish I want to leave Waterbury why do I have a feeling that's

a good clock of Waterbury where's my mind thinking about a dainty number-two

Waterbury Clock made in USA nice and then we got some regular degler clocks

right here ladies and gentlemen I'll be lucky to get 10 20 bucks for those this

is kind of neat this could be from like uh

this could be from a hotel or a casino or something back in the day there's no

real way to tell but it's definitely nice like I'm honestly putting a 40 or

50 dollar bill on that yeah I'm the cheap guy look at this sketch desk I bet

I bet Tony had one of these when he was a kid oh we don't hit this little Paul T

Carroll San Francisco Tony thinks this was beaver I don't know though seems

like a very nice hat we got another set of bone mahjong nice

these are really fancy box sets they're old you could just tell by the way

everything is made interesting I'm liking these pieces of stuff you what is

that if that's a burro that they make Jaguars

that's $2,000 Mike I know that say what if this is a burro which I think we're

all a burro but at certain time yes they cut they do

a Jaguar - is out of them interesting this could be worth a thousand to two

thousand dollars they'll be nice but make sure because I used to dig them up

1958 98 a Brighton look at this person that is nice it looks almost like

sterling silver it's old and it's been used heavily we got bone or is it ivory

was it just regular dominoes very vintagey in old stuff waterford stuff


you know if it's not Waterford isn't maybe sterling silver no made in England

ECMs so much stuff that I have to look at individually this is not just like we

can I feel like I'm going way too fast on certain things I want to take the

time to go through so we're gonna put a lot of these boxes and things in my

storage if the unfilmed later we're gonna pack up all this and art nicely

and get it back to the storage and we're gonna go through it that way back there

can we find another box of silver that's brass sterling reinforced all right

sterling reinforced okay

this is a little nasty oh yeah baby that's the good stuff Tony sterling I

just they kept everything together look

sterling well they just they they kept they packed things in a certain manner

yeah that is nice that doesn't look like sterling to me but it's hard to sing cuz

it's in the sterling box we'll take a deeper look at that later that one might

not be that is sterling

Shrieve and company sterling that is sterling it's weighted but it's sterling

it just keeps coming that is sterling right there and these right here are

sterling streaming company those are nice

particles of sterling man this is getting good guys whoa almost fell 45

Carl tops can someday never comes these look kind of cool holiday Zorro the

Greek save it hmm I'll have to do a little bit more in depth with our record

guy on these ones here look like possible potential Motown yesteryear

series interesting how'd you break in if you wanted to explain when you go to

start Wow

not playing you just playing for you what you do

one last tune shoots marki shoots marki it's not bad though

don't get me wrong I like it I'm trying to get to go back in there oh maybe it

goes on top of here like that two holes

it's always the that home see how these wheels like that played for me all right

what it was playing for a minute when Tony found it but nonetheless then we

have a bunch more music discs in here oh yeah I feel all those music this nice

alright that's some good money there how does a cricket stick ass Trickett

Birmingham Quakers clay full burly makers Birmingham well no that is never

found one like this have no idea what something like that's worth have to have

that definitely left an yeah it doesn't have a signature though

that's exactly where I wanted that Tony

this one has got me intrigued right here ladies and gentlemen let's

move this into the light this one has got me extremely intrigued

je Stewart it's a real painting it's signed right there je Stewart 1913 March

21st 1913 no number set 1797 $1,100 seal rocks in Cliff House in distance

California je Stewart double sign and then we have a letter of provenance of

some form what did she write this time dear Norma and sir this painting was

done by je Stewart it looks from it looks back from Seal Beach in San

Francisco towards a cliff house mr. Stewart's claimed to be descended from

the American master who painted George Washington when I was growing up every

classroom in my grandma's school had two pictures a copy of Stewart's unfinished

Washington and one of Abraham Lincoln the painting was a wedding gift to your

father and me in 1951 by Jack and Ruth somehow Jack had met mr. Stewart and in

exchange for supporting mr. Stewart during his last and final days he would

he left all of his paintings mr. Stewart was living near poverty at the time and

did indeed leave Jack all his accumulated canvases basically he

painted California landscapes somewhere huge ours was the smallest one in the

collection u-70 was a favorite inspirational they were all beautiful

after Joe Jack's death roofs sold many of the paintings one by one and enjoyed

the fruits of mr. Stewart's labor I suppose the next the rest were given to

family members his final words works were somewhat less inspiring

then his early work your father and I loved mourning the painting and hope it

will stay in the family and lie beyond enjoyed by you who alright these two

paintings to me symbolize something of great value this one right here I'm

intrigued by it's got the little plaque on it and when they have artists like

that the ship captain it's got to get looked at and ladies gem in the box of

silver has gotten massive again I am just in awe at all the silver that we

have accumulated from this one stores you I don't wanna I don't wanna

what is this a paper bag that is a human in there Tony first Tony's first time

out he found two humans in a storage unit this is the one intrigues me that

somebody actually opened this one like it boggles my mind that they opened this

one up and why like what were you guys trying to find this storage unit has

been pillaged and plundered how many boxes of oregano did we find look at

that all oregano all oregano not this one let's see what else we got

how much more oregano was there this one is a whole oregano these guys really

like to cook Italian food guys uh this is all Reagan oh wow yeah we can

cook spaghetti for days of all that Reagan Oh Tony wasn't this oregano too

this whole laundry hamper was oregano this bag was oregano that box was

oregano and that is a wrap tons of silver tons of art I think we might have

some priceless art there's lots of dishes books and little knickknacks and

tons of art to go through we've loaded our whole trailer up of stuff that I'm

gonna film later I just wanted to get out of here I got a couple videos but um

I feel like I'm rushing so I want to take my time to really show you guys

some of the things that cool so I hope you enjoyed this video

stay tuned for lots more this amazing storage

The Description of Found Remains of Two Dead People and their Treasures in Locker I bought at storage auction