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[yawn] It took all night,

but I declare Tom and Ben's Annual Secret Strategy Meeting officially over!

-Air shake? -Wow, an air shake?

That's almost touching. Thank you.

[Yawn] Oh! Early morning air shake. Can I get a piece of that action?

Woo-hoo! I take it the meeting went well.

Let's just say we're on our way to being the top tech company in town.

No way! I thought the CEO had the top tech company in town!

Not for long, thanks to our secret strategy - which I'll email to Ben now.

This secret plan is so good I almost feel bad for the CEO.

Speaking of the CEO, how do you spell CEO?

-C-E-O? Just like it sounds? -[Ben] Yes, Hank.

CEO is simply spelled C-E-O.

-C-E-O? -And the email...

has been sent. Mmmm!

-I didn't get it yet. -Maybe it's up in the cloud.

-[Hank] I don't see any clouds. -Still not here.

-Uh-oh. Oh, no. -What?

Um, remember when I was typing an email

-and you guys were saying "CEO" a lot? -What did you do, Tom?

-Well-- -What did you do, Tom?

I accidentally sent our secret plan to the CEO.


Wa-oah! ♪

Almost got it. Then maybe we can fix someone's massive blunder.

-[sighs] -Oh, don't beat yourself up, Tom.

I'm sure we've all made mistakes

that could end up ruining everything we've worked so hard for, right guys?

-Nope, not me. -[Ginger] Aagh! Whoops. Me, neither.

None of us have. This is the biggest mistake that even Tom has ever made.

That you know of! Ha!

-But seriously, how do I fix this? -I might have a solution, but it's risky.

So, I redesigned this teleportation disk to beam us into the internet...

...where we can catch the email and destroy it before the CEO even reads it!

Yes, if we're lucky.

But there's also a chance we'll open a portal between the two worlds.

Sounds good. To the internet!

But wait! What if you can't get to the email before the CEO does?

That's where you and Hank come in. We need you to go to the CEO's office

and do whatever it takes to keep him from opening that email!

-Okay. -Ginger, you stay here

and monitor our progress from Tom's laptop.

Got it! I'll be your eyes and ears IRL - In Real Life!

-Wait a minute-- -Tom, let's go. Internet, now!

-Wow! Okay. Wow! -[Ginger] Tom and Ben!

Welcome to the internet.

-Wow! This place is-- -Perfect, I know.

But let's focus. There are millions of emails zipping around.

-it's not going to be easy to find yours. -Hey, there's my email. Straight ahead!

He-he-he! You'll never catch me! Hope you can run, cos I do this for fun!

-Send! -[Tom] Get back here! Let me delete you!

-Get 'em, boys! Use your feet! -[Tom] Let's go!

[Hank, muffled] Not so fast. Wow! Being tall's harder than I thought.

A-hem. Good morning, fellow businesswoman!

-Sure is a business kind of day. Ha ha. -Yes, indeed it is.

-[Hank] Psst, Angela. -Oh. My card.

[Hank sneezes]

Did your stomach just sneeze?

-[Hank] No. -No.

[phone ringing] I'd inquire further but coffee is calling!

Hello, Mr Coffee. I'll put your call right through.

Well, that was close.

[CEO] Oh, what are you doing here?

Uh, well...

[email laughing]

[Ginger] There he is. Don't let him get away!

Ooh, I could use a free phone.

It's a trap, Tom! Nothing's free on the internet.

Close it out before it multiplies!

[Ginger] I'll try to stop that email with some firewalls! Here they come!

-Careful with those, Ginger. -Yeah, I know.

[Tom] Yes! Now we've got you right where we--

They've got a mind of their own. I can't control them!

[email] Look at me! Ha ha.

[snarling, growling]

[Tom] Ew, what is this?

[Ben] Ew! It's all the viruses that were caught in the spam filter.

Good thing they're in there or they'd eat this place bit by bit!

-That doesn't sound good. -[Ginger] You're going to have to jump it!

All right.

Hurry, Tom! Before we lose him!


-Tom! -Aagh!

-Got you! -Ugh.

-Uh. -Go! Go! Go!

Coochie-coochie-coo, Goldie. Who's the best fish?

So, you're not ready to talk, eh? That's fine.

-I've got all day. -You have a meeting at noon.

I've got until noon.

-I'll just confirm, by checking my email. -[both] No, no!

-Okay, we'll tell you everything. -Oh.

You'll tell me everything about what?

-Uh, tell him, Angela. -What, me?

We... We had to wear a disguise

so we could sneak over here without Tom finding out.

-Isn't that right, Hank? -Oh, right!

Because of the terrible thing Tom did.

-Tell him, Angela. -Uh, yes.

Tom double-crossed us

and now we want to team up with you to double-cross him back.

Oh, so you want the double-crosser to become the double-crossee?

-Pretty much. -Exactly.

Well, that makes perfect sense. Let's work together to take down our common enemy.

Uncle, what if they're lying?

Oh, I know they're lying. But they don't know that I know they're lying.

When I find out what they're lying about, I'll destroy Tom and Ben Enterprises.

[evil laugh]


[Hank joins in]

Oh, destroy.

[email] You almost got me!

[Tom] We've almost got him. Run faster!

Oh, run faster. Why didn't I think of that?

-What's happening? -Must be a bad internet connection.

[muffled flushing]

-Ginger, what was that sound? -Nothing.

-Are you on the toilet with my laptop? -You just focus on the mission, boys!

[voice breaking up] The wi-fi signal is weak in the bathroom. Get out of there!

-The email's almost to the inbox. -[email laughing]

Hang on. I just need to wash my hands.

He-he-he! You didn't catch me!

You're out of luck because you got stuck!

Ginger, hurry!

I'm trying to have good hygiene and you have to use soap.

Never mind, I'm out! Go!

[email laughing]

[Ben] No! We're too late!

Oh, I can't believe this. This is all my fault.

-Tom, you're being hard on yourself. -Huh. Thank you.

Of course this is all your fault. You wrote the email! You sent it to the CEO!

You taunted the email the whole time, which made it run even faster.

And worst of all, you have ruined Tom and Ben Enterprises!

-Ooh. Wait, a minute. -Hey, what are you doing?

If Hank and Angela managed to distract the CEO,

it might not be too late to get that email.

Stop! The inbox is too dangerous!

Oh, boy!

You know, we could really take down Tom if you tell us some of his secrets.

Oh, do we have a juicy Tom secret? Go ahead, Angela.

Oh! Uh... Tom says he doesn't like kids' stuff.

-But one time-- -One second. Just got an email.

-Hopefully, it's about the hot tub. -Sweet!

Uh-uh-uh! So that's your little game, huh, phone-taking?

-Oh! -Why would you want to take someone's--

Oh, I see.

-Ouch! What is going on? -It's the CEO. Ow!

We have to get out of here before we get trapped, crushed or swiped.

No, Ben. I'm not going anywhere without this email.

Oh, no!

He must be increasing his security settings!

You have to get out of here, Tom. Save yourself.

-I can't leave without you. -You have to.

But the email! If the CEO sees it, he'll destroy our company.

There won't be a company to destroy if we're both stuck in here forever.

You have to get out, Tom. Now!


I locked things down quick enough to catch the email.

-[Ben screaming] -And the nerdy one, look!


[gasps] Wait, no! You can't feed her again!

Oh, I can. And I will.

Put the nerd down now or the fish gets fed.

[snarling, growling]

[Ben] Good thing they're in there or they'd eat this place, bit by bit.

That doesn't sound good.


There's only one way to settle this.

On the count of three, we're all going to put everything down at the same time.

That way, no one gets hurt. Three.

-It really worked. -[CEO] Ha-ha!

-That's not fair. -Ha ha! Now, let's see this--

Wait a minute. Seriously?

What's wrong with my phone? What is this?

-Ben! -Agh! Tom!

-[email screaming] -[Ben] C'mon. Let's get outta here.

-There you go. -Tom, you came back.

And you brought the viruses. That was quick-thinking.

I wasn't thinking. I was remembering.

I was remembering that our company isn't just a list of ideas in an email.

It's us. And you can't have Tom and Ben Enterprises without "and Ben."

Thanks, Tom. Air shake?

We did it!

And, hopefully, without opening a portal between our world and the computer world.

[door slams] Ginger?

What in the name of money is going on here?

-Uh, tell him, Angela. -What? Let's get out of here!

Good one, Dare-Bear.

Agh! We're trapped! Like businessmen in a meeting!

[crash] Huh?

-Someone just say "escape"? -No. Why?

-Grab Hank and hold my hand! -Wait! How did you--

Could this day get any worse?

What the...? Agh! Get them off!

Get them off! Get them off!


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